Rick Ross' Rape Lyrics Ignite Massive Backlash: "I Just Hope He Goes Away & Fast"

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 5 years ago '06        #121
Drumatic50 16 heat pts16
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 Boo The Fool said:
nobody said sh** when DMX spit those bars on "It's dark and hell is hot" and on that funkmaster flex freestyle


goddamn X went in

no pun intended. I hope not.
yeah but where is he now
 5 years ago '04        #122
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C-N-N had the lyrics "Yo we masked up pointing the heat, duct taping her, gag her mouth so she can't scream, start raping her, camcorder you won't miss it 'cause we taping her, raping her, raping her, Fed Ex, you got the tape next day in the mail" and I don't think anyone batted an eyelid and that was fine. It contextually fit what they were attempting with the track. However r*pe Ross in his attempt to qualify his lyrics has exposed himself as not considering it r*pe. I'd say there's a genuine issue when someone in the public eye is essentially condoning drugging women and sleeping with them while they're in a state of inhibited conciousness. He's probably so drunk on his fame that he tells himself she'd have given the okay if she would've been able to speak.

[video - click to view]

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 03-29-2013, 03:37 PM         #123
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hes such a studio gangster frontin a.ss fat fu*king smelly fu*king pig fu*k
 5 years ago '12        #124
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 illmatic826 said:
I dont know why y'all waste your time getting upset about it.

I love how Rick Ross is satan in the flesh when he mentions it...

But when eminem made "My Fault" "As the world turns" and "Kill You"

All songs about drugs and r*pe.

He was considered a genius -__________-

In fact here are the lyrics from "Kill You":

"Shut ups.lut ur causing to much chaos/ Just bend over and take it like as.lut/ Ok Ma?

Oh now he's raping his own mother/ abusing a wh0ore/ snorting coke/ and we gave him the rolling stones cover?
You got damn bi*ch and now it to late"

k!ll you was on the radio??
 5 years ago '10        #125
Trilluminati GA 433 heat pts433
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but family guy still on the air with sponsors and no protests

[pic - click to view]

them white folks treating him like he's expendable
 5 years ago '05        #126
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 esvi said:
just to comment on the stuff Ive read
Yes I've thought about Em' reading the article
but then
Em is clearly making Shock/Controversy and above all, FICTION Rap
Most of his "Rape" songs are unrealistic even for serial k!ller
It's more like a Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho Thing
It's a charicature

whether Ross' lines are really fiction (of course it is)
he's not presenting his rap as a fiction, he's presenting it as its own lifestyle
He's rapping about a personna he pretend to be on daily basis
Outside of rap, ross is acting like he's Rap Mogul Ex Drug Kingpin
He's gloryfing the things, and lifestyle he's rapping about

So the main difference is that Em is clearly sharing a fictionnal character
But would never ever pretend in REAL LIFE he does k!ll people

Ross is pretending to be this the fictionnal personna
And in real life, he does pretend to be a drug kingpin
he does pretend to live the high life, gangster rapper stuff

So my point is that the Em' comparission isn't actually valid...

All in all, the line wasn't THAT horrible
people should get their a.sses out of their anus sometimes
I'm annoyed by those c*cksuckin' pricks, outraged by everything
And I don't even like Ross
That's the biggest load of BS I've ever started reading just to suddenly stop and laugh derisively at...


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