Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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"I don't have to argue about how real I am" - Pusha T
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 5 years ago '12        #161
Boo The Fool 12 heat pts12
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before i came on BX i was a true hip hop "purist"...only listened to ice cube, NWA, Pac, Nas, Old school Jigga, Busta Rhymes , BIG L, dmx, dr dre, eminem, LL cool J, everybody in WU-TANG, redman, the pharacyde

Y'll reminded me of artists i used to bump on the regular and forgot about

-50 Cent
-Kanye West
-Young Jeezy

the first mixtape i ever heard from waka flocka (it was shoot me or salute me) i lowkey liked that sh*t. Been following dude ever since. He got my respect when he said he "wasn't a rapper" and admitted he was just making "blunt music" another thing dudes on BX helped me to come to terms with. Some n*ggas just make club music and it's okay to like different types of artists. before that i felt like i was a sh*tty fan for having nas and waka flocka flame in my playlist at the same time.

My favorite pac album is me against the world, none of his other albums come close (maybe R U still down)

i hated Jay, Nas, and all the east coast rappers that had beef with pac. That's how much of a pac stan i was one day i was on the internet just looking up the whole pac beef (they had a sh*tload of random theories, like with the numbers in the "i wonder if heaven got a ghetto video) and i see this little link that had info of nas on it...i got his first album off of limewire after reading on how much of a impact it had and how classic dudes were saying it was. No lie, i was blown away...i felt stupid. I was keeping the east vs west beef going and that sh*t ended years ago....a listened to a lot of east cost rappers after that. WU-TANG in particular blew me away the most, nobody is touching what those cats did for rap.

I still don't like notorious B.I.G

The first pac song i ever heard was "do for love" even at a young age i could feel what he was saying.

Redman is the most underrated rapper of all time

Method man is underrated too

for me, its a three way tie between Pac, Nas, and DMX for the GOAT rapper with substance
Jay,Nas, Redman, Big L,Method man if lyricism is involved

Little Wayne is overrated...i could never feel comfortable listening to dude. never liked him for some reason, "fireman" and "hustler music" was nice tho.

i like the new rappers out today, Kendrick Lamar has what it takes to survive in the business, never been a rapper like him before. Lyricism, probably the best flow out in the rap game right now.

A$ap rocky is nice too. That dude is going places....lyrical as fu*k, beat selection is legendary, got a interchangeable flow. him and Kendrick are up for debate for the best "freshmen" out right now.

prodigy can suck a bag of baby d!cks. I hate everything that clown a.ss n*gga stands for.

There will never be another artist like Kanye west....dude has been an innovator since day one. Been a fan since "slow jamz".

i hope DMX makes a comeback, he changed the rap game when he came out. He stays in my top 3 rappers of all times no matter what decade I'm in, i'm convinced that he's what the game is missing.

Soulja boy is probably the worst mainstream rapper of all time. Nobody has been as consistently horrible as he has.

the song "kobe" is a banger but i hate everything chief keef stands for.

wutang is the best rap group of all time, outcast is probably my favorite tho.
 5 years ago '04        #162
NAKHI ALLAH 1 heat pts
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 monkeysnthings said:
I couldn't name one song by half of the rappers mentioned in this post.

Black Thought, O.C. Tragedy Khadafi are 3 of the most underrated rappers ever.

I love a great beat but if there's no substance I won't fu*k wit it much.

AZ is one of my favorite rappers but his albums were always 50/50.

The Beatnuts are one of my favorite groups that get no love but worked with and influenced a great era of hip hop. Street Level & Stone Crazy are near classics.

Rakim's lyrics from the late 80s blow away nearly every rapper's since.

The Roots discography is so good that they won't be appreciated for another 10-20 years.

Tash from the Liks had one of the best flows ever, k!lla Sin (Killarmy) & Mic Geronimo as well

Illmatic is my favorite album ever because I grew up during that era. If you didn't you should still appreciate it but it won't have the same meaning to you.

Redman - Dare Iz A Darkside >>> 95% of the sh*t you listen to every day.

Big Gipp was a better rapper than Cee Lo on Soul Food.

The best hip hop songs have a dj scratching classic lines in the hook.

 5 years ago '04        #163
Mumbletaker 59 heat pts59
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I can't stand Hard Knock Life (song, not the album)

Aaliyah fell off before she died. Her weak album sales was the reason she shot the video for Rock the Boat (which wasn't intended to be pushed as a single yet, if at all)

I get a laugh out of every "that ain't hip hop, this is hip hop" thread

Never listened to a 2Pac album. Unless you count that old Greatest Hits...

