Th Real Gangsters of Hip Hop & These NYC Streets From A Real N!gga

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Official Gangsters of Hip Hop & These NYC Streets From A Real N!gga

New on here and this my first post cause I was readin that "Real gangstas in hip hop (Haitian Jack,Preme,E Money Bags)" thread and peepin how even dudes who respond like they know actually don't know sh*t.

Im from The Town (Brooklyn) and a bit older than most ya and was a street n#gga and when you a street n*gga you get the word from the horse or the stable meaning from the actual participants or their peoples who are ya peoples not the internet or a magazine or dvd. But this isnt about me it's about reppin what's real w/o talkin bout sh*t that dont need to be brought up but rather putting a lot of misconceptions to bed. So I made this thread to put ya'll on game once and for all bout the G'z ya'll mentioned and some that need to be. AND I PROMISE YOU THIS THREAD WILL GO PLATINUM as ya say because I'm speakin of what I know as a street n*gga who came up and did dirt during NY's golden years and will speak bout a lot of things that ya will be reading for the 1st time unlike those who rehash everything from something they read already and still get it wrong. I'll also clarify some bs.

Kenneth Supreme McGriff aka Green Eyed Supreme - Ya know the story. Official.

And since we talkin Supreme...

Puerto Rican Supreme Magnetic - Brooklyn street n*gga from Fort Green who along with his brother Rap ran with 50 Cent, k*ller Ben, Bill Blass and his own very own version of Supreme Team aka Paid In Full Posse and whose crew appeared on the back cover of Eric B & Rakim's 1st album Paid In Full. Contrary to popular belief Supreme Magnetic IS NOT pictured on there but his brother Rap is and yes that is the real 50 Cent and k*ller Ben and no that is not Freddie Fox, it's Ant Live - Eric B.'s brother. And no that is not Kool G rap. White boy internet geeks made that up cause all black people look alike to them and the only black people they know are rappers so... Puerto Rican Supreme son Lequan is also the kid dancin in the "Microphone Fiend" video and his nephew Fly Ty is also the dude cops k*lled who Worldstar threw up the video about, another known street n*gga

Puerto Rican Supreme and Green Eyed Supreme (thats how we used to differentiate them) did not have beef over their name. Supreme is a God Body name and they were and grew up in a God Body era and you had to have been a G to own that name and they were plus PR Supreme & his crew used to go to Baisley to play in GE Supreme's SNIFF bball tournament

Haitian Jack - Grimey gangsta gettin money Brooklyn n*gga. Heartless. Everything ya heard is true. Everything. Used to fu*k with Foxy and thats why he hemmed up Jay-Z, Yeah thats a true story. Ran with Tut, Henchman, Famous Kashiem, Glaze, Nubbs etc. More on some of em later.

E Money Bags - What ya heard is true. A real live goonie. Mistakenly k*lled Black Jus while trying to k*ll Preme from Queens over money. Was Pac's man cause he rolled with Stretch and Merrick n*ggas and ran with n*ggas in Glenwood projects in Canarsie.

Black Jus aka Blackie - A for real street legend was the youngest Supreme Team member along with Bimmy & BJ (BJ was in the movie Crime Partners and the Camron Netflix movie ya posted The Percentage) and ran "The Team" when Preme and Prince (Team capo) was locked. Blackie was originally from Harlem and fu*ked with Azie, Po, Rich & em. Younger generation in Southside loved him cause dude was younger then Preme and em so they could relate more. he was like their young og. fu*ked with 50 & Nas. Everybody loved Blackie, everybody.

Bimmy - From Farmers not Southside but like I said when Preme & Prince was locked.ran The Team with Blackie & BJ who was his young boy fu*ked with LL cause they both from Farmers and got in the music biz cause of that and did him with Russell Simmons & Tommy Motola. Lil fly gettin money (both ways), gettin bi*ches, ridin foreign year to date celebrity street n*gga. He's why Deb (sis) and Waka (nephew) where they at.

Maino - A real n*gga fa real. Ran with NA Rock (Bed-Stuy Nostrand Ave n#ggas) like his right hand 80, Dyco, Still (free Still) Shawney Bird. fu*ked with Bed Stuy kingpin Casino Mike and his man Gino who 50 fu*ked with, yea 5 used to be in the Stuy like he says in his rhymes thats how he know Maino. fu*ked with Lil Kim, Kim only f*cks with official street n*ggas.

World - From LG in the Stuy. Locked up for allegedly gettin Hommo k*lled cause Hommo came home and started f*ckin with Peanut (nother LG street n*gga) see Peanut nephew had k*lled Worlds brother Wise. Then World allegedly got Nut k*lled and then he allegedly got Hommo's brother T-Money k*lled. Hommo knew Mike from Spofford (old NY juve det center in the BX) and made him head of security when Hommo came home. If you look at Mike's infamous "I want to eat his children" post f*ght rant, he dedicates the figth to Hommo gov Darryl Baum.


World name started ringing bells in the indie not for the alleged bodies, or cause he fu*ked with LIL Kim but cause he the first person to publicly expose the music industry of being involved with the Illuminatti and rappers for being gay when he went on Wendy Williams radio show on WBLS and put the indie on blast sayin the music bizness is demonic and rappers who are successful do gay sh*t to get ahead. This interview took place 12 years ago in 2001, heard it with my own ears cause n*ggas was 2 Wayin me like "Yo this n*gga World on Wendy buggin". Was the 1st time I'd heard anything like it cause before the only rumor was LL, Diddy and Mase was on some gay sh*t. Almost every name Wendy mentioned he said of course to and would say c'mon Wendy you know and she'd laugh like of course I do but I can't say I do, His source was Kim he said from pillow talkin. No one has snitched on World and World didn't personally k*ll anyone he's charged for but word is that interview is making the charges stick, son been locked down for years and no trial.

