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 01-31-2005, 11:27 PM         #1
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@ 11:27 PM 01-31-2005 new DAZ interview..disses G UNIT, LIL EAZY, KURUPT, ROSCOE, MAD OTHERS

Daz Dillinger Interview

January 2005

Raptism.Com: So your new album has just been released ... tell us about it

Yea for sure, I got George Clinton on there, I got Nate Dogg and me. You know, it came out on Tuesday (January 25th). Itís been good, Iíve been getting good responses, its got a good mix on there, its just like the Dogg Food album. Itís a little similar to that, happy hour type you know what I mean? Its straight Dogg Pound West Coast sh1t.

Raptism.Com: One thing i noticed on there is Daz has stayed beef free, we dont hear the "fu#k Kurupt" or "fu#k Suge" that we heard on the last albums ... are you over those beefs?

Yep, Iím getting busy and moving past them. Everybody from last year is going to jail. Suge, he will be in jail by the end of this year for Dr Dre getting hit. And Kurupt, he be out the game soon. Iím out, Iím moving onto bigger and better things you know? Iím moving past that, I got a new album out, and the new one So So Gansgta

Raptism.Com: We saw on your website you had some words for Yukmouth ... what happened there?

Man, Yukmouth, everybody wants to get some fame off me man. If you poppiní they wanna diss you. But hey, I aint no punk, it aint even about being no punk, its just for the simple fact that they want some light, I mean, they donít even own they own records! But you havenít heard Yukmouth say anything else about me since right? He aint said nothing else since that interview. Thatís because that lil n1gga I put up on my site, Lil Spud, I put LilíSpud on his ass! Same deal with Lil Eazy, fu#k making a song, I aint gonna make no song. Iíma put real people on the phone for real people to hear what went down.

Raptism.Com: What did happen with Lil Eazy?

Same thing. He did a little interview on the internet, and he said something negative about me and the DPG. I was like ďsh1t!Ē coz I felt that we helped that lil n1gga you know what Iím saying? I mean he said some sh1t about he aint affiliated with us and has nothing to do with us, but we put him in the game and we got him in that magazine, I know I did. Anyways, he did some busta a$s sh1t and I just exposed it because he snitched on one of my homeboys from Long Beach because they shot him and his cousin and all them muthafu#kas up. I just hate for somebody to act all hard and act like they the man when really they a bi#ch!

Raptism.Com: Since Kurupt defected back to Tha Row, have you spoken with him?

I havenít spoken to Kurupt since 2002.

Raptism.Com: His brother Roscoe was in a pretty serious accident, did you reach out to him?

fu#k nah! He was drinking and driving with his stupid ass. Him and Kurupt are alcoholics. I mean look at them!

Raptism.Com: We hear you have a couple more solo albums to drop before your So So Def release, when are they coming out? one is a east coast album, one a south album?

Yea Yea Iím working on them right now. Iím producing them all. I only need one person to pay me and thatís the distributor. See when you have a lot of producers you have to pay a lot of people, but when its me, Iím the rapper, Iím the producer and the executive Ö hand me the check! One check. Iíve been doing it for years, about 10 years now.

Raptism.Com: Jermaine just inked a deal with Virgin for So So Def, what does that mean for Daz?

Iím the first to come out the deal. Iím Jermaines first project off of Virgin records. Iím taking the album cover pictures tomorrow, so itíll come out real soon, we just getting it all together. They donít want me to come out with no more independent records. Once they get it together I wont come out with no more independent records. If they donít and they wait another month or two, then Iíll come out with another one!

Raptism.Com: At this stage when will So So Gangsta be coming out?

Nah, no, we donít have an official release date right now. We actually started the record over so, right now, Iím only one song deep into the album. We started it over to make it a little bit harder. The songs we did, they will be on mixtapes, like on peoples mixtapes, so they gonna be some free songs. Iíll be producing about half the tracks, and JD will do the other half. Snoop Dogg gonna be on there, Da Brat, JD, thatís it.

Raptism.Com: Was there a track with Redman?

We aint gonna put that on the album. Its just a song we paid for to put out there to hype it up you know what I mean?

Raptism.Com: What about Bizzy Bone?

Nah, because then you gotta spend money to make money Ö so Bizzy Bone aint on there.

Raptism.Com: Of all the Daz and DPG releases, what one is your favorite?

My favorite one? Probably RAW. That was the first album that really kicked everything off. Except what I really love now is ďGangsta CrunkĒ my brand new one that aint even out yet! Thatís all crunk music! That down south dirty music. That get Gangsta down south too!

Raptism.Com: What is the best beat you think you have produced?

Best beat I ever produced was probably Ambitionz Az a Ridah. Just the way I made the beat and laid it down, and Tupac wanted the most gangsta beat. So yea.

Raptism.Com: We have just seen The Game sell 600,000 in his first week, are you feelin his album?

Iím feelin the Game, but everybody donít really think that it is a West Coast album. What you think?

Raptism.Com: Its got a bit from both coasts, that was my next question, do you think the line between sounding east or west is getting smaller?

I mean I aint really know his album, but I like Gameís album, I listen to a few songs off there and it just sounded like an East Coast album though. West Coast n1ggas all East Coast.

Raptism.Com: Is he the beginning of the West Coast revival or is a West Coast artist making East Coast music?

He is making East Coast music from the West Coast.

Raptism.Com: Are you still cool with G-Unit and crew giviní they signed Spider Loc? Have u spoken to him and squashed that beef?

Spider Loc? Nah I havenít spoken with that ****** a$s muthafu#ka. But if he is down with G-Unit and I say ďfu#k Spider LocĒ then that means fu#k them too. It affects my relationship with G-Unit, its like Ja Rule and 50 .. I mean thatís how we do it.

Raptism.Com: Will the DPG Unit album still happen?

Well with Spider Loc over there aint nothing happening. Thatís on them. I mean they took a liking to Spider Loc but I still donít even know who the fu#k he is! He wack to me. He average, he is just a stunt dummy to them. Anyone that wanna look hard, they gonna get them. You put on a bandana right now and you can be in the G-Unit! Spider dissing us because Suge told him to and we donít even know who he was. He was dissing and now he went to G Unit and then he had Young Buck call me up, but he still dissing in interviews so anything they do is bullsh1t to me. This crip. Straight crip. Iím from Long Beach so that sh1t do not matter to me.

Raptism.Com: Are you still working with Soopafly, when can we expect his new album?

He working on a new album. Its on Doggystyle. I contributed some lyrics and a couple of beats. Right now me and Snoop are working on an album called ďCuzzinísĒ. Its sounding real nice right now. We started work on that about two months ago and its about 7 or so tracks deep, about another 7 to go. Iím producing some of them tracks, Snoop gonna produce some. No release date yet we got to work out a distribution deal and things there.

Raptism.Com: Have u spoken with Crooked I since he left Tha Row?

Nah, I donít wanna speak with no one who used to be with Death Row or affiliated with Death Row. Iím smashing on them. Iím a vigilante right now!

Raptism.Com: Tell us about DPG Eulogy, when is it coming out?

Right now they are putting it together. Iím just trying to hurry up and get that out there! