Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2, The Great American Rap Album Part 1 (2012)

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 6 years ago '04        #61
$1,202 | Props total: 34 34
have been lsitening to this join non stop since it came out. some tracks that i skip but most songs are on point! 4/5
 6 years ago '05        #62
Universal~Mind 59 heat pts59
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$12,110 | Props total: 534 534
I just can't look lupe in the eye without thinking he looks like a complete sissy.... Especially in "BAttle Scars" video.... n*gga is such a fu*kin nerd..... Lookin like RICK JAMES with that mess of a lock hairdo....... fu*k is wrong with n*ggas?
 6 years ago '06        #63
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$873 | Props total: 0 0
I am so happy to hear the real guy from the Chi, "Lupe Fiasco" IS BACK! Lupe introduced us to his thought provoking, part backpack rap part new school sound when he came out with his debut album, "Food and Liquor" in 2006.

After dropping the lackluster album "Lasers" in 2011, it wasn't clear if he would bounce back to the Lupe we all heard on the debut, but this album was just what the doctor ordered.

The album kicks off with "Ayesha Says" spoken word, that is a summary of the world today indicating that not much has changed from the time between Emmitt Till and Trayvon Martin. "Strange Fruition" (Feat. Casey Benjamin) speaks to America and is also an ode to the "Strange Fruit" which they include the lyrics in the chorus "Many things, strangest things you ever seen
Oh, look at how they swing, would you look at how they swing?

Accompanied by the dark orchestral strings,

Now I can’t pledge allegiance to your flag
Cause I can’t find no reconciliation with your past
When there was nothing equal for my people in your math
You forced us in the ghetto and then you took our dads

The song goes in the direction similar to the "Day Dreaming" on his first Food and Liquor installment, highlighting the issues and "Trap" of the ghetto and its allure.

"ITAL (Roses)" scared me upon the intros ad libs.. I didn't know who I was listening to at first for a while. Thought it was Weezy. It sounds like a smart parody of the music that everybody is putting out. Lupe used more profanity here than I have ever heard him use anywhere else, but he let's it be known his reason for it being so..

"I know you’re sayin, “Lupe rappin’ ‘bout the same sh*t”
Well, that’s ‘cause ain’t sh*t changed, bi*ch
And please don’t excuse my language
Cause I would hate for you to misrepresent
The true expression of my anguish
And by this far I ain’t shocked, upset, or appalled
I’m ashamed, bi*ch"

Love this track because of the honesty.. that and the lessons being taught inside of the music. Another quotable from this track is below.

"Don’t let these lying images up in hip-hop here conquer you
The TV’s not your father fool, that video’s not your momma
Try your best to be a man and your worst to be a monster"

"Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" sparked controversy early, it was produced by Simonsayz and B-Side and samples Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s classic track, “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” . Pete Rock was not pleased with this. Honestly there are some tracks you just don't mess with, and if you do get the blessing from the creator. Back to the music though I couldn't get with this one right off. He raps about his disgust for empty protests, greedy corporations, poverty, etc. the usual. Kinda blah. Educational but still. Education on the solutions would be nice.

"B*tch Bad" Lupe presses the dumb it down button here with the simplistic flow, slips the medicine in with the sugar, and from the shock value of the song title alone makes a huge statement. The trap instrumental produced by " The Audibles" makes the song a masterpiece and fits the track perfectly and is the perfect vehicle for Lupe to ride on. This serves as a message to those that don't understand the impact of certain music and images that the youth have access to. The chorus goes as so, and is also a cautionary tale, and it happens in real life.

bi*ch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
(I'm k!llin' these bi*ches)
Uh, tell 'em
bi*ch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
They misunderstood

Then in the last verse,

The little boy meets one of those little girls
And he thinks she a bad bi*ch and she thinks she a bad bi*ch
He thinks disrespectfully, she thinks of that s3xually
She got the wrong idea, he don't wanna fu*k her
He think she's bad at bein' a bi*ch, like his mother

can we see where the confusion sets in? The wordplay is crazy here, if the guy thinks the girl is a "bad bi*ch" in the sense of her being bad at being a bi*ch, and you then go back to the chorus, "bi*ch Bad, Woman Good, Lady Better" He cleverly states the misconception on both ends.

