Mar 12 - JADAKISS: We got tha FUCK 50 Volume 1 mixtape hittin tha streets

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Mar 12 - JADAKISS: We got tha fu*k 50 Volume 1 mixtape hittin tha streets

Tha Ave. Entertainment Exclusive Interview With Jadakiss.

TAE: YO what's good it's your n*gga C Gardner . Tha Ave. Entertainment , Target Squad, Dream Night Club. I'm Sitting here with Jadakiss who just ripped Dream apart. What's good my n*gga. We just chillin tryin to find out what's up with tha new album and what's up with 50 Cent ?

TAE: So Jada when's tha next album ?

JADAKISS : Yo Kiss Of death in stores. Already Platinum. We got tha Styles P album coming out "Time Is Money" Shots Fired that's tha full length song, response for 50 on there. Make sure ya'll get that. S.P's new album, second album.

TAE: Any mixtapes ?

JADAKISS: We got tha fu*k 50 Volume 1 mixtape hittin tha streets. You know we workin . Sheek is in tha lab right now working on his album " After Taxes" that's coming and tha new J Hood album

TAE: What's up with LOX

JADAKISS: Yeah LOX album is coming " Live Suffer Celebrate " and D Block compilation " No Security" You know we just on tha grind.

TAE: OK let me ask you this ? You been in tha studio. How do you feel about 50 ? He came after you , Fat Joe , Shyne , Nas and Ja Rule. So how do you feel about that ?

JADAKISS: Yo Piggy Bank is a very funny song. Yo i laughed when i first heard it. Yo that sh*t is comical . 50's a very good comedian. He's a marketing genius . You know but i'm gonna do my thing, this is my element. This is what i do right here. I'm gonna air him out don't worry about it.

TAE: This is word that i've been hearing. Let me ask you if this is true ? Tha word is that your gonna go on tha radio , internet and cable and challenge 50 to come to vegas to battle you in tha ring to see who's tha best lyricist. Is that true ?

JADAKISS: O.K here we go . I challenge 50 right here. Your getting it first . I challenge 50 for a Million Dollars cash on Pay Per View in Vegas. Tha judges can be Jay-Z , Dre . Whoever he wants can be tha judges. A Million Dollars Cash on Pay Per View in Vegas. Anywhere , we can do it in Nigeria if he wants to. A Million Dollars Cash on Pay Per View.

TAE: O.K that sounds good cause he say's that nobody in Nigeria know's who you are. We know that your tha mixtape king and a underground legend. I really hope that this goes down to see who's the best.

TAE: So whats going on with D Block ?

JADAKISS: D Block is up and coming. We got tha Sheek album which is crazy . Thats gonna make us alot of money this year. We got J Hood album coming " Tales From Tha Hood " and tha compilation " No Security " We got those three coming this year. We got tha Styles P album coming first though. You know " Time Is Money " with that " Shot's Fired " for 50. Ya'll make sure you get that.

TAE: I think tha next album that's gonna make tha most money will be tha new Jadakiss album .

JADAKISS: Yeah they just called me today and said that they want to open a budget for a new Kiss album. You know tha title of that will be " Kiss My a*s " So let's do it baby.

TAE: Now there's a quote that i heard from you earlier and i want to put this out there. Here's the quote. You be in tha hood like chinese stores and you open for business 24 hour's a day and you a real n*gga. 50 be riding around in amored truck and he ain't coming to New York cause you be in his hood and he ain't out there.

JADAKISS: Nah he ain't coming no where. He got federal agent's riding with him . Ex Police, ex rat's with him. He got the guy that took down Junior Mafia, Lil Kim running his, he running something over there in G Unit. I don't know. But you know i'm a real n*gga. Tha people love me for being hands on , no security you see that. I can go like this and that and that's why tha people love me. They know i'm a spitter and that's just what it is.

TAE: So officially we just say that your one of tha best lyricist in tha game.

JADAKISS: I don't wanna take all that credit yet, cause my career ain't over yet. I just thank tha fans for tha love that i got and i'm just gonna keep it going. When it's over we'll see what it is but for tha most part i'm here.

TAE: When tha challenge comes out . If 50 shows up ?

JADAKISS: A Million Dollars Cash and i ain't never sell 10 mill. A Million Dollars Cash anywhere he wanna do on Pay Per View. I need Jay-Z , Dre , Jimmy Irvine and Russell Simons to be tha judges.

TAE: What about Chris Lighty ?

JADAKISS: Nah not Chris Lighty. His father is a federal agent . You know Chris Lighty's father is a federal agent. Birds of a feather flock together. We need some neutral judges and we do it.

TAE: In Vegas in tha ring , Pay Per View three rounds.

JADAKISS: A Million Dollars Cash and how ever many rounds he wants.

TAE: On Pay Per View ?

JADAKISS: Pay Per View, UPN, whatever he wanna do.

TAE: You heard it here first . 50, Jadakiss called you out . Tha best lyricist . Off tha top of tha head , no written down sh*t.

JADAKISS: Lets do it . We rap off rain hitting tha window pain.

TAE: What's next ?

JADAKISS: We about to go on tha fu*k 50 tour in a hood near you. So watchout.

TAE: Thanks Jada for taking time to do this interview. We hope that 50 replies.

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