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 5 years ago '11        #761
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Class is a good class all things considered. But next year we really need a monster offensive class. The defense is stacked (only need a few more safeties and DE's and I know we look good for some elite prospects) but on offense we need OT's, RB's, etc. I'd love a TE that can get down the seams of the defense and really open things up. We hoped O'Leary would be that guy, but let's be real, O'Leary isn't that dude, and CK is more of a blocking TE. The main thing with that is would Jimbo even use a player like that if he had him? He's never shown the ability to have the TE as a legit threat on his teams.

Also, we need a few STUD receivers. Yeah, we have a lot of them. But there's a difference between talent and elite NFL talent. I love the dudes we have, but let's be real again, nobody is drooling over Greg Dent and co. at the next level. Greene is really good, but really small. He's like 180, maybe. I'm talking about 6'2-6'3 dudes who can run by people on a go or cut it up on a hitch, real playmakers on the outside. I remember when we used to have so much talent stockpiled at WR it was stupid. We had Anquan Boldin (freshman) the same time we had Peter Warrick. We once had PW, Laveranues Coles and Randy Moss at the same time (before Moss got kicked out and later Coles).

We need to balance our team out with the playoffs coming soon. Relying on one side of the ball too much (offense or defense) isn't a good thing. That's what cost us the NCST game. "Oh, our defense will stop them, let's not try this 51 yard field goal to ice the game." And they made a few plays and won the game, it lulls you into a false sense of security. But all in all, good times.
 5 years ago '05        #762
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[pic - click to view]

 5 years ago '08        #763
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Jimbo said he's bringing in OC candidates next week. The OC will have a QB background, he said there's a strong possibility depending on the hire that they will call the plays next yr.

He said he wasn't moving anyone on the staff to be OC because he wants someone with very strong QB background so they can run the offense from the QB's eyes.
 5 years ago '05        #764
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Jesus Wilson gonna be a hell of a WR for us too......I will be very surprised if he aint in the NFL one day.
 5 years ago '08        #765
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pullin thomas and keith bryant was all i needed. glad we can move on to our number 1 ranked 2014 class.

sorry to hear about that bs manowar. probably dedos if i had to guess. we got too many lurkers in here since they all know FSU is the only board that stays live 100% of the time.

and j you keep k!llin me wit the jokes. god i almost shot chilli through my nose at one point
 5 years ago '11        #766
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 MRS. RONDO said:
Jesus Wilson gonna be a hell of a WR for us too......I will be very surprised if he aint in the NFL one day.
Yep Wilson is a stud! Love his game
 02-06-2013, 05:33 PM         #767
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Hey guys,

I'm at the NSD event, it's streaming on Seminoles.com and I believe espn3. Anyways all the coaches are talking and let me tell you Pruitt is that n*gga. He know what he talking about, he already said 2014 is going to be that class, and he putting in work. Definitely my favorite coach so far

Also Odell said that he really appreciated the new coaches coming in because it gave him a boost to do better, so lets hope that they can do the same for Jimbo. And I don't know if anyone watched espn3 today but Jimbo seemed a lot more humble to me, I think James Coley answered a lot of questions when he left. Anyways good class today Coley fu*ked us over but you never get all the people you want.

Like always I appreciate all the info y'all bring on here!
 5 years ago '11        #768
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.....And I fuxks with keith bryant the long way#nohomo for recruiting hard for us. And I knew he was a nole when he was looking for that gif on twitter when Timmy J slammed that um dude.

Its funny tho every recruit I fall in love with #nohomo wayyyyyyyyyy nbefore I know where they leaning too go else where... I loved mike bellamy game dude went to clemson. Loved Gacey Coley game nn*gga went to um.. But we did get my dude Wilder.. I followed Wilder recruitmen miinute for minute lol. But if u aint a nole I cant rock wirh u
 5 years ago '11        #769
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Our fans gotta give jimbo props to for landing Thomas. He was the real reason we pulled him. Jimbo slang that d!ck to momma 6.. at them hurrilames too. Hired Coley too get 6 and they airballed
 5 years ago '05        #770
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a comrad of mine made this

transcribed version of the 2013 Florida State NSD Party for those who didn't see it live. or whatever.
Hide Spoiler

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher up
-Been a tough two months. Thanks crowd for coming out and supporting the event, specific thanks to Dr. Barron and Spetman for attending. Makes joke about a provost being in attendance. Talks about the role FSU football plays in promoting and marketing the University. "It's the marketing and tv exposure you can't afford to pay for".
-Talks about the importance of recruiting by saying "You can't take a donkey to the Kentucky Derby". You never get everyone you want, ever. But feels good about this class and the way certain needs were met. Balanced 10 guys on one side of the ball and 9 on the other. QB, RB, lots of speed guys. Some guys get first downs and others change the numbers on the scoreboard. He believes we got the scoreboard changers. Feels we got some quality guys. Jimbo names Nate Andrews and Marquez White as some really special guys that aren't talked about a lot.
-Really pleased with the new guys on staff and how they opened doors with players we previously didn't have a shot with. They came in and hit the ground running.
-Feels we have a great staff, great players, feels good about the group and what we're doing, Boosters please help blah blah blah every bit helps blah blah blah water still wet blah blah blah sucks DeVoe Moore's d!ck blah blah blah.
-Talks on John Franklin camped for two years. 6'1, 175 lbs. 10.6 100 meters. 4.0 student. Able to make a lot of plays in and out of the pocket. Really dangerous with the zone read and loves his skill set.

RB Coach Randy Sanders up
-Sanders says he looks better in Garnet than orange, although orange works well if you need to pick up trash on the interstate or go deer hunting.
-Talks on Ryan Green. Very dynamic athlete. The type of player that makes you look like a great coach. Comes from an outstanding family. Great kid, great parents and his staying committed throughout the process speaks volumes about his character.

