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Mar 11 - Jadakiss Challenges 50 To Pay-Per-View Battle, The Game Gets Paged, Cam'Ron Got Jokes

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Mar 11 - Jadakiss Challenges 50 To Pay-Per-View Battle, The Game Gets Paged, Cam'Ron Got Jokes

In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about Jadakiss' Pay-Per-View challenge to 50 Cent, The Game's 2Way from JT, Cam'Ron disses 50 & Junior Mafia, Junior Mafia's snitching response and Jay-Z lends Mottola a helping hand.

1. Jadakiss challenges 50 Cent to pay-per-view battle. Allegedly in a recent interview conducted with The Ave Magazine, Jadakiss stated he would battle 50 Cent in Las Vegas for $1 million dollars. Kiss would want the battle to be broadcasted via Pay-Per View and has even said Jay-Z and Dr. Dre could be judges. SOHH.com contacted The Ave's Editor-in-Chief Anslem Samuel who refuted this claim stating, "Not us, man. We ain't do anything on Jada since the Sharpton issue."

2. JT sends two-way blast to Game. SOHH.com got a hold of the two-way page from West Coast underground king JT the Bigga Figga to Compton rapper Game. Apparently JT took exception to Game's recent comments in XXL Magazine that he receives 75 percent of profits from his pre-Aftermath/G-Unit recordings JT has released on Get Low Records. JT's message read:

"I guess you got what you wanted, to be the West Coast 50 Cent, get in and cross the ni99az that rode for you. Loyalty is priceless, ni99az would of loved to be in yo slot for the West but you the WORST AND DUMBEST ni99a To represent us EVER!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad I cashed out and yo 75% is still there at Koch, yeah right, lol! You probably got 15% waiting cause I'm a real ni99a, tell XXL that!"
JT also emphasizes, "I never asked to be down with you or wait for you to put me on, I put myself on, slave, I make more off you than you make off yourself." In his last line, JT gives a parting shot, "I get the last laugh. I'm on my way to NYC today to f#@$ wit BUCK, yo G-Unit potna. Hahahaha, we got planz for you." JT signs off with, "GET LOW RECORDS / G UNIT SOUTH Presents YOUNG BUCK " on The Road 2 Platinum DVD hosted by JT BIGGA FIGGA. Coming soon."

3. Cam'Ron Opens Up? An alleged interview with Harlem chief Cam'Ron has been circling the Internet this past week. SOHH.com was able to obtain a few excerpts from the interview where ki1la supposedly gets at Beyonce, 50 and Junior Mafia. Questioned about who he might sign with, Cam said, "Right now, that's like Beyonce's legs at Usher's concert backstage and at his hotel room -up in the air." Asked for his thoughts on the 50 Cent and Game beef, Cam remarked, "50's bein' a beeyatch right now man. How he gon' get mad at a grown man for doin' a song wit' my man Jim Jones?" As for the recent testimonies by former Junior Mafia members against Lil' Kim, Cam didn't hold back about that either. "Them ni99as is snitchin' on Kim after all the suckin' she done for them? sh!t's truly disgustin'."

4. Junior Mafia respond to snitching accusations. Junior Mafia members Lil Cease and Banger are being ripped by fans who think the two snitched on Lil Kim during her perjury and conspiracy trial. Both Cease and Banger were subpoenaed and granted immunity for their testimonies about Kim, regarding the 2001 shooting outside New York's Hot 97. Featured on SOHH.com, Banger and Cease defended themselves. Lil Cease stated, "None of us was there on our own behalf, we got subpoenaed. And this not the state police, this is the federal government." Banger continued, "You got to show up or you get locked up. The government called in everybody involved in the case, not just us, but 35 different people..." Cease concluded, "She did that to herself...If 35 people went in there and said one thing, but she said something else, that's on her."

5. Jay-Z to groom Corey Gunz? Word is Tommy Mottola, owner of Casablanca Records, reached out to Jay-Z to help Cory Gunz with his debut. Corey Gunz has been following in the footsteps of his dad Peter Gunz ripping up mixtapes with countless freestyles. Corey was slated for a May release date, but rumors say that was too soon for Hova. Hova wanted more time to work with the young gun on fresh material.

 http://www.sohh.com/thewi .. contentID=6828


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