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Props Slaps
 2 years ago '04        #1321
One-O-One 14 heat pts14 OP
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$10,198 | Props total: 8933 8933

[-] Reduced Boneshaker Ender damage by ~10%
[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Skull-less Searing Skull now causes a knockdown.
[-] Knockdown duration after Front and Back throws reduced by 16 frames, making vortex setups less straightforward.
[-] Lv4 Searing Skull Ender doesn’t launch as high, preventing any juggle from it.
[-] Skull projectiles in flight are removed from play if Spinal takes a hit.
[-] Skull projectiles deal less chip damage on block.
[-] Curses reworked! Curses no longer steal Shadow/Instinct meter. Instead, they prevent the opponent from gaining Shadow/Instinct meter.
-Hitting Spinal removes only the oldest curse, so you need to hit him multiple times to removed stacked curses.
-Curses last 30 seconds instead of 5 to 8 seconds.
[+] Shadow Searing Skull doesn’t knockdown, so you can use it mid combo and manual afterward. This allows you to capitalize more on the Instinct Curse’s new function.
[+] Jumping MK (Divekick) inflicts 3 additional frames of blockstun, making it safe if you can get it to hit just before Spinal touches the ground.
[+/-] New Instinct Mode: Agent of Chaos! Spinal’s Instinct mode has been reworked so that starving Spinal of his resources is a more viable strategy against him. However, this Instinct mode grants Spinal new ways to go absolutely wild. -Activation grants 3 skulls.
-Skulls do not automatically regenerate at all, ever.
-If you build skulls by any means other than Power Devour, you gain double skulls during instinct.
-Skulls fired during instinct don’t disappear on block or walls or floor and bounce left/right or up/down. They are destroyed if:
-They actually hit the opponent
-They bounce off the opponent 3 times
-Spinal gets hit
-Firing a 5th Skull destroys the oldest one.
-Spinal can Power Devour his own Skulls to re-absorb them into his supply.


[-] Fixed a bug that allowed you to perform Shadow Cyber Uppercut the frame before landing after a blocked or hit Cyber Uppercut.
[-] Added 2 frames of additional Hitstop and blockstop to F+HP command normal to make it a bit easier to Shadow Counter and Break.
[-] Standing HK special cancel window reduced.
[+] Attack box on Blade Charge and Shadow Blade Charge reaches lower, making harder for opponents to low-profile this move.
[+] Standing HK now causes a Wall Splat.
[+] Air Shadow Laser now causes a Hard Knockdown so that it is never punishable on hit.
[+] Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Eye Beam ender launch higher.
[+] Overhead causes a ground bounce against airborne opponents.
[+] New Target Combo! Crouching HK -> Crouching HP. Launches opponents for a juggle.
[+/-] Move reconfigured: Eye-Beam Lens Fixed! Eye Beams have been overhauled;
-Light Eye Beam still launches a single beam at the floor, but has 1 additional frame of recovery and pushes opponents back less.
-Medium Eye Beam now launches two beams at the floor. It is +2 on block and +5 on hit. It has less pushback compared to the old Med Beam, but more than the Light version.
-Both Lt and Med versions have increased juggle potential.
-Heavy Eye Beam now launches a full screen horizontal beam on frame 24, and recovers in 51 total frames (used to be 13 and 26).
-Heavy Eye Beam causes Stagger on hit. It is -7 on block. It deals increased damage and chip damage.

TJ Combo

[-] The Linker version of Tremor has been removed. You can still use the Special version in juggles normally, but after an Opener or Auto Double, it will now trigger the Ender version just like any other Ender-Only special does in golden path combos.
[-] Re-tuned Ender damage to be more in line with the rest of the cast.
-Flying Knee Ender (Exchange) damage increased by ~10% and does the most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
-Vortex Ender (Launcher) damage reduced by ~10% and does the 2nd most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
-Powerline Ender (Splat) damage reduced by ~15% and does the 3rd most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
-Tremor Ender (Meter) damage reduced by ~20% and does the least amount of damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
[-] TJ’s Tumble is now only upper body invulnerable, but still fully projectile invulnerable. He is vulnerable to lows and mids all the way through the roll. It is still also throw vulnerable.
[-] Hitbox size reduced on Medium and Heavy Tremors.
[-] The first few frames of TJ Tremor will no longer crush low attacks.
[-] Shoot Toss starts up 4 frames slower.
[-] You can no longer cancel Shadow Powerline into Spin Behind on block, but it still works on hit.
[+] Shoot Toss KV reduced by 50% for increased Juggle and Combo opportunities.
[+/-] Medium and Heavy Vortex hit 2 and 3 times respectively. All Vortex and Cyclone moves deal less KV for increased juggle opportunities. The amount of hits also helps the opponent know which strength to use for breaking Vortex and Cyclone. Medium and Heavy versions scoot forward a bit more than before on startup.
[+] Shadow Vortex is now fully invulnerable until it becomes active.
[+] Frame advantage on normals improved where possible to make him less negative if he doesn’t cancel, while still allowing a Shoot Toss to grab the opponent if they don’t jump.
[+] Standing LK and Jumping LK cause Flipout.
[+] New Air Target Combo: Jumping LP into LK, which causes Flipout.
[+] Standing HP and Close Standing HP cause Stagger and leaves you plus enough to manual a Light or close Medium.
[+] New Target Combos: TJ Combinations!
-These work on Whiff to help with footsies, juggles, and mixups.
-Far Standing MP > HP, causes Stagger
-Far Standing MP > MK
-Close Standing MP > HP, causes Stagger
-Close Standing MP > MK
-Crouching MP > HP, causes Stagger
-Crouching MP > MK


[-] Jumping HP and HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Mantis is no longer available from a back jump. Neutral and forward jumps only.
[-] Dagger Toss Light and Medium recovery is 6 frames longer.
[-] Raised hitboxes of daggers slightly to make it easier for more characters to low profile to avoid them.
[-] Dagger toss no longer deals chip damage on block.
[-] Dagger Toss followups from Leap Kick are only available on hit or whiff. You cannot do these on block anymore.
[-] Leap Kick Ender does not launch as high, forcing you to juggle a normal before you juggle with a Dagger Toss.
[+/-] Maya’s Shadow Counter now uses Shadow Linker Leap Kick instead of Shadow Tumble Kick.
[+] The 2nd hit from Daggers (Dagger Spirit) cannot cause a combo to blowout.
[+] All Linker damage increased to normal damage-and-scaling levels so that Maya gains Ender levels normally.
[+] The 2 hits of opener Tumble Kick advance the damage scaling by 1 hit instead of 2, helping Maya build Ender levels normally.
[+] Tumble Kick Ender damage increased ~20%
[+] Widened cancel window on 2nd hit of Crouching MP target combo and Crouching HP to make these feel better.
[+] Tumble Kick and Shadow Tumble Kick cause a Ground Bounce on the final hit against airborne opponents for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] Normal and Dagger juggle properties have been adjusted to extend juggle opportunities.
[+] Normal and Axe Kick Recapture hitbox sizes improved to enhance juggle opportunities.
[+] Adjusted launch velocity on Shadow Leap Kick to make the Dagger Toss followup work as intended.
[+] Mantis can cash out combos if a breakable window occurred. It deals more damage than before in a combo.
[-] Double Dagger Strike launches opponents for a juggle.
[-] Dagger/Pip Damage Ender is removed from the game and reworked into:
[+/-] New ender: Dagger a.ssault Activation Ender! – QCF+HP
-This Ender does extremely low damage and leaves the opponent standing.
-After the attack portion of the ender, the daggers leave Maya’s hands and hover above the opponent’s head, attacking them automatically every few seconds.
-The number of times they attack is based on the number of pips you had when you activated. (0 pips = 1 attack, 4 pips = 5 attacks)
-These attacks can be blocked and don’t build up new pips.
-When Dagger a.ssault ends, the daggers violently separate.
-If Maya gets hit, Dagger a.ssault ends right away.
-Dagger a.ssault does not carry over between rounds.


