Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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Gillie The Kid Goes Off Talking Bout Pusha T. Vs Drake, & Quentin Miller
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 5 years ago '10        #141
MANNYSOSA 17 heat pts17
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$3,996 | Props total: 2763 2763
My top 5 :1 Nas. 2.Tupac 3.Kanye 4. Jay z 5.Big
I think schoolyboy q is the most versatile outta T.D.e and he will be the most sucseesful
Q is my fav from black hippy
Ross's verse on knife f!ght is why i fu*k wit rozay
The 90s was the best time for hip hop but the last three years real rap has made a comeback
Cant listen to lil wyne talking bout ho's and pus*y anymore it makes me feel stupid
havnt messed with drke since so far gone
i love what the south did in rap but resent it at the sme time
^^^ same goes for auto tune
Styles p is mad underratrd
i stopped lisfenting to g-unit when they kicked game out but since cc2 i respect lloyd banks
i dont listen to odd future but for some young dude's they talented and they respect the culture. old heads need to fall back a lil
my definition of a classic is if u still pumping it 10 years later
Styles P's switch my styles is one of the best songs to come out in te last 10 years
i truly miss the lost boyz (rip freaky tah)
I cant listen to white people rap for a whole album/mixtape
I dont only listen to hip hop...i dabble in everything
Never had a favouite song of all time till devil in a new dress
id fuk the sh*t outta niki minaj
loso's tapes>>> his albums apart from ghetto fabolous
New york rap scene is gonna do big things this year

 5 years ago '12        #142
jdario 2 heat pts
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-Cormega is the best outta QB- Listen to True Meaning
-How did Big Pun's second album ever get released?
-Cunninlynguists are very underrated
-AZ- The Come Up- Memphis Sessions- Classic
-I used to go nuts when Mo Murda from Bone Thugs played
-I used to love the Wake up Show
-Take Care is a classic album
-Eligh- Grey Cow- Wish I would
-Joe Budden is growing on me
-Fabolous dropped the ball
-Emilio Rojas- underrated
-Foreign Exchange-underrated
-GFK- The Prayer= best interlude ever
-Ma$e- Double Up is underrated
-Camron- SDE = Classic
-Nate Dogg was the best from 213
-Childish Gambino= underrated
-Rockie Fresh has been on repeat for 3 weeks (Driving 88- so long)
-DPG-Dogg Food= Classic
-LAD= RTD (Biggie)
-The Team (from the Bay) - thought they were going to blow (bottles up/its gettin hot)
-I thought Postaboy had potential (Jurassic Harlem)
-Chief Keef is absolutely the worst rapper to ever have success
-Lil B is close 2nd
-Mac Miller has a couple songs I listen to often
-Rolling Papers > ONIFC
-Will.I.AM is intolerable
-Warren G- In the Midnight Hour= Classic
-I like Trick Daddy-Sugar on my tongue w/ Ceelo
-I live in the Bay and I don't listen to 90% of the trash that comes outta here.
-K.Dot verse on fu*king Problems
-ASAP is in my CD Changer- LongLive is growing on me everyday(Hell)
-Can't get into Currensy
-B-legit > E-40 but E has had more commercial success
-Lil Wayne Carter 3 was the last time I respected Wayne's position
-Jay-Z is undeniably the GOAT
-Victory -Biggie = Best record ever imo