Dawsey up
-Isaiah Jones great big receivers who is tough to bring down. Doesn't consider him a receiver, he's a football player.
-Kermit Whitfield returned 10 kicks for TD's, 7 more got called back for holding.
-Jesus Wilson is another speedster. Dawsey then makes a marginally homos3xual comment on his physique and how well he looks when he takes his shirt off: "He's 5'11, 175 and he is rocked up...I mean he makes that body look real good when he..when he takes that shirt off" <--- Dawsey isn't gay, but the sentence was both awkward and hilarious

Trickett up
-Wilson Bell. Soon as I saw him, I talked to him for about 30 minutes and gave him a scholarship. Big hands, big feet and is already about 290, 295.
-Ira Denson. I don't know how he's rated the #4 guard, he's dominated everywhere he's gone in every camp. Real nasty and loves to play football.
-Ryan Hoefield. Likes him a lot. Reminds him of a guy he had at WVU, Dan Moses. Thinks he can be really good.

TE Coach Billy Napier up
Napier praises FSU's NSD party and how unique it is to have an event like this in college football. Going to pick up his wife and 7 month old daughter from Colorado tomorrow. Has only seen her twice in the last 50 days. Says he was upstairs going through the buffet line and saw bacon on top of greenbeans and thought about how great it is to be back in the South.
-Jeremy Kerr thinks he has the athletic ability to be a great receiver, but is an excellent inline blocker to help handle the C-gap on OZ.

Jimbo tells a long, long story that implies that Jeremy Pruitt was his first choice at DC, which is fine. But whatever doe.

New DC Jeremy Pruitt
-Country a.ss Alabama drawl is thick and real and it is awesome
-Praises the staff for the job they did keeping the class together but says that once
-"We don't get Matthew Thomas without Jimbo Fisher"
-Things Pruitt is looking for in DB's: Can the guy play man to man? Can he play the ball in the deep part of the field? Can he tackle in space? Before you send any emails or suggestions, make sure he can do those three things. The good thing is, we got three guys who can do it all in this class. He wouldn't trade any of them for anybody in the world.
-Nate Andrews. May be his favorite of the bunch. Been recruiting Nate since he was in 9th grade. One of the toughest guys you'll ever meet. The bigger the occasion the better Nate plays.
-Jalen Ramsey. He's got great size. That's what we want. All three DB's come from great two family homes, which is rare these days. Jalen has a chance to be a really great player.
-Marquez White. Known since 9th grade. 6'1, 170 lbs. Great speed and ability. One of FSU's best recruiters.
-Tells a story about Rick Trickett on the Wilson Bell visit. His first visit with Rick Trickett. Trickett walks in and ask Bell "let me see your hands", "what size shoe you wear?", "do you mind if I cuss? Cuz if you do, me and coach Pruitt turning around and goin back to Tallahassee"

O'Dell up
-Keith Bryant 6'2, 305 lbs. Fits our need. Quick and explosive at the point of attack. Very athletic. Was committed to Miami for a while but in his heart he knew he wasn't a hurricane, he's a Seminole.

DE Coach Sal Sunseri up
-Says he got spoiled and won two national championships so when thinking about what he wanted to do, he wanted to go somewhere where it was possible and FSU with Jimbo was the place. He praises Pruitt and Kelly. Says O'Dell is a helluva coach and says we're gonna have a good defense. "Let me tell ya somethin, our a.ss is gon get to the quarterback"
-Davarez Bryant. Lots of praise on Bryant. He's big, athletic and raw but believes he's gonna make himself a lot of money today. He's special.
-Desmond Hollin. Big, powerful
-Demarcus Walker. Put him through an NFL type workout at Tennessee and told Jeremy no matter what happens, we gotta get this kid in the program.
-Praises Jimbo's ability to close and recruit and how easy it was to go to work with this staff.

LB Coach Charles Kelly
His voice is gone because he got introduced to 4th quarter drills yesterday and he tells his daughters "this is my encouraging voice".
-Ro'Derrick Hoskins. Tall, strong, very quick. Wants his LB's to be versatile. He can play the run, he can play the coverage and get after your a.ss and get to the QB. Comes from a great family.
-EJ Levenberry. A big LB, probably gonna play at about 245 or 250 (6'3). Very football intelligent, picks up on things well and does well in meetings.
-Tyrelle Lyons. Hybrid type. One week you're playing a pro style, next week you're playing spread. He can cover in the slot, he can cover the TE and he's very physical.
-Freddie Stevenson. ALWAYS trying to learn. Always in the office watching film by himself. Comes in with a lot of the skills LB's lack out of high school
-Matthew Thomas. No need to say much about him. Comes from a great family. Coach Fisher did a great job building the relationship with the family
-Says his daughters would text him anytime a LB's letter of intent was faxed in from school and say "good job, Daddy"

Jimbo's Final Thoughts
Two years ago we had high expectations but had a lot of injuries and fell short on some things, but I said we were a great team. Last year we had high expectations and we met them, but we had a great program. I think there's a big difference. We lost a lot and that's true and people ask "how will you replace them?". Well when the season starts and we get out there and play people will be asking "wow, where did that guy come from?"

Last year we did a lot of things. Orange Bowl, ACC Championship, 12 games etc. But people ask me if I'm satisfied and I say no. We had a good year, but I'm not satisfied. We're trying to go further. It's good to get a championship outta the way because there's a difference in the way guys carry themselves once their a champion. Says some of the older guys like Cam Erving have told him that they get what he means now about how it's a different feeling altogether.

