Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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 5 years ago '05        #101
RNOTY 53 heat pts53
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I stopped reading at

GKMC as a "album" is better than f&l
 5 years ago '10        #102
ThRoWeD MaN LaN 2 heat pts
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Thought Chamillionaire was the best rapper alive from 2004-2010ish

Illmatic is overrated as fucck IMO

I like GKMC but Kendrick hasn't had a verse that has "WOW'd" me since it dropped. BIG Krit outshined him on 1 train and I can't remember him ever being out-rapped on a song that I've heard him on

A$AP's album is overrated.

Big Krit hasn't made anything as special as KRIT Wuz Here IMO

I consider myself a fan of J. Cole but I listened to his album once. I don't think I missed out on much, honestly.

I don't see the appeal of D-Block AT ALL.

Relapse was dope to me.
 02-10-2013, 04:38 PM         #103
Brolic757  OP
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 ronin said:
I stopped reading at

Dont get to happy...as a body of wrk or the cohesivenes of the album is better but if u break it dwn track by track f &l is better
 5 years ago '08        #104
Soda Pop 7 heat pts
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Rappers couldn't eclipse Jay-z so they stopped trying, therefore Hov k!lled hip-hop
Kanye JaRuled 50
50 JaRuled JaRule
Future is the new JaRule
Dre never recorded any songs for Detox
I'm sick of southern hip-hop, you n*ggas are redundant
Nas kinda loss
Rick Ross tried to k!ll Rick Ross
You would fu*k Katt Stacks
Wiz is a bi*ch but if fu*k Amber
Wu-tang never really was for the kids
I never really listened to Outkast until The double album and even then I only listened to Andres sh*t
Eminem is overrated

Last edited by Soda Pop; 02-10-2013 at 04:46 PM..
 5 years ago '12        #105
ALTheGreatS 23 heat pts23
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$4,470 | Props total: 900 900
-I know I'm gonna catch flack for this but 'Tha Mobb' >>>> than The Dynasty 'Intro'.
-Wu-Tang Forever & The Art Of War were far superior double albums than Life After death was back in 97.
-I'm from the NY, but my favorite rapper today is a chronic weed head with an obsession for Muscle Cars from the NO.
-'Men of Respect' Feat. Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones, Tony Yayo, Papoose & Rell is an Underrated NYC posse cut.
-I always felt that Mobb Deep made huge mistake in '03 by not signing with Shady/Interscope records, instead singing to Jive (Boy Bands & Britney Spears) Recrods. We could have a had a Shooked Ones Pt. III with Em & 50.
-n*ggaz4Life is the best Dre produced album. Although lyrically it makes you want to take shower with bleach after listening to it, his production on that album was flawless.
- Daytona 500 is the Greatest Hip Hop/ R&B collabo ever

Last edited by ALTheGreatS; 02-10-2013 at 05:13 PM..
 5 years ago '12        #106
Taste Maker 29 heat pts29
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my top 4 is pac, big, jay, and nas and the order changes depending who I'm listening to that day.

I was a huge em fan from 99-02 and haven't liked anything he has done since.

i think it was written is better than illmatic because the beats on illmatic didnt age well and sound old school.

i think pieces of a man is better than doe or die for the same reasons.

i bought big L when it dropped and never thought it was that good..

i feel like buying rappers albums that i know are lying about their life is letting them get over on me.

i think ironman and cuban linx are the best albums from the wutang clan camp
 02-10-2013, 04:57 PM         #107
Brolic757  OP
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I like joe budden but i cant fu*k with slaugterhouse. Havent heard the first mixtape first album second mixtape or second album
i have yet to listnen to a loose quarter..iono it seems after mm4 joe kinda pushin it a lil bit
carter 3 had a classic record feel and moment but the album was trash
i cant stand lil wayne but carter 2 and some of his squad up mixtapes were good.
Curren$y could be a good mainstream artist but he knws the shady business side of things
Wiz flow and rap style is very underated
I think that live in concert with wiz and spitta will be a dissapointment
big sean has really grown on me and showed me he can rap
I hate wayne with a passion but if he said here is a million dollar contract with cash money records i would sign it.
Cant fu*k with dat dude danny brown he just look so damn weird
kanye west invented the whole emo creative rapper genre
Female hip hop is dead
I listnen to other genres of music more than hip hop now.
 5 years ago '06        #108
tonygunz 6 heat pts
$1,362 | Props total: 943 943
Ace Hood can rap his a.ss off but his songs are luke warm at best

