100 Hip Hop One-Hit Wonders

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100 Hip Hop One-Hit Wonders

The usual definition of a "hit" is a Top 40 single, but with rap it's not that simple. Especially in its earlier years, the genre was essentially street music, poorly represented on radio and the charts. Many classic records would not be considered a hit at all by mainstream standards. By the same token, many classic acts like De La Soul and Digital Underground had huge career-defining chart hits ("Me Myself & I" and "The Humpty Dance," respectively) but still enjoyed rich and productive careers. You won't find them on this list.

Nor will you find Gerardo's "Rico Suave" or Partners in Kryme's "Turtle Power" on here.

100. Smilez and Southstar "Tell Me" (2003)
Producer: DJ nasty & LVM
Album: Crash The Party
Label: Trans Continental Records

99. Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde "Genius Rap" (1981)
Producer: Alonzo Brown
Album: N/A
Label: Profile Records

[video - click to view]

98. KMD "Peach Fuzz" (1991)
Producer: KMD
Album: Mr. Hood
Label: Elektra Records

97. Quo "Blowin' Up (Don't Stop the Music)" (1994)
Producer: Teddy Riley
Album: Quo
Label: Epic Records

96. Y'all So Stupid "Van Full Of Pakistans" (1992)
Producer: Spearhead X
Album: Van Full Of Pakistans
Label: Rowdy Records

95. Mellow Man Ace "Mentirosa" (1989)
Producer: Tony G
Album: Escape From Havana
Label: Captiol Records

94. The Whoridas "Shot Callin' Big Ballin'" (1996)
Producer: Merg-1
Album: Whoridin'
Label: Delicious Vinyl

93. Nikki D "Daddy's Little Girl" (1991)
Producer: S.I.D. Reynolds
Album: Daddy's Little Girl
Label: Def Jam

92. Divine Styler "Ain't Sayin' Nothin'" (1989)
Producer: Bilal Bashir
Album: Word Power
Label: Epic Records

91. Ten Thieves "It Don't Matter" (1995)
Producer: Stretch
Album: N/A
Label: Break A Dawn Records

90. Candy Man "Knockin' Boots" (1990)
Producer: Candy Man, Johnny J
Album: Ain't No Shame In My Game
Label: Epic Records

89. King Just "Warrior's Drum" (1995)
Producer: RNS
Album: Mystics Of The God
Label: Select Records/Blackfist

88. Madkap "Proof Is In Da Pudding" (1993)
Producer: Broadway
Album: Look Ma Duke, No Hands
Label: RCA Records

87. BWP "Two Minute Brother" (1991)
Producer: Mark s3xx
Album: The Bytches
Label: Def Jam

86. Dimples D "Sucker DJs (I Will Survive)" (1983)
Producer: Marley Marl
Album: Dimples & Spice
Label: Party Time Records / Warlock Records

85. RBL Posse "Don't Give Me No Bammer Weed" (1992)
Producer: Black C
Album: A Lesson To Be Learned
Label: In-A-Minute Records

84. Cool C "Glamorous Life" (1989)
Producer: Lawrence Goodman, Warren McGlone
Album: I Gotta Habit
Label: Atlantic Records

83. Blood Of Abraham "stabbed by the Steeple" (1993)
Producer: Bilal Bashir
Album: Future Profits
Label: Ruthless Records

[video - click to view]

82. Paperboy "Ditty" (1993)
Producer: Rhythum D
Album: The Nine Yards
Label: Next Plateau / London Records

81. The B.U.M.s "Elevation" (1995)
Producer: Joe Quixx for All City Productions
Album: Lyfe'N'Tyme
Label: Priority Records

80. N2Deep "Back To The Hotel" (1992)
Producer: Johnny Z, N2Deep
Album: Back To The Hotel
Label: Profile Records

79. US3 "Cantaloop" (1993)
Producer: Geoff Wilkinson, Mel Simpson
Album: hand on the torch
Label: Blue Note Records

78. Double XX Posse "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It" (1992)
Producer: T-Ray
Album: Put Ya Boots On
Label: Big Beat Records

