Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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 02-11-2013, 04:18 AM         #201
ManWithoutFear!  OP
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 micseles said:

Busta rhymes and Mystikal are pretty much the same rapper from two different regions

*couldn't find link to "Gettin' Rowdy With Us" from phone
 5 years ago '04        #202
1MikE 10 heat pts10
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 Brolic757 said:
From the 757 and no one hear actually plays any pusha t tracks
thats because VA n*ggas don't appreciate lyricism

i'm from the the 804

good thread
 5 years ago '09        #203
EnricoChiesa 30 heat pts30
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G.R.O.D.T. is not a classic album...too much filler and repetitive subject matter

50 didn't END Ja Rule's career

Jay-z is good,yet overrated

there is only 7 maybe 8 TRUE undeniable classic albums

lyrically Joe Budden>>>>>>>>>>>jay-z

Beyonce is an attractive woman but she's overrated looks wise

Kelly Rowland>>>>Beyonce looks wise

GKMC is better than Illmatic

I'm 2pac's biggest groupie but if I had to bet everything I owned I'd say he didn't fu*k Faith Evans

There was no illuminati conspiracy and Suge didn't set 2pac up to get k!lled

List of rappers who aren't as bad as most people make them out to be:
Bow wow
young berg
Ace Hood

Fam good Kidd mad city is a 3/5 album gtfo
 5 years ago '11        #204
The Rhyming Ape 65 heat pts65
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 ballergenetics said:
2006 - 2008 Lupe Fiasco is one of the most talented rappers of ALL TIME.
been sayin this. If half the sh*t lupe said on his mixtapes had come outta jays mouth yall woulda loved it. dude was untouchable on the mic

and hes got another classic in him

pac>>>> biggie and it aint close

50 hasnt made anything ive wanted to listen to since his debut. GREAT businessman tho.

dr. dre is overrated as hell

there are some talented cats underground (p.o.s., tech, atmosphere, murs, phonte) but the large majority of them suck a.ss.

if kanye had pulled that stunt with the president instead of lupe, nobody woulda cared. its just that less people d!ckride lu then ye

watch the throne and take care werent that hot. escpecially the latter

YM might be the least talented group in the history of hip hop. Those n*ggas woulda gotten bodied by de la soul.

tyga has not made one sinlge line that ive liked. His sh*t is super corny.

section 80>>>>>>>> gkmc and id take the cool, f&l, below the heavens, college dropout, or late registration above either one.

kendrick is still that n*gga tho

phife couldnt rap for sh*t.

kobe could actually rap

not hip hop but layne staley>>>>>>>>>kurt cobain and its really not close

led zepplin >>>>>>the beatles

soundgarden>>>>>>pearl jam

tom morelllo is kinda overrated
 5 years ago '08        #205
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 BuckedCrazy said:
illmatic was the most boring sh*t Ive ever listened to

I listened to Massacre way more than GRODT

I thought Gucci mane was wack as fu*k until I heard 2 thangs in 05

Never heard of Max B until I joined this site

Hell Rell was my favorite member of dipset

Common is the most boring rapper alive

Yayo's verse on runnin was trash
your pass has been revoked

this was a bad idea..people incriminating themselves as hip hop "fans" left and right
 5 years ago '12        #206
Paul Whiskey 3 heat pts
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-the fact that Chris Brown makes great music makes me forget about the whole Rihanna beating
 5 years ago '12        #207
Carib Breeze 28 heat pts28
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Gucci Mane might never have a great album......but will continue to drop classic tapes

Flockaveli changed the game and is a great album

n*ggas took a while to co-sign Justin Timberlake and acting like he the gawd

Bob Marley shafted the wailers for songs and rhythms without credit



Beyonce aint as hot as other chicks but she got a diva effect that puts her over

I respect 2pac and accept arguents that he's the best but i cant listen to him for long

Eminem offers me nothing interesting musical wise

Lupe gon crazy

Dame helped alot in building Rocafella

Cam is waaaaay underrated

Swizz Beats and Dre steal other n*ggas beats and sell em

Kanye is a great lyricist but his content/substance has fallen IMO

Last edited by Carib Breeze; 02-11-2013 at 08:03 AM..
 5 years ago '05        #208
BoxdenSleuth 26 heat pts26
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 LYTE said:
I stoled Jayz Dynasty album. ...bootleg
You should have stolen an English textbook.
 5 years ago '09        #209
Nx41fe 1 heat pts
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Modern Rap fans have truly dropped the ball on having standards.