Jay-Z vs. Nas: Nas won more battles, but lost the war

I still believe that Detox is coming out

Graduation is Kanye's best album start to finish but his best songs are on CD and LR
 5 years ago '11        #164
Gatorfan2611 8 heat pts
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 JonNYBlake said:
Please explain

- Joey Badass is an okay artist, but painfully boring to listen to
- Big Boi is lyrically better than Andre 3000 (It just became cool to ride 3000 in 2006)
- I've never really cared for Eminem
- Da Band's album was close to classic

edit: 3000 is my dude. just so many ppl fail to mention sir lucious
 02-10-2013, 08:49 PM         #165
Stayburnin  OP
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tupac is my favorite rapper and I think he is the deepest rapper ever but not the most talented lyrically
joe budden can go bar for bar with almost anyone
I think GKMC is going to be a classic in a few years but not yet and its better then any album fiasco has done.
Eminem is extremely talented but I hate 90% of his content
I thought take care was a dope album
I still get hyped when 50 drops music although most of it is not as good as I expect it to be
 5 years ago '05        #166
mikesaimname 4 heat pts
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2012 album of the year all genre's included was fun. - some nights

lupe fiasco is boring...albums and in concert (dude literally just sat there)

asap rocky and kendrick lamar may be good rappers, but they can't pick beats to save their life

yelawolf is whack, that other white dude from cleaveland is whack, action bronson is sick tho...

i dont even know who earl sweatshirt is...still

i never really liked ti til this last album...bring em out was cool tho

eminem puts together tracks like no one else can, but he's run out of sh*t to say...

i have seriously never listened to anything by boosie, max b, oe waka flacka flame

i NEVER got into lil wayne...and its all kanye's fault he blew up...if kanye never said he was the best out...dude would still be addicted to cough syrup or in jail like he should be..

i'm pissed off i can't easily find more tracks by foxy's brother pretty boy..

to me, dj clue made tracks better, yeah he screams too much...but he amps up some sh*t if you're just hearing it for the first time....miss them clue tapes back in the mid 90's...and the professional 1 is a fu*king classic...no question

canibus could have been top 10 if he just "got it"

why does eminem or anyone for that matter like redman that much?

if biggie was from anywhere but la or nyc, no one would care...

i miss diddy as puff daddy sampling 80's tracks...sh*t was just fun...and on that note, hip hop isn't fun anymore...

im already tired of rick ross...and i hate that dumb bi*ch that says maybach music

im a coke boy remix has the best production i've heard in a long time...

i wanna hear dj premiere do jada's entire next album

i liked some of will smiths sh*t...miami is nice....especially when you're crusing south beach

i havent paid for music since 1997...not once

ymcmb has single handedly helped to ruin music as a whole...but i like kevin rudolph...

i can rap better than most rappers and my lyrics make more sense...

the first time i listened to its dark and hell is hot in one car ride i could feel what dmx was thinking when he wrote it..

timbaland fell off big time since he started making those variety albums...

justin timberlake just makes good music...period...

anyone ever heard allen iversons tracks as jewelz? sh*t was kinda nice....kobe not so much...and i saw someone put it before, but the first shaw album...good sh*t...i forget who wrote most of it

50 cent was kinda done after he sold vitamin water...cant be gangster and worth 1/4 of a billion like that....jay-z figured that out on in my lifetime 2

someone else said it...but snoop had one good album, his first, and nothing since....why does he still get a pass almost 20 years later?

i miss first album mase....sh*t was classic...

i have a feeling the current hip hop trends...more about the image and such than the music is about to end...i feel like real music is gonna start coming back soon...
 5 years ago '12        #167
CaliSteppin 36 heat pts36
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I think Biggie is overrated
Eminem had a better flow on Renegade but Jay's verse was better lyrically
T.I. has one of the best flows ever and has murdered Eminem twice (Eminem ruined all she wrote)
Put You On Game is one of my fav Lupe songs and didnt understand it the first time I listened to it
I always wanted Wayne and T.I. to beef so Tip could expose Wayne and make people see that its a joke for wayne to say hes the best rapper alive
Blitz murked Nas on "Every Ghetto"
Luda post Theater of The Mind is trash but will murder his guest verses
Moment of Clarity is my fav Jay-z song
The Outlawz ruined Hail Mary
Just Blaze and Dj Toomp are still underrated
First time I heard Dance by Nas I went to my mom and gave her a hug
Currently Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive
TDE> any other crew right now
B.o.B. can rap his a.ss off

Last edited by CaliSteppin; 02-10-2013 at 09:28 PM..
 5 years ago '08        #168
stead21 12 heat pts12
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Pastor Troy birthed most of these n*ggas from the south. DSGB the last supper is a mother fu*king classic holla.

Dipset movement was the greatest movement in hip hop

Diplomatic Immununity is the greastest mixtaoe of all time

Camron >>>> Eminem and Jay

Since 2010 MF Doom has sucked balls

Fatboys did more for hip hop than Jay-z

Half a mils album Million is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever.

