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 03-08-2005, 08:18 AM         #1
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50 Cent won't play The Game


The rap war that seemed to be spiraling out of control showed the first signs of a ceasefire last night.
But rapper 50 Cent told The Game that accepting the olive branch was up to him.

And he refused to say what would happen if his nemesis refused to kiss and make up.

"I am allowing them the opportunity to bow out, to move forward," 50 Cent said in a live interview on Hot 97 broadcast from an undisclosed location.

"If me competing is making the New York Police Department feel like there is going to be violence, then I will fall back for a moment.

"I am making a conscious decision to try to be nice about this. The situation is definitely unfortunate, but I'm going to try to communicate with him.

"I know people think that I love trouble, but I just don't run from it."

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, has made no signals that he intends to end the beef.

On Saturday, The Game taunted 50 Cent on stage in California, and told him, "Come and get me."

And 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, refused to answer when interviewer Angie Martinez pressed him yesterday on what would happen if The Game didn't want peace.

The feud already has injured one of The Game's pals, Kevin Reed, from Compton, Calif., after shots were fired outside Hot 97's studios in SoHo last week.

It escalated from a war of words after The Game, a protégé of 50 Cent and a former member of his G-Unit crew, appeared on Hot 97 praising fellow artists Nas and Jadakiss - bitter foes of 50Cent.

50 Cent lashed out when he was interviewed on the station last week, and said he had banished The Game from the G-Unit for disloyalty.

The Game and his entourage heard 50 Cent trashing him and returned to the station. Gunfire rang out while 50 Cent was still on the air.

Cops have ratcheted up security at hip-hop hot spots in the city, afraid the feud will escalate.

"What he said is not enough to say I hate him," said 50 Cent.

"It's something we can get past. It's not that crazy. I want to have a conversation with him to figure out what's going on."

The Game Calls 50 Cent A 'Coward' During Long Beach Show

03/07/2005 3:00 PM, LAUNCH
LAUNCH Radio Networks

The tension seems to be escalating between The Game and his former mentor, 50 Cent. The Game resorted to name-calling during a performance at The Vault 350 nightclub in Long Beach, California, on Friday (March 4). He allegedly called 50 Cent a "coward" and said that he wasn't scared to get shot. The rapper also stated that contrary to 50 Cent's comments, he was not kicked out of the G-Unit, he quit the rap collective.

The Game's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, confirmed the rapper's comments. He told the New York Post, "He's just blowing off some steam. How would anyone feel if their friend gets shot? He's angry. This is a very bright guy, he just reacted to what happened."

During the on-stage tirade, The Game also referenced the shooting which occurred outside of New York City radio station WQHT-FM last Monday (February 28). He said that one of 50 Cent's security guards "hit my boy, Peanut."

But his attorney, while confirming the comments, was quick to point out that The Game's statements were not a statement of fact. Lichtman said, "What The Game said in the concert had nothing to do with the shooting. I think [The Game's comment] speaks for itself. We're in America and he can say whatever he wants. I support his right to free expression."

Also on Friday, 50 Cent addressed the shooting incident while visiting MTV's TRL. The rapper said, "I didn't get to see very much. I think it's unfortunate those situations take place."

50 Cent downplayed the incident and suggested that it had nothing to do with any rap battles. The rapper, who dissed Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Nas, Kelis, Shyne, and Ja Rule on the song "Piggy Bank" on his new album, The Massacre, reassured fans that they don't have to worry about the beefs turning violent. He said, "A lot of things you hear out there is being said for shock value and not really as serious as people make it out to be."

Rival taunts 50 Cent: ki1l me
By Metro
8 March 2005
A fearsome hip-hop war involving 50 Cent has escalated, with his rival challenging him: 'If you don't like me, ki1l me.'

Bitterness between the rapper and former bandmate The Game grew after he fired him from his G-Unit crew - for saying kind words about some of 50 Cent's enemies.

That sparked a shooting outside a New York radio station where 50 Cent was being interviewed. One of the Game's henchmen was shot in the buttocks and 50 Cent's management's offices were riddled with bullets.

Now The Game has made direct threats and challenges to his former friend during a show in Long Beach, California.

The former drug pusher stripped off his bulletproof vest on stage and added: 'Come get me, you little bi#ch! I ain't scared.'


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