Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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 02-11-2013, 08:39 PM         #281
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-future stole t-pain whole style & concept
-jadakis is hard but he'll always be a mixtape rapper no matter how much he tries [as well as j.r writer,hell rell,lenny pas and a few others]
-asap rocky is just an eastcoast version of bone thugs, took they whole style and people accept it
-chief keef gets by just cuz he has hard beats [if it wasnt for his beats he'll never be]
-big pun & bigl deserves to be up there with big nd pac
-biggie was nice but no where near BETTER than pac and he said alotta simplistic things.. just made it sound good
 4 years ago '12        #282
CosbySweater 291 heat pts291
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I'll contribute...

- Pac is and always will be the GOAT. He's bigger than hip hop.

- Kanye West is a musical genius.

- Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted is not only one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time; it's one of the greatest albums ever released regardless of genre. I've never heard anything like it before or since.

- Nobody and I repeat.. NOBODY could fu*k with Eminem on the mic from 98-02. He was that damn good. Put up your favorite rapper. He would've destroyed them.

- Lupe could've finished top 5 all time.

- 50 fell off after Get Rich.

- Jay > Nas; Takeover > Ether

- Lil B is a marketing genius.

- The production on God Forgives, I Don't is incredible.

- Andre 3000 is top 10 all time.

- All Eyez on Me is my favorite Pac album.

- OutKast is the GOAT group. Period.

- Tyler, the Creator > Earl

- Earl > Joey Bada$$

- I played Tyler, the Creator's Bastard for an entire summer.... sh*t's genius.

- Dre is scared to release Detox, cause if it sucks (which it most likely will) it'll ruin his legacy.

- I still think Detox is getting released tho.

- Childish Gambino is underrated.

- Kurupt's Streetz Iz a Mutha is a classic.

- Flockaveli changed my life.

- Wale hasn't released a single bad mixtape.

- I really enjoy Drake's music.

- AZ's verse on Life's A bi*ch is top 5 all time. So is Biggie's first verse on Victory.

- Of course Pac fu*ked Faith.

- Changes by Pac is the greatest hip hop song ever written. How do you listen to that song and not feel something inside?

- Wiz's Kush & OJ is one of the greatest mixtapes ever.

- Exhibit C is one of the greatest hip hop songs ever recorded.

- Kanye changed the way hip hop sounded for a good 5 years.

- Pac destroyed an entire coast with Hit Em Up.

- In Da Club is one of the greatest singles ever released. That song was everywhere.

- Kanye hasn't released a single bad album.

- Live.Love.A$AP is one of my favorite mixtapes.

- A Tribe Called Quest is so slept on. sh*t's disgusting.

- Out of all the genres of music, hip hop fans are the worst.

- I enjoyed that Diddy-Dirty Money album.

- J. Cole could've been where Kendrick is right now if Sideline Story wasn't a.ss.

- good kid, m.A.A.d. city is a classic album.

- Ignorance Is Bliss was Kendrick's best song until Sing About Me came out.

- Doggystyle is flawless.

- Frank Ocean > The Weeknd.

- Big Sean has grown on me.

- T.I. will never be as big as he was when KING was released. Same with 50 when Get Rich dropped.

- Kendrick & K.R.I.T. will carry hip hop for the next decade.

Last edited by CosbySweater; 02-11-2013 at 09:07 PM..
 4 years ago '09        #283
trock34 92 heat pts92
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he's right though
 4 years ago '12        #284
CosbySweater 291 heat pts291
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 ballergenetics said:
No son, no....

I'm dead a.ss serious.
 4 years ago '09        #285
trock34 92 heat pts92
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I'm serious also
 4 years ago '09        #286
trock34 92 heat pts92
$19,587 | Props total: 2684 2684
cause bx has the greatest people to discuss this with
 4 years ago '12        #287
CosbySweater 291 heat pts291
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 ballergenetics said:
We usually 100 with hip hop opinions, but you went over board with this one. It's a great album, but one of the best all time (any genre) ?
I'm serious man

Dark Fantasy



Those violins on the All the Lights Interlude

And I haven't even mentioned Runaway, Monster, Jay's verse on So Appalled, or Blame Game
 4 years ago '09        #288
thegoldenhero 3 heat pts
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-Nas has a 5 classics (4 if you don't count Lost Tapes)

- Jay Z is better then Big

- 2pac only has two classic albums

-MBDTF is a great album but is overrated doesn't have much replay value

- Slug is the best storyteller in Hip Hop

- Skyzoo is better then all these new n*ggas

- Black Thought and Common are top 5

- Pharoahe Monch and MF Doom are top 10

- Disposable Arts was the best hip hop album that came out in the year 2001 better than Blueprint and Stillmatic