Last edited by jdario; 02-10-2013 at 07:04 PM..
 02-10-2013, 07:09 PM         #143
Brolic757  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Lil b can actually rap and trolls listners
Never heard chronic 92 0r 2001
I feel like jay-z is my child i raised with each album and now has fullu grown and i dnt recognize him anymore
Like it or not hip hop or rap is the reason why alot of black youth get k!lled. Stop making excuses.
n*ggas was wearing long pink tees and jerseys backwards in the hood 8 years ago
Takeover was better than ether to this day.. Jay stated facts nas stated weak opinions
I love the miaeducation of lauryn hill album
Never heard the score
Beyonce is the worst thing to happen to jay
We use to clown n*ggas who wore gunits and s.dots
 5 years ago '06        #144
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$1,591 | Props total: 2410 2410
Tha Carter 2 is Wayne best CD IMO.
The Roots are so damn underrated.
Pusha T is so damn overrated.
As much as I love Jay-Z's music, he doesn't rap about anything significant. He just sounds nice doing it.
Drake is a great artist IMO.
Andre 3000 is vastly overrated and I love Outkast. Out of nowhere people started a.ssuming that he walked on water or something.
Big Boi deserves props for being consistant with his material (even though his last album was ehh)
Everytime a Nicki Minaj video comes on TV, I mute it and stare at that a$$.
Wale is decent to me. I don't know where all the hate for him comes from.
Kanye is a musical genius but his ego will eventually get the better of him.
Chief Keef sucks.
Papoose's music is not that hot.
I hate it when rappers say "Check for_____ around _______". It means "My cd is never coming out"
The song Boo Thang k!lled RnB for me.
Common is one of the best rappers out.
I would f_uck Lil Kim any day, any face.
 5 years ago '12        #145
xplizit 1 heat pts
$942 | Props total: 4 4
lil boosie voice annoying as fu*k

big pun >>> notorious big

big L and cam'ron had the best rap personas

dedication 4 was dope

i didnt listen to anything mobb deep related after americaz nightmare even tho P is one of my fave rappers

i cant stand eminem (too corny and immature)

j.cole is boring

wale is boring too and has a wack name

i cant stand meek mill

yelawolf is one of the worst rappers ive ever heard make it

a lot of members in chiefs keefs crew are semi dope

bricksquad is dope

shaq o neal was actually alright as a rapper

dr dre is overrated as hell

nas shouldve been called the king of ny instead of big
 5 years ago '05        #146
dreas_24 26 heat pts26
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$3,026 | Props total: 849 849
I hate boosie voice
I hate meek mill voice
I hate nikki minaj faces
Common is boring
Kanye is the most talented artist of my time
Jeezy fell off
I used to bump Shaq tapes back in the day
Eminem is possibly the goat
Lil Wayne gets on my nerves now
Bun B sounds like he needs to blow his nose
I hate how rappers act in interviews to protect their image but aren't bout dat life
Rick Ross knows we all know he's fake
The Game took the wrong route
Me and my girl freestyle battle against each other sometimes
 5 years ago '12        #147
Boo The Fool 12 heat pts12
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$16,580 | Props total: 6209 6209
 ballergenetics said:
2006 - 2008 Lupe Fiasco is one of the most talented rappers of ALL TIME.
truth. i loved dude before he started going beyond hip hop with all the political BS.
 5 years ago '12        #148
BangEm904 38 heat pts38
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$6,246 | Props total: 8441 8441
Bone Thugs>>>any rap group

drake>>lil wayne(lately)

gunplay is the best rapper in mmg

Rick ross the rapper did sell drugs, but wasnt a kingpin like he claims

Straight outta cashville is a top 3 G-Unit album


Hot Boys>>>Geto Boys

Killer Mike is underrated

lloyd banks is nice, but his voice held him back

the chiraq drill movement is deja vu of what the south has done
 5 years ago '05        #149
ceo-of-hucworld 33 heat pts33
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$8,395 | Props total: 11534 11534
-2pac's greatest album is "Me Against The World"

-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's best album is "East 1999 Eternal"

-After Snoop Dogg went to No Limit his career went to hell

-Dr. Dre is one of the most over hyped producers in the industry

-Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame make a mockery of rap with their simplistic lyrics and rap scheme

-A Tribe Called Quest is the best rap group of all time

-50 Cent's best album was the unreleased "Power of The Dollar"

