Review: DJ Kay Slay/Juelz Santana - Mic Check

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Review: DJ Kay Slay/Juelz Santana - Mic Check

DJ Kay Slay/Juelz Santana – Mic Check

The Drama King takes off from the explosive 2005 Live with Mic Check, aptly titled for Juelz Santana’s new block burning track. While “Mic Check” is the real treat on this disc, Mic Check is also a preview of Juelz highly anticipated Back Like Cooked Crack 2: More Crack. Crack refers not only to Santana’s street-creepin’ past but also the style the man possesses. Many have took a while to get hooked on this type of crack, even yours truly (how could anyone truly front on his debut? Nearly everyone did). Well, with Juelz spittin’ more crack than Rick James in his heyday he won’t have to worry about that now. The mix CD opens up with the charismatic emcee razzle-dazzling Slim Thug’s “Like a Boss,” while Kay Slay’s nextman Papoose steals the show with a burner on the next track (“I hustle all night / My girl said I need rest ya head / I told her ‘naw, I can get enough sleep when I’m dead’ / These young rappers tryin’ to be what I said / But my veins is older than yours, everything you bleedin’ I’ve bled.”). Damn. The best of the freestyles happens to be Black Rob’s gems over some Life After death beats. Now Black Rob is spittin’ some real crack. You’ve got to love the direction Bad Boy is going on: Aasim, Black Rob, G-Dep, Boyz In Da Hood, Eightball & MJG, Mase, and P. Diddy. Not bad.

Next up, 50 Cent, with a new banger…it’s more lady-driven stuff, but the 40’s Al Capone (The Massacre foolz) backdrop is knockin’. Not sure if this is a new track or what due to all the phony tracklistings plaguing the net right now. Still waiting on a new 50 Cent joint where he actually talks about runnin’ dudes sh*t, takin’ their chain, pullin’ the mac 1-8 on ‘em and so on. It’ll come. Ja Rule is an angry dude, and the more people are makin’ fun of this cat I’m havin’ more respect for him for stayin’ in this game. Him and Black Child join Dipset over a remix of Ashanti’s “Only U,” which should appeal to both sistas and brothas alike. I didn’t like “Where I’m From” on The Documentary, but the added Dre verse changes my opinion. The new Ruff Ryders track is hot to def, the k*ller Mike and M.O.P. make a dangerous combo, the rock-riff-driven Main-O and soulful Posta Boy tracks are good looks, but Mic Check is all about Juelz. Along with a few Hot 97 radio exclusives, Juelz runs through various beats. None better than the introspective “People Use to Say,” which is an ill cover of Jay-Z’s “You Must Love Me.” Most of y’all have heard Santana’s remake to “You Don’t Know Me,” but this one features the T.I.P. in the flesh. I could’ve done without some of the unsigned hype and played Fifty freestyle toward the end, but “Yall Ain’t Gangsta” has some of the funniest one-liners of the year (unintentionally?) while Middlemen’s Motown-influenced “Baby” and the electronic-dance floor boogie “Drink It” with J.R. are worth the price of admission. Streetsweepers is here to stay.

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