Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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 4 years ago '05        #301
Switchc2390 9 heat pts
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 knowlege bass said:
Have to try to keep this short other wise it'll turn into a huge diatribe....

First one is not so so much a confession as it is a point of view...I hate that rap fans have shunned lyricist's which is based I believe on the nature of the fan base changing to the more casual fan.

I never saw the hype with Pac pre-death Row. I grew up to P.E. and Ice Cube so I saw nothing new in him at the time. Post death Row I just saw him as Suge's bi*ch. In hindsight I respect his hustle and influence but I'll never consider myself a big supporter.

I think Dr Dre is overrated......as a music mogul

I think Jay-Z is overrated as a business man. His image carries him, not his business acumen. His self promotion skills are second to none though. I think he is one of the best social climbers of all time.

As I said in another thread I have never heard Capone and Noreaga's "War Report" from front to back.

Will edit when I think of more
You gotta get to listening to The War Report man:

[video - click to view]

 4 years ago '06        #302
PoetikTrev 7 heat pts
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I have every Nas album and official mixtape to include pre illmatic joints

I consider myself a hip hop purist but when I have my ignorant moments I can always rely on some Fat Trel to get my fix

Speaking of Fat Trel, his "Deep Thought" joint off of No Secrets is probably his dopest song. Check it out

I think College Dropout and Late Registration are classics

I wont listen to Jay-Z at all. No features, No nothin

I have AZ's whole discography

I think the whole MMG is overrated

Wale used to be good....then he signed with MMG

When I was younger I used to ride out to D-12's Devils night

I bought Sheek Louch's first album....from the Patapsco flea market...and liked it

Talib Kweli's best album was Quality but his best song was The Blast with HiTek

So much of todays rap is trash, especially with this non sensical ride the beat when I want to crap going on...

Dont really care for Pusha T's solo stuff and im from VA...

Self Destruction and HEAL yourself are two classics that people sleep on ...hard

80's/Early 90's rap is where its at.

Yo Gotti's Cocaine Music series was top notch until CM5-CM6

Waka Flacka's Salute me or shoot me, Lebron Flocka James is somewhere on I 95

ASAP, OFWGFTA,Trinidad James and the new "hot" rappers are garbagio
 4 years ago '09        #303
Chalky 251 heat pts251
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Trindad James Confirms that anyone can make it as a rapper
 4 years ago '10        #304
kiddrocay 27 heat pts27
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most hip-hop fans today are like pop fans, motherfu*kers are told what to listen to

man do i hate them guys
 4 years ago '09        #305
Chalky 251 heat pts251
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Jay-Z isn't that great of a Rapper The Media Portrays him to be
 4 years ago '09        #306
Chalky 251 heat pts251
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Bump this thread it's a good one

sad how south gets all the blame on hip-hop
 4 years ago '06        #307
qnz raw pusha 18 heat pts18
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big l is the best rapper ever period

bone thugs is the best rap group

takeover>ether and im nas fan from queens

styles p and vado are so underrated

fucc tupac nicca is trash

mobb deep are living legends

lloyd banks is holding down for queens right now

fucc ugk and all of the south music is fuccin hot garbage

g unit mixtapes > any albums out right now

NYC > ur piece of sh*t state
 4 years ago '11        #308
Roddy Little 31 heat pts31
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I didn't know who Lil' Wayne/Cash Money were until I heard Destiny's Child 'Soldier' (growing up in the UK, the only rap they played on UK radio was Ja Rule, Eminem, 50 Cent etc.)

Wu-Tang made the most impeccable 90's boom bap music ever.

Too Short deserves way more credit than the so called 'GOATs'.

When I was 11 years old, boy did I think Young Buck's spinning G-Unit chain was cool.

I have always thought Lloyd Banks' voice sounded gay as fu*k.

I think T.I. is the best southern rapper ever, but even so I find it very difficult to listen to him for more than 3 songs (Jay-Z being the east coast equivalent).

50 Cent was my favorite rapper... for about 2 years (02-04).

Soulja Boy is one of my favorite rappers ever due to the fact that he made it possible for rappers to make it using the internet (hence ASAP, Odd Future, Lil B, Chief Keef, Trinidad James etc)

Eminem went from being the most lyrically advanced mainstream rapper to being the white version of Lil' Boosie/Meek Mill in the less than 5 years.

Tupac was the most passionate rapper to ever touch the microphone.

Fugees "The Score" was the first Hip-Hop album I ever listened to in full at the age of 4 (My father used to play it from start to finish every weekend).

Chief Keef makes the catchiest hooks ever in Hip-Hop music.
 4 years ago '07        #309
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Boxden gives K-Rino no respect
 4 years ago '10        #310
alogan9225 82 heat pts82
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I've heard damn near every album from the 90s... Except for Atliens and Aquemini.

Hell on Earth >>> The Infamous

Big Pun was hella inconsistent at times

Havoc is one of the greatest producers of all time

When Lloyd Banks really goes off, he is a top 3 lyricist (see No Love 1st verse)

Duflocka Rant 2 shoulda been Flockaveli 2

We Are the Streets had a lot of filler... The beats sound cheesy as fu*k nowadays (fu*k you still goes hard though)

Musiq Soulchild has one of the best voices for rap hooks in the game... He just rarely gets placements

Black Thought can spit about a bee hive and make that sh*t sound hot... He has no weakness

Last edited by alogan9225; 03-17-2013 at 11:24 PM..
 4 years ago '12        #311
OldBusiness 158 heat pts158
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Not k!lla...

But Im literally listening to Life Is Good for the first time right now. Nas my favorite MC

I hate listening to his music when it first drops cause everyone wants to play super critic and sh*t. So now that everyones shut the fu*k up about it im enjoying it

Seriously loving the sh*t out this album so far.

Im on Track 9 so far. Honestly Summer On Smash and the Mary J Blige joints are the only 2 i'd drop thus far.

Feel like the sh*t is forced

Nas starting a verse off about going to the gym to 'get the abs'

Aint this the same n*gga who said "What you tryna get brolic"

Dope a.ss album thus far tho!

Sidenote I think Summer on Smash sound like a Joe Budden radio record. Def Jam and that fu*ked up a.ss formula they kick


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