Top 10 scariest or creepiest things people have seen and heard according to Reddit users

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 3 years ago '06        #361
ozzie1012 1 heat pts
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 Spoken210 said:
My own....

I was like 15 or 16, and i had went asleep around 12 or 1 in the morning...I start having this extremely vivid dream, almost as if it were really happening....

In this dream, or whatever it was, I was asleep on my bed like it was bed had space on all 4 sides to walk around, with one side closest to the wall and a corner...

In this "dream" i was there asleep in bed, and something grabs my leg and starts to drag me to the side of the bed where that wall is...I can't move and it finally drug me down to the floor where it pitch black dark, and i still couldn't move when it drug me down to the floor...i was there on the floor in my dream for bit and then i was finally able to move again....

Right before whatever grabbed me, grabbed me, i was able to see the time on the clock in my dream,it said 3:08 A.M....

When I woke up from my dream, the clock in real life said 3:09 A.M........................

There's different levels of can be scared....and you can literally be terrified....I was past both when i woke up, and then i saw the clock.....I lost my shyt right then and there....
maybe it was Sleep paralysis? same thing has happened to me
 3 years ago '13        #362
JeezusPrice 3 heat pts
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I don't really have any ghost stories, although my family has many.Frankly I dont believe them sh*ts and most them are fake and extremely exaggerated.In other words people are full of sh*t.
It was about 10 years ago,I was like 10 he was like 13.It was winter at night and me and my cousin were going to this gas station.It's in Milwaukee but in the north west industrial side and this road was, well its hard to explain, but it was side walk going down it to a point the rest just gravel, then an off ramp to the highway, and just past that an over pass and some tall grass on the left side right behind the gas station.Probably like a 20-30 minute walk and it's not well lit and very few houses.
Anyway, we were walking down, only us on the road and me and my cousin, a big bullsh*tter/jokester, starts running acting like he was scared.I knew he was playing but I ran along, and as we cross this off ramp,I see a guy running towards us on the ramp that leads to the highway.There are no lights at all, just highway and woods.From what I could make out he looked to be black, wearing a leather jacket and one of those old school robber black skull caps.I said to my cousin, "did you see that dude running towards us".My cousin was really scary at the time so he instantly ran back to the house.I did too.We ran for a while and he thought I was lying, till we looked back and this n*gga turned on the road we were on.We both saw him and started running again.We got tired and stopped.We looked back the guy stopped.We started running again and he started running.A bus went past and we waved help but it kept going. We were scared as fu*k.We made it back to the house and told my aunt and his sister, but they shrugged it off.I looked out the window to see if he would pass.He had to, there were off streets along the way to the gas station but all dead ends.Watched for about 20 minutes, no one walked pass.

We joke about it now.Now that I think back on it dudes car prolly broke down and was looking for help.We were scary little n*ggas then though.
 3 years ago '08        #363
Imagin3 3 heat pts
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 thatsmygoat said:
dont hve the time to write this out in detail so it won't be as freaky as it could be

suffice it to say that I once lived an entire lifetime in a dream. literally. 70+ years, met my wife, had kids, etc, and then I died.

I woke up in bed with tears running down my face
this is crazy

 3 years ago '08        #364
Imagin3 3 heat pts
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 ozzie1012 said:

but dope low budget video

 3 years ago '08        #365
Imagin3 3 heat pts
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 Bullet22 said:
well if you doubt my story that's on you...i'm used to some people thinking i'm lying and i honestly wish i was! i'm just telling you what i saw through my very own two eyes....i hope you have an encounter someday, not to frighten you but to i guess have somewhat of a belief...but either way it's cool if you don't believe me
first i thought u just sounded skizo till u said other people were experiencing it

