Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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 4 years ago '11        #101
ricengravy 2 heat pts
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dont like Illmatic sounds dated and boring as fu*k

didnt really fu*k with Tupac until he got with death Row

TI is a singles rapper

takeover was better than Ether

i remember the beats more than any 50 cent song
 4 years ago '06        #102
SmokeyTheBlunt 9 heat pts
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 Dee352 said:
so much fu*kery in this post

did I make you sad by having a different opinion then yours? poor guy.............theres more womanly emotions here than on the set of the view
 4 years ago '05        #103
THEINFAMOUS 15 heat pts15
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 Radio Raheem said:
This thread is called hip hop confessions wtf do you expect
sh*t should be called hip hop exaggerations
 4 years ago '12        #104
Fresh.E 55 heat pts55
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- I heard Chronic 2001 for the first time Friday. (Listened all the way through, and I'm from Cali)
- I had bought both Hurricane Chris and DJ Unks albums as a young kid
- I think E-40 should be considered GOAT for his consistency and hustle for dropping albums
- Joey Badass, Action Bronson, and A$AP Mobb are pure trash.
- TDE >>>>> at the moment
- I've never bumped a full Wu-Tang album but I still would not fu*k with them.
- Joey Da Gawd is a great lyricist, he is just too emo for having some dime pieces come and go.
- Royce Da 5'9 is better then Eminem at the moment, not catalog wise though
 4 years ago '11        #105
KING JAYY 500 heat pts500
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$47,067 | Props total: 9256 9256
Lloyd Banks - "Love Me In the Hood" is the best rap song ever, lyrically
 4 years ago '09        #106
Chalky 251 heat pts251
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$24,982 | Props total: 3727 3727
No joking and no hating,who does lil b control? I swear on my life,outside of the internet I don't know anyone who listens to who his music,let alone knows of him.
Trust me man this dude has a movement of d!ckriders, notice how everyone wants to do this cooking sh*t anf that i'm gay sh*t just for attention, sh*t they fu*king ran joey badass off twitter lol sh*t real
 4 years ago '11        #107
KING JAYY 500 heat pts500
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$47,067 | Props total: 9256 9256
 ballergenetics said:
 4 years ago '05        #108
Tjerson 3 heat pts
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- Never really listened to OutKast, The Roots & A Tribe Called Quest. Altough I'll probably like them.
- Actually just started listening to Midnight Marauders and I do like it.
- Also I have the original copy of ATLiens and never listened to it.
- Never really liked Eminem because of his voice.
- Only Eminem album I can listen to from begin to end is Relapse, because of the Slim Shady voice he's using and I think it's pretty dope.
- I once thougt that G-Unit was the greatest hiphop group ever excisted.
- I refused to listen to Biggie for a year or two, because I was a huge Pac stan.
- Same goes for Mobb Deep and some other eastcoast artists.
- I started listening to hiphop because of Chances by 2Pac.
- Altough I respect Snoop Dogg. He only has 1 classic album and the rest of them are pretty wack (for the exception of a couple of songs).
- I bought 2001 without listening to it first...instant classic.
- It took me some time to get into Madvillainy and Liquid Swords. Now it's top 10 material.
- Never understood why people thought No Limit was dope. Same goed for the old Cash Money sound.
- Still discovering rappers who are years in the game, like People Under The Stairs (dope!!)
- Only really like one Talib Kweli album and that's Reflection Eternal Train Of Thought. Altough Talib Kweli is a greap rapper.
- This is a classic thread!
 4 years ago '12        #109
BaconGod 8 heat pts
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I have never made it through a whole Pac album he's overrated imo
Rappers are overrated after they die
Lil B actually has some meaningful music you just gotta sear for it he is a MC not a rapper and has his own sound which people don't respect
Riff Raff one of the funniest rappers I have ever heard in my life
Biggie's flow was so amazing when I first heard it
Kanye is overrated still a good artist though
MMG is trash
I thought Wiz would never make music the way he does now
Big Sean can't hold a good single by himself
 02-10-2013, 04:14 PM         #110
$n/a | Props total:  
 DR JAYY said:
Lloyd Banks is the greatest rapper of all time
what in God's name...
 4 years ago '05        #111
RNOTY 53 heat pts53
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I stopped reading at

GKMC as a "album" is better than f&l
 4 years ago '10        #112
ThRoWeD MaN LaN 1 heat pts
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Thought Chamillionaire was the best rapper alive from 2004-2010ish

Illmatic is overrated as fucck IMO

I like GKMC but Kendrick hasn't had a verse that has "WOW'd" me since it dropped. BIG Krit outshined him on 1 train and I can't remember him ever being out-rapped on a song that I've heard him on

A$AP's album is overrated.

Big Krit hasn't made anything as special as KRIT Wuz Here IMO

I consider myself a fan of J. Cole but I listened to his album once. I don't think I missed out on much, honestly.

I don't see the appeal of D-Block AT ALL.

