Feb 13 - Beef Between 50 & The Game?

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Feb 13 - Beef Between 50 & The Game?

In other related news, 50 cent recently conducted an interview on a popular west coast radio show stating his views on G-Unit Records, his relationship with The Game, and upcoming projects from G-Unit artists Olivia and Tony Yayo.

50 Cent addressed a lot of the speculation that him and The Game do not get along. He informed the station that their relationship was strictly business and he did not know The Game prior to him signing with G-Unit Records. He said tension has started to form because of the business side of the music.

50 informed the station that he was a large part of The Game's success and he was responsible for a large portion of the writing on the album. It is well known that 50 Cent penned the hooks for several of The Games smash singles as reported on popular hip-hop site SOHH.com and several other publications.

It was implied that there was a little bit of a dispute as to who should be receiving certain publishing since 50 Cent played such a major role in the writing of the album. 50 Cent informed the listeners that The Game had been signed to Aftermath for two years prior to the release of The Game's debut album "The Documentary" and he was called in to bring creativity to the album since The Game had hit a wall, and his project was not headed in the
right direction.

It was noted that The Game reached out to DJ Whoo Kid who is the official DJ for G-Unit, and asked for help on gaining a direction for his album. At that point 50 stepped in and formed a joint venture with Dr. Dre to executive produce the album. 50 Cent commented on Lloyd Banks relationship with The Game, stating that they did not have a relationship.

That further increased the speculation that there is serious tension between The Game and the rest of the G-Unit family. Female G-Unit member Olivia is set to release her first official album on G-Unit Records followed by a full album from Tony Yayo. 50 claims Yayo’s album is the best out of all the records that have been released and he continued to reinforce that he saved the best for last.

50 Cent also reassured everyone that Tony Yayo would out-sell The Game's release and possibly come close to his debut "Get Rich or Die Trying."




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