i had a similar experience. i in jamaica when i was like13-14. my aunt had just died in the crib a couple months earlier, same room i was sleeping at. me and my lil bro in the same bed, hes like 9 at the time. its the middle of the summer and i feel this cold chill and i wake up idk the time but its late cuz everyone is asleep and its pitch black but atleast 1 am. anyway i see my one of my "cousins" in the corner staring at me.
he's wearing a grey t shirt and shorts, and at first i think nothing of it, i a.ssume its him and since he's standing by the barrel that we keep the sheets in, i ask him to pass one to me.
he just keeps staring at me and i start to get pissed, because im feeling intensely cold and im like wtf dude, pass me a sheet?
and he keeps staring then starts to walk away.
how the house is set up theres a doorway to the living room and there is just like a thin veil separating the rooms.
he walkts thru that and now im furious cuz im really cold and my "cousin" just basically shat on me so i stick my head thru the veil to keep yelling at him and i hit my head on the side of the door way and get even more mad cuz im like yo thats your fault
and thats when i see him walking thru the living room, and thru the front door
but like
THROUGH the closed front door
and i dont wanna believe that sh*t so i wake my lil brother up to make sure im not dreaming
he doesnt see any of this but i know i woke him up and he remembers it in the morning
so i just a.ssume i hit my head and imagined he walked thru the door but that was still predicated on my actual cousin being there
so i see him the next morning and ask him where he was last night
and he tells me, and its confirmed by multiple sources that he was at his girl's house on the other side of town
im thinking it was my aunt in the form of my cuzzo?
cuz it wasnt really tryna harm me, just observe me it seems

sh*t fu*ked me up and since then i been a believer and it gets me tight when people dont even accept the possibility because i feel like its just ignorance

i dont think it necessitates a belief in the afterlife either, i just think theres some weird sh*t going down in our world

some other sh*t happened to me in that house, and my fam was so many ghost stories its crazy
 3 years ago '13        #366
solidsnake1864 7 heat pts
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 ozzie1012 said:
hell naw you found the video to go with the story
 3 years ago '09        #367
ImAMonster 373 heat pts373
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 ozzie1012 said:
maybe it was Sleep paralysis? same thing has happened to me
yeah that's sleep paralysis. it's sum fu*ked up sh*t man. It's terrifying cause you can scream ALLLLLLL you want to, ain't sh*t coming out. Then you wake up and walk in the living room ask if they heard you screaming and they said no they didn't hear anything. I had one where I stopped breathing, literally stopped breathing. I was blacking out in the dream. I had to physically and mentally force myself to wake up or I would have passed out in my sleep and possibly died if my brain didn't restart.
 3 years ago '07        #368
Eddie..|M 11 heat pts11
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me and my coworker talkin bout ghosts

I promise the lights just flickered like a mug
 3 years ago '04        #369
ruff 6 heat pts
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Wish I never saw this thread
 3 years ago '06        #370
Reflexx 49 heat pts49
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from another thread

First, I need to apologize to you. I am so sorry. I’m coming to you in my time of need.

Please help me.

Please read this to the end.

That’s it. That’s all I ask. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. Please just help me. That’s all I ask.

My name is Andrea, and I’m a single mother.

I don’t tell you this like it’s some badge of honor and I’m expecting cookies, milk, and chocolate-covered snowflakes like most of the others in my social circle would. They want your pats on the back and recognition; I just want some of your time.

I see motherhood as a burden. Necessary, yes, but still a burden. My son’s name is Jesse. He’s eleven. That’s fifth grade for the math haters.

Jesse started the fifth grade this year like any other kid would. There was a little bit of trepidation and lots of excitement. He was a happy-go-lucky sort of kid. Full of life and energy.

All that changed after he met Stan on Tuesday.

Stan was a late addition to Jesse’s class; a transfer student from another district. Jesse’s teacher sat Stan next to Jesse.

When I picked Jesse up after school on Tuesday, he told me that Stan was his new best friend. He wasn’t acting like himself though. He was pale and sweaty. I took his temperature, but he wasn't running a fever. I asked about his day and all he would tell me was that Stan was his new best friend.