Relapse was dope to me.
 02-10-2013, 04:38 PM         #113
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 ronin said:
I stopped reading at

Dont get to happy...as a body of wrk or the cohesivenes of the album is better but if u break it dwn track by track f &l is better
 4 years ago '08        #114
Soda Pop 6 heat pts
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Rappers couldn't eclipse Jay-z so they stopped trying, therefore Hov k!lled hip-hop
Kanye JaRuled 50
50 JaRuled JaRule
Future is the new JaRule
Dre never recorded any songs for Detox
I'm sick of southern hip-hop, you n*ggas are redundant
Nas kinda loss
Rick Ross tried to k!ll Rick Ross
You would fu*k Katt Stacks
Wiz is a bi*ch but if fu*k Amber
Wu-tang never really was for the kids
I never really listened to Outkast until The double album and even then I only listened to Andres sh*t
Eminem is overrated

Last edited by Soda Pop; 02-10-2013 at 04:46 PM..
 4 years ago '12        #115
ALTheGreatS 23 heat pts23
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-I know I'm gonna catch flack for this but 'Tha Mobb' >>>> than The Dynasty 'Intro'.
-Wu-Tang Forever & The Art Of War were far superior double albums than Life After death was back in 97.
-I'm from the NY, but my favorite rapper today is a chronic weed head with an obsession for Muscle Cars from the NO.
-'Men of Respect' Feat. Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones, Tony Yayo, Papoose & Rell is an Underrated NYC posse cut.
-I always felt that Mobb Deep made huge mistake in '03 by not signing with Shady/Interscope records, instead singing to Jive (Boy Bands & Britney Spears) Recrods. We could have a had a Shooked Ones Pt. III with Em & 50.
-n*ggaz4Life is the best Dre produced album. Although lyrically it makes you want to take shower with bleach after listening to it, his production on that album was flawless.
- Daytona 500 is the Greatest Hip Hop/ R&B collabo ever

Last edited by ALTheGreatS; 02-10-2013 at 05:13 PM..
 4 years ago '12        #116
Taste Maker 28 heat pts28
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my top 4 is pac, big, jay, and nas and the order changes depending who I'm listening to that day.

I was a huge em fan from 99-02 and haven't liked anything he has done since.

i think it was written is better than illmatic because the beats on illmatic didnt age well and sound old school.

i think pieces of a man is better than doe or die for the same reasons.

i bought big L when it dropped and never thought it was that good..

i feel like buying rappers albums that i know are lying about their life is letting them get over on me.

i think ironman and cuban linx are the best albums from the wutang clan camp
 02-10-2013, 04:57 PM         #117
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I like joe budden but i cant fu*k with slaugterhouse. Havent heard the first mixtape first album second mixtape or second album
i have yet to listnen to a loose quarter..iono it seems after mm4 joe kinda pushin it a lil bit
carter 3 had a classic record feel and moment but the album was trash
i cant stand lil wayne but carter 2 and some of his squad up mixtapes were good.
Curren$y could be a good mainstream artist but he knws the shady business side of things
Wiz flow and rap style is very underated
I think that live in concert with wiz and spitta will be a dissapointment
big sean has really grown on me and showed me he can rap
I hate wayne with a passion but if he said here is a million dollar contract with cash money records i would sign it.
Cant fu*k with dat dude danny brown he just look so damn weird
kanye west invented the whole emo creative rapper genre
Female hip hop is dead
I listnen to other genres of music more than hip hop now.
 4 years ago '06        #118
tonygunz 5 heat pts
$1,147 | Props total: 367 367
Ace Hood can rap his a.ss off but his songs are luke warm at best

Kendrick Lamar is overrated, he came at a time when the bar is set super low, he's the tallest midget

Game stole Kanye's style on a couple of tracks on Jesus Piece (Halleluja and the one with Ye on it)

Lyrically, Freddie Gibbs is one of the best out

One of my favorite lines from a diss song "Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullsh*t that he write"-Jay Z Blueprint 2

Gucci Mane is Terrible

Lil B completely stole Oj da Juiceman's style

Dr. Dre as a rapper and producer is overrated

Meek Mill stole his style from Peedi Crakk

Thinking of when Freeway begged "put a beat on" when he battled Cassidy, I laugh my a.ss off

Heard one song from Joey Badass and hope I never have to hear another again

Currensy talks about a whole lot of nothing

Big Pun was lyrically one of the best ever
 4 years ago '04        #119
Lazy Mikey 2 heat pts
$432 | Props total: 0 0
The only Jay-z album I play is The Blueprint, and thats cause of the raw production.

I don't think any Hip Hop artist released 3 very solid albums in a row except Em.

I think 50 is one of the most talentless artists in existence, with that said he sells with gimmicks.. or use to.

I don't think RZA gets the respect he should.

I've never heard a Rick Ross, Chief Keef, Drake, Lil Wayne, Wiz album in full. Gave them all a chance for my ears but always turned it off and never looked back.

I think Proofs talent was shadowed cause of the mainstream success of Eminem.

Before Loose Quarter / No Love Lost I would've said Jumpoff could destroy anyone on wax.

Sheek Louch never got a chance, very slept on especially when D-block / Ruff ryders was in.

Andre 3000 could never live up to the hype to put out a solo.

I hate that most rappers 'beef' then 2 weeks later suck eachother off on the same record.

I wish Em in his prime would've went after people with more talent, Like Pace Won, but he was too shook.

Llyod Banks to me has been garbage since HFM. The G-Unit mixtapes prior I bought into the hype.

I want Fabolous to put out a hard album, I understand mainstream singles but 1/2 this dudes catalouge is about women.

I think Freeway is underrated.

I never liked Rakim.

Masta Ace is a top 10 artist.
 4 years ago '06        #120
lmnop 122 heat pts122
$20,874 | Props total: 929 929
cheef keef the potential to be a future GOAT

lil b has more originality than biggie smalls

big l ain't got sh*t on french montana... 7 minute freestyle was overrated

fat joe is more lyrically inclined to appeal to a hip hop audience... unlike pac

...nas lost


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