-Big Pun was underrated and should have gotten more respect than he gets

-Cormega and AZ should have released more albums
 5 years ago '04        #150
thechef 1 heat pts
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$8,291 | Props total: 2443 2443
- i think 2001 is slightly better than the chronic.
- "madvillainy" is an underrated classic, in my opinion.
- where the fu*k is jay electronica?
- the state of rap is pretty sad when a big verse from the early 90's can consistently sh*t on most rappers today.
- 50 cent's sh*t-talking on his mixtapes > most rappers mixtapes.
- "the stimulus package" is underrated.
- kanye's gonna need an instant classic to overcome the kim kardashian and the skirt bullsh*t.
- common's "be" is one of the best albums i've heard in years, and probably in my top 5. "chi city" is my all time favorite kanye west beat.
- relapse is the closest i'll get to detox, as far as new dre beats over a full album goes.
 02-10-2013, 07:37 PM         #151
Brolic757  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
If i was going to murder someone or on my way to k!lling someone i would put on cypress hill k!ll a man or nas shootem up
I dont think ja rule was trying to imitate pac on purpose
Drake would not exist in 2001
Pill should have kept his mouth shut and stayed in mmg
99% of the people i talk to think i listnen to trap music and dont know i be on some pm dawn sh*t
Jimmy iovine signed chief keef to balance out the fact he just signed k.dot and didnt want too much positivity in the black community
 5 years ago '11        #152
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$362 | Props total: 11 11
 Brolic757 said:
Jimmy iovine signed chief keef to balance out the fact he just signed k.dot and didnt want too much positivity in the black community
 5 years ago '04        #153
NAKHI ALLAH 1 heat pts
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$7,637 | Props total: 1766 1766
I wish all the late 80s early 90s groups/crews would get together and show all these new jacks how to make good classic music

De La Soul(even tho the still record together)
Black Sheep
Jungle Brothers
Hit Squad(EPMD, Das, K SOLO, Redman)
Boot Camp Click
Wu Tang
Pete Rock And CL
Poor Righteous Teachers
Brand Nubian

all I could think of at the moment

and...........Rakim is the one and only true GOD emcee....there is NO ONE BETTER.

Last edited by NAKHI ALLAH; 02-10-2013 at 07:54 PM..
 5 years ago '10        #154
freshprinceoba 18 heat pts18
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$6,318 | Props total: 14 14
Hip hop has the most ignorant and straight retarded 'fans' of all genres of music.. ever. They are the reason sh*t gets worse every year.

Hip hop is the reality tv of music.
 02-10-2013, 07:58 PM         #155
kk504  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
i am is nas' second best album to me. in fact, the production on that has aged far better than illmatic.

17 years later and i still don't believe reasonable doubt was an instant classic (revisionist bs aside) ..and this is coming from someone who bought the album back in 96.

life after death was better than ready to die.

was never a fan of pac's until after he died... and even then, aeom is a terribly overrated album. 7 day theory >>>>> aeom.

rick ross is the worst thing to happen to hip hop, regardless of how good his music is (and it is good).

meek mill, stalley and wale saved mmg from becoming murder inc.

that being said, stalley is incredibly boring to me.

even horrible rappers have their moments of greatness (2chainz on mercy, gucci on pretty girls).

the production on flockaveli makes it a much easier listen than say, lupe's latest album, and lupe raps circles around waka.

jeezy has a better catalog of music than t.i.

growing up in the 90's, i loved 90's hip hop. nowadays, not so much.

i'd much rather bump music from the 2000's.

jay-z was the wittiest rapper alive with the best conventional flow & delivery, from 97-2002. he started losing his touch on the black album, then completely fell off in that regards from 06 on up.

and sadly, jay is STILL better than 90% of the current rappers out, which speaks volumes to how terrible some of these n*ggas are.

i don't hate hip hop artists wearing their clothes more fitted. i hate that they act as if fitted clothing were some groundbreaking, new thing... and most their fans (preferably n*ggas) follow suit and try pretending as if they were ALWAYS on that wave.... when 5 years back alot of them were still in rocawear and doorags.

ftr, i ALWAYS hated oversized clothing in hip hop.

the new phenomenon with hip hop and tattoos all over the fu*king body, especially on females, is tacky as sh*t to me. any female, hip hop or not, who has sleeves is relegated to hit and run status for me.

as much as i respect furious 5, melle mel, cold crush and all the other 80's pioneers for their contributions to hip hop, all them n*ggas were terrible, even back then. run dmc are one of a handful of listenable artists from that era, and even some of their stuff is unlistenable now.

rakim is seriously the most overrated hip hop figure, ever. i mean sure, he could rap better than alot of his peers back then, but comparing him to some of the good to great lyricist now is like comparing windows 95 to fu*kin mac os.