[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Spike Ender (Launcher) damage reduced by ~5%
[-] Swarm Ender (Special) damage reduced by ~10%
[-] Shadow Clutch damage reduced by ~25%
[-] It is no longer possible to attack on the way down after using Air Swarm.
[-] Shadow Swarm now starts with a breath attack, just like the startup of normal Swarm. The projectile only spawns if you miss the breath part of the attack. Getting the projectile out takes much more time.
[-] Swarm and Shadow Swarm projectile damage reduced by ~55%
[-] Swarm hitbox size reduced by ~35%.
[-] Swarms hit 5 times instead of 6, slightly reducing the amount of time you have to setup/juggle.
[-] Swarm Breath blockstun re-tuned.
-Light Version is -3 on block (was +7)
-Medium Version is -2 on block (was +3)
-Heavy Version is -1 on block (was -3)
[-] Back+MP is now +1 on block instead of +6.
[-] Added more blockstop to Close Swarm Startup and Back+MP to make using a Shadow Counter against them a bit easier.
[-] The startup of Clutch has a more noticeable anticipation pose.
[-] Sacrifice deals 200% more actual damage to Kan-Ra (15 damage, up from 5). Potential damage inflicted is unchanged.
[-] It is no longer possible to Instinct Cancel the recovery of Sacrifice.
[+] Far crouching HP launches airborne opponents up higher.
[+] DF+LK and DF+MK Scorpion Strike attacks now properly count as projectiles, making them unbreakable.
[+] Crouching LP and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
[+] Juggle versions of Clutch (that used to cause 1 juggle hit but were pretty useless) now cause Flipout and recover much faster.
[+] Standing HK and Back+HP cause stagger and are extremely plus on hit, allowing for new opening, setup, and combo opportunities.
[+] Tornado projectile always launches opponents toward Kan-Ra, and now does a little damage. It launches higher for a juggle opportunity.
[+] New Ability: Monsoon! Hold the button when using Whirl over a Sand Trap to keep spinning and release a larger, more damaging Tornado projectile, which is unblockable at maximum charge.
[+] Move re-tuned: Shadow Spike! Shadow Spike now releases a single, multi hit spike under your opponent instead of a series of Spikes. It then leaves an enhanced Shadow Sand Trap that attacks automatically with Scorpion Strikes every few seconds if an enemy is nearby.
-This automatic functionality stops if Kan-Ra gets hit, creates another puddle, or uses Sacrifice.
 2 years ago '04        #1322
One-O-One 14 heat pts14 OP
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$10,198 | Props total: 8933 8933

[-] Jumping HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~40%
[-] Shoulder Charge Ender (Splat) damage reduced by ~10%
[-] Tail Flip Ender (Hard Knockdown) damage reduced by ~5%
[-] Corrected a bug causing a few of her Enders to build her small amounts of meter.
[-] Tail Flip and Air Tail Flip, both Light and Medium versions, slowed by 4 frames. Heavy versions slowed by 6 frames. Trajectories slightly adjusted for the new timings.
[-] Tail Flip damage no longer changes based on strength used, and all damage has been reduced to match the damage of the Light version.
[-] Tail Flip recovery has a taller Vulnerable box to make punishing it more intuitive.
[-] Added KV to Clever Girl to compensate for the fact that Ground Bounce KV penalty has been removed from the game.
[+/-] Close HP now counts as a projectile hitbox as expected.
[+/-] Predator LP now tags as an Opener so that combos after the Wall Splat function as expected.
[+/-] The ground version of Shadow Tail Flip will now get all five of its hits more reliably.
[+/-] Can no longer cancel out of Clever Girl on frame 15 into Specials or Normals. Can now cancel out of Clever Girl early at frame 12 into Normals or Runs.
[+] Reduced KV on Run Back HK and improved its launch trajectory to expand juggle opportunities.
[+] Run Back HP Flame Wall deals ~80% more damage.
[+] The running portion of Shadow Shoulder Charge now has 1 hit of armor.
[+] Jumping HK doesn’t bounce people away from you anymore, keeping them close enough for a followup attack.
[+] Crouching HK on juggle doesn’t push opponent away as far.
[+] Crouching HK is -5 on block instead of -15.
[+] Fixed a bug preventing you from using Primal Linkers after manual normals.
[+] Primal Linkers deal ~40% more damage to encourage using them in all levels of play.
[+] Predator Mode dashes are now projectile invulnerable on her top half as intended. It should be much easier to Predator dash under projectiles now.
[+] Run HK causes stagger instead of a knockdown.
[+] Predator Dash HP (Flame Arc) causes stagger.
[+] Standing LK causes Flipout, and has a slightly taller hitbox to a.ssist with juggling.
[+] New Move: Flame Mortar! – Press and hold 3P to launch Flame Balls in a high arc at the opponent’s location, up to 3 in a series.


