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Mar 9 - Jadakiss Jacks 50's Beat To Retaliate For 'Piggy Bank'

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 03-09-2005, 07:39 PM         #1
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Cno Evil 
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Mar 9 - Jadakiss Jacks 50's Beat To Retaliate For 'Piggy Bank'

can sommeone explain to me, why they keep deleting this? it's not on here

50 Cent may have called for peace with Game at a press conference Wednesday, but he definitely has unresolved issues with some of his other peers, and Jadakiss is the first to return lyrical spitfire in retaliation for getting called out on "Piggy Bank."

Jada has a new freestyle using the G-Unit general's own ammo against him. Kiss raps over 50's beat from "Animal" a dis record aimed at Murder Inc. on 50's 2050: Before the Massacre mixtape and even plays with 50's original lines from the record.

"Most likely your CD is ... / Bunch of love songs, 100 percent pure garbage ... / You should just sell clothes and sneakers/ 'Cause out of the whole camp, your flow's the weakest ... / It'll take a lifetime to see Kiss/ You had to get shot nine times to be rich/ Rat a$s n---a, you's an animal, you's a mutha------' animal."

"50's a very good comedian," Kiss said last week about "Piggy Bank" (see "50 Cent's LP Pushed Up, Harsh 'Facts' Sound Like Disses On Leaked 'Piggy Bank' "). "He's probably a better comedian than he is a rapper."

Kiss also hissed that 50's song was just a publicity stunt to fuel sales (see "50 Cent's The Massacre Makes Huge Chart Debut").

"Personally, I think he was trying to create a buzz for his new album," he said. "The Ja thing is over, Hov is retired to a certain extent, Nas is chilling right now, he just got married. Who's the next best thing for him to go after? When you're desperate, you're desperate, baby. You gotta go for the cream of the crop. But I'm here, baby. I got nothing but time. I don't need a breather. It's on now."

Despite the barbs that are now being thrown by Jada, he said the official D-Block response will be on a record called "Shots Fired" on Styles P's Time Is Money LP (see "Jadakiss, Fat Joe Slicing Their 50 Cent Beef Different Ways").


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