I seriously think some people think that you can't make lyrical songs that are accessible(I hope GKMC changed some of those people's opinions).

I rather listen to biggie than pac

I'm a nas fan, but Illmatic has aged horribly.

Club Music was gift and a curse on hip hop(especially southern hip-hop)

Eminem gets alot of undeserved hate/love based on his race.

If you don't support the artists you like, then you should shut up about the state of hip-hop.

Most of todays rap parodys are just as good(sometimes even better) as the original song.

Even tho hip-hop is my favorite genre, i feel like it has(along with having no music classes) stunted black music.

If you can get past autotune, 808s is great album

mainstream/underground hip hop fans are equally annoying(in different ways)
 5 years ago '12        #210
Carib Breeze 28 heat pts28
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 Nx41fe said:

mainstream/underground hip hop fans are equally annoying(in different ways)

[pic - click to view]

 5 years ago '08        #211
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 johnnysnow said:
Jay rock is the best in Black Hippy.

Kendrick Lamar is very boring.

Joey Badass is even more boring.

Earl sweatshirt isn't good.

Most of them members in Wu Tang are horrible.

Lupe Fiasco is whack.

Nipsey Hussle's The Marathon was best body of work to come out from the west coast in recent years.
I thought it was common knowledge to everyone that everybody after Rae, Ghost and Meth the rest of the Wu was garbage. Minus Liquid Swords from GZA
 5 years ago '07        #212
Bullseye 60 heat pts60
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Q-Tip is a REAL REAL dope rapper and highly underrated as a rapper because his production is so good. He k!lled it on "Sucka n*gga" and many other tracks. If you pay attention to his performance, dude was dope!

Doggystyle is a top 5 rap record of all time. Almost a perfect album from top to bottom.

Lauryn Hill is the best female rapper ever.

Jay-Z says he doesn't sit down and write rhymes and I believe it cause most of the time his verses are trash. When he does sit down and write though, he got that flame. He's a highly talented rapper who should sit down and write more than just tryin to freestyle everything and recording it like that.

Biggie was a highly skilled rapper and I loved listening to him, but I wouldn't say he was "great". Same goes for Big Pun.

Kanye is the most important rap artist of this generation.

Nas is the greatest lyricist of all time. There are so many other great ones so we sometimes forget but when his pen game is on point, nobody stands beside him.

Drake is Lil Wayne with a better voice and better writing.

Freestyle rap battles >>> Written rap battles

Last edited by Bullseye; 02-11-2013 at 09:11 AM..
 5 years ago '04        #213
HOTtubTONY 17 heat pts17
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My Top 5: wayne, kanye, jay, tip and rick ross

Future is currently my favorite artist

I have never listened to Joe Buddens... he is trash

Why do people think Lupe is good?

Cam'ron is my favorite New York rapper

New York rap is sooo trash now

Trinidad Jame$ is the New Atlanta

I was fu*kin with Tity Boi before 2Chainz... pause

I'm just sayin!
 5 years ago '07        #214
Bullseye 60 heat pts60
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 Kingbonafyde said:
I thought it was common knowledge to everyone that everybody after Rae, Ghost and Meth the rest of the Wu was garbage. Minus Liquid Swords from GZA
Common knowledge to teenagers maybe. Only one I could say is even close to wack in the group is U-God.

