Loaded Lux vs Calicoe Ė a classical rap battle (Lyrics / Transcript)

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Loaded Lux vs Calicoe Ė a classical rap battle (Lyrics / Transcript)

For all you open minded language lovers, here is a legendary rap battle featuring a young threat against a prized originator of the sport, a thrilling view.

[video - click to view]

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]

This for the brothers up North gettin full on that Jack Mac
First smack back, we got a n*gga to backsmack

And you gon love it, itís gon be a lot of head rolls
Breath hold till the death toll, you know
You Detroit n*ggas came to get divided
But yíall gon always come together at funerals
Youíve even now decided
But why is this done every time that the preacher signs in? Well, itís a sign in
Look at all these portraits of my corpses, Iím just waitin on you n*ggas sizes
I can have the pain in your pit paned into a tweet frame
Get Eminem to 8 mile by 10 it (tenant), or Royce to 5í9 it

Though hip hop donít need any more Dís n*ggas dyin behind it
You keep tryin, but all you n*ggas is good for is deep fryin
They told your daddy, in him, a great gene was hidin
Well he shouldíve kept it in his jeans
Your life wouldíve had a better f*ght on a bedsheet dryin

Rather than tryin to beat the mind as deep as a mine in Africa diggin passages
Halfway into China to reap a diamond, let me be honest
When they break down every round that Iíve sketched, bouts
Thereís nothin tougher than smooth as the rusty tools in a shed house
You n*ggas came here playin, itís cool, but yíall gon leave givin head counts
They didnít even book you n*ggas rooms, I told em Harlem Hospital givin beds out

[pic - click to view]


[Round 2: Loaded Lux]

You was reachin baby, you was climbin and be implyin
My sneakers slidin like Iím slippin
Well, let me get a grip then
Round this n*gga motherfu-kin neck
Iíma gon put that pressure on it all night, and keep applyin
You people buyin we equal sided
This would seem a devised scheme disguised as a match
Thatís what happen when Smack, he donít screen the clients
All this work you put in and you get the same simple a*signment
And every time you line these n*ggas up, I got to do realignments
And Beasley you lyin, these kids paid for a bout on the big stage
And you gave em a rib cage to feed sheep to lion
Why wake the sleeping giant? With a need for diet, a mean for green divided
A rap league of tyrants and a child bein defiant, oh, Iím in battle mode
This sh-t preferably, as your prior professor the precise compilated correct methods of Math, n*gga
This is how you k*ll-k-k-kill-kill, Calicoe

Talent show, this is Godís call
Youngin youíve gotta learn how this works Ė job corp
Itís hardball with an oddball when the shots you throw through do car door like itís cardboard
I feel like Iím at your momís door with a convoy full of armed boys from Darfur
My heart core colder than the shoulders on a US soldier on ĎNam shores
but you can sense it, n*gga, the tension thicker than German guard dogs
My beloved Iron Shiek say, Allahu Akbar

It used to be, choppa too street, two Tupacs for the fleet, oh Iím humbled
You know Iíve learned the science of rockets, as my thought process at meek
Youíre a hobby at peak, Iím like the league doctorís doctrine
Youíre adopted, incompetent, weak
Iím about to pull every compliment out of confident weak
I can see you, boppin the beat box on repeat
ďYo this fu-k n*gga Lux, n*gga not in my league, he got to be seenĒ
Well what you mean, n*gga, optical reach?
Iím too much of an optimum leap
Ever since Hoffa, you think you can swap with elites
What you n*ggas got to compete, not to retreat
Get beat till you drop to your feet when you in the opposite seat

They donít know who they with
Yíall didnít think it exists, I think yíall thought maybe I was a myth
That waited in the abyss and came up out of the mists
But I get to aimin and I donít miss, Iím bout to put it all in your Catcherís Mitt
Dyin in this ring is a sure thing and youíre the definite (death in it)

Can you see the difference between metaphors and real raps?
How a n*gga with metaphors can really rap?
Your slogan? That sh-t a propped-up scheme for the skill you lack
Now I get it, why you did it; personal sh-t, why you diggin
But if you find any skeletons in my closet, n*gga
Well, that should tell you how long it had bodies in it

They wanna know what happened, I said some captain turned Judge Mathis
Cut your pops off in the middle of drug traffic
You stole the role, heart cold, blood Aspen
With the pump plastic, in front Math just
Talkin all crazy at events, some madness (Summer Madness)
Bout how you gon handle Lux tactics, too much for your young actress
All that fake a*s gun clappin ďlandslide,Ē thatís for caskets
You know I k*ll, you can read, everything in my bio, has it (hazard)
How yíall disrespect god? How did yíall disrespect god?
Ainít it evil to live backwards?
Let me bring that back Ďcause I need yíall to grasp it
Ainít it evil to live backwards?

Iím just askin, what you thought?
What Ďcause you had more battles than me, you dropped thirty in a couple of games
n*gga, I wasnít even on the court
Look, it ainít about how many f*ghts you had, itís who you fought

This what champions look like, and we donít look like, you look light
Iím Floyd by you boys battle verses
You Jim Lampley, Larry Merch; n*gga, you just talk a good f*ght

I heard, they rathered Verb in a clash with words
I said word, they have some nerve, he donít have the nerve
You see, deep in they hearts, the three from the Arc wouldnít get snapped with Larry Bird

Chill young, this your lil manís f*ght, you canít cover that
Besides, Miles couldnít even do a block with me, Iíd be lyin about another lap
The trouble back, Iíma get you right when the traffic thick
I let a Nuclear Reactor hit, lot of active lip while I was away
You n*ggas had all this tounge, and canít rap a lick
Let X Factor trip, I wonít even drag the script
Weíll just lock that n*gga in a room and keep showin him the match with Clips

Terraneo, you donít know who terrain you on
The conditions we done trained along, traditions I was raised upon
This new sh-t here for chumps, thatís why Iím up here just doin what I want
I used to battle on the roof, the loser had to jump

But you know, he got dreams of that Learjet
But he gon lean like Aliyah jet
We could bet I brought somethin out a lil normal just in case n*ggas with you doubt Iíd do you awful
Oh, but itís gon cost you
You can tell Trick Trick the only address heíll have left is the email he put the house on you

But three things; you, X-Factor, Miles, yíall better learn to like the gym
ĎFore you might could spend the rest of your battle career tryna win the right to live
Secondly, I wouldíve thought Heartless wouldíve made you care who you put your life against
First of all, only thing you gon ever have over me is your height
but then Iíll slash a hyphen in when your hype begins, your night can end
Iíve been k*llin, since they paid Shillings, these dealins I got a license in
To say I see the sights of men
Thatís like pretendin the d*cks of the dyke was thick in the slit when she piped a chick
Thereís bout, 50ccís of Vicodin in my writin pen
Youíll get scraped crazy like a M80 before they light the stem

In fame vote, me in or not
I should be named dope for the most and wrote the game quote
What you brought for me, a bunch of motherfu-king train jokes?
This sh-t no laughin matter
When in the end, our cake mixed, and you ainít even half the batter
How you gon get the pitch, we donít even have a batter
Youís a waste of my motherfu-king time, n*gga
And youíre cuttin into your motherís fu-king time, n*gga

[pic - click to view]


[Round 3: Loaded Lux]

Letís get to choppin his fable
Youíre a fake new Tupac and weíre fatal
But youíre a gay whoís really a softy Starbucks coffeeís mocha sends bagels
I begged you, come get your thing popped at your cable
Man sh-t, but since we couldnít get your pops at the table
If youíre able, please tell em that hand that rules the world
Thatís the on thatís finna rock your cradle, n*gga

If you notice, I mentioned Verb in the other round
Iím guessin now, subconsciously, possibly, you probably cuz he favored this problem I had to step around
You remember that Holla beef? Where he checked a child
Iím bettin Cal and Hitman are stickman and you wear the weddin gown
All Iím sayin is yíall married, yo
The scenario, same def and style but why are your expressions foul?
I get this feelin like, you feelin like what I said was downÖ low,
Like ďyo, like, that was wildĒ
But thatís funny, Ďcause Iím a little skepti-Cal
Had my peoples investigate you pal
Instagram for you Calicoe fans that have yet to browse
July 17th, 8:40 PM, you posted up
Aw n*gga, you know whatís up, we kept the file

Youíve got some explainin to do, can we address the crowd?
Exhibit A
So thatís how Detroit gangstas do? Skinny dippin gone wild?
Well we ainít judgin though, you ainít on trial

My beloved T-Rex says ďGrown man bars is something you got to deal withĒ
So all of that collaborated, fabricated; it ainít gon equal up to this real sh-t
Check it out, I want yíall to picture this as I paint the slide
Tombstone grain inscribed, here lies my beloved, grave is wide
I mean, I had that much love for you, I know that Ďcause you got that much hate for I
Donít want you to hang your eye
Not for a second lil n*gga, catch it, brace your vibe
Be froze, for death is cold
I wanna search your soul and hold on to whatever holes exposin the pain you hide
Bring me mine, n*gga, now I donít wanna break this bond
I just wanna break the cycle, thank your moms I like you
For the nights she didnít write you, she stayed in line so your days could shine
I might do one better with a letter to tell her how I appreciate in kind
How strong a queen she is and any man would be lucky for her to be made his bride
You see, I take in mind your situation and though I never met your father, I see a lot of his ways in your stride
I mean, you got that ďtalk it like I walk itĒ kind of attitude and you know itís real good he gave you pride
Every son should be proud of his father, and I look at my little one, and I want the same for mine
Thatís why when I look up at you, I see what he can go through when a father donít take the time
You know what I think is fu-ked up? I think itís real fu-ked up when those people gave him all that time
You wanna know whatís even more fu-ked up?
Itís for all them years that he got away from you, has only been a way for you to be more together with him in a cage in five
Thatís why Iím angry guy, Ďcause he didnít take the steps
Now you chase his rep but them runnin shoes ainít your size
They say donít whine over spilled milk but whatís a man supposed to do when his babyís cryin?
Oh he say sh-t like, ďYou know, it costs to be the bossĒ
What, he too good for a payin job?
What was wrong with bein a cable guy, a real estate agent
Why was that n*gga to cool to go to flight school and learn how to fly planes through the friendly skies
But nah, he told you he had to do what he had to do to put food on yíall plate to dine
You mean you tell me all that slangin and bangin was to give yíall greater lives?
When God gave him drive?
And that Big Meech backup singin a*s n*gga left your mom out here alone for the latest ride?
That donít plague your mind? Them mistakes ainít gods?
And you wonder why them Shotgun Suge shells still ache your spine?
Look what Ray Ray got Little Jimmy out here in New York doin
Tell your OG, Bobby Johnson, he tried to steal the wrong radio this time, n*gga
Hey, if you see South Central, when you see this again, thatís gonna be one of your favorite lines
Somethin to think about next time you on stage wavin signs
Tryin to be like the only daddy you got, and I understand you wanna keep his name alive
But younginí, Iím tryin to save you from your demise
You said it yourself, ďmy pops was a real n*gga,Ē youngin that ainít no lie
He was in the business that the system perpetuates on the side
To keep us in the condition where we ainít made to survive
But you think he a god, well, lemme ask you this
Would you k*ll the world to save yourself, n*gga? Yeah I do think that was wise
Somethin to think about the next time yíall thuggin, drinkin and druggin

Hard liquor, yíall full of k*llers, remember
I tried to give him the large picture
Your pops wasnít no gangster, he was just another lost n*gga
You think itís gangster to let a mother love that dope more than her daughter?
Shoot her father from his son and turn around and put that boy on the corner?
Or leave your son out here alone to fend for himself, knowin he need order?
Is your money being long worth your lifespan bein shorter? Huh?
But Iím just tryna give you the large picture
Your pops wasnít no gangster, he was just another lost n*gga
Gangstaís brothers like Marcus Garvey
Who when he performed lectures raised consciousness up from doin wrong
To puttin us in uniforms makin us soldiers in Godís army, or them Garveyites
Nat Turner, when the man had us on the back burner
Facts further steady he lead one of the greatest revolutions of freedom slaves you ever heard of
But then he got murdered
You know what? Harriet Tubman was more of a man than your father would ever be, n*gga

I mean your daddy, that father title get deployed
You know a wise man told me that a wise man understands in this life
You either gon build or destroy
And since it takes a father to raise a man child, well itís no wonder you talk all that young sh-t
You a little boy that donít get the large picture
Your pops wasnít no gangster, he was just another lost n*gga