Vic Viloria is saying he doesn't have to yell as much anymore. A lot of the older guys are correcting younger guys in the off-season program. Says he won't be satisfied until we win a National Championship, and another and another. That's always the goal. He's looking forward to a great Spring. Looking forward to the position battles at all the different positions and is excited about the depth the program that they've built. He believes the best battles they face will come in practices and everyone knows they have to f!ght for their job everyday.

Excited about the schedule next year and putting Idaho before Florida. "They were cheating and playing one of those teams before us so we had to even that up a bit". Wants to play Pitt or someone on Labor Day to kick the year off right. Wants to continue to look for big games like Ok State in 2014 to kick off the year for exposure for the program. To be the best, you gotta beat the best.

Booster pleading inserted here.
 5 years ago '05        #771
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[video - click to view]

 02-06-2013, 11:27 PM         #772
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here ya go junior

Corey Clark/TDO.com ‏@Corey_Clark
There were 13 FSU players invited to the NFL Combine, including former cb Greg Reid.
 5 years ago '05        #773
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thats just swell news....but they invited moody n not vince
 02-07-2013, 12:42 PM         #774
Flo State 
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The final stamp on the recruitment of Atlantic (Delray Beach, Fla.) four-star defensive tackle Keith Bryant was officially put to rest on Wednesday afternoon when he announced he would be attending Florida State University. Warchant caught up with Bryant to talk about the decision, when he picked FSU and a few interesting details regarding his recruitment.

Keith Bryant signed his LOI with FSU on Wednesday.
There are never such things as locks in recruiting. However, everything did go exactly as planned for Keith Bryant, who selected FSU over South Carolina and Miami.

Bryant said he was nervous on Wednesday but confident in his decision.

"At first I was nervous because it was on TV and so many people watching even though I knew where I wanted to go," said Bryant, the No. 42 ranked player in the state. "I picked FSU because of the comfort I had when I was there. When I visited that never changed."

At the announcement yesterday there were some technical difficulties with the broadcast. Prior to that, Bryant was actually thinking about doing something that no one has done.

"I was going to have someone run on stage with the Seminole headdress and do it that way, but we could not do it," Bryant said.

One major part of Bryant's was his relationship with head coach Jimbo Fisher and his long-time relationship with defensive line coach Odell Haggins .

"Honestly I picked them because Coach Fisher showed much respect to me. He was the only head coach that came to my house," Bryant said. "When he was there Coach Fisher talked about being an a.sset to the Seminole family. Other head coaches just came to my school and we would spend about 15 minutes (together) Coach Fisher would stay for like two hours so that meant a lot."

Bryant says he looks at Haggins as a father figure and never had a coach quite like him.

"I've known Coach Haggins since the eighth grade after attending the summer camps and it's just grown since then. He's a coach that's going to make me better," Bryant said. "I've had other coaches that would tell me how good I am, but he pushes me. He didn't care about being nice, he's going to push me and I liked that."

There's one memory that sticks out from one of the FSU camps he attended.

"My freshman year, I jumped off sides and he had me doing up-downs. I was like 'Man that's something you do in high school.' But I did like 50 of them. He called it "chopping the field," Bryant recalled.

Bryant knew his final college destination for a few month. Bryant even told one of his favorite players at Florida State, Tim Jernigan, of his decision.

"Tim (Jernigan) knew I was coming. I told him about a month ago that I was coming there," he said. "The defense is already crucial and I want to come right in and help make an impact like Eddie (Goldman) did some for the defensive line."

Bryant also did a little recruiting of his own, helping sway one of the Seminoles' biggest remaining targets on an official visit.

"Yeah I got Jalen Ramsey there. We talked and told him some facts, true statements about FSU and I felt like that's where we needed to go and take our talents," said Bryant.

As far as a final message to the Seminole fans before he arrives, Bryant had this to say:

"One, I'm trying to get over there in May. Two, to the Seminole fans, I'll say, BCS National championship game next year."
 02-07-2013, 12:44 PM         #775
Flo State 
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ACC Recruiting Rankings

1. Florida State

Headliner: Jalen Ramsey provides a pure cover corner at a position of need for the Seminoles following the departure of Xavier Rhodes to the NFL.
Sleeper: Wilson Bell has the frame to be a good run blocker down the road.
Overview: Despite losing six a.ssistant coaches, it was a great day for the Seminoles. Jeremy Pruitt did an excellent job of flipping five-star cornerback Ramsey from USC at the 11th hour. Also, give credit to Jimbo Fisher for stealing Rivals100 defender Matt Thomas from the Hurricanes' backyard. Ryan Green may be the best athlete in the country and should provide big-play ability in the backfield. Ira Denson is one of the best pulling guards we've seen this year. Four-stars E.J. Levenberry Jr., Levonte Whitfield, Demarcus Walker, and Marquez White round out a loaded class for Fisher & Co.

2. Clemson

Headliner: Mackensie Alexander was the man several teams were hoping to grab on Wednesday, and the lockdown corner surprised many by picking the Tigers.
Sleeper: Wayne Gallman was overlooked by many because of teammate Robert Nkemdiche, but he's a tough running back who f!ghts for extra yards.
Overview: There was a time when the Tigers were in position to land Montravius Adams, Nkemdiche and Carl Lawson, but all ended up in the SEC and the Tigers were left to pick up the pieces. Rather than dwelling on what could have been, Tigers fans can celebrate the pickup of Alexander, as well as the signing day commitments of offensive lineman Tyrone Crowder and three-star defensive back Adrian Baker. Wide receiver was a position of priority, and Clemson added two quality prospects in four-star Mike Williams and three-star Kyrin Priester. In adding Alexander and four-star athlete Jayron Kearse, the Tigers staff is building a nice pipeline to Southwest Florida, the same area that produced Sammy Watkins in the class of 2011.