“Stan’s my new best friend,” Jesse would say.

“I know. I can’t wait to meet him,” I’d say back.

“Mom, Stan is great. You should meet him. He’s my new best friend. The best in the world.”

We must’ve had this same conversation a thousand times that night. When I tucked Jesse in bed, he looked up at me with tears in his eyes. He put his little hand in front of his face and wiggled his index finger, telling me to come closer.

I bent over him and he put his hands to either side of his mouth. You know, the little kid way of telling a secret? Well I turned my head and he whispered something into my ear that chilled me. At the time, I didn’t know why it chilled me, but it did.

He whispered, “You believe me. Right, Mom?”

I sat back up and looked down at him. “Believe you about what, honey?”

“Stan,” he said. “Stan’s my best friend.”

I nodded and took his temperature once more.

Again, he wasn’t running a fever.

I went to bed, but couldn’t really sleep that night.

On Wednesday, when I pulled up to the school to drop Jesse off, he got this really weird look on his face and told me that he didn’t want to go in.

“Are you feeling sick?” I asked.

“No,” he said. He was chewing on his bottom lip like crazy. This was something else I’d never seen him do. “No. I need to go to school.”

He opened the car door and got out.

No goodbye.

No I love you.


He trudged up the front steps of the school with his head down. I let off the brake and turned away to drive to work.

A little boy was standing right in front of my car. Two more seconds and I would’ve run him over. The boy was pale, with a mop of blonde hair that was almost white and bright blue eyes. He knocked on the hood of my car twice, waved once, and walked up the stairs to school.

When I picked Jesse up after school on Wednesday, he looked a lot better. He was a tiny bit paler than normal, but he seemed happy. He told me all about his day. He told me about dinosaurs, and music, and math, and then he told me about recess.

“And then after math period, we had recess. Mom, you’ll never guess what I did today at recess.”

“Tell me,” I said, smiling to myself as I’m driving. I’m thinking tag, football, keep away. All the things I remember the boys doing at recess when I was that age. Something benign, something normal.

“I joined a church!”

I frowned at this. “A church? At... recess?”

Jesse nodded. “The church of Stan.”

I thought that it must be some sort of new make believe game that the kids were playing.

“What’s the church of Stan?” I asked.

“It’s Stan’s church, Mom.” Jesse laughed like I was the silliest person in the world for asking that question.

“What do you guys do though? You know, as members?” I asked.

“Lots of stuff. Today though, we just listened to Stan talk. He was saying some funny words and I got sleepy and dozed off. A bunch of us did.”

I pulled into the driveway at home and we got out.

“Was that it?” I asked. Things sounded weird for sure, but the kids didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong.

“Stan gave us flyers, too.”

Jesse pulled out a crinkled up piece of paper and handed it to me.

It was a piece of manilla paper with three words written in black marker.

Church of Stan.

Again, weird, but nothing wrong. I just thought the boys were playing make believe.

I was wrong.

When I picked Jesse up after school yesterday, I could tell that something was very wrong with my little boy. He looked panicked and scared.

“What’s going on, honey?” I asked, reaching out to feel his forehead.

No fever.

“We played The Soul Game today,” he said. Jesse’s head was on a swivel. He couldn’t sit still. He kept looking all around as we headed home.

“The Soul Game?” I asked.

Jesse just nodded and kept trying to look everywhere at once. Beads of sweat dotted his upper lip.

“What’s The Soul Game?” I asked.

Jesse shook his head no and said nothing.

“Jesse, what’s The Soul Game?” I asked.

“I told him I didn’t want to, but he said he wouldn’t be my friend anymore if I didn’t play.”

“Who wouldn’t be your friend? Where were the teachers?”

Jesse started breathing harder, but still answered.

“It happened in the church,” he said. Then he whispered, “Teachers aren’t allowed in the church.”