"Lamborghini Angels" brings out the swift and knockout delivery that only Lupe can pull off. An uptempo, rapid synth and bass boom, hand clap track with an even deeper message, focusing around the now illegal method of lobotomy in women that wanted to do more than be the perfect wife, to the military abusing their power in the middle east, (it's amazing how he does this without actually coming out and saying so..).

The wordplay on "Put Em Up" will have you floored, this is the one track that you may have to rewind a few times and then you will GIVE LUPE HIS PROPS. Please sit down, and keep up, are you sitting? Ok, good.

Put one in the air like the king's son

For the heir to the kingdom

That means I'mma be the king once the king done
If he don't wanna leave then I might have to guillotine him
I sing some but I rap a lot like the king's son
Microphone checker all across the board you should king him
Diamond mine my mind make princesses like king cum

Lupe spits eloquently and it is ultimately one of the best songs on the album for the wordplay alone, that and Lupe's c*ckiness here. Lupe gets a little less militant and more LL , on the "How Dare You" track that he lazily spits over with the neo soul artist "Bilal". It's a typical track for the ladies over the piano touched instrumental more r&b than hip hop to me a little too commercial.

Esco is on the Far Left
Cold War is a little darker, you can hear the sadness and the part of him that is missing his brother, Jubar “Esco” Croswell, a popular male model, who passed in 2010.

Said it's a cold cold war
Ain't nobody wins like the government
In the U.S.S.R
Cause this is all for shares
Nobody cares
Who you think you are
And you can f!ght it, but there's no defense
For what things are
Baby grab a jacket
It's a cold, cold...

Let me clarify the chorus
And what my cold war is
Cause the complexity is enormous
Using one of my greatest losses with eyes like faucets
To reinforce every single word that I talk with
Something about losing things, human beings
That reduces things to their most elementary
Find yourself where you never meant to be
With the energy of memories
That's the soul force of what's behind k!lling me

"In the studio writing these words, after another
In memorial of my brother
As you listen to the album with
Nothing on the cover
I imagine that he hovers
In the back of his chair
Floating right there in the air
Nodding his head to the music, I slightly lose it
Ask why do I put myself through this"

Lupe had to dig deep to let the public in on this track, although it's a little somber it's one of the most emotionally honest tracks on the album.

The overall album is solid, not sure if I would put this album up there with the first Food and Liquor, but it definitely showed the versatility in content matter. Did the album show growth? Lupe is now an insider of how things work in the industry so with this album you get a more experienced artist lyrically as well as knowledgeable on the subjects he touches on. It's a little heavy on the complaints towards the U.S. government which in essence aren't complaints but more like observations. Lupe does his best to pass positive messages for change to those willing to listen. I definitely have to rate this as a 8 on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the highest.
 6 years ago '08        #64
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$941 | Props total: 0 0
a very meh album

 6 years ago '10        #65
knowlege bass 
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$3,298 | Props total: 706 706
Had some time to digest this now. As a long time Lupe fan who enjoys his convoluted lyrical riddles I like this album, even with its faults in execution in certain spots. However you can tell that Lupe has really let the world bring him down. His industry experience has soured him and you can tell he has lost his true passion for his art. But even an emotionally detached Lupe is still better to me than most of what I have heard this year. Would probably put it behind Control System and Life Is Good in terms of ranking for this year.
 6 years ago '09        #66
mtva24 224 heat pts224
avatar space
$8,994 | Props total: 1543 1543
I gave this album a 3.5. I cant stop comparing his work to Food and Liq 1 and The Cool. Oh well

Audobon ballroom is annoying as fu*k....

Strange Fruition, ITAL, and Around my way was a nice combo tho....

Lamborgini angels is growing on me, but Put Em Up, Hood now, Form Follow Function is hard! Im a little iffy on Brave Heart...
 10-10-2012, 05:56 AM         #67
Silver N Black 
$n/a | Props total:  
Strange Fruition just came around the playlist, song is crazy beautiful. The beat is addictive.
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