Look at me, king, look at me
He was so lost Ė you lost, n*gga
Look how they got you, Fox 2, CNN
Youíre supposed to be one of the leadin faces in battle rap, look how you represent
They told me, I said stop lyin, yíall hype em
You in the crib with pissed alligators and sh-t
Not to mention everybody else, but you damn near got yourself indicted
Then you showed the chickens, I thought about you and your man in that picture
ďThese Detroit n*ggas still c*ckf*ghtingĒ

[pic - click to view]

[pic - click to view]

 Loaded Lux vs Calicoe – a classical rap battle (Lyrics / Transcript) ę PdBlackNOIR


 11-20-2012, 06:36 PM         #2
s7venwords  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
This is the 2nd verse that wasnít delivered on the day, say thank youÖ
ďWhatís the point in being average?ÖĒ

[video - click to view]

Cal, you say I didnít put you on
that was Miles and the n*gga Norbes
I say how did he get it wrong
wow, yíall been misinformed

You gotta explain then put together that weigh in that you was on
You see I was in New York but got it done in Detroit
when Miles couldnít orchestrate it, Moe Dirty would get the calls
Real raps, lets kick it off

You gon tell it then tell it all,
instead of yelling: all i did was
put my logo, my brand on every clip that went forth
well hello n*gga, switchboard
then god said let there be light
so i aint gotta guess that you bright
but i put pieces of you everywhere, n*gga,
If its gon help you collect your life

Now correct me if I aint right, but
donít the press get a price for every time they verb with the hype
donít hbo 247 pay floyd every time he dress up to f*ght
when ďgrant?í was on the hill, wasnt he collecting from sprite
but soon as n*ggas start thinking they Jordan
and jump, man you put em in front of Nike
I get back to checking you n*ggas micís,
see i fought to get that D-verse Chicago battle going,
Miles know it
but n*ggas in your own city didnít wanna have him hold it
I flew alleyoops to the no fly zone,
well youíre the last one im throwing
I give you n*ggas shots, whats a calicoe if it aint loaded

You see before the URL,
me and good folks over at Lionz Den
we took battle rap, revamped and new breeded this department
you know, I even had a
couple legends have me to start their starships
I showed how bad Goodz was, I let K shine
I used to freeze a n*gga before the sparks went
remember where you seen it first,
Arsonal and Clips both cleaning out their cartridge
gave Rich Dollaz a lean target, Goddamnit
We got Big T started, Word
if it wasnít for us, Shieet
n*gga Verb would still be in the flea market

But you, you, youíre my greatest creation
you would think we were two nation when it was war declared
but you canít send boys who crawling scared
to men who walk through dares
itís an insult to compare, Detroit
we canít even call this fair

I just came to show him, that i planted this here notion
way before you were long or where
oh, you be in Chicago? well thatís funny
cos I came to break down this High Tower
that thinks heís tall as the ďsears?í, now peep
we call it dressing rappers
you know, you like letting them endorse your gig
give Ďem shorts to win, you know, start Ďem being active
get somebody from a whole other region,
different city, younger demographic
this helps with the different markets youíre trying to tap in
let them get about ten taped battles,
im guess-timating about seven million views, whooo
im not accurate, but thatís traffic
Goddamnit thatís classic, cos see what happens is
you help a man to build an empire, then you attack it

Let me ask this, you read the Bible? Mr Hightower
i mean Calicoe, uuh, perhaps you donít
the reason im asking for, you see
in the book of Exodus, chapter two, verse ten
i canít quote the passage though
thereís a part in there where Godís speaking to Moses
regarding Pharaoh soul, he says to Moses, about Pharaoh
i purposefully hardened his heart,
just so my raft could show the signs of my work
so that afterwards you would know, I am hov
so tell your daddy, n*gga,
if I got to start getting rid of first borns
well, you gon let my people go

You see this plan Iíve spawned and spearheaded
with a friend of mine since I retired, it was all a dare
a lot of yíall would ask
how did Calicoe get Lux with so many losses in here
but I have purposefully pushed this pawn across the board this year
you see, it didnít matter if its victories, with HD a Walkman clear
people are biased, im not gon say they all were fair
but the fact they talked about him in gambling spot and barber shears, I know n*ggas saw you there
this is why a mind like mines has long been feared
this is compensation for helping starting your career
this is payback for every match of yours that aired
you canít see how in this one night, i got in front of every camera
that youíve ever been on, for years
so that would mean for you, all, ends, here n*gga