[-] Fixed a bug that prevented Omen from doing Auto Doubles, Linkers, or Manuals after the rapid press portion of Furious Flurry Med or Hvy hit the opponent.
[-] Shadow Furious Flurry Linker is now +1 on hit (was previously +11), and the manual timing is 5 frames later.
[-] Opener Slide has less frame advantage on Hit and has had its manual timing windows re-tuned.
[-] All Ender damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Air Backdash slowed down by ~15%
[-] Throw damage reduced by ~40%
[+/-] Fixed a bug preventing Slide linkers from changing sides with larger characters in the corner.
[+] The following moves have been given Attack Box improvements:
-Crouching Heavy Punch
-Crouching Medium Punch
-Jumping Heavy Kick
-Standing Heavy Kick
-Standing Medium Kick
-Standing Light Kick
-Standing Close Light Kick
-Standing Heavy Punch
[+] Rashakuken’s random fireballs deal 4 additional frames of hitstun. Blockstun is unchanged.
[+] Jumping HK damage increased by ~65%
[+] Shadow Rashakuken and Shadow Orda Shield are no longer destroyed if Omen takes a hit.
[+] Doubled the duration of Shadow Meter Lockout.
[+] Enders can now build meter even if a Shadow Rashakuken or Shadow Orda Shield is active.
[+] Jumping LP, Standing LK, and Standing Close LK all cause Flipout.
[+] Demonic Despair is now invulnerable from startup until the grab.
[+] Omen can cancel air dashes into attacks much earlier.
[+] New ability: Turbulence! Omen can cancel air dashes into the opposite air dash direction by pressing Back or Forward a single time.


[-] Normal attacks give more meter to the opponent on hit and block.
[-] During Instinct, a new Peacemaker respawns in 90 frames, up from 30 frames.
[-] Peacemaker attack damage reduced by ~20%
[-] Shadow Natural Disaster Linker damage reduced by ~30%
[+] Shadow Pulverize Linker damage increased by ~20%
[+] Damage on Natural Disaster and Pulverize Enders increased ~25%
[+] Adjusted launch velocity on the held part of Shadow Natural Disaster and fixed an issue where the Counter Hit version didn’t match to make juggle timing more consistent.
[+] Shadow Ruin startup now has 7 frames of strike invulnerability.
[+] Close Standing MP has a slightly wider cancel window for feel.
[+] Standing Far HP causes Stagger and is -5 on block (used to be -10).
[+] Hitstop on LK, MP, and HP Auto Doubles have been reduced slightly to match the reaction speeds needed to break the matching-strength Doubles better.
[+] It is no longer possible to shove Aganos’ body across the stage between rounds.
[+] Chunk Up recovers 6 frames faster.
[+] Wall Summon moves get the wall out 6 frames faster and recover 5 frames faster.
[+] Aganos can rip a Peacemaker out of the wall behind him in 34 frames now (down from 53).
[+] While holding a Peacemaker, the following non-peacemaker normals are now possible as command normals:
-B+LP – Anti Air Flick, destroys your peacemaker
-F+HP – Both close and far variants of Standing HP, lets you keep your peacemaker.
-DF+HP – Crouching HP, lets you keep your peacemaker.
[+] Aganos will keep his Peacemaker while being hit, but it will still crumble if he is knocked down, put into a juggle state, or blown out.
[+] Thrown Peacemaker causes Stagger on hit.
[+] New ability: Recycling! If Aganos tries to Chunk Up while holding a Peacemaker, he will shove the Peacemaker into his chest instead of pulling a fresh chunk from the floor, giving him a drastically shorter Chunk Up animation (Only 39 frames, compared to 69 frames on the original version).
[+] New ability: More Recycling! Placing a wall with a Peacemaker in your hand turns the Peacemaker into a wall, instead of consuming a chunk.


[-] Added travel distance to Influence Linkers against Aganos only to ensure they never fail to hit him.
[-] Adjusted the size of the Vulnerable Boxes during fidgets to match the size of the Vulnerable Boxes during idle.
[-] Low Vengeance Counter is no longer able to catch Mid attacks.
[-] Added recovery to the landing of Air ORZ making it a bit worse on whiff. If you hit too high it’s possible to be punishable, but it is also possible to still be +3 or so.
[-] Slowed startup of Med and Hvy Air ORZ (by 4 and 8 frames) and altered the way they move in the air a bit to compensate.
[+] Improved the hitbox of Hvy Air ORZ so it hits higher up and crosses up easier, making it worth the extra startup.
[-] Wrath meter no longer recharges while jumping.
[+] Wrath regeneration speed is increased by 50%.
[+] Close HP, Far HK, and Close HK all cause Stagger on counterhit and deal much more hitstun.
[+] Standing LP and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
[+] You can now jump cancel the 3rd Heavy ORZ if you hit an airborne opponent, and using 2nd Heavy ORZ to juggle into the 3rd hit is easier.
[+] Descent is no longer effected by Kan-Ra’s Curse.
[+] Descent crushes highs 1 frame sooner and gets underground 10 frames sooner.
[+] Hisako used to be able to cancel out of Descent on frame 48 into attacks only. Now she can cancel into movement as well, and on frame 42 instead.
[+] New Shadow Move: Air Shadow On Ryo Zan! Hisako can perform a Shadow version of Air ORZ! This version hits rapidly and always recaptures air opponents, and staggers grounded opponents.
[+] New Ability: Descent Cancel! Hisako can now cancel into Descent in any situation she could Wrath cancel for a Vengeance counter. This costs half Wrath just like the Vengeance cancel does.


[-] Fixed a bug that caused Cinder to teleport a great distance when canceling a Fired Up Inferno into a Shadow Fission.
[-] 3rd Degree Chain Combos now count as 1 move toward the breakability rules no matter which move hits first or which moves whiff, so the “Domi Unbreakable” now becomes breakable on the 3rd loop of this as expected.
[-] The 2nd and 3rd Trailblazer followups (Afterburner) now always match the strength of the first Trailblazer in the sequence for breaker purposes.
[-] Raised KV on Pyrobombs to 14 (from 12)
[-] Added 3 frames of recovery to Fireflash. Fired Up Fireflash is now -6 if you block the pillar, and every character in the game can Shadow Counter the pillar for a full punish, or punish with any attack faster than 6 frames.
[-] The 3rd hit of Light Third Degree combo is +1 on block instead of +2. Canceling into Shadow Fission here is no longer a true blockstring.
[-] Fireflash Ender (Damage) no longer causes a hard knockdown.
[-] Pyrobomb Ender (Meter) damage reduced by ~10%
[+] Trailblazer Ender (Splat) damage increased by ~5%
[+/-] Air Heavy Trailblazer becomes active 2 frames earlier, and cannot land to create the ground crash until 3 frames later. This avoids a situation where the crash could hit without the Trailblazer, leading to an unbreakable hit.
[+] Ground Medium Trailblazer inflicts 2 additional frames of blockstun.
[+] Lowered KV added by Cinder’s throw to 20 (from 50)
[+] Cinder can now throw Air Pyrobombs even after doing Air Trailblazer, leading to new juggles and setups.
[+] Move re-imagined: Angled Inferno! Different Inferno strengths now attack at different angles. Light is up-forward, Medium is horizontal, and Heavy is down-forward.
-You can hold the button to keep any version burning for a while longer.
-Their frame data was re-tuned for their new function.
-The Heavy version hits low!
[+] New ability: Throw Cancel Burnout! While Fired Up, you can cancel your throw into a Level 1 Burnout with QCB+P or QCB+K. This spends your Fired Up state.


[-] Fixed a bug that could cause her projectiles to inherit the properties of her attacks, such as knockdowns or cash outs.
[-] Slowed the attack speed of Explosive Arc Linkers so that the different strengths are more readable.
[-] Widened the breakable window on Explosive Arc Linkers by 5 frames.
[-] When Drones are called as an a.ssist and get hit, they now take 2.5x damage, up from 2x.
[-] Shotgun Knees are now more negative on block.
-Light Version is -3 (was -1)
-Medium Version is -5 (was -4)
-Heavy Version is -10 (was -8)
[+] Shadow Dissonance launches and causes a hard knockdown. It is possible to juggle after this move now.
[+] Crescendo causes stagger (grounded Med and Hvy versions still launch).
[+] Standing LK and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
[+] Heavy Kick and bombs deal less KV for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] Heavy Kick bombs don’t push opponents as far away on hit for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] Juggle values on normal attacks adjusted for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] Improvements to the attack boxes on Standing HK, Close Standing HK, and Crouching HK.
[+] New Target Strings: Operatic Destruction!
-Standing LK into Standing HK (does not combo)
-Standing MP into Standing HK (does not combo)
-Standing HP into Standing HK
-Standing Close MP into Standing HK
-Standing Close HP into Standing HK
[+] New ability: Charge Up bombs! Can now hold far standing HK to charge up the attack and release additional grenades.
-You can dash cancel in either direction while charging up.
-If you perform a target string into Standing HK, you can still charge up and dash cancel as desired, opening up new frame traps and offensive techniques.

Shadow Jago

[-] Fixed a bug causing Shadow Shendokuken to hit one extra time when used in a ground combo.
[-] Added additional recovery time to end of Slide Enders, preventing some unintended juggles and other bugs.
[-] The earliest moment Shago can cancel out of his Dashes into moves has been moved back 5 frames.
[-] Shendokuken projectiles deal 20% less damage on hit.
[-] Shadow Slide is no longer throw invulnerable
[+] Shadow Divekick is now throw invulnerable on startup.
[+/-] Shadow Divekick changed to a single hit that always recaptures, followed by four grounded hits.
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One-O-One 14 heat pts14 OP
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$10,198 | Props total: 8933 8933

[pic - click to view]

[video - click to view]

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Kewop Decam 81 heat pts81
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[pic - click to view]

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 2 years ago '04        #1326
One-O-One 14 heat pts14 OP
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$10,198 | Props total: 8933 8933
Killer Instinct Season 3 Graphics Shine Brighter

[pic - click to view]

Killer Instinct prides itself on being a wonderfully diverse game, sporting a roster of characters that includes a lycanthrope, a.ssassin, alien, former heavyweight boxing champion, and an artificial intelligence controlling one of the most dastardly corporations on the planet.

Just as important as the array of characters are our stages – these living, breathing pieces are vivid, bursting with color and crawling with all manner of action in the background that give each stage a life of their own. Our designers, artists, and developers alike all work tirelessly to make sure we bring you the best in everything we do, and we are always looking to improve our own work. With the addition of Season 3 to k!ller Instinct, we’re also revamping the stages to give your favorite play-spaces even more life. Many of you already noticed during the KI World Cup live stream that Kim Wu’s stage looks different than all of the others… The reason being is that we’ve overhauled the k!ller Instinct graphics engine in some really cool ways to fully utilize the power of Xbox One.

To talk more about the changes coming, we brought in k!ller Instinct’s Art Director, Chad Greene, to share what he and the rest of the team have been working on, and what you can expect to see come Season 3’s launch.

We are excited to be adding several new elements to KI Season 3 that we believe really improve the overall experience, and I’m going to be speaking to the ‘Art side’ of things today.

In terms of visuals, we are adding new graphics technology; reflection tech for the stages; re-introducing screen space color adjustments that work with gameplay; adding an all-new dynamic lighting system that provides greater realism and interaction for the characters and stages. Not only will Season 3 feature this new lighting, but we’ve gone back and re-lit everything for Season 1 and 2 as well. We can’t wait for our fans to see the enhancements of KI’s visuals!

KI S1 had a “deep black” look that many fans really loved, and we’ve gone back to it (with a ton of upgrades!), so you’ll see deeper darks and more “mood” throughout all the stages.

As technology advances, graphics are becoming more and more powerful and the gamers have come to expect stunning visuals on today’s console hardware. Early in development of S3, we knew that we wanted to raise the bar on many levels and have a deep passion for delivering on ‘next gen’ visuals. In order to do this, we had to overhaul the tools and the pipeline and we’re really happy with the results and how we are utilizing the graphic power of the Xbox One.

Our lighting system was very specialized, and it was time for an overhaul. We met as a team to ideate and decided to use a system that allowed us to obtain dynamic lighting for the game, but work with our existing game engine. Once in place, our stages were completely re-lit utilizing the new tools while characters received updates to their lighting probes, which allows them to interact with the stage lighting. Characters now composite into the scenes in a way that is really believable – allowing for good integration/compositing while maintaining readability – especially important in a f!ghting game.

We are now able to get realistic bounce and fill lighting on the characters and we are using strong rim lighting (from behind) to further pull the characters out from the background.

We think the fans are really going to love the new visuals, they are going to notice details that they didn’t before – which showcase a wide range of characters and stages (such amazing locations to be f!ghting in!) When you add up the real-time reflections combined with the new lighting system, you get a very compelling look and feel that stays true to the style of KI but ‘ups the bar’ in regards to the game being a visual showcase.

Big thanks to Chad for stopping by and giving us a peek in to what’s being worked on.

We truly want your k!ller Instinct experience to be as premium as possible, which is why we’ve focused on delivering new content, but also on heavily improving what’s already available. Not only will Season 3 feature this new lighting, but like Chad mentioned, we’ve gone back and re-lit every single stage for Season 1 and 2 in addition to also including three all-new stages for Season 3.

When it is all said and done, we want you to look at the stages in KI as a standard of quality. Whenever you think back to some of your favorite and most compelling experiences in a game world, you’ll remember the abundance of variety that k!ller Instinct has to offer.

f!ght ON!

....only 3 new stages this time around, huh
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Kewop Decam 81 heat pts81
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 One-O-One said:
Killer Instinct Season 3 Graphics Shine Brighter

[pic - click to view]

....only 3 new stages this time around, huh
game has more than enough stages as it is.
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 Kewop Decam said:
game has more than enough stages as it is.
I agree. A strong 20 stages is enough, plus the music is top 5 best of any f!ghting game. If less stages means that their focus is on making other aspects of S3 stronger, then I'm cool with that.
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xFMx ALCHEMiST 262 heat pts262
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[video - click to view]

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 xFMx ALCHEMiST said:

Thank you

[pic - click to view]

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Tusk vs Arbiter Videos on ign.

Tusk looks like dog sh*t.

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Tusk Arbiter / Season 3 gameplay

March 28th launch
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Wow just four new characters
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 gettin_doe said:
Wow just four new characters
4 new characters at launch, and 4 more throughout 2016.

Better than last year when we had 2 at launch with Season 2.

k!ller Instinct Season 3 will launch onMarch 29th, 2016*on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Pricing details are coming shortly, as well as information surrounding pre-purchase options.

Eight f!ghters join the battle in Season 3, featuring both new, classic, and now guest characters

Season 3 will launch with 4 characters – Rash, Kim Wu, Arbiter, and Tusk with additional characters rolling out as the season progresses.

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 One-O-One said:
Tusk vs Arbiter Videos on ign.

Tusk looks like dog sh*t.
Dude got on shorts from a different time period... I hope he plays well
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 Kewop Decam said:
Dude got on shorts from a different time period... I hope he plays well

They got a gameplay breakdown in IGN, just search "Tusk" on the site.

He plays dope. He has something like Super armor on his heavy sword attacks, can hit opponents on the ground, and he inflicts big damage.
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[video - click to view]

Tusk breakdown
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