Hip Hop Confessions Pt.1

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 4 years ago '13        #181
Guvnor 1097 heat pts1097
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"Tygas "The Potential" was a good mixtape."

 4 years ago '08        #182
stead21 9 heat pts
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$5,145 | Props total: 1302 1302
A Tribe Called Quest was overrated Slum Village was much better
 4 years ago '04        #183
ThomasGunz 1 heat pts
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My confessions.......

I fu*k with Cheif Keef/GBE movement (Yeah I said it)

Anything that has a heavy bass or downsouth feel to it I fu*k with...

I check for producers first, artist second

It was written gets more play from me than Illmatic

Jay fan.... but i rarely play any sh*t of his

Ransom is in my top five

Drake is the nicest n*gga spitting right now.... judging off of flow and lyrics

Wu-Tang is the greatest thing to ever happen to hip hop

9th Wonder has fell off to me.....

Can't fu*k with no female mcees (expect that girl group Deadly Venom from back in the day)

Ambition was the best cd (non mixtape) i heard in awhile (hate that n*gga Wale personality tho)

I miss Max B

I feel for JaRule being locked up and hearing n*ggas like Drake and Future get praised for the same sh*t he got cruicfied for.... I still remember the episode of 106 and park when they premiered a video of his and the whole crowd "boo'ed". lol

Wanted Nas to sign with murder inc. on the low

I would impregnant Charlie Baltimore in a minute

What the fu*k happen to Nottz.... can we get an amber alert out on this n*gga?

Trey Songz is a better rapper than 90% of the n*ggas out now.....

Duckdown Records should've been way bigger than history will reflect.

Waiting for that new Louie V Mob album (Master P, Fat Trel, and Alley boy)
 4 years ago '05        #184
HUDA2daF 1 heat pts
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[video - click to view]

I don't like lil b but this was one of the funniest things I seen in a min.
 4 years ago '11        #185
Da Truth23 83 heat pts83
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Jay Z is the best rapper period (always said best rapper alive )
Frank Ocean is better than Rick Ross as a rapper..
I'm a Frank Ocean fan stood behind this n*gga since day 1 pause.. Lmao
As dude said Illmatic was a boring a.ss album
Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 and Da Drought 3 are my favorite mix tapes
Only heard one Outkast album FULLY Speakerboxx/The Love Below
The Love Below is better than Speakerboxx by an inch
So Far Gone is Drake's best work
fu*k Nicki Minaj
Sir Michael Rocks is in my top 10

So much more

To add to my Jay Z note

I have his collection on my iPhone (collabos and albums)

Irritates me when ppl say rappers are in the illuminati ...

Last edited by Da Truth23; 02-10-2013 at 10:03 PM..
 02-10-2013, 10:05 PM         #186
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rolling papers and onifc were both disapointing albums. His mixtapes were better
Compton should not be on gkmc
 4 years ago '07        #187
$471 | Props total: 110 110
Rocafella with Big L would have moved him into alot of people's top ten rappers with 2 or more albums

lauryn hill ( goat female MC ) biggest waste of talent ever

CNN is raps biggest fraud

Last edited by influence22; 02-10-2013 at 10:28 PM..
 4 years ago '06        #188
Adewale 15 heat pts15
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Yo the salt is heavy in this thread

 4 years ago '10        #189
Trill Livin 57 heat pts57
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$13,274 | Props total: 1460 1460
Joe Buddens Music Is Gay AF..
Lloyd Banks and Fabulous are PLK
I fu*k with drakes music