“The Church of Stan?” I asked.

Jesse nodded, and a tear slipped down his cheek.

“What’s The Soul Game, Jesse? I’m your mother. You tell me right now and I’ll take care of everything,” I said.

“I can’t tell you, Mom. I can’t. The rules are bad. They’re so bad.”

“What about Stan?” I asked. “Will Stan tell me the rules?”

“NO!” Jesse screamed this and scared me half to death. “DON’T ASK HIM THE RULES. PLEASE DON’T, MOM. PLEASE.”

I pulled into the driveway, scared and confused.

“Promise me, Mom. Promisemepromisemepromisemeplease.”

Jesse was bawling now, terrified. I took him into my arms and rocked him. I hadn’t rocked him like that since he’d been in Kindergarten. He fell asleep in my arms and I carried him inside. I took him straight to his room and got him ready for bed.

He just needs sleep, I kept telling myself. All he needs is sleep.

I put him to bed and ate dinner alone. I checked up on him around nine when I went to bed. He seemed to be sleeping well so I decided to go to sleep.

I woke up to him screaming at the top of his lungs eighteen minutes after midnight last night. I ran to his room, but he wasn’t in his bed. I turned on the light and Jesse came flying out of the closet like something was chasing him. He latched onto my leg and kept screaming.

I tried to calm him down and ask what was wrong at the same time.

He wasn’t making any sense. He kept screaming about The Soul Game.

He was impossible. I kept asking what that was, but he wouldn’t tell me.

I tried to put him back to bed, but he would have none of it.

Finally, I just took him to my room and he slept in my bed. Jesse fell right to sleep. I was lying on my side watching him, stroking his hair, when his eyes popped open and he stared right into mine.

“I’ll tell you the rules after school tomorrow, lady,” he said. Then he closed his eyes.

What was going on with my kid?

In the darkness, I stared at the ceiling for a long time before rolling over to my side and staring into the bathroom.

You know how when you’re edge of sleep, sometimes your leg will kick and jerk you awake? Or you’ll imagine you’re falling or that you’ve just tripped over something and get jerked awake?

That happened to me all last night, only I kept being ripped from sleep by seeing something in the doorway to the bathroom.

Every time my eyes would start to slip shut, I’d see the dark outline of something large in the doorway and jerk awake. Of course nothing would be there, and I would start falling asleep again. The outline would appear in the doorway once more, but it would be closer to me, like it had taken a baby step.

Over and over this happened until morning.

This morning on the way to school, Jesse seemed out of it. Lethargic. I felt the same way. I was even more exhausted. I thought of asking Jesse about what he’d said right before he fell asleep, but couldn’t. I was afraid it would send him into hysterics again so I left it alone.

I drove him to school, and he didn’t say a word the whole time. He was acting like a robot; listless, unemotional.

I got a call, shortly after dropping him off, to come pick him back up. He’d vomited in class.

When I picked him up, he was the same. I asked him several questions, but he only gave me grunts in response. The plan at home was to get him changed out of his dirty clothes and then take him to the doctor.

He didn’t say anything until we pulled into the driveway.

“Can Stan come over today?” He asked. He stared out windshield at the garage door.

“You’re not feeling well, honey, and do you really want him to come over?” I asked. I wanted to meet this kid, but it didn’t sound like Jesse wanted him over. I, however, wanted to get to the bottom of things.

“Yes,” Jesse said.

“Okay,” I said. “Do you have his parent’s number?”

“He already asked his parents, and they said it was okay.”

“We have to wait until he’s out of class, and I’d still like to talk to his parents.”

“Okay.” Jesse got out of the car and we walked into the house.

“You have their number?” I asked as I shut the door.

“No,” he said.

I started to ask him how I was supposed to call them if I didn’t have their number, but someone knocked on the door.

I was still standing right next to it.