The Invisible Bullies - Big had the realest team - D-Roc, C-Gutta & Big Rube ask CNN, Shyne Jim & Cam...

D-Roc - Real n*gga. Big's right hand, JM boss. Invisible Bully clothing owner and yes he's home did time for Big when he took the rap for Bigs biscuit and Kim when he & Gutta shot it out with CNN. Was Kim's tour manager then became Kim's man. Was Nikki Minaj's tour manager when he came home (I kid you not) and is now Diddy's tour manager (member Diddy was managing Nikki)

C-Gutta - "Don't you know my n*gga Gutta kidnaps kids, f*ck em in the a*s throw em over the bridge". Was D-Roc's right hand man, him & Roc shot it out with CNN and before that Shyne cause they wasnt feelin son since he sounded like Big at first. They patched things up when they were all locked up tho and cause of Wolf's death since he was all they peoples remember Wolf was in Shyne's 1st video & with JM during the Dipset f*ght @ The Rucker. BTW, Gutta been home, f*ck ya talkin bout, thats him in the yellow.

Thats why I say just cause you aint heard he home dont mean he's not, if you were in the streets, youd know. Dont rely on the internet for street info and then claim it as law. That pic is for all those who would have came in here doubting what Im sayin but I didnt need it to know what Im sayin.

Big Rube - Been down with big from day one (bottom left) but ...

...lesser known cause he wasn't in the limelight but ya really know him as the n*gga that f*cked Jim Jones up at the Rucker

visit this link JIM JONES JUMPED BY JUNIOR MAFIA - YouTube

He's D-Roc's right hand and Diddy's personal bodyguard and was recently detained cause LAPD thought he had the hammer in the Maybach after droppin Diddy off. Why would he get pulled over after droppin Diddy off cause someone told Po he had a gun in the car only to find no gun. Open them eyes baby.

Jimmy Henchman - Ya know the story. Everything is real, sign & sealed, get me? Wes know him as Ace from Vandeveer Projects in Flatbush, grew up with Michael K Williams, Omar from The Wire.

Tut - Ya know the story. But we know him as the A-Team Capo that robbed everything movin and the n*gga who made the news before he made the news (get me) for hijackin & robbin a bus with Famous from Pink Houses

Glaze - A-Team notorious boss, crack kingpin, Fat Cat enforcer. Informant. Tut's boss, k*lled everything movin. A-Team was Brooklyn's Supreme Team, Glaze was Prince, real n*gas know what I mean. Kool-Aid, Bay Bay, Horse, Dog, Pig, Ox terrorized n*ggas and held Big Daddy Kane & EPMD down. Rakim had the realest team though, PR Preme, Rap, Ben, 50, Bill Blass RIP the last 3 mentioned.

Had my neighbors son typin all this up and he done fell out but yo theres a lot of names Brooklyn's version of Alpo, Azie & Rich Porter were Kendu, Demencio & Jesus as far as young n*ggas gettin it & reppin, Po k*lled Demencia at The Rucker. And no that is noy Jay-Z in tha Va Beach picture of Brooklyn n*ggas in the 80's. Speaking of Alpo alot of ya talk about the back of Eric B & Rakim's Paid In Full album did ya know Alpo & Fritz from Harlem was on the back of Rakim's Follow The Leader album? Look it up. Speaking of Harlem can't forget Mobstyle, Azie was the boss, Whip Wop was the fly n*gga and Pretty Tone& Gangsta Lou were the enforcers, especially Pretty Tone, shouts to Stan & T-Money. Stayin in Harlem Kevin Chiles owner of Don Diva & Cavario and Delson of Don Diva too "Do he be with kingpins like Delson & Jesus" - Lake from "One Never Knows" with Nas and yeah thats the Jesus I mentioned earlier. Mike Tyson was another n*gga that fu*ked with street n*ggas, Hommo, the real 50, Jesus, even Convertible Burt in Florida who Ross be talkin bout, that was Mike's man. The n*gga Scar that threw money in Diddy's face was a real one from Prospect Heights, Washington Ave n*gga. Theres Butta Love from Marcy (Jay-Z's man) & his crew,Real n*ggas in QB to, Fun & World gettin money n*ggas than theres nas n*ggas like Mega, Lake, Barkim, Spank, Yambo from Bville, Super Ed, Lord, Draws. I can even go before my time like Puma Lee, Tweety from Marcy, Powerful, Big Ro, Understanding, Big Hank from B'Ville, the triple OG's like Kato and Champ aka Akbar from Bville who some know as Wolf from Education of Sonny Carson that Ghostface & Common done sampled. Champ was the leader of the Tomahawks and basically played himself in that movie, thats how popular and notorious he was, unheard for a black street n*gga or any criminal to portray himself in a movie. Champ started the Allah School of Medina, Brooklyn's version of Harlem's Allah School of Mecca. Afrika Bambataa was the most powerful black street gang member cause he was the leader of the Black Spades and they were the largest gang in NY, not largest black gang, largest gang. Bambataa is a legend amongst legends, he really is the true Godfather of Hip Hop and as a gangster never brought his street persona on the mic.

Too many names to mention and some dont need to be cause they havent hit the internet radar and Im not the one to put them on it. Get at me with ya questions tho. One.

PS, Miss me with the dry snitchin sh*t, if I said a n*gga done a crime its cause he done the time for it or is back in the essence.

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