Rudy Gay shocked by reaction to 11-37 game: "Why should I apologize?"

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Rudy Gay shocked by reaction to 11-37 game: "Why should I apologize?"


Finally, the Toronto Sun broached the subject, asking Gay about the hoard of Raptors' fans that took to social media after Monday's loss, seemingly hoping for - some expecting - an apology or admission of guilt from the team's leading scorer.

"No," Gay responded emphatically. "Why? Why should I apologize?"

"Obviously I'm not the only one who had trouble scoring out there and we were still winning," he said following practice Tuesday afternoon. "[I] took the team to double overtime. Really I could care less what happens outside this court. If my teammates had a problem with me doing that or trying to give us a chance to win than I'd have a problem but people [can] say what they want to say."

"Apologize?" he repeated one more time in disbelief.

To his point, Gay was not the only member of the Raptors launching bricks on Monday. DeMar DeRozan was just as bad, albeit in fewer attempts, shooting 6-for-25 while Kyle Lowry went 6-of-16. The team shot 33 per cent as a whole including an abysmal 18 per cent in the second quarter.

"It was just one of those games where guys were looking to me to make baskets," said Gay, who is averaging 19.3 points on 36 per cent shooting in Toronto's first eight games. "Sometimes they went in and little bit more [often] than that they didn't go in. A lot of us are having trouble, not just this team [but] the whole league is having trouble scoring. That's something we have to come in and work on."

"Today I put shots up just to make sure it doesn't happen again."

visit this link Lewenberg: Raptors' Gay won't apologize for shooting woes

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