Kendrick Lamar is overrated, he came at a time when the bar is set super low, he's the tallest midget

Game stole Kanye's style on a couple of tracks on Jesus Piece (Halleluja and the one with Ye on it)

Lyrically, Freddie Gibbs is one of the best out

One of my favorite lines from a diss song "Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullsh*t that he write"-Jay Z Blueprint 2

Gucci Mane is Terrible

Lil B completely stole Oj da Juiceman's style

Dr. Dre as a rapper and producer is overrated

Meek Mill stole his style from Peedi Crakk

Thinking of when Freeway begged "put a beat on" when he battled Cassidy, I laugh my a.ss off

Heard one song from Joey Badass and hope I never have to hear another again

Currensy talks about a whole lot of nothing

Big Pun was lyrically one of the best ever
 02-10-2013, 05:02 PM         #109
Lazy Mikey  OP
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The only Jay-z album I play is The Blueprint, and thats cause of the raw production.

I don't think any Hip Hop artist released 3 very solid albums in a row except Em.

I think 50 is one of the most talentless artists in existence, with that said he sells with gimmicks.. or use to.

I don't think RZA gets the respect he should.

I've never heard a Rick Ross, Chief Keef, Drake, Lil Wayne, Wiz album in full. Gave them all a chance for my ears but always turned it off and never looked back.

I think Proofs talent was shadowed cause of the mainstream success of Eminem.

Before Loose Quarter / No Love Lost I would've said Jumpoff could destroy anyone on wax.

Sheek Louch never got a chance, very slept on especially when D-block / Ruff ryders was in.

Andre 3000 could never live up to the hype to put out a solo.

I hate that most rappers 'beef' then 2 weeks later suck eachother off on the same record.

I wish Em in his prime would've went after people with more talent, Like Pace Won, but he was too shook.

Llyod Banks to me has been garbage since HFM. The G-Unit mixtapes prior I bought into the hype.

I want Fabolous to put out a hard album, I understand mainstream singles but 1/2 this dudes catalouge is about women.

I think Freeway is underrated.

I never liked Rakim.

Masta Ace is a top 10 artist.
 5 years ago '06        #110
lmnop 122 heat pts122
$20,854 | Props total: 947 947
cheef keef the potential to be a future GOAT

lil b has more originality than biggie smalls

big l ain't got sh*t on french montana... 7 minute freestyle was overrated

fat joe is more lyrically inclined to appeal to a hip hop audience... unlike pac

...nas lost
 5 years ago '11        #111
Donthate707 5 heat pts
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$1,998 | Props total: 982 982
if biggie didnt die jay wouldnt be as popular
if 2 pac was alive the game wouldnt be what it is today
outkast is the best rap group of all time
common is overrated but ii love his flow and concepts
blu inspired earl sweatshirts flow
earl is better then joey badass
j.cole and big kirt are the same artist
ive never listened to big daddy kane
i didnt get into east coast hip hop until i was 16/17 im 20 now
ghost face is the best wu tang member
busta rhymes had okay albums b ut hes underrated
lil wayne always sucked even tho i used to bump in all day in high school
rick ross is whats wrong with hip hop even though hes grown into a good artist
i still listen to 50 cent even tho my friends make fun of me for it lmao
i didnt think jay was that good until i heard reasonable doubt
cheif keef is wack but i love his music
nas is better then jay
when i heard illmatic it made me wanna become a rapper
good kid mad city made me wanna quit
king kenny will be one of the greatest to ever do it
frank ocean was better when i thought he was straight
ive never listened to ugk
the movie notorious almost made me cry even with the terrible acting lol
i used to dislike big sean but hes creative
kanye is the greatest producer/rapper
im from the bay where the underground rap is huge but i dont listen to any of it
drakes take care got me through a break up lol
eminem is the only white rapper i liked until action bronson
action bronson stole ghostfaces flow
rakim deverses more recognition
i didnt like young jeezy until a year ago now i bump 101 all the time
kid cudi is underrated his flow and creativeness are great
i wish little brother made more music
kurupt is better then snoop
ice cude is top 10
pusha t will never be as popular as lil wayne or drake
the neptunes made average beats most of the time
lupe fiasco fell of and might be crazy
sometimes i believe the Illuminati runs the game
the games first albums are only alright to be me ive listen to jesus piece more then all of his previous works
never listen to lil boosie webbie etc
cassidy couldve been more then he is now
detox will be wack
blu needs someone to master is sh*tty quality music
clispe is better together then apart
cypress hill is underrated but i never listen to them
wu tang were better as solo artists
earl sweatshirt has more potential then ppl give him
odd futures production is amazing to me