3. Virginia Tech

Headliner: Kendall Fuller, the ninth overall player in the Rivals100, followed his brothers to Blacksburg.
Sleeper: Braxton Pfaff has a chance to be a standout player on the offensive line for the Hokies.
Overview: The Hokies brought in a solid class in 2013 featuring the second rated cornerback in the country, Kendall Fuller, and a host of other quality defensive backs in Holland Fisher, Charles Clark, Brandon Facyson and Anthony Shegog. The class is loaded with in-state talent. Coach Frank Beamer found his future quarterback in Bucky Hodges and solidified his offensive line by bringing in Braxton Pfaff, Jonathan McLaughlin, Kyle Chung and Parker Osterloh. Don't forget about stud defensive lineman Wyatt Teller. He could pay immediate dividends for the Hokies. Virginia Tech also brought in a host of athletes who can play offense or defense.

4. Virginia

Headliner: Taquan Mizzell, known as 'Smoke', will be used in a variety of ways in the Cavaliers' offense.
Sleeper: If healthy, Andre Levrone can be a difference maker on the outside.
Overview: The 2013 class features plenty of quality recruits from Virginia. Taquan Mizzell, Tim Harris, Corwin Cutler and many others opted to go to school close to home. Some late additions really helped a struggling offensive line. On signing day, offensive lineman Eric Tetlow flipped from Wake Forest and George Adeosun, an offensive lineman from Alpharetta (Ga.), committed to Virginia. The Cavaliers also brought in a solid group of linebackers in Zach Bradshaw, Micah Kiser, LaChaston Smith and Connor Wingo-Reeves. The group of defensive back commits, which includes Kirk Garner, Tim Harris and Malcolm Cook, could be special in a few years.

5. Maryland

Headliner: The Terps will have a very talented wide receiver corps when Deon Long is paired with Stefon Diggs.
Sleeper: Once Jermaine Carter develops his frame, he could be a consistent contributor for the Terps.
Overview: Although the Terps did get offensive lineman Derwin Gray, Coach Randy Edsall may not have added as many quality offensive linemen as he would have liked. The Terps added four-stars Andrew Isaacs, Will Likely and Yannick Ngakoue. One of the things that stand out most about this class is the depth at linebacker. In addition to Ngakoue, The Terps picked up commitments from Jalen Brooks, Derrick Hayward, and two high school teammates of Ngakoue and Gray, Cavon Walker and Jermaine Carter. Maryland was also able to get a commitment from a hometown favorite, dual-threat quarterback Shane c*ckerille from Baltimore (Md.) Gilman.

6. North Carolina

Headliner: T.J. Logan is a game breaker at running back who put up huge numbers in high school and will be expected to do the same for the Tar Heels.
Sleeper: Mikey Bart is a defensive end who spent most of his high school career playing at tight end. His versatility will serve him well as part of the Tar Heels defense.
Overview: The Tar Heels limped to the finish, missing out on Carl Lawson and in-state talent Marquez North in the final two weeks. The class settled with 17 commits, and Logan and four-star defensive tackle Greg Webb are the notables. One player the Tar Heels fans have high hopes for is record-breaking quarterback Mitch Trubisky, a dual threat who put up huge numbers in high school. Trubisky fits the mold of past quarterbacks who have had success in coach Larry Fedora's offense and should have an opportunity to get on the field sooner than later. Defensive back Brian Walker, a three-star, was one of the best defensive players in the state last fall and has the ability to develop into a lockdown-type player.

7. Miami

Headliner: Kevin Olsen gives the Hurricanes a franchise quarterback, something the program has been seeking since Ken Dorsey was leading the team to BCS national championship games.
Sleeper: Augustus Edwards is a big power back who should complement all-everything running back Duke Johnson.
Overview: Miami didn't land a single defensive tackle, which was a big position of need, so that hurts for a unit looking to shore up the defensive line. It landed a pair of Rivals250 prospects in local standouts Jermaine Grace and Stacy Coley. Both have a chance to make an impact when they arrive in Coral Gables next fall. The 'Canes also tapped into the JUCO ranks for tight end Beau Sandland and pass rusher Devante Bond. It's hard to judge the 2013 class because Miami was planning to take a small group. Head coach Al Golden and his staff did the best job they could with the NCAA investigation looming over the program. However, missing out on Matt Thomas and Keith Bryant to conference rival Florida State is disappointing, to say the least.

8. North Carolina State

Headliner: Matt Dayes is a compact running back who has the speed to get to the outside and the size to run between the tackles.
Sleeper: Bryant Shirreffs is a quarterback who saw a lot of interest late in the cycle and jumped at the chance to join the Wolfpack.
Overview: This one isn't easy to sugarcoat; the new Wolfpack staff had a hard time closing on big-time targets, and the school finished without a single player rated higher than a three-star. The strengths in this class are in its consistency and the belief by the staff that it has found players to fit the new offensive system. Dayes and Shirreffs lead that group, and three-star offensive lineman Tylar Reagan has a chance to be a bookend offensive tackle during his career in the Triangle. A pair of wide receivers were the biggest steals of the class, with Marquez Valdes committing on signing day and three-star Jumichael Ramos flipping from Georgia Tech a few days before signing day.

