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Fat Joe - fu#k 50 (dissin 50 Cent)

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 03-10-2005, 02:45 AM         #1
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Fat Joe - fu#k 50 (dissin 50 Cent)

*shots fired*
yeah that'll do it...yeah
i love hiphop...i love this mothafu#kin hiphop game
this n1gga here is a lil' n1gga man
stay in your mothafu#kin lane n1gga
you fu#kin with a don n1gga
uhh..(crack)..yo follow me

50, meet 50 he's the fakest thug u ever seen
curtis, curtis jackson how come he can never ever be seen
once i got u ima give u my..
my, my fo fofo fo fo
my, my fo fofo fo fo
my, my fo fofo fo fo
ima give it to ya baby nice and slow

[verse 1]
50 u gon' end up dead when u fu#kin wit crack
talkin bout u gon' pop off, where the fu#k u be at
i see MJ in the hood more than curtis
matta fact this beef sh1t is makin n1ggas nervous
its gon' be families grievin every sunday's service
end up witcha head popped off thanks to curtis
but he don't care, he stay locked up in the house and sh1t
steroid up, and he won't come up out that bi#ch
is it me or candy shop sound like magic stick
in the video this n1gga 50 bout to strip
shakin his ass, what the fu#k is wrong with this n1gga
50 don't make me..(brrrraaa)
oh yeah u got 65 n1ggas on your team
and they're not from southside jamaica queens
they're the boys in blue
im just speakin the truth
now we all see the bi#ch in u..follow me


[verse 2]
now let's take it back to the vibe awards
where that n1gga disrespected and snuffed your boss
minute ago, all i heard was g-g-g-unit
50 n1ggas ran and they didn't even do sh1t
dat's a shame, i was sittin right in the front
waitin for your n1ggas to duck
where all the guns at and them teflon vests-us
we them terror squad boys, you should know not to test us
hate it or love it the game's on top
now u jealous of him, when ur sh1t gon' stop
u see before u's a bi#ch n1gga stayin at a low cash
and lay(??) dont believe him this n1gga is so ass
u dissed lean back said my sh1t was a dud
now tell me have u ever seen him up in tha club
no no no shorty, that's right
ur singin more that ur rappin now 50 that ain't right


now i told ya'll n1ggas i dont battle rap man
this aint a mothafu#kin movie n1gga...it's crack bi#ch
new york..i know what ya'll thinkin man
ya'll thinkin jada gon' slam lyrically
this n1gga crazy for dissin fat joe man...he really crazy tho
this n1gga be walkin around with 20 cops talkin sh1t on records never comin out his house
feelin like he can't get touched man
ima spurn him one time, one time only it ain't gon' be no more songs for me man
and this is for all the motherfu#kers who doubted crack man
trust me...n1gga can respond 10,000 times i ain't talkin back to that n1gga
but one thing i will promise you
if i won't get you im gon' get your...
and that's it man
it's crack bi#ch
it's gon' be a real ugly summer man

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