The Real "Hot Boys" Some N.O. History.


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The Real "Hot Boys" Some N.O. History.

came across some real N.O. history...thought id share. some may know some may not..

[video - click to view]

When Cash Money's flagship artists were put into a supergroup, Terrance lent the name of his group to the upstart musicians. The rap group "Hot Boys" was born. Of the original Hot Boys, Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito have all been murdered and Terrance is currently serving life-sentence for solicitation to commit murder.
The projects is known for the group "Dooney Boyz (DBz) ,Byrd Gang & the term "Hot Boys" was adopted by four friends from the Magnolia Projects and HollyGrove due to their penchant for wearing red and having luxury items in the hood.

The four friends Gangsta, Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito were notorious thugs on the streets of New Orleans, and it was rumoured that when the Hot Boys were taken off the streets, the murder rate of New Orleans dropped. It was one of the more notoriously dangerous housing districts in the United States. The Magnolia Projects had the highest murder rate of any housing project in the city, even more than the Melph and the Calliope.
The various New Orleans housing projects are most notable for being the launching ground for Bounce Music and New Orleans Rap.

The most well-known artists to come out of the Magnolia Projects are Juvenile and Turk of the Hot Boys, a former rap group who started their careers on Cash Money Records. The label shot to fame in the late 1990s and still is popular today. Other popular artists from the area include Soulja Slim, Ruda Real, Jay Electronica and Mr. Marcelo

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sound like spitta



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