May 4 - Source: Zimmerman says Trayvon circled his SUV, frightened him

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Image(s) inside 50 cent Ex likes photo of his shooter Hommo on IG

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 6 years ago '04        #161
Shea-bird 5 heat pts
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Who gives a fu*k what skin color he is? How does that have anything to do with this topic? You as*holes need to learn a new song.
 05-07-2012, 07:12 PM         #162
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Got that as*hole Gink out of here. but but but Ronnie is white so he won't ban him.

Ronnie is Canadian. I'm cool with Canadians. Word to Drake and The Weeknd.

Now back to regular scheduled programming.
 6 years ago '04        #163
gh3tto 5 heat pts
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 ManWithoutFear! said:
my man...
thats Hip Hop! lol this a Hip Hop msg board. You ever heard "2 Wrongs"? lol Im still fuhked up by this whole idea of going on a Hip Hop msg board and not wanting to hear about n*ggas talking about crackers. Maybe cause theres so many whiteboys in here I dont know. How Sticky said?

"I have a dream, that I must reveal
So I pinch myself to make sure it's real
1st we gotta destroy and then rebuild
Even if it mean I'ma get myself k!lled
Don't make me no difference, I done wrote my will
And talk about, what they did to us is dumb
What we NEED to be talkin bout, is what we gonna do to them!
I can be dangerous, the last thing I do
when I start speaking in tongues the Holy Ghost couldn't save you
So do you want answers? (Yeah I want answers, I want the truth!)
You want the truth? You couldn't HANDLE the truth!
Cause they got our brains-washed, so we the minority
But when we k!ll them off we're gonna be the majority (PREACH ON)
See I was raised to f!ght for what I believe in
I wont forget, can't forget, I'm tryin to get EVEN!
And if nobody speak up, then I'll lead my people
Cause two wrongs don't make it right, but it damn sure make us equal
I'm incitin riots, so let's start the lootin
And whoever enforce the laws I guess we'll just got to shoot them
Cause in this revolution I loathe my enemy
I'm agnostic plus I got no identity
So lovers of life don't keep your hopes up high
Cause it's just a matter of time before it's your turn to die
But until then, when you stop breathin
It's time to stand up and f!ght for what you believe in!"
awesome poem brosef !
Next time you dont want white people listening to your hip-hop and using your message board just make it clear to them that you claim the internet, music, and other "white boy's" forums. Or maybe you should just boycott this one ?

My favorite part of your poem was when you a.ssembled your imaginary internet army to a fictional riot you keep wishing you could start ..


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