Cheif Keef the best hype music out right now
I want to be like 50 favorite artist of all time
 4 years ago '05        #190
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 MagicOnTheTire said:
-Snoop is the most overrated rapper of all time. He has 1 classic album, every album after is trash
-7 Day Theory is Pac's best album
 4 years ago '12        #191
Julian 5 heat pts
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$3,991 | Props total: 712 712
I feel Pac is the most skilled(Greatest) rap artist ever
Never listened to an entire Busta Rhymes album
People use Dmx getting high to underrate him as an artist.
Over all talent, Big Daddy Kane>>>>> Rakim
Always wondered what Nas music would of been like if he joined death Row
 4 years ago '05        #192
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$1,917 | Props total: 8 8
Chief Keef's album is my guilty pleasure
Eminem is overrated
I liked Hot Boyz Lil Wayne more than the current
Devin The Dude is Top 5 in my book
Tupac, like Lil Wayne, is overrated probably a result of over-saturation
UGK is not that great of a duo
Master P and No Limit changed the game
Anything after the Wu's first album and the members first solos were trash
Food and Liq was classic...albums after that were trash
Common's best albums came with Ye
Murs, Little Brother, 9th Wonder will never get the acclaim they deserve
Screw music was truthfully a terrible fad (as was Crunk, Hyphy, etc)
Fabolous actually has a decent discography but will never receive acclaim
While the birthplace,NY Hip-Hop will never make a comeback
BTNH wasn't that great...they were just new for the time (like Eminem)
Jeezy will never reach the heights he did running with BMF...he is better served on the other side of the table
TI, with notable highlights, hasn't been good SINCE Urban Legend...Luda after his second...but Lil'Flip never had a chance
50's Get Rich was the best album of his career and he will never sell like that again
Just because artist like Too Short and LL put out alot of albums it doesn't mean that they were all good...I don't give props for filler albums
 4 years ago '09        #193
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Always heard of brotha Lynch Hung but never heard not one jawn from em until "stabbed" n dat sh*t go....is they sh*t worth checkin?

Never heard any zro besides features w/ other artists I fux w/...again always knew da name tho
 4 years ago '06        #194
dirtyalphaman 11 heat pts11
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$2,468 | Props total: 2052 2052
Life after death was great and so was ready to die, but b.I.g. was overrated......so was Pac.
Andre 3000 best of all time
Never liked any Wu, not collectively or individually
From the south, but couldn't and still cant stand the majority of Southern rap
Don't really care for Master p or puffy, but always respected their hustle
Drakes cotny, but his stuff is catchy
Still don't get how straight dudes seen Lil Wayne kissing dude over and over and still don't call it what it is.....Yes...homo!!!
Eminem is the great white hope....he's good, but that makes him"better"
Frank Ocean would have never gotten as much airtime or play if he didn't come OUT.
Skinny jeans are not hip hop
2chainz is corny
Gucci is corny
Waka is wack
Rick Ross is an actor not a rapper
Is Chief Keef's 15 minutes up?
Nicki Minaj is only relevant because she had everyone thinking she was bi and because her label
I keep getting disappointed at all the folks who want to work with Frank Ocean
I think Miguel is gay which would mean hes singing to a dude.....but i hope not cause his songs are straight....if hes singing about a chick......to be sure lemme say this....NO HOMO, LOL!!!
 4 years ago '04        #195
SiqkWidaPen|M 2 heat pts
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$10,145 | Props total: 228 228
Thanks to bx and a ex gf i got hooked on joe budden
I feel like alot of ppl believe the carter I is lil wayne first cd
i look at screw/bmore house/hypy/ like i look at new orleans bounce music...it represents the city/area
i think krit and k.dot are the best out
i believe puffy is the reason hip hop went super mainstream
i haven't listened to any gbe songs besides dont like
alot of ppl dont like boosie because of his voice but never take the time to listen to his lyrics
boosie's voice was deeper when he first started rapping
there's alot of slept on talent in the south
...90% of hip hop is fabricated storytelling
lil wayne might not be about that life but baby and slim are
i copped e.1999 from the chinese corner store
3dnatee will make female rappers relevant again
i never got into alot of east cost rap until i made 18...that sh*t just seemed boring to me growing up in louisiana
lil flip and hurricane chris are great freestylers
theres a song by mystikal and e-40 that i can listen to everyday
em is overrated
hell...i got more ill be back
 02-11-2013, 12:10 AM         #196
$n/a | Props total:  
I didn't like rap music that much till like 7th 8th grade...
Didn't like a full jay-z album untill the black album and kingdom and don't like bp3 that much
Everybody from g-units debut album are good and young bucks 2nd is way better
Can't name 1 made song
Never her a lox track
Only herd 1 wu-tang song
Only listened to Nas ****** album
Never herd a full outkast album and only lie half of the love below
Bigge is more famous because he died after his debut
Pacs best album is me against the world
808 and heartbreak is a 4/5
ASAP rocky is boring to me
Flocka and chief keef are the best at makin that toe of music
Tyler the creator is dope
Only herd the busta album that he DROPED on aftermath
Aaliyah is average to me
Ross has 1 good album
 4 years ago '12        #197
goodkidmadworld 2 heat pts
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$3,577 | Props total: 406 406
The pink lava lamp by Charles Hamilton is the most underrated hip hop album of all time
Every lil wayne post carter III belongs in the garbage
Em is top 3 but recovery and relapse weren't that good
Malice was always better than Pusha T
Big krit is the true king of the south
Friday night lights should have been cole's album instead of cole world
Lil B is misunderstood an he can actually rap
from 2006-2009 lupe was my fav artist now I think he's going crazy
B.o.B haters should listen to generation lost
 4 years ago '10        #198
$320 | Props total: 7 7
I always felt Big Boi was a better rapper than Andre 3000
Like Me Against the World over All Eyez on Me
Carter 2 is Lil Wayne's best in the Carter series
I listen to the Massacre more than grodt
I always felt Fab was a mixtape rapper who has not lived up to his potential
Frank Ocean has already sold his soul for riches
Always felt Bank's focusing more on beefing with Game circa 2005-06 ruin his career
Charles Hamilton got dropped from interscope because he would not follow suit and dumb it down
I used to laugh at this, but 50 Cent took out Ja Rule and basically jacked his style
I hate when people think being lyrical means using big words
Mystikal could have been bigger than Lil Wayne if he did not get locked up
Down Payment on Heaven by Spice 1 is one of my favorite songs
Friday Night lights was probably J Cole's 1st album, but was turned into a mixtape because it did not have too many ''club hits''