9. Wake Forest

Headliner: Dezmond Wortham is a physical running back from the state of Texas who will help get tough yards in the revamped ACC.
Sleeper: John Armstrong is a three-star running back from the same high school that produced Tennessee Titans star Chris Johnson.
Overview: The Demon Deacons took 23 players in a class filled with mostly mid-three-star players. The coaching staff is hoping it found at least a few diamonds in the rough, with one candidate being two-star Georgia athlete Deonte Davis. Davis could be used as a wide receiver or a defensive back, a position of priority in this year's class. Wake took four defensive backs, and all are listed at 5-foot-11 or taller, a necessity to deal with big, physical receivers in the ACC. Despite a pretty good year for talent in North Carolina, the Demon Deacons pulled in just four in-state players, a number that needs to improve in the future.

10. Duke

Headliner: Johnell Barnes was a highly sought-after slot wide receiver from Florida who committed last summer and stuck with the Blue Devils through signing day. Sleeper: Deondre Singleton was a late addition to the class and could play at safety or corner in the defensive backfield. Overview: On the heels of the program's first bowl game of the 21st century, the Blue Devils put together a solid class. Duke made an effort to recruit nationally, and it added players from seven states, including California, Texas and Nevada. There's no questioning the academics the Blue Devils can offer and solid play on the field are beginning to make the school a more attractive option for football players. Players expected to contribute early include three-star linebacker Dominic Zanca and three-star defensive back Evrett Edwards.

11. Georgia Tech

Headliner: Shamire DeVine has the potential to be an elite tackle if he can buckle down and work hard on the guidance of the Yellow Jackets coaching staff.
Sleeper: Chris Griffin has a chance to join DeVine as a dominant lineman if he can add weight to his 6-foot-6 frame.
Overview: It was a rough close to the cycle for the Yellow Jackets as they lost three three-star players over the final two weeks. High hopes of adding Carl Lawson, Cornelius Elder and Trey Johnson fell through, although Elder didn't make a commitment on signing day and could still be in play. Of the players who did sign, DeVine and three-star running back Travis Custis highlight the class. Custis is a back who had offers from Clemson, Michigan State and Miami and has the chance to be the next big running back to come out of Paul Johnson's system. With just 14 commits, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Jackets add a few late signees or load up in next year's class.

12. Boston College

Headliner: Tevin Montgomery is one of the most physically gifted Boston College commits. Sleeper: Charlie Callinan can play a number of positions on offense and, if used in the right way, can create mismatches. Overview: Though there isn't much star power in Boston College's 2013 recruiting class, there are some definite bright spots. Although Tim Boyle flipped to Connecticut, the Golden Eagles are still bringing in good depth at quarterback with James Walsh and Mackay Lowrie. Overall, this group of recruits is very balanced, with three defensive backs, four defensive linemen, two linebackers, two quarterbacks, one running back and two wide receivers. There isn't much more you can ask Coach Addazio to do when he comes in with only two months left in the recruiting cycle. Look for Coach Addazio to weed out players that don't fit his scheme so he knows what kind of players he wants to recruit for next year.
 02-07-2013, 01:55 PM         #776
Flo State 
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This is a video I made a couple years ago. The transitions are weak, but figured y'all would appreciate the highlights.

[video - click to view]

 5 years ago '08        #777
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Got some 24/7 sh*t for yall

Here is a look back at prospects that considered us and ones we considered. Along with our needs and who we ended up landing. I think the most obvious question mark was Offensive Line, but we had major needs at LB and DE and came up aces. I listed players that we were interested in, that also shows a mutual interest in FSU at some point by visiting here. I didn't include players that we offered that never bothered checking us out.

* - Designates a former Florida State Commitment that signed elsewhere.
** - Designates a former commitment of another school that signed with Florida State.

John Franklin

Other Targets
Brice Ramsey (Georgia) - camped at FSU 2 summers ago, we loved him, but was always a UGA lock
Ryan Burns (Stanford) - also camped at FSU 2 summers ago, and was the best QB there.
Johnathon McCrary (Vanderbilt) - again, at the FSU summer camp, with Winston signing here, never seriously considered us

Grade: B
- We didn't need a QB at all, so signing any at all was a plus. Hard to be too critical here.

Ryan Green

Other Targets
Derrick Henry (Alabama) - was the top RB in FL, visited here, but we were never considered
Alex Collins (Arkansas, we think) - we had him locked up before Gran departed for Cincinnati
Gus Edwards (Miami) - much like Gran/Collins, this was a similar situation with James Coley leaving for Miami

Grade: A-
- Ryan Green is a superstate, only reason we have the minus is because we really could have used a Fullback type player.

Bobo Wilson
Isaiah Jones
Kermit Whitfield** (Miami decommit)

Other Targets
Stacy Coley (Miami) - was our big miss on NSD, the best WR in FL for 2013
Jayron Kearse (Clemson) - is a very good player, who camped at FSU, this was over a while ago, but don't confuse that with how good he is
*Tony Stevens (Auburn) - this was a head ache since back in September, one of many FSU decommitments.
Alvin Bailey (Florida) - we had a spot in this class for him, but he waited too long and we opted to take Kermit as a slot WR; we did want him at one time though
Jordan Cunningham (Vanderbilt) - it is debatable whether he could have committed to FSU or not, but since it was not cut and dry, I included him.

Grade: B
- Coley would have put this WR class in the "A" range. Still a very solid class with guys that can contribute and we did sign a decent amount of WR's. Only thing keeping it from an "A" is the lack of elite player that Coley would have been.

Jeremy Kerr** (Miami decommit)

Other Targets
*Christian Morgan (Ole Miss) - the 2nd FSU decommit (trust me, there are more)
Greg Taboada (Stanford) - did visit FSU once, but Stanford wanted him from the get go
Arshad Jackson (Ole Miss) - FSU came in 2nd here, D. Craig leaving hurt us here

Grade: B
- If Kerr stays at TE, I would move this grade up, because as a TE, he is exactly what we need. A guy who can catch 15 passes a year, but more importantly, help us move the chains on 3rd and 2. The perfect fit at TE. If he moves to OT, it helps us there, but then we have just 2 TE's on the roster going forward (O'Leary and Christo).