77. Dred Scott "Back In The Days" (1994)
Producer: Dred Scott
Album: Breakin' Combs
Label: Tuff Break Records

76. Anotha Level "What's That Cha Say" (1994)
Producer: Laylaw and D-Mac
Album: On Anotha Level
Label: Priority Records

75. Freak nasty "Da Dip" (1996)
Producer: Freak nasty
Album: Controversee...That's Life...And That's the Way It Is
Label: Triad Records

74. B-Rock & The Bizz "My Baby Daddy" (1997)
Producer: B-Rock
Album: Porkin' Beans & Wienes
Label: La Face / Arista Records

[video - click to view]

73. Nonchalant "5 Oclock In The Morning" (1996)
Producer: DeWayne "Bam" Staten, Sr., Kapin L. Ferguson, Jr., and Alonzo "Lonnie" Simmons, Jr.
Album: Until The Day
Label: MCA Records

72. Major Figgas "Yeah That's Us" (2000)
Producer: Darnell Marshall, Dean murder, Hotrunner
Album: Figgas 4 Life
Label: RuffNation / Warner Bros. Records

71. The Nonce "Mix Tapes" (1993)
Producer: the nonce
Album: world ultimate
Label: Wild West 1994 / American Recordings / Warner Bros. Records

70. The Real Roxanne "Bang Zoom (Let's Go Go)" (1986)
Producer: Full Force
Album: N/A
Label: Select Records

69. JVC Force "Strong Island" (1987)
Label: B-Boy Records

Producer: DJ Lethal
Album: Make Way for the W
Label: Tommy Boy Records

67. Cool Cool Cal "My Projects" (2001)
Producer: Bigg Hank
Album: Disturbed
Label: Tommy Boy Music

66. MC Brains "Oochie Coochie" (1991)
Producer: Rico Anderson
Album: Lovers Lane
Label: Motown Records

65. GS Boyz "Stanky Legg" (2008)
Producer: Ryan ESL
Album: N/A
Label: Battery/Jive Records / Swagg Team

64. MC Shy D "Bust This" (1987)
Producer: Peter "Shy-D" Jones
Album: Got To Be Tough
Label: Luke Skyywalker Records

63. L'Trimm "Cars With The Boom" (1988)
Producer: DSK
Album: Grab It!
Label: Hot Productions / Atlantic Records

62. Inl f/ Pete Rock "Fakin' Jax" (1996)
Producer: Pete Rock
Album: N/A
Label: Elektra Records

61. The Skinny Boys "Jockbox" (1986)
Producer: Mark Bush, Chuck Chillout
Album: Weightless
Label: Warlock Records

60. Divine Sounds "What People Do For Money" (1984)
Producer: Clark Jay, Jerry Bloodrock
Album: N/A
Label: JDC Records

59. Newcleus "Jam On It" (1984)
Producer: Frank Fair, Joe Webb
Album: N/A
Label: Sunnyview Records

58. MIMS "This is Why I'm Hot" (2007)
Producer: Blackout Movement
Album: Music Is My Savior
Label: American King Music / Capitol Records

57. 12 Gauge "Dunkie Butt" (1993)
Producer: Doug Grigsby, David Michery
Album: 12 Gauge
Label: Scotti Brothers Records

56. Real Live f/ Ghostface k!llah & Raekwon "Real Live sh-t (Remix)" (1995)
Producer: K-Def
Album: The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama
Label: Big Beat Records

55. Duice "Dazzey Duks" (1993)
Producer: Tony Mercedes, Troy "Taylor-Boy" Taylor Clear1 Djs
Album: Dazzey Duks
Label: Bellmark Records

[video - click to view]

54. Boss "Deeper" (1993)
Producer: Def Jef
Album: Born Gangstaz
Label: Def Jam

53. DJ Webstarr f/ Young B "Chicken Noodle Soup" (2006)
Producer: Da Drizzle
Album: Webstar Presents: Caught In The Web
Label: Scilla Hill

