Resident Evil 7 for E3 2013

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Resident Evil 7 for E3 2013


Hey Henry,

As we’ve spoken earlier on the phone, here are the two drafts of the E3 2013 posters. These are not final, but they just want to give us an idea of how the posters should look for the posters and the banners. I should expect to receive more PNG files of the updated logos and newer effects. The solid color for the ‘Soft Light’ layer has to be #002540 and it is important to have the effects’ scales (66% from the current file) and position exactly as shown from these two drafts.

But as for the coming updated PNG files, they will send me another merged draft of how these updated effects should be placed. Also, I will send you details on the resolution sizes for the E3 banners. For now just call Daniel, he might know more about the banners.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me.

Take care,
Adam Wilde

More http :// s1351.photobucket . com/user/adamwilde_fireme/library/
You're welcome

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