I opened the door, and standing on my front step was the pale little boy with the blue eyes and mop of white-blonde hair that I’d almost run over on Wednesday. A little girl stood next to him with the same complexion.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Hi, Driz,” the little boy said. “Is Jesse home?”

The little boy standing on my front porch shouldn't have known that name. It was my nickname from college. Created on a drunken night amongst my girlfriends, shortened from Drizzy.

“No,” I said.

“That’s fine,” the little girl said. “My name is Devin, and you already know my brother’s name.”

“Stan,” I said.

The little girl covered her mouth and giggled.

Stan smiled and shrugged. “It’s really quite simple. Rule one: don’t walk past mirrors in the dark. Rule two: don’t leave any doors open when you go to bed tonight. Ask your son what rule three is and remember, a creak means you’re falling behind, a rustle means you’ve almost lost. When the lights go down, hopefully you won’t see the dark shadow standing in the corner of the room. Hopefully you won't hear it breathing as your eyes shut and you begin to drift off. And if you hear a bang? Well, hopefully you never hear a bang.”

Stan turned and walked away with his sister.

I stared after them both and shook my head. I wouldn’t play their stupid game.

I walked into the house and found Jesse sitting at the kitchen table, crying.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I heard a bang,” he whispered.

My mouth went dry. “When does the game end?” I asked.

“It doesn’t,” he whispered. “It never ends.”

My heart started beating faster. “What’s the third rule, Jesse?”

His face fell and he sucked in a deep breath. “Rule three. Knowing all three rules makes you a player.”

My stomach dropped. “What happens if you lose?”

“When it's dark, you'll hear them coming. They like to let you know when they're getting close.”


“Stan and Devin,” Jesse said. “They'll reach out through the mirrors or open doorways and drag you through.”

“How do you win?” I asked.

“You win if you tell more people the rules to The Soul Game than the person that told you does.”

Like I said /r/nosleep, I am so sorry.

But thanks for helping. Really.

I’m going to enjoy my newfound freedom, and I hope that you enjoy your night.

Give Stan and Devin my best.
 3 years ago '04        #371
Tastemaker331 38 heat pts38
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lets get another bump
 3 years ago '06        #372
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 3 years ago '11        #373
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 serstylz2 said:
from another thread
FACCCCKKKK Now I know all 3 fu*king rules!
 3 years ago '12        #374
Tron Carter 25 heat pts25
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Jesse my n*gga I hate it had to be him
 3 years ago '05        #375
PCP MC 2 heat pts
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I read a little under half of this sh*t so far & im bout to go read the rest of the pages but for right now Imma just post the stuff I know of.

Firstly my wife is from a part of the country where basically having ghost stories is mad normal & from what I've seen of the town & area I'm not personally surprised. She tells this story of when she was little, after their 1st house burned down (nothing ghostly it was due to her little brother) & they moved in to a new place. Telling the stories out of order for max effect, there were always doors slamming and whatnot like that on the upstairs. But the creepy sh*t occurred the very 1st day they moved in. Part of the house came furnished w/ some of the furniture from the previous owner, including a room w/ a divan type couch thing & a mirror. So my wife, little at the time was playing in the room lookin in the mirror, and saw an older lady wearing glasses laying on the couch behind her looking str8 at her. She turns around & nothing is there on the couch except the glasses. They ask the neighbor about it, turns out this older lady died in there in the room on the couch wearing the fu*kin glasses.

My buddy at work told this story to me, he was in his house he grew up in & whatnot as a kid, I don't remember the whole setup but essentially he woke up & open the door, and there was a black shadow shaped exactly like him standing directly in front of his door, & smiled this wide smile with all white sharp teeth. He told his parents about it and heard them talkin bout "Haints" and they just said he wasnt supposed to hear them talkin bout it.
 3 years ago '10        #376
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Damn I’ve been reading these pages for a few weeks now on and off... and i must say some of these stories are crazy! I have a little something to add that happened to me last night.