52. East Flatbush Project "Tried By 12" (1996)
Producer: Spencer Bellamy
Album: N/A
Label: 10/30 Uproar Records

51. Y.C. f/ Future "Racks" (2011)
Producer: Sonny Digital
Album: Rack Nation
Label: Universal Republic

50. Jibbs "Chain Hang Low" (2006)
Producer: The Beatstaz
Album: Jibbs Featuring Jibbs
Label: Geffen Records

[video - click to view]

49. Young Black Teenagers "Tap The Bottle" (1992)
Producer: Terminator X, DJ Skribble
Album: Dead Enz Kidz Doin' Lifetime Bidz
Label: MCA Records

48. Huey "Pop Lock and Drop It" (2006)
Producer: Calvin Miller Productions
Album: Notebook Paper
Label: Jive Records

47. UTP "Nolia Clap" (2004)
Producer: Donald XL Robertson
Album: Nolia Clap
Label: Rap-a-Lot / Asylum Records

46. Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rud "Do The James" (1987)
Producer: Paul C.
Album: Girls I Got 'Em Locked
Label: Elektra Records

45. Cadillac Tah "Pov City Anthem" (2002)
Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Album: POV City Hustler
Label: The Inc. Records

44. Nine "Whutcha Want?" (1995)
Producer: Rob Lewis
Album: Nine Livez
Label: Profile Records

43. Shyheim f/ June Lova and Milk D "On and On" (1994)
Producer: RNS
Album: AKA the Rugged Child
Label: Virgin / EMI Records

42. The Pack "Vans" (2006)
Producer: Young L
Album: Skateboards 2 Scrapers
Label: Up All Night / Jive Records / Indie Pop/ SMC Recordings

41. Ahmad "Back in the Day" (1994)
Producer: Redfoo
Album: Ahmad
Label: Giant / Reprise / Warner Bros. Records

40. J-Kwon "Tipsy" (2004)
Producer: Trackboyz
Album: Hood Hop
Label: So So Def / Arista

39. Lil Troy "Wanna Be A Baller" (1998)
Producer: Bruce "Grim" Rhodes
Album: Sittin' Fat Down South
Label: Short Stop Records

38. Shop Boyz "Party Like A Rockstar" (2007)
Producer: Jason Pit Pittman
Album: Rockstar Mentality
Label: OnDeck Records / Universal Republic

38. Shop Boyz "Party Like A Rockstar" (2007)
Producer: Jason Pit Pittman
Album: Rockstar Mentality
Label: OnDeck Records / Universal Republic

37. Sporty Thievz "No Pigeons" (1999)
Producer: Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs
Album: Street Cinema
Label: Ruffhouse Records

36. Tracey Lee "The Theme (It's Party Time)" (1997)
Producer: Derik "D-dot: Angelettie
Album: Many Facez
Label: Universal Records

35. Kia "My Neck, My Back" (2001)
Producer: Michael "Taz" Williams, Plat'num House
Album: Thug Misses
Label: Artemis Records

34. D-Nice "Call Me D-Nice" (1990)
Producer: D-Nice
Album: Call Me D-Nice
Label: Jive Records

33. Cali Swag District "Teach Me How to Dougie" (2010)
Producer: Runway Star
Album: The Kickback
Label: Capitol Records

32. Miilkbone "Keep It Real" (1994)
Producer: Mufi
Album: Da' Miilkrate
Label: Capitol Records

31. Dana Dane "Nightmares" (1987)
Producer: Hurby Luv Bug
Album: Dana Dane with Fame
Label: Profile Records

30. Queen Pen "Party Ain't A Party" (1997)
Producer: Teddy Riley, Knobody
Album: My Melody
Label: Lil' Man / Motown Records