Last edited by kk504; 02-10-2013 at 08:03 PM..
 5 years ago '04        #156
bmack940 7 heat pts
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$625 | Props total: 487 487
I didn't realize that was Kendrick Lamer rapping on Take Care until a couple months ago

Pimp C overrated

I don't know what DJ Khaled actually does

Kris Kross Young Rich and Dangerous was low key classic and timeless

Dr. Dre never intended to release Detox

Big Moe and Chalie Boy were before their time

I thought rap would never be the same if No Limit stopped making music, then I thought rap would never be the same if the Hotboyz split up, then I thought rap would never be the same if Jay Z stopped making music, then Kendrick Lamar came...

My momma put me on to Jay Z as a youngin. (Vol 2., christmas '98 )

Kendrick Lamar sshhhhed me at his concert.
 5 years ago '04        #157
thechef 1 heat pts
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$8,291 | Props total: 2443 2443
 Brolic757 said:
Jimmy iovine signed chief keef to balance out the fact he just signed k.dot and didnt want too much positivity in the black community

[pic - click to view]

 5 years ago '05        #158
monkeysnthings 78 heat pts78
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$2,223 | Props total: 80 80
I couldn't name one song by half of the rappers mentioned in this post.

Black Thought, O.C. Tragedy Khadafi are 3 of the most underrated rappers ever.

I love a great beat but if there's no substance I won't fu*k wit it much.

I once bought a Wu-Tang hat for a buck from a Korean guy at the Aqueduct flea market.

My favorite mixtape of all time was called Hip Hop Mix #111 and had no dj name on it.

AZ is one of my favorite rappers but his albums were always 50/50.

The Beatnuts are one of my favorite groups that get no love but worked with and influenced a great era of hip hop. Street Level & Stone Crazy are near classics.

Pac is my all time favorite but has 0 classics.

Rakim's lyrics from the late 80s blow away nearly every rapper's since.

Royal Flush's Ghetto Millionaire is a classic album to me.

Never was a big fan of the Lox.

The Roots discography is so good that they won't be appreciated for another 10-20 years.

Tash from the Liks had one of the best flows ever, k!lla Sin (Killarmy) & Mic Geronimo as well but Kool G Rap is the best.

Illmatic is my favorite album ever because I grew up during that era. If you didn't you should still appreciate it but it won't have the same meaning to you.

Redman - Dare Iz A Darkside >>> 95% of the sh*t you listen to every day.

Big Gipp was a better rapper than Cee Lo on Soul Food.

The best hip hop songs have a dj scratching classic lines in the hook.
 02-10-2013, 08:07 PM         #159
kk504  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
one last one...

common as a rapper is incredible... but ALL his albums have sounded boring to me after like 3 or 4 tracks.

common's guest verses on other albums >>>>>> his albums

Last edited by kk504; 02-10-2013 at 08:16 PM..
 5 years ago '06        #160
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$4,946 | Props total: 4880 4880
Max B had better hooks with Dipset

Project Pat was the best in HCP as well as an underated artist in the south (Ghetty Green, Mista Don't Play, Layin the smack down>>>)

I understood what Lil Jon did for the group, but why the fu*k did he need the East Side Boyz?

DMX was that n*gga, but he always made references to raping n*ggas in jail and gettin sucked off, that sh*t was not cool

I bump 2001, only listened to the chronic maybe a few times

Prodigy did lose it after Jay exposed him, and P one of my favorites

I think Fat Joe was jealous of Big Pun

Nas did fall off for a while, but Jay did help his career by beefing with him

Rah Digga's Dirty Harriet was a classic IMO.

AZ was the best in the firm

Puff was fu*kin J-Lo during her prime, so besides her first husband who got her first puff won

ODB was wack imo and not needed for the Wu but he was entertaining

Not sure if Jay wrote that verse, but Foxy outrapped Jigga on Aint no n*gga, Back then Fox was hotter than he was

Big was shook of Pac, Who Shot Ya was official if big wouldve made it a diss track


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