Ryan Hoefeld
Ira Denson
Wilson Bell** (UCF decommit)

Other Targets
Trenton Brown (JUCO)(Florida) - was the only JUCO lineman that visited FSU, was always going to UGA or UF
Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss) - Big fail to not get into the mix here, huge need at OT and he lives 90 mins away; we should have been more of a factor
*Austin Golson (Ole Miss) - The most disappointing decision in this entire class may have been Golson's decision to leave FSU for Ole Miss. He was committed to us for 22 months and never waivered until the last second, and to add insult to injury, he left us for a place that really doesn't have all that much going for it. He was the difference between us having a good OL haul and a disappointing one.
Denver Kirkland (Arkansas) - Another disappointment on the OL. Most would have though if he didn't go Miami, it was FSU, to let Arkansas get him with our need on the OL, is much like Tunsil, very disappointing.
Josh Cardiello (Georgia) - An FSU legacy that would have been a great help on the interior, his best friend plays OL for UGA, and that is what got him there.
Roderick Johnson (Florida) - We were top 2 with UF for him; looking back on it, would have been a great addition for us. Stoops leaving ended his recruitment.
Donovan Munger (Ohio State) - Was always going to be a tough pull, great job in recruiting to even get him to look at FSU.

Grade: C-
- The only reason this grade is not lower is because of the quality guys we did sign. Denson, for my money, is the best interior lineman in the country. Hoefeld at 6-2 287 is a dream for us at Center. Wilson Bell is a guy that has a lot of ability and will fit in very well. Without beating the dead horse too much, we needed 5-7 OL and got just 3, that is unacceptable. When recapping our "other targets" the word "disappointment" was used way too often. There were players within the state of FL that we needed to be more of a player for. Also, considering our need on the OL, the list of "other targets" should have been twice as long. We need to get more linemen on campus at some point during the recruiting process. We didn't need a QB, we signed 1 and had 3 top prospects visit at some point. On the OL we needed a minimum of 5, signed 3 and only had 7 others ever visit our campus.

Desmond Hollin (JUCO)
DeMarcus Walker** (Alabama decommit)
Davarez Bryant

Other Targets
Carl Lawson (Auburn) - Did visit FSU, but never seriously considered us.
Isaac Rochell (Notre Dame) - Visited FSU in the Spring, but knew he was going to ND the second he visited.
Joey Bosa (Ohio State) - FSU was in his top 4 before he picked the Buckeyes.
Joey Ivie (Florida) - FSU was #2, but he was going to UF as long as they offered.
Tashawn Bower (LSU) - FSU got an OV, but was running 4th.
*Davin Bellamy (Georgia) - Another FSU decommit, losing Craig and Eliot ended our chances.
Yannick Ngakoue (Maryland) - FSU was #2, kid always wanted to be close to home; will be a DE in college.
Tim Williams (Alabama) - Don't think he was ever that high on our board, was never coming here.
Jordan Sherit (Florida) - Like Williams, was never high on our board, but he did visit here.
*De'Asian Richardson (Louisville) - Was an FSU commitment for 2 hours, grades made it so we never pursued after that.

Grade: A-
- DE was a huge need for us and we really did well. We needed instant impact for the 2013 season and we signed Hollin out of JUCO which we needed badly once Bjoern declared for the NFL. DeMarcus Walker was the best Defensive Lineman in the state of FL and not only did we sign him, but he enrolled early, and if there was one position where we would want a guy to EE this year, it is DE. Davarez Bryant seems to be looking like a better signee the more we look at him. He won't play early, but the potential is there.

Keith Bryant** (Miami decommit)

Other Targets
A'Shawn Robinson (Alabama) - Never seriously considered us, but he did take an OV here.
Caleb Brantley (Florida) - Did visit here, I hear his nickname is "Denson's Calling Card"
*Maquedius Bain (LSU) - Chalk up another decommit, not sure we really wanted him, hence why were out of the picture once he decommitted.
*Deadrin Senat (USF) - Another decommit, similar situation to Bain, I think we land him if we wanted to.

Grade: A-
- I gave us the minus because we only signed 1. That being said, we didn't even need to sign 1, and the one we did sign was a great player. In my opinion he is better than Brantley and is the best DT in FL. Most importantly, he fits the mold of what we want to do on the interior of the DL to perfection. He has 25 TFL his SR season.

Freddie Stevenson
Tyrell Lyons
Ro'Derrick Hoskins
E.J. Levenberry
Matthew Thomas

Other Targets
Daniel McMillan (Florida) - The #2 LB in Florida, a little sting here since he goes to First Coast.
Johnny O'Neal (Georgia) - He did visit FSU, but never seriously considered us.
Trey Johnson (Auburn) - Just like O'Neal, I only listed him because he visited.
Matt Rolin (Florida) - He visited FSU, decommitted from South Carolina and went to UF.
Michael Deeb (Notre Dame) - We offered late and at the time of our offer it seemed like we would have taken him.

Grade: A+
- Without looking at the data, I would venture to guess this is one of the top 3 LB classes in the nation. I can't even begin to describe what kind of exceptional recruiting it takes to land a kid like Matthews Thomas out of Booker T. Washington. Jimbo put on his hard hat for that one. Odell strikes gold again in the DMV area with Levenberry who had offers from everyone known to man. The other 3 LB's all fit roles very well. Lyons is a coverage backer, similar to what we will do with Karlos Williams this season or how Nick Moody was used at times last season. Basically a hard hitting Safety. Hoskins is a poor mans Christian Jones. Hoskins had 4 INT's (I believe) and can rush the passer. He is extremely versatile, or multiple, as Jimbo would call it. Stevenson is a true MIKE backer, that was solid to us the whole way through and is a tackling machine.