29. Crucial Conflict "Hay" (1996)
Producer: Wildstyle
Album: The Final Tic
Label: Universal Records

28. The Rappin' Duke "Rappin' Duke" (1983)
Producer: H. B. Barnum
Album: Que Pasa?
Label: JWP Records

27. Canibus "Second Round KO" (1998)
Producer: Wyclef Jean
Album: Can-I-Bus
Label: Universal Records

26. Channel Live "Mad Izm (1995)
Producer: KRS-One, Rheji Burrell, Salaam Remi
Album: Station Identification
Label: Capitol / EMI Records

[video - click to view]

25. Blahzay Blahzay "Danger" (1996)
Producer: PF Cuttin and Out Loud
Album: Blah Blah Blah
Label: Fader / Mercury / PolyGram Records

24. Skee-Lo "I Wish" (1995)
Producer: Walter "Kandor" Kahn
Album: I Wish
Label: Altra Moda Music

23. T La Rock and Jazzy Jay "It's Yours" (1985)
Producer: Rick Rubin
Album: N/A
Label: Def Jam Records

22. Pacewon "I Declare War" (1998)
Producer: Ski
Album: Ruffhouse Records Greatest Hits
Label: Ruffhouse Records

21. Shade Sheist f/ Nate Dogg and Kurupt "Where I Wanna Be" (2000)
Producer: Eddie Berkeley, Kay Gee
Album: Informal Introduction
Label: Sire Records / London Records

20. Volume 10 "Pistol Grip Pump" (1994)
Producer: The Mega Baka Boyz
Album: Hip-Hopera
Label: RCA

19. Foxx "Wipe Me Down" (2007)
Producer: Mouse
Album: Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival of the Fittest
Label: Trill Entertainment / Asylum Records

18. Rappin' 4-Tay "Playaz Club" (1994)
Producer: Cyrus Esteban, Frank "Franky J" Hudson, Jr.
Album: Don't f!ght the Feelin'
Label: Chrysalis / Rag Top Records

17. Bone Crusher "Never Scared" (2003)
Producer: Avery Johnson
Album: AttenCHUN!
Label: Arista / So So Def

16. 95 South "Whoot There It Is" (1993)
Producer: The Bass Mechanics
Album: Quad City Knock
Label: Wrap Records

15. Playaz Circle f/ Lil Wayne "Duffle Bag Boy" (2007)
Producer: M16
Album: Supply and Demand
Label: DTP / Def Jam Records

14. Little Shawn f/ The Notorious B.I.G. "Dom Perignon" (1993)
Producer: Red Hot Lover Tone
Album: N/A
Label: Uptown Records

13. Tim Dog "fu-k Compton" (1991)
Producer: Ced-Gee, Bobby Crawford, Tim Dog, TR Love
Album: Penicillin on Wax
Label: Ruffhouse Records

[video - click to view]

12. Smoothe da Hustler f/ Trigga the Gambler "Broken Language" (1995)
Producer: DR Period
Album: Once Upon a Time in America
Label: Profile Records

11. Positive K "I Got A Man" (1992)
Producer: Positive K
Album: The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills
Label: Island Records

10. Tag Team "Whoomp! (There It Is)" (1993)
Producer: David Michery
Album: Whoomp! (There It Is)
Label: Life Records

9. Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" (1997)
Producer: KNS
Album: Make It Reign
Label: Columbia Records

8. Camp Lo "Luchini AKA This Is It" (1997)
Producer: Ski
Album: Uptown Saturday Night
Label: Profile Records

7. DJ Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat" (1996)
Producer: DJ Kool, s/x, Fred Derby, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Mark the 45 King
Album: Let Me Clear My Throat
Label: American Recordings / Warner Bros. Records

6. Rammellzee "Beat Bop" (1983)
Producer: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Album: N/A
Label: Profile Records

5. Akinyele "Put It In Ya Mouth" (1996)
Producer: Chris Forte
Album: Put It in Your Mouth
Label: Stress / Zoo / BMG Records

4. Apache "Gangsta bi-ch" (1993)
Producer: A Tribe Called Quest
Album: Apache Ain't sh-t
Label: Tommy Boy

3. JJ Fad "Supersonic" (1987)
Producer: The Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre
Album: Supersonic
Label: Ruthless Records

[video - click to view]

2. Lady of Rage "Afro Puffs" (1994)
Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Above the Rim
Label: Interscope / death Row Records / The Atlantic Group

1. Audio Two "Top Billin'" (1987)
Producer: Daddy-O, Audio Two
Album: What More Can I Say?
Label: First Priority Music

Do yourself a favor and youtube the joints you never heard .

