Feb 16 - Gainesville High School React To The Two Racist Girls Ranting On Youtube. No Action Taken.

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Feb 16 - Gainesville High School React To The Two Racist Girls Ranting On Youtube. No Action Taken.


Earlier News

You could call it a case of "viral venom."

Offensive videos posted by two Gainesville High School students have gone viral on the worldwide web, and are generating a lot of talk in the hallways of GHS.

It's not just high school students who are talking about this video, which on one website, generated more than 100,000 views on Wednesday alone.

It's 14-minutes of hate- a racist rant by two minors.

This is the second of two videos produced by the duo.

The girls are responding to "hate mail" generated by their first racist rant video.

The girls show no remorse for those they offend, and laugh at the viewer comments.

The original post may have been removed from YouTube, but several websites have reposted the second video in it's entirety.

In a clip from that video, one of the girls says, "we're clear, you can understand what we are saying, our accents-we use actual words, black people, do not"

School Board Spokesperson Jackie Johnson says they are aware of the video made by the two GHS students, but by the end of the school day on Wednesday, no disciplinary action had been taken against the girls.

News report, and video segment.


Gainesville High School was dealing Thursday morning with the fallout from at least one YouTube video connected to two female students and described as a racist rant.

Principal David Shelnutt met with staff and addressed the student body via closed-circuit TV Thursday morning.

And an email from Shelnutt's email address describes actions taken by administrators. Below is an excerpt from the email:

"We were made aware of the video Wednesday afternoon. I have already met with the parents of both girls. They are no longer going to be students at Gainesville High School. I can a*sure you that the video created by these two students is NOT representative of the other 1,832 GHS students and the entire faculty and staff. GHS is a wonderful school where we take great pride in our culture and diversity. I was greatly saddened and disappointed by this situation. I am personally addressing it with the entire school Thursday morning."

 Gainesville High School was dealing Thursday morning with at least one "racist" YouTube video connected to two students | Gainesville.com

BRAND NEW UPDATE- Disgusted by the video 2 students have left the school...

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Two students have withdrawn from a north Florida high school after a 14-minute video blog filled with racial epithets and stereotypes went viral.

Gainesville High School Principal David Shelnutt told the Gainesville Sun (
 http://bit.ly/zmKuja ) he watched the video on Wednesday and talked to parents of the two students later that day. He held an emergency faculty meeting Thursday and addressed the incident with the student body.

Officials say the two girls criticized the graduation rates and economic ambitions of black students at the school. Some personal information about one of the students was posted on the blog, but has since been removed.

Gainesville police sent officers to help patrol the school on Thursday, but no incidents were reported.

 http://www.therepublic.co .. o-High-School/

Anyone else confused how in 2012 people can still be 100% ignorant and racist in America?

The fact that the chicks actually thought this was OKAY, is really sad. Im extremeeeely disturbed that these girls showed 0 remorse. They are ignorant to the max, they have no real world experience. They fu*ked their chances of ever experiencing the REAL WORLD. The "******s" as they are referring to, will be in their college, at their career jobs. And im sure they will not forget this. image I blame their parents, you gotta teach your kids racism is not okay. I went to a white majority school, AND I HATED WHITE PEOPLE after i left. I dont know why, just disliked whites. Through talks from my mom i realized i was being ignorant and foolish. I hope these young ladies grow up. Sounds to me like immaturity. But they will pay for this with their quality of life being severely diminished.

Hopefully they are kicked out of school, and the parents of that one black kid they spoke about as being "their only black friend" press charges on each of them. They put his name, and the profession of his parents, followed by some slanderous remarks. I think the legal term for this is "Gross Defamation" which is punishable. By putting that young man's name and description, INCLUDING him in the fukery they essentially put a target on his back. Im sure that kid is gonna get fuked up regularly now, especially since he is a dude. Hopefully his parents are smart and take quick action to sue, or press charges. I know i wouldnt waste any time. The jury would be like "Fuk that biitch..."

Once 4chan, and the general public is finished with them they will probably commit suicide.
Ava Lambert you dirty cuban, white washed cumsnot... You finished.
Wasnt even that hard to find... Like deleting your pages will help, your shiit is cached, and n*ggas can easily locate this garbage binsl*t. Shieeet i bet goons already at her house waiting for her to come out side so they can fuk her up and scream "WORLD STAR HIP HOP!!!! WORLD STAR. n*gga." With their HD camera's fixed.

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