Last edited by bc23; 02-11-2013 at 12:18 AM..
 4 years ago '11        #199
1andonlyKingP 100 heat pts100
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$12,651 | Props total: 2648 2648
Styles P >>> Jada

Even though Sheek is the weakest member of the LOX, he makes the better albums than both them.

Outside of AZ & Big Pun, Fab & Lloyd Banks are the best Latino rappers.

Da Brat >>> any female rapper.

Roy Jones Jr. is the GOAT rapping athlete.

Redman >>> Method Man. Always has been, always will be.

Serius Jones is the GOAT Battle Rapper.

Yeeeah Baby is a classic
 02-11-2013, 01:06 AM         #200
$n/a | Props total:  
I hate cash money but i respect baby
My entire junior year of highschool i woke up to pacs troublesome 96 to get my day started
Joe budden is the 2000s tupac
When d4l came out in highschool i was shocked everyone liked it
kanye did ghost production on ready to die
lil waynes carter 1 cover jacks jay-z vol 1 cover
lil waynes carter 2 cover jacks jay-z vol 2 cover.. Google image it
Kendrick lamar like it or not will hit a decline mode so enjoy the music he makes now
i do think that dr. Dre is gay just a little
50 cent follows the art of war to closely and lost all his friends
Currently harry fraud is better than mentor alchemist
rick ross went to college and played line backer
I never heard any tracks off of distant relatives
hurricane chris can spit
juelz santana came to alot of beanie sigel court dates dolo wen beans was facing time in 05
Game carried the west on his back for 7 years by himself 04-11
Meek millz has no longevity
If u was born rich and u rap u are automatically disqualified from goat status no matter how good u r.
Ll cool j has did anything in 15 years
Tupac had too many weed carriers on his good songs
Detox will not live up to the hype no matter wat...dre tested the waters with kush and the other record he had and wen they failed he went back to the lab

If eminem was black he would not be known
P. Diddy is the goat if u think about it


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