Last edited by Donthate707; 02-10-2013 at 05:23 PM..
 5 years ago '11        #112
DoobieSnax213 11 heat pts11
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$3,963 | Props total: 4270 4270
Big krit is (low key) the best new rapper I've heard since the game. Hopefully he doesnt end up falling off like him

Pimp c is the most underrated rapper of all time. AZ is a close second

Jays best song is a million and one

I thought I knew a lot about rap until I joined this site

The first rap song I ever heard was lil Kim's how many licks

I jus lost any and all credibility I had in the hip hop world
 5 years ago '09        #113
kickzrme 1 heat pts
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$1,916 | Props total: 1800 1800
future rap skills is garbage but that n*gga makes catchy songs

i think mannie fresh is the better producer than pharell & swiss beats

atlanta n*ggas stole three 6 mafia sound & ran with that sh*t

jay-z fans was shook when ether came out (im a jay fan)

lil b can rap he just chooses to act like an idiot & i dont fu*k with that

i like that champions song by ron artest

an argument can be placed that lil wayne was the best rapper out when the carter 2 dropped

cassidy gave freeway an extra 15 minutes after the rap battle

no limit was out shined by cash money

asap rocky is not as good as n*ggas make him out to be

meek mills is an annoying rapper after 3 songs
 5 years ago '05        #114
RNOTY 53 heat pts53
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$21,432 | Props total: 12 12
 Brolic757 said:
Dont get to happy...as a body of wrk or the cohesivenes of the album is better but if u break it dwn track by track f &l is better
That makes no sense,

F&L is light-years ahead of GKMC based off Lyrical content. I do not judge how well an album is or isn't based off of "Cohesiveness" because alot of the truly classical albums in rap was not "Cohesive" in the sense of 1 track "flowing" into the next. a prime example....

Nas - Illmatic

I listen to an album and if the lyrics are dope then that album is a for me. what do I judge in lyrics???

*Word-Play / Play on Words

F&L is a better album than GKMC, I honestly think (and this is not diss to K.Dot fans) that people are propelling GKMC album to the status of classic because...

1. Outside of Top Dog/Black Hippie fans, new fan's like it because K.dot's a fresh new artist.
2. K.Dot has been getting major co-signs from the west coast kings and we all know that an artist in today's times isn't dope based off of lyrical content, he/she is only dope based off of co-signs and label bid's

K.dot is a ok rapper, I wont take nothing away from him. but to compare lupe's 1st mainstream release with K.dot's and then say K.Dot's is better is bullsh*t, out right bull sh*t.
 5 years ago '04        #115
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$3,543 | Props total: 0 0
Probably in the minority with this one, but Takeover >> Ether

Boosie, Webbie and Kevin Gates are all f*ckin trash and I have no clue why these n*ggas are so worshiped down here

Even thought he is nice, Andre 3000 is severely overrated. Everything he drops, n*ggas swear its a classic

I've always thought that lyrically, Pac was not seeing Big. At all.

Jay-Z was my favorite rapper for the longest, but he has gotten extremely lazy and bored since the black album it seems and only raps now just to have something to do.

Kanye hasn't made a great album since Graduation.

Lil Wayne was on a hell of a run from 04-07. Then his music just went downhill.

Bun B is decent and he's the OG but he's not as great as people make his seem.

Eminem is a beast lyrically, his subject matter and song structure just sucks to me.

Kid Cudi's 2nd album is amazing to me.

Snoop sucks.

Cassidy is great lyrically, but he never was as tough as he tried to make himself seem to me.
 5 years ago '12        #116
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$169 | Props total: 218 218
1) Jay Z is the most over rated rapper of all time.
2) Lupe Fiasco has one of the best flows in the game but nobody rock with em because of his content.
3) Every since Lil Wayne got out of jail he aint been sh*t !
4) Don Trip is the most under rated rapper out.
5) Ab-Soul will be bigger than K-Dot in the future.