Marquez White
Nate Andrews** (Minnesota decommit)
Jalen Ramsey** (USC decommit)

Other Targets
Leon McQuay III (USC) - FSU made a late push, but was never the #1 school
Marcell Harris (Florida) - He was always a Florida lock.
Mackenzie Alexander (Clemson) - Hard to read recruit, he did visit FSU multiple times.
Priest Willis (UCLA, or did he switch?) - We really had no chance once Stoops left, we didn't have much of a shot with him.
Artie Burns (Miami) - Former Bama decommit, FSU was #2.
Rashard Robinson (LSU) - FSU was his 1st offer and did want him.
Eddie Jackson (Alabama) - Again FSU was 1st to offer.
Nick Washington (Florida) - Was always going to UF, he did visit though.
*Adrian Baker (Clemson) - Not sure how much we ever really wanted him.
*SoJourn Shelton (Wisconsin) - Was our 2nd commitment, both sides went their own ways.
*Michael Johnson (Marshall) - Another DB decommitment, again, not sure this bothered us, went to Marshall because of grade issues.
*Mackenroe Alexander (Auburn) - Not sure he was ever a commitment, I think he wanted to be one, but in reality was not.

Grade: A
- Getting Ramsey turns this into a home run DB class. Only thing keeping it from an A+ is that it is a little short on numbers, especially at Safety. With how the state of FL produces DB's, I am glad we decided to not take any and just wait until 2014. As far as teh decommitments go; I think all 4 were a case of us not really wanting the commitment any longer and both sides going their own way.

I think this DB Board should show us how little stock to put into early commitments. Our first 5 commitments from last year:
1. Austin Golson
2. SoJourn Shelton
3. Maquedius Bain
4. Deadrin Senat
5. Michael Johnson

None ended up signing with FSU. Wow!

To sum up everything...
RB: A-
OL: C-
DE: A-
DT: A-
LB: A+

Tony Stevens (Auburn)
Christian Morgan (Ole Miss)
Austin Golson (Ole Miss)
Davin Bellamy (Georgia)
De'Asian Richardson (Louisville)
Maquedius Bain (LSU)
Deadrin Senat (USF)
Adrian Baker (Clemson)
SoJourn Shelton (Wisconsin)
Michael Johnson (Marshall)
Mackenroe Alexander (Auburn)

Guys FSU Stole (6)
Kermit Whitfield (Miami)
Jeremy Kerr (Miami)
DeMarcus Walker (Alabama)
Keith Bryant (Miami)
Nate Andrews (Minnesota)
Jalen Ramsey (USC)

"Commitments" Taking Visits
John Franklin (Tennessee)
Tyrell Lyons (South Carolina)
Ro'Derrick Hoskins (Louisville)
E.J. Levenberry (Tennessee)
Marquez White (Minnesota, Auburn & Kentucky)

Gotta love recruiting...
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$3,178 | Props total: 317 317
Ramsey ready to get to work at FSU

As of two months ago, Brentwood (TN) Brentwood Academy cornerback Jalen Ramsey wasn’t a player on the Florida State radar.

Ramsey admits that he became a Seminole because he felt most comfortable around the Florida State program.

The 247Compositeve five-star prospect was committed to the University of Southern California and it looked like Lane Kiffin was going to grab another out-of-state star to join his secondary. That all changed when Florida State named Jeremy Pruitt their new defensive coordinator at the end of December.

Coach Pruitt came on board and his top priority was getting a visit from Jalen Ramsey, the top player in the state of Tennessee. On January 11th, Ramsey took an official visit to Florida State and that was when things changed for the Seminoles.

“I didn’t hear much from Florida State, but once Coach Pruitt got on campus, he reached out and offered me,” Ramsey mentioned. “He said that I was the first person that he called once he got to Florida State. I researched his background a little more as a DB’s coach and I saw that he had a good background. I took the official visit in January, loved it and I pretty much knew then that I wanted to be at Florida State.”

Prior to his decommitment from USC on February 4th, Ramsey had been committed to the Trojans since July 16th. Although the 6-foot-1, 190-pound cornerback says that USC did nothing wrong to make him look elsewhere, he admits that he just felt most comfortable around the Florida State program.

“It was just the comfortability in the whole program and mainly the trust in the staff,” he said. “I’m also not too far from home, so my family can come see me play more. Just talking to the coaches and the players, it made me want to be a part of the Florida State family and I can’t express how truly great it feels to be a Seminole.”

Ramsey went on to express his respect for everyone at USC for how they handled his recruitment.

“It really wasn’t anything against USC,” Ramsey noted. “I appreciate them a great deal and how hard they recruited me until the end. It was really just how I felt about Florida State. I just feel like this is the best place for me and they made me feel the most comfortable and they just seemed the most honest with me. I’m excited for my future and I’m looking forward to doing my best to work hard for these coaches that gave me an opportunity to come here.”

News broke of his commitment at Noles247.com on Tuesday, but Ramsey admits that he informed Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher on his decision on Monday night. The two spoke for a while on the phone and even attempted to play a joke on Coach Pruitt.

Ramsey is hoping that Florida State offers his friend Corn Elder, who didn't sign on Singing Day.

“I called Coach Fisher on Monday and he was so excited, just like I was,” Ramsey said. “He was telling me that this decision will be a great one for both of us and he was just welcoming me to the family and he said all of my dreams will come true here at this place. He said that I’ll get everything I need at Florida State and I told him that I’m going to give him my all and my best while on campus and work harder every day. We decided not to tell Coach Pruitt and leave him in suspense until Signing Day, but I caved and ended up letting him know on Tuesday.”