It was around 11:00 and I couldn’t really fall asleep been up late the last few nights so my body was tired but I really couldn’t fall asleep. So tossing and watching TV until I fell asleep, until I realized I never put the home alarm back on after I put my clothes to dry. I turned on the alarm and seen my dog walking around so I decided to bring him into my bed (small dog Pomeranian). As soon as he got into my bed he was acting all crazy just laying on the bottom of my bed not even moving towards me even if I called him. He had a sense of fear but I just ignored it, he ended up laying on my lap and as I started to doze off something made me open my eyes. Right when I did I saw 2 figures of what looked like little kids screaming at me with faces of demons. I felt vibration, cold air and I had no control of my body I jumped out of bed and left my room. I started thinking whatever I thought I saw was just a dream but when I came back into my room I noticed a puddle of water on my bed, I was like damn I done pissed my bed so I looked at my boxers and they were dry. Whatever was in my room made my dog p!ss himself and even to this morning he wouldn’t go in my room and has a look of fear on his face.

Today at work i'm all out of it still trying to think about last night and I can’t put anything together.
 3 years ago '12        #377
Thugocracy 8 heat pts
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 jessesbaby1908 said:

1. Vacation

‘I was on vacation in Ithaca with my boyfriend at the time. We had literally, I’m talking 10 minutes, just gotten into town and stopped at a suspension bridge near Cornell’s campus. I’m terrified of heights and, so, my boyfriend was coaxing me step by step over the bridge. It was gorgeous and we stopped at the middle to take a picture. ‘On the side we had come from there was a parking lot with steps leading to the bottom of the gorge but on the far side there were hiking paths with no barrier. A woman walked past us and offered to take a picture for us. ‘We declined and she smiled and walked quickly to the far side of the bridge where she smoothly jumped off into the gorge. There was not a second of hesitation, it was almost like she expected the path to keep going. The sound of a person hitting the ground from a jump like that sticks with you.’ - spectre_alabama

 3 years ago '06        #378
Reflexx 49 heat pts49
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 3 years ago '11        #379
GetuOne 73 heat pts73
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 Spiffy said:
9. Car accident

'There is a thread somewhere that described a guy taking a scenic route in the middle of the night to get to a certain town. He was driving up a hill, and came upon a car accident with two cars on the side of the road and a person lying down on the ground. ‘For some reason he caught a bad vibe from it, and slowly drove past the scene. He stopped about 100 feet past it, looked behind him, and the person on the ground was standing up and staring at him, with about 20 other people coming out of the woods.’ – Newbs280

this sh*t fu*ked with me
Eh, it was just a ruse. They pretend like they're hurt, someone stops to see if he's ok, then 20 people rampage the car steal everything in there etc.
 3 years ago '11        #380
GetuOne 73 heat pts73
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 Rob De Niro said:
Alright I got mine.

ONe of my friends(girl) was babysitting for a family one night. The parents had gone out to celebrate I forgot what but told my friend to call them if she needed anything. Anyways she was watching a little girl and boy just relaxing and when it was bedtime she put them to sleep. She goes downstairs to watch tv in the living room and wait till the parents come home. About 15 minutes later the kids come running downstairs saying they are scared and cant go to sleep cause of the clown. So she went upstairs to show them its okay and put them back to sleep. She then decided to call the parents and just let them know everything was okay and they were falling asleep. Then she told them they were just a little freaked out of the life size model clown they had in their room. The freakiest part was that the parents said they didnt have no life size clown in their house and to grab the kids and get the hell out. So she did and the parents called the cops. Sheriff's deputies arrived and entered the house and arrested a guy with a whole clown suit on but wearing a mask. Really close to where we live theirs a mental hospital thats closed now but back in the day was open and this guy had escaped and police had been looking for him. Ever since then my friend doesnt babysit anymore.

Sorry buddy, i heard this urban legend in highschool way back in the day. i'm calling BS.


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