*Drops the fu*king mic*
 5 years ago '06        #117
avatar space
$4,939 | Props total: 4854 4854
Tupac was a great rapper, but severly overated

Did not like Biggie till about 3 years ago

Die hard Nas fan but gotta admit, Takeover hurt a lot more than Ether to me

LL lost that battle against Canibus, but won the war cuz Canibus aint been the same since

Just got into Eminem maybe a few years ago

Never understood what people see in Nelly's music always thought he was trash

Jada lost against beans, Beans got in dat a.ss (pause)

I miss out on the whole G-Unit mixtape era, back then I was more into Dipset and Roc-a-fella

50 is done as a top selling artist, but he will continue to make quality music imo.

I like It Was Written, way better than Illmatic

Never understood half of the sh*t Wu-tang rapped about but I liked it

Lil Wayne was dat n*gga all the way up till the Carter 2

The Game will never make another album like The Documentary, he should send 50 a thank you card


Dame Dash was roc-a-fella, u dont see jay doin sh*t with roc nation

Jay is the GOAT tho

I am convinced that Max B will get out of prison, before Detox comes out

Did not start listening to southern hip hop till 2000

Im from the 757, and no one here listens to Pusha T

Clipse are done as a group now that Malice is religious, (his sh*t is wack now)

Most of the n*ggas coming out nowadays are recycled one and done rappers, here today gone tomorrow

I hate Gucci Mane, but like Go head and My Kitchen

Wiz Khalifa hasn't made anything dope since Kush and OJ
 5 years ago '10        #118
Swiph Mix 14 heat pts14
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$440 | Props total: 144 144
BET hurts the youth more than he helps. It's overall garbage. BET should be recycled.

Have not listen to Kendrick Lamar's "Good Kid Maad city" album yet. I'm not hating....just never got around to it.

Jay-z got lazy and fell off but will still lyrically eat your favorite rappers lunch outside of Eminem, Nas and Andre 3000.

With that said......Nobody can lyrically fu*k with Eminem.....nobody. Even today

90% of the music played on "HipHop" radio stations is garbage.

Men's masculinity has dropped at an alarming rate for the past 5-7 years. Thank you Kanye and Lil Wayne.

The youth have no real "rappers" to look up to today...

Southern HipHop sounds very repetitive.

All "Trap" (or whatever) music sounds the same. They all have the same hi-hats, and claps in their production.

Hiphop as a whole took a L when they decided to glorify crack houses....

Just Blaze used to be my favorite producer......what happened??

Timberland used to be my favorite producer........what happened?

Overall rappers portray a false image to the world as if it's OK to be a "kid" forever. When will it be time to grow up?

Rocafella is my favorite hiphop group/label/crew ever.

Today's HipHop albums have too many features.

Curren$y is highly overrated. His production and features saves him (a.k.a Larry Fraud in Cigarette Boats)

Jay-z was a bit overrated as a CEO in Def Jam AND Rocafella. Not to say he did a terrible job but still....

2 Chainz was the worst artist in 2012 and is probably coming back for a repeat in 2013 next to Trinidad James and Chief Keef.

Hiphop WOULD have been dead if Nas didn't make the statement in 2006. Rappers should be thanking him.
 02-10-2013, 05:37 PM         #119
Brolic757  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Prodigy hnic is a classic
50 cent raps sound generic after grodt
I have never heard qb finest..ever
Back in 1999 i actually thought that memphis bleek would be a star
Rolling papers and O.n.i.f.c. Were both suppose to sell atleast 300,000 records in its first week.
Jim jones hustler pome on koch records sold 350000 copies due to ballin
kingdom come isnt that bad just ahead of its time
jay could probably still rap on a rd level but figures whats the point
Az and Nas had a slight beef going on in the early in mid 2000s
Camron invented swag
Vado was juelz santanas fill in for a while

I have gotten deep into mos def. Didnt knw dude was playing on black sitcoms in the early 90s around 90-92 and is great friends with bill cosby. He also played on the cosby mysteries. Youtube it u will see mos def in a Short live sitcom with malcolm jamal warner in 1992 and he also played in a sitcom with neil carter in 1990 as her son.

Didnt know j.cole was in block party lol
No matter what kind of record ja rule would of responded with. It could of been on hit em up level he still was gonna loose to 50 because of 50 being the underdog at the time.

Rick Ross won the 50 cent battle.
I think llyod banks desperately want to work outside the camp but he dont wanna rub 50 the wrong way.
 5 years ago '12        #120
Dee352 170 heat pts170
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$10,880 | Props total: 733 733
 SmokeyTheBlunt said:
did I make you sad by having a different opinion then yours? poor guy.............theres more womanly emotions here than on the set of the view
your opinion on rap is

[pic - click to view]



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