Last edited by stead21; 02-10-2013 at 09:14 PM..
 5 years ago '04        #169
ThomasGunz 2 heat pts
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Disagree with the "757 don't play pusha" comment

Dispite a few around here (Ms. Norfolk), Push and Malice (fu*k out of here with that "NOMalice" sh*t) gets love in this area.
 02-10-2013, 09:10 PM         #170
Brolic757  OP
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only cuban linx part 2 is the first sequel rap album that lived up to its previous wrk and hype. sh*t sounded like it was recoded back in 1995
On the dynasty intro when jay say "keen senses ever since i was a teen on the benches everytime somebody like enos was mentioned" i use to say who the hell is enos?

I still dont get how lil wayne can be someones fav rapper
I miss expensive hip hop videos
The recipe should of been a real hip hop video
I see pusha t alot when he in va. . Made a video on my street last year and i was in crib sleep smh.
AI 48 bars was a good record
Currensy my dude but he dresses tacky as fu*k.
 5 years ago '13        #171
Guvnor 1122 heat pts1122
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$43,259 | Props total: 12345 12345
"Tygas "The Potential" was a good mixtape."

 5 years ago '08        #172
stead21 12 heat pts12
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$7,268 | Props total: 4025 4025
A Tribe Called Quest was overrated Slum Village was much better
 5 years ago '04        #173
ThomasGunz 2 heat pts
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My confessions.......

I fu*k with Cheif Keef/GBE movement (Yeah I said it)

Anything that has a heavy bass or downsouth feel to it I fu*k with...

I check for producers first, artist second

It was written gets more play from me than Illmatic

Jay fan.... but i rarely play any sh*t of his

Ransom is in my top five

Drake is the nicest n*gga spitting right now.... judging off of flow and lyrics

Wu-Tang is the greatest thing to ever happen to hip hop

9th Wonder has fell off to me.....

Can't fu*k with no female mcees (expect that girl group Deadly Venom from back in the day)

Ambition was the best cd (non mixtape) i heard in awhile (hate that n*gga Wale personality tho)

I miss Max B

I feel for JaRule being locked up and hearing n*ggas like Drake and Future get praised for the same sh*t he got cruicfied for.... I still remember the episode of 106 and park when they premiered a video of his and the whole crowd "boo'ed". lol

Wanted Nas to sign with murder inc. on the low

I would impregnant Charlie Baltimore in a minute

What the fu*k happen to Nottz.... can we get an amber alert out on this n*gga?

Trey Songz is a better rapper than 90% of the n*ggas out now.....

Duckdown Records should've been way bigger than history will reflect.

Waiting for that new Louie V Mob album (Master P, Fat Trel, and Alley boy)
 5 years ago '05        #174
HUDA2daF 2 heat pts
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[video - click to view]

I don't like lil b but this was one of the funniest things I seen in a min.
 5 years ago '11        #175
Da Truth23 93 heat pts93
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Jay Z is the best rapper period (always said best rapper alive )
Frank Ocean is better than Rick Ross as a rapper..
I'm a Frank Ocean fan stood behind this n*gga since day 1 pause.. Lmao
As dude said Illmatic was a boring a.ss album
Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 and Da Drought 3 are my favorite mix tapes
Only heard one Outkast album FULLY Speakerboxx/The Love Below
The Love Below is better than Speakerboxx by an inch
So Far Gone is Drake's best work
fu*k Nicki Minaj
Sir Michael Rocks is in my top 10

So much more

To add to my Jay Z note

I have his collection on my iPhone (collabos and albums)

Irritates me when ppl say rappers are in the illuminati ...

Last edited by Da Truth23; 02-10-2013 at 10:03 PM..
 02-10-2013, 10:05 PM         #176
Brolic757  OP
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rolling papers and onifc were both disapointing albums. His mixtapes were better
Compton should not be on gkmc
 5 years ago '07        #177
$525 | Props total: 142 142
Rocafella with Big L would have moved him into alot of people's top ten rappers with 2 or more albums

lauryn hill ( goat female MC ) biggest waste of talent ever

CNN is raps biggest fraud

Last edited by influence22; 02-10-2013 at 10:28 PM..
 5 years ago '06        #178
Adewale 15 heat pts15
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Yo the salt is heavy in this thread

 5 years ago '10        #179
Trill Livin 69 heat pts69
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Joe Buddens Music Is Gay AF..
Lloyd Banks and Fabulous are PLK
I fu*k with drakes music

Cheif Keef the best hype music out right now
I want to be like 50 favorite artist of all time
 5 years ago '05        #180
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 MagicOnTheTire said:
-Snoop is the most overrated rapper of all time. He has 1 classic album, every album after is trash
-7 Day Theory is Pac's best album


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