[pic - click to view]

 The 100 Best Hip-Hop One-Hit Wonders | Complex

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77 comments for "100 Hip Hop One-Hit Wonders"

 6 years ago '08        #2
Chief Dee 6 heat pts
avatar space
$10,706 | Props total: 140 140
lmao at dude from Wipe Me Down making the list. I always thought "Wipe Me Down" was a Boosie and Webbie song.
 05-15-2012, 05:06 PM         #3
$n/a | Props total:  
some classics on there...i miss chaing hang low
 6 years ago '09        #4
Brainwave 5389 heat pts5389 OP
avatar space
$18,418 | Props total: 6 6
"Ditty" in the ride sounds
 6 years ago '04        #5
thechef 1 heat pts
avatar space
$8,291 | Props total: 2443 2443
mf doom before the mask
 6 years ago '08        #6
AC_89 237 heat pts237
avatar space
$42,722 | Props total: 19092 19092
da dip they used to always play that sh*t on mtv
 6 years ago '10        #7
MagicOnTheTire 10 heat pts10
avatar space
$2,363 | Props total: 1280 1280
 J Rob said:
This is my sh*t
 6 years ago '04        #8
avatar space
$1,018 | Props total: 153 153
N2 deep - back to the motel and rappin 4tay have been in the rotation since that dropped. Had back to the motel on white cassette tape, took that mothafu*ka everywhere I went for weeks.
 6 years ago '07        #9
timdog 991 heat pts991
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$33,333 | Props total: 20171 20171
nonchalant 5 0'clock

crucial conflict had more than one hit tho
 6 years ago '04        #10
RoyceDa59 244 heat pts244
avatar space
$15,158 | Props total: 5580 5580
Some of the people on this list don't belong there like Camp Lo, RBL Posse and The Whoridas
 05-15-2012, 09:14 PM         #11
Shawn James 
$n/a | Props total:  
be nice if there was a link to all these songs..
 05-15-2012, 09:15 PM         #12
$n/a | Props total:  
8. Camp Lo "Luchini AKA This Is It" (1997)
Producer: Ski
Album: Uptown Saturday Night
Label: Profile Records

[pic - click to view]

 05-15-2012, 09:22 PM         #14
$n/a | Props total:  
Why the hell is Canibus on that list?
 6 years ago '07        #15
timdog 991 heat pts991
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$33,333 | Props total: 20171 20171
 Supa Mario 910 said:
None of those were 'hits'.
i got you they played the sh*t out of them songs round my way tho
 6 years ago '11        #16
maxnn 129 heat pts129
avatar space
$12,183 | Props total: 1046 1046
Shouldn't Budden be on here? Only pump it up was a hit.
 6 years ago '04        #17
strahan2004 40 heat pts40
avatar space
$5,115 | Props total: 454 454
Damn, almost forgot that NonChalant song...dope...
 6 years ago '04        #18
NAKHI ALLAH 1 heat pts
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$7,634 | Props total: 1764 1764
 J Rob said:
some 1 hitters who should've been on the list

this was my sh*t....
i really thought she was gonna blow
 6 years ago '04        #19
Exs 159 heat pts159
avatar space
$5,968 | Props total: 1813 1813
Where's Mic Geronimo?

[video - click to view]

Last edited by Exs; 05-15-2012 at 09:48 PM..
 05-15-2012, 09:47 PM         #20
$n/a | Props total:  
young black teenagers none of them looked black...was that the funny part?


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