- A Piece of Strange is not only a classic but a masterpiece

- Eminem should have never came back

I can't think of many right now more later i guess.
 4 years ago '04        #289
SiqkWidaPen|M 2 heat pts
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ok im back

Mia x didn't get the shine she deserved because of what she looked like
chamillonaire is an awesome rapper that gets overlooked
z-ro is the south version of joe budden
z-ro is underrated as hell
i didn't appreciate 7day theory, illmatic and ready to die until i made 21
the only difference between rap/hip hop in the 80s-90s and now is balance
i lie there is also no originality(except for a select few)
No limit and cash money birthed 90% of rap labels now
nate dogg and warren g regulate is one of the best singles ive ever heard
kendrick lamar sing about me and krits the vent describe this generation...imo
z-ro will never get the fame he deserves
neo soul is better than today's rnb
kelly>beyonce any day
chamillonaire and paul wall should have never fell out as a group
houston sound died with screw fat pat ,Big Moe,Hawk,
before the kappa 1999-2002 june 27th and the northside tapes i can still listen to
I miss the college drop out late registration kanye
i miss wayne before he started claiming a gang
aaliyah would be more known for movies instead of singing if she were still alive
missy is underrated as a producer/songwriter
keri hilson gets alot of hate but has penned ur fav singer's song
fab has always been a mixtape rapper to me
i thought papoose would blow up after his verse on touch it
ppl hate drake because he's signed to young money
frank ocean is weird, but has mad talent
i wonder what made alori joh jump from that water tower
if pimp c were alive him and bun b would not be rapping together anymore
andre 3000 does not want to rap anymore
jay electronica is scared to release his album for fear that it wont be classic
e.badu's pus*y is the venus fly trap
 4 years ago '13        #290
beaker1015 9 heat pts
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I've been rappin since I was 16 but I have yet to drop anything because I'm never satisfied with what I recorded.
-B.I.G. is overrated to me, but I recently acknowledged how good his flow really is.
-I respect how enlightened Tupac was but wouldn't put him in my top 10 at all.
-J. Cole is in my top 10 because I relate to his sh*t a lot.
 4 years ago '13        #291
HipHopFactz 317 heat pts317
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Pac is GOAT, hip hop died after 96, every album he put down is 100% classic, only rapper minus Nas, DMX and Scarface who have/had substance

Kanye music is too soft, all he does is cry about some amber rose and women who did him wrong, one of the worst flows i ever heard, dude shud stick to makin beats and speeding up soul samples

Dr Dre is the greatest producer period, but is lazy as fu*k when it comes to rappin

Jayz is the most overrated rapper ever, wud have no career if BIG and Pac never died, made a entire career from swag jackin biggy and taking his lyrics, which he wud not have got away if Big was alive, he wud have been checked by Biggy himself

Eazy E was a great rapper

NY fell off after BIG died,

50 sounds like a westcoast rapper

Kendrick Lemar, J Cole and Drake are just way to soft to appeal to everyone

Ja Rule dropped 3 dope albums

There isnt a single rapper who can appeal to everyone like Pac did, never will be,

BIG and Pac never reached their peak and still were better than everyone

Jayz career wud have been done if it werent for Beyonce, who has kept his wack a.ss relvant for near;y 10 years

Nas last classic was Godson

Beanie Sigel outshined Jayz in every one of their collabs

Snoop Dogg died to me after 96

Warren G is underrated

Just Blaze makes better beats than Kanye

Rap sucks now, time it just died so all the fakes and phonies can find new careers and we will see who the real is,
 4 years ago '05        #292
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never saw the big deal with DMX cuz his raps are close to garbage

went years thinking erick was better than parrish..then one day it hit me

fu*ks with Jeezy but haven't listened to any of his albums/mixtapes ever...not even TM 101

Red's verses sh*tted on all of Meth's

Scenario RMX is best remix EVER recorded

Mystikal is the livest rapper out of LA still to this day

not sure how No Limit lasted that long

the only hot verse Big Boi ever spit in his life was on International Player's Anthem

Kool G Rap has never spit a wack verse ever in his whole career

Swizz made his best beats with Ruff Ryder

Styles P lyrics sounds like the shyt Jadakiss throws away

a list of hot hip hop producers,RZA is at the bottom

anything that says 'DJ Premier' on it deserves a listen at least once

some of the best rap songs ever got somebody SINGING the hook

MC Lyte was borderline wack

Who's The Man is a fu*kin classic

DJ Milo from LONS was nice as fu*k..he should have rhymed more

it seems like I'm the only n*gga in the world that remembers Quasar that used to pop on Clue tapes back in the day

Phife definitely had the better flow in ATCQ...the n*gga smashed Tip on everything

Posse raps used to be the shyt...it aint the same now

and I remember when certain folks didn't like rap music

 4 years ago '12        #293
Mr Fujaveli 29 heat pts29
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 cuzjuan said:
i think most hiphop after 2000 is vile, repulsive and degenerate music....
ignorance is bliss because i cant seem to get enuff of the most ignorant of it?

