Feb 10 - The Game: "Jay-Z Can Suck My Dick!"

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Feb 10 - The Game: "Jay-Z Can Suck My d*ck!"

for the non believers

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On his first tour through Europe, The Game sparked alot of controvery. Myself and Yash went to the Snoop Dogg & Game show tonight in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall, and it was definitely worth it. Having trouble with the security guards, we weren't able to take any pictures or film the show, but I'm gonna give ya'll a detailed review of what went down.

We got there a little late, missing the beginning of Game's performance. As we entered the arena, Game was on stage with his shirt off, the pants sagging extra hard, and his Aftermath chain shining around his neck. He had a very good stage presence, and a very solid performance overall. After doing Dreams and Church For Thugs, where he already took shots at the likes of Yukmouth, Memphis Bleek, Joe Budden and murder Inc, he told DJ Quik on the 1's and 2's to stop the music and announced something that could be the start of a huge battle in HipHop.
As ya'll saw on here the other day, Jay-Z recorded a little song going at Game on Funk Flex radio show (Hot97). "I got an email from the USA, saying that JayZ been on the radio dissing Game...", Game spoke. "Now I told ya'll I don't take shots at legends, but how many of ya'll think Game should record a diss song for Jay-Z"?, he asked the cheering crowd.

That's when the beat to "How We Do" started, and Game started a little chant that he then repeated about 10 times.

"Ja Rule Can SUCK MY d*ck, Ashanti can SUCK MY d*ck, Irv Gotti can SUCK MY d*ck, murder Inc can SUCK MY d*ck, Joe Budden can SUCK MY d*ck, Memphis Bleek can SUCK MY d*ck, Beanie Sigel can SUCK MY d*ck, Jay-Z can SUCK MY d*ck, Rocafella can SUCK MY d*ck, if you a hater n*gga SUCK MY d*ck".

At that point Game was totally pumped up, and went into "How We Do", followed by "Hate It Or Love It". After a little interlude by DJ Quik where they played the beat to "Pitch In On A Party", Game came back to Jay-Z again, visibly even more heated. He ended his set by doing the "Suck My d*ck" chant a couple more times, and left the crowd hyped, but shocked at the same time.

Did Game bite off more than he can chew with this one? Will G-Unit ride with him through this beef? This will be interesting to see in the coming weeks.

Let's get back to the show, after about 15min of break, DJ Jam took the stage and announced Snoop Dogg, Soopafly and Uncle June Bugg. Daz, however, couldn't make it due to problems with his passport. Snoop walked on stage dressed in blue and white, to the intro of Paid The Cost, "Da Bo$$ Would Like To See U". As always, he went through all his old hits, performing every single song off Doggystyle except for "For My n*ggaz & My bi*ches, Serial k*lla and G-Funk Intro". They rapped Kurupt's verse on "Ain't No Fun", throwing in a little fu*k Kurupt! at the end. "Deep Cover, P.I.M.P remix, bi*ch Please, Drop It Like It's Hot, Let's Get Blown, Down 4 My n*ggaz" were also part of the set. After blazing a huge joint during his chronic break and doing his obligatory "Smoke Weed, Get High, and fu*k" chant, bringing his Uncle Reo" on stage to help him out, he let his band The Snoopadelics go into a little reggae instrumental, making the crowd singing along with him. He finished it off with "Who Am I", Snoop and his crew exited the stage.

Overall it was a great show, I missed the other opening act Flipsyde, and the songs "Higher, Westside Story and Put You Up On Game" off of Game's set.

We will be uploading pictures that our forum member Mauzip took, anybody else with pictures, feel free to email me them.

Dubcnn will also be present at one of the Germany shows, this time bringing ya'll some exclusive footage and interviews, so look forward to that!

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