With Signing Day in the books, Florida State ended up signing 22 prospects from the Class of 2013. However, if Ramsey has it his way, they may end up adding a one more player before all is said and done.

“Cornelius Elder is a real good friend of mine and a great player,” mentioned Ramsey. “We have known each other for a long time and I would love to play with him. I’ve talked to the coaches about him and I think they will offer him. I’m really hoping that he gets that offer and that he wants to come be a Seminole with me.”

Ramsey is a 247Composite five-star prospect and holds a 99 overall ranking. He is listed as the No. 15 overall player in the country, as well as the No. 2 cornerback in the nation.
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FSU everything that Bell wanted

Eight Mile (Ala.) Blount three-star offensive lineman Wilson Bell reached his decision to sign with Florida State in the days leading up to National Signing Day. The 6-foot-4, 296-pound lineman gave it a great deal of thought.

“I thought about it a lot,” Bell said. “The coaches are great, the atmosphere is great, and it is everything that I ever wanted in a school. It is all right there at Florida State.

“I did get a little shaky in-between,” Bell added. “I gave a lot of thought to Auburn and Ole Miss, but Florida State was the place I wanted to be. It had everything I needed. It was right to me and I went with it.”

A major reason Bell opted for Florida State was offensive line coach Rick Trickett.

“Who can pass up a chance with the best offensive line coach in the country,” Bell said. “You would be a fool to pass that up.”

Trickett’s coaching style is appealing to Bell.

“I think he is a great coach,” Bell said. “I was coached similar by a guy named Chris Samuels. The way Coach Trickett is the same way Coach Samuels coaches. It was just a connection for me. I feel like I connected with Coach Trickett. I feel like he can make more of me. I think he can make the most of me at the next level.”

Bell will help to add immediate depth for Florida State at offensive tackle.

“I am coming in as an offensive tackle, but if he needs me to move I can play anywhere,” Bell said. “I have played every offensive line position in high school. I will do whatever they want me to do.”

With ink now dry and Bell officially in at Florida State, he admits that he is glad the recruiting process has concluded.

“It was like a weight off my shoulders,” Bell said. “I was just so excited about it. It made people proud of me. I was just so happy that I was making my own decision. I was sure on where I wanted to go and I was sure on this being what God had planned for me.

“I plan to take this opportunity and make the best of it,” Bell added.
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Report card: FSU's defensive class (Preview)

Noles247.com grades the defensive class signed by Florida State on National Signing Day.

Walker will likely see early playing time at FSU.

Defensive End
Grade: B
Signees DeMarcus Walker (Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood), Desmon Hollin (Brooklyn (NY) ASA College), Davarez Bryant (New Smyrna Beach (Fla.))

Because Florida State may not meet their numbers, this class a B. There are real academic concerns surrounding New Smyrna Beach (Fla.) three-star strong-side defensive end Davarez Bryant. Bryant was a late steal for the ‘Noles, but he still has work to do in order to qualify. The ‘Noles did, however, pick up two instant impact players in Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood four-star strong-side defensive end DeMarcus Walker and Brooklyn (N.Y.) ASA College three-star strong-side defensive end Desmond Hollin. Both Walker and Hollin will be called upon to contribute in 2013. Walker is already on campus as an early enrollee.

Defensive Tackle
Grade: A
Signees Keith Bryant (Delray Beach (Fla.) Atlantic)

Florida State took a gamble at defensive tackle this year and it paid off. Jimbo Fisher and Odell Haggins identified Delray Beach (Fla.) Atlantic four-star defensive tackle Keith Bryant as their top target. By December, Bryant was the only defensive tackle FSU was recruiting. The move was risky, but the ‘Noles landed Bryant, who will bolster an already loaded position for FSU.

Grade: A+
Signees Freddie Stevenson (Bartow (Fla.)), Matthew Thomas (Miami (Fla.) Booker T.), E.J. Levenberry (Woodbridge (VA) Hylton), Tyrell Lyons (Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast), Ro’Derrick Hoskins (Orlando (Fla.) Evans)

Not only did Florida State meet their needs in terms of numbers, they hit on the top targets on their board. Landing Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington five-star outside linebacker Matthew Thomas on Signing Day was the icing on the cake to an already solid group of linebackers. All of the linebackers FSU signed are athletic, hard hitting and can play all three linebacker positions if called upon. While not everyone can be a “star” on the next level, there is no dead weight coming in at this position. We see all five signees making meaningful contributions during their time at FSU.

Grade: A-
Signees Jalen Ramsey (Brentwood (TN) Academy), Marquez White (Dothan (AL) Northview)

Florida State landed two corners that both have extremely high ceilings. Brentwood (Tenn.) Brentwood Academy four-star cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Dothan (Ala.) Northview four-star athlete Marquez White have NFL measurables. Ramsey will likely see playing time as a freshman, while White will need a year or two to refine his skills on the defensive side of the ball. FSU did a good job of reloading the talent at the cornerback position in 2013.

White is an extraordinary athlete who will play cornerback.

Grade: B+
Signees Nate Andrews (Fairhope (AL))

Although Florida State missed on an instant-impact safety like Leon McQuay III or Marcell Harris, they did land Fairhope (Ala.) three-star defensive back Nate Andrews. Since Lamarcus Joyner decided to return for his senior year, the ‘Noles have the luxury of bringing Andrews along slowly. Jimbo Fisher raved about the 6-foot, 193-pound Andrews at his post-Signing Day press conference. Andrews has the potential to become the steal-of-the-class for Florida State.


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