Swizz Beats is not a great producer, i dont mean to toot but i compose music... i make stuff from scratch and thats hella hard to do and do not know how most of these ghetto producer come up with such great instrumentations?

Reasonable Doubt wasnt that good it had about 4 cert. bangers maybe 6 good songs in all Illmatic was way better, so what happened?

when did doing heavy drugs like coke and E and crack become cool? iused to remeber krs-one, ed og and other saying they didnt smoke weed and 50 as well... so where did this drug culture pop up from?

when did gettting shot, going to jail, having to sell drugs become cool in hiphop?
and why more ever increasingly i find myself feeling uncool become i refuse to do these things?

Thas my rant!

Also.... Tupac wasnt all that, he was riddiculed highly when i was younger, his music wasnt taken seriously because he always flip flopped around thug life and thug life being dead to being gansta to hold your head up to charged with r*pe... in the 90's that was basically career suicide and a NONO for real hiphop headd at the time!

but he was the biggest hip hop star in the world in the 90's.....

the fu*k you talkin bout.....career suicide
 4 years ago '05        #294
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- Most rap cd's bought in a year: 445 back in 2007

- Most new rappers these days are a complete disgrace and the genre has become a joke

- I really truly hate certain rappers and their total gay styles and might even
wish death upon them...not really, but i kinda do (Asap Rocky, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar
Kanye West, French Montana, Tyler The Creator and all them wolfgang idiots all come to mind)

- Despite this hate, rap is still my first love and will always be

- No Limit Records was the greatest label ever

- Most i ever spent on one cd was $40 (Back in the day all i could do was import No Limit cds)

- After not liking him one bit, he became my favourite rapper of all: FIEND

- Favourite track of all time: "Waiting on God" by Fiend

- Memphis Rap, Lousiana Rap, Bay Area Rap, 90's East Coast Rap are my favourite subgenres

- If i had only a few month to live, i'd make sure i'd listen to every rap cd at least once before i go
(1900+ cds and counting will keep me busy for sure)

- Didn't start liking Jay-Z until after 1999

- Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" was the first cd i ever bought and still love that alb to death

- Prior to that it was all tapes from Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Onyx, Naughty By Nature & Nas,
that's what got it all started for me back in 93'...those were the days!

- ...
 4 years ago '11        #295
ricengravy 2 heat pts
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dont like Andre 3000 feel ppl prop him up so much it undermines how good Big Boi is

Walk In off the first Carter is Weezy best track

Lil Wayne best albums are mixtapes

Carter 2 has no replay value

Like Father Like Son was a pretty good album
 4 years ago '12        #296
BangEm904 36 heat pts36
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Mia X and La Chat are underrated like a ma'fukca

soulja boy actually shot someone, but majority of "gangsta rappers" never shot anybody

even tho he cant rap 4 shyt, i fukcs wit chief keef

Me against the world>>>AEOM

Em's best album was the eminem show

Detox comin out this year

TI's Im Serious is a very good album

I still dont see how lil wayne got a pass for "lollipop"
 4 years ago '09        #297
Ash10 21 heat pts21
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$45,754 | Props total: 5105 5105
Drake and Nicky Minaj is garbage
 4 years ago '10        #298
kiddrocay 27 heat pts27
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$18,689 | Props total: 180 180
Redman and Method Man are vastly underrated its a damn shame
 4 years ago '10        #299
SoulOnIce 67 heat pts67
$13,741 | Props total: 921 921
death Certificate by Ice Cube is his best album.

It Was Written > Illmatic

Doe or Die > Illmatic

Blueprint was a good album but not classic.

Kendrick Lamar is overrated. Very talented rapper but some fans act like he is Hip Hop's savior.

Nas is still the GOAT.

Kanye will never drop another good album.

Last edited by SoulOnIce; 02-18-2013 at 12:41 PM..
 4 years ago '10        #300
knowlege bass 
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Have to try to keep this short other wise it'll turn into a huge diatribe....

First one is not so so much a confession as it is a point of view...I hate that rap fans have shunned lyricist's which is based I believe on the nature of the fan base changing to the more casual fan.

I never saw the hype with Pac pre-death Row. I grew up to P.E. and Ice Cube so I saw nothing new in him at the time. Post death Row I just saw him as Suge's bi*ch. In hindsight I respect his hustle and influence but I'll never consider myself a big supporter.

I think Dr Dre is overrated......as a music mogul

I think Jay-Z is overrated as a business man. His image carries him, not his business acumen. His self promotion skills are second to none though. I think he is one of the best social climbers of all time.

As I said in another thread I have never heard Capone and Noreaga's "War Report" from front to back.

Will edit when I think of more


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