Its like the farmer told the potato,
ima plant you now, dig you later
you see, we break them then deflate them
with this battle sh*t itís battleships
sometimes you gotta blow them up to sink em

It took patience, I was staking, scouting, casing
the door racing
between the couch potato, window when the house was vacant
and its pretty clear to me now
i mean, look how many people I brought to crowd your space with
I could have caught you out, one night, with the wife
when you had reservations
and left yíall both late, brings a new meaning to out, dated

Speaking of your girl, I remember the Summer Madness before,
when you and Math was at war, I wanted to ask her before
you brought her out from the back of your boys,
you showed her to the crowd, we was like ĎWow!í
you know, clap and applause,
cute in the face, a*s was galore
I must say sheís attractive for sure,
that boy Calicoe got good taste,
baby girl, we wanna know what happened to yours

They told you to chill Cal, now you in here with a real bow
wonder heíll battle with a hundred pound wheel barrow
kneel, how? sh*t turn to pressure like a steel valve,
this aint even beef, you aint real, Cal

sh*t, them people from Peta put this young boy in a cold storm
with no clothes on, thatís why n*ggas got told on
I think he tried to hold on and was like ďhold onĒ
whatís gonna happen if keeping it real goes wrong?
not k*lla-ma-gilla-go-rilla Cal
always down for the riot,
but now Big T come in the house gotta tell him ďQuietĒ

FB eyeing till they build stacks,
thatís when they come and get ya, disfigure your member
then give you your grill back like
we just wanna see where your skills at
we understand your tongue is your weapon
but you supposed to conceal that
you know once you give them control
its hard to get that will back
money moves used to light your fuse, they k*lled that
tell Ice Cube we done found his chill pack
letís reveal facts,
they put an offer on the table, you push the deal back
i need to speak to my lawyer or point me to my cell
anything else then heíll rat,
you took 48 hours and made the 48 seconds flat
if you a Calicoe fan, you supposed to feel wack now
we already know the answer but we gon still ask when
they had you in that room,
did you give them metaphors or real raps

[pic - click to view]

 12-27-2012, 09:26 PM         #3
MrDoughBoy985  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Lux Is 1 Sick a*s n*gga With Dem Lyrics!!! He k*lled Calico!

 7 years ago '11        #4
outlaw0immortal 10 heat pts10
avatar space
$1,221 | Props total: 266 266
Lux's rounds are biblical

 6 years ago '13        #5
Guvnor 1122 heat pts1122
avatar space
$43,258 | Props total: 12358 12358
Where is Calicoe's bars. LMAO

 6 years ago '04        #6
avatar space
$2,849 | Props total: 480 480
"i can have the pain, in your pic, paned"

Last edited by Mr_Plenty; 01-26-2013 at 11:05 PM.. Reason: "they told you to chill cal, now you in a real battle

 01-28-2013, 11:10 PM         #7
s7venwords  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
sh*t, them people from Peta put this young boy in a cold storm
with no clothes on
You think it’s gangster to let a mother love that dope more than her daughter?
Shoot her father from his son and turn around and put that boy on the corner?
Or leave your son out here alone to fend for himself, knowin he need order?
Is your money being long worth your lifespan bein shorter? Huh?
But I’m just tryna give you the large picture
Your pops wasn’t no gangster, he was just another lost n*gga
There’s bout, 50cc’s of Vicodin in my writin pen
You’ll get scraped crazy like a M80 before they light the stem
It used to be, choppa too street, two Tupacs for the fleet, oh I’m humbled
You know I’ve learned the science of rockets, as my thought process at meek
You’re a hobby at peak, I’m like the league doctor’s doctrine
You’re adopted, incompetent, weak
I’m about to pull every compliment out of confident weak
I can see you, boppin the beat box on repeat
“Yo this fu-k n*gga Lux, n*gga not in my league, he got to be seen”
Well what you mean, n*gga, optical reach?
I’m too much of an optimum leap
Ever since Hoffa, you think you can swap with elites
What you n*ggas got to compete, not to retreat
Get beat till you drop to your feet when you in the opposite seat

Last edited by s7venwords; 01-28-2013 at 11:13 PM..

 02-15-2013, 11:48 PM         #8
TheMob  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
This sh*t was scust

 03-12-2013, 12:14 PM         #9
s7venwords  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
 TheMob said
This sh*t was scust
Lux broke him down like a father scolding his son.





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