Meth, Rae, Ghost, INS, ODB, Gza, Masta k!lla and Rza all are dope in their own right. I'm sure you've never even heard 36 Chambers to be making that kind of statement. Do yourself a favor and get that album and bump that sh*t for at least a week and then return to this thread.
 5 years ago '06        #215
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Y'all gone hate me, but Joe Budden is a really good rapper.
 5 years ago '06        #216
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GKMC is the most conceptually sound album I have ever heard. It's destined to be a classic... Also mainstream listeners have no idea how good Section.80 is.
 5 years ago '05        #217
Scorpz 6 heat pts
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The Game >>>>> ur fav rappers fav rapper..
Jesus Piece was album of the year over GKMC (definitely 2nd best)

And weezys homo raps are the worst thing to ever happen to hip-hop..
even worse then those dress/skirts these suspect n*ggas be wearing
 5 years ago '05        #218
Switchc2390 10 heat pts10
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$18,395 | Props total: 4527 4527
- Joe Budden is good but dude is not as great as everyone on this board makes him out to be. I'd take Phonte or Elzhi easily over him.
- There is no such thing as a "conscious" rapper. It's am empty title. The rappers people try to put in those boxes don't even accept it.
- Like said above, people who only rep either the mainstream or underground are equally annoying. Good music is just good music.
- Stillmatic > Blueprint.
- GKMC was an incredible album, but with that said I doubt I'll play it front to back ten times in my lifetime.
- Illmatic is every bit as great as people say it is. The storytelling/lyrics/everything on that album is unparalleled to me.
- Little Brother/Cunninlynguists are both top 10 rap groups.
- Tonedeff has the best flow of all time and is arguably the most talented rapper. If he actually put out more material he would have easily been one of the greatest.
- Phonte puts words together as well as anybody I've ever heard.
- Midnight Marauders is the best produced album I've heard.
- People say 3 stacks is overrated because they see his image or haven't really listened to him. Dude is one of the best.
- GZA will never quite get the acclaim he deserves. One of the best rappers ever.
- Jay-Z is the most well rounded rapper I've heard. But he doesn't do anything excellent to me, so there's others better.
- The Roots put out two of the best back to back albums I've heard in a long time.(HIGO, Undun)
- Resurrection by Common is incredibly underrated. The wordplay on that album may still be unparalleled to this day.
- Blu & Exile's "Give me the Flowers.." wasn't as good as Below the Heavens, but it was still an incredible album.
- Slug/Murs are both incredibly underrated artists.
- Posdnous from De La Soul may be the most underrated rapper ever, and De La Soul may be the most underrated group ever.
 02-11-2013, 09:42 AM         #219
3rdcoasta  OP
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 SmokeyTheBlunt said:

the Geto Boys are better than NWA but just slightly...........

in the mid 90's there wasnt anybody that could fu*k with Kurupt..........

been saying this for years!!!!!
 5 years ago '06        #220
LYTE 138 heat pts138
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 box5 said:

William Roberts has never spit two quotable bars back to back yet you new fu*ks say he hot, fu*k y'all and y'all future kids for putting extras on that fraudulent equal

I use to think wutang was a fake a.ss juice crew
lol@fake a.ss juice crew. I dont like Ricky but his verse on Free Mason is a very good verse

 ballergenetics said:
Kingdom Come is a good album.

 Brolic757 said:
dont know who ali vegas action bronson or who the fu*k hopsin
d/l Generation Gap album though I admit his after 2000 work i dont f with. I always thought he had identity crisis problem. sounded like nas than hove@Ali Vegas

 Brolic757 said:
joe budden are u in the mood yet the song is some of the deepest sh*t i ever heard a rapper spit
joe budden broken wing freestyle is better than pacs until the end of time
Are You In....? is the song that came on while listening to ipod on random & made me check for MM series. MM2 is king. idk about that second quote though.

 SmokeyTheBlunt said:
chronic 2001 is one of the worst albums Ive ever attempted to listen to and Chronic 2000 is alot better.........

AZ has a better discography than NAS...........
No Pun intended but I thought it was just the Chronic & Chronic 2001? .....Ok i just googled & see Suge dropped a comp called the Chronic 2000. Im not a Dre. fan so I was confused.

And cant agree with that AZ comment though. he lacks versatility in the creative dept. & Im a fan of AZ too

Method Man Is Top 10
QUOTE] really? who is your top 10. Just want to know.

 SmokeyTheBlunt said:

Im going to go ahead and do one more, had The Firm been NAS, AZ and Mega the album would have turned out classic.........
I want to add on & say if the beats on the Firm were done by more than Dre & TM, it prolly would of been cooler too.

 Brolic757 said:
Alot of rappers before they got deals werent getting pus*y even pac.
I dont see why niggss overlike rakim.
lol@1st how do you know? I agree with Rakim though.

 S W A N said:
Loved Wu but never really understood what the fuk them n*ggas was rapping about....Especiall Ghostface and thats my favorite member

 tonygunz said:
Dr. Dre as a rapper and producer is overrated

Meek Mill stole his style from Peedi Crakk

Thinking of when Freeway begged "put a beat on" when he battled Cassidy, I laugh my a.ss off
Agree@ Dre. Are you saying that because Cass said it or always thought that?@meek hell yea. that "put a beat on" was crazy. No lie Free would of rode the hell out of the beat though. #Fact

 Lazy Mikey said:
The only Jay-z album I play is The Blueprint, and thats cause of the raw production.

I don't think any Hip Hop artist released 3 very solid albums in a row except Em.
BP is my fav Jay album. I think Nas 1st 3 were solid releases.

[quote=Donthate707;26153477]if biggie didnt die jay wouldnt be as popular

 DoobieSnax213 said:
The first rap song I ever heard was lil Kim's how many licks

I jus lost any and all credibility I had in the hip hop world

 Brolic757 said:
Prodigy hnic is a classic
I have never heard qb finest..ever
Az and Nas had a slight beef going on in the early in mid 2000s

I have gotten deep into mos def. Didnt knw dude was playing on black sitcoms in the early 90s around 90-92 and is great friends with bill cosby. He also played on the cosby mysteries. Youtube it u will see mos def in a Short live sitcom with malcolm jamal warner in 1992 and he also played in a sitcom with neil carter in 1990 as her son.
I liked HNIC alot. idk about classic but I wont even debate cause i can see how it can be called 1. P held it down with over 20 tracks. QB Finest was cool. "Find Ya Wealth" by Nas. "self consciencE" by Nas/P.......what was this Nas/Sosa beef about?? are you talking about the show by Malcolm Jamal Warner that had Omar Epps featured as a thug sometimes??

 KDash3rdLetter said:
- I believe Mobb Deep is a top 5 of all-time duo
- Queensbridge Projects has put out better rappers than most cities
 jdario said:
-Cormega is the best outta QB- Listen to True Meaning
-Ma$e- Double Up is underrated
-Camron- SDE = Classic
-I thought Postaboy had potential (Jurassic Harlem)
Really good ones...

[quote=ceo-of-hucworld;26155641 Dr. Dre is one of the most over hyped producers in the industry

-50 Cent's best album was the unreleased "Power of The Dollar"

-Cormega and AZ should have released more albums[/QUOTE]
I think Dre is over hyped but I think a lot of that comes cause he signed Em. I should revisit POD. Havent heard it in yearrrs... Maybe Cormega cause AZ has over 7 albums.

 kk504 said:
i am is nas' second best album to me. in fact, the production on that has aged far better than illmatic.

ife after death was better than ready to die.

was never a fan of pac's until after he died... and even then, aeom is a terribly overrated album. 7 day theory >>>>> aeom.
I am is my favorite OVERALL nas album.....I agree with LAD...7 day is my fav. Pac album followed by MATW...
 BoxdenSleuth said:
You should have stolen an English textbook.
got me there.

I wish Cormega got more mainstream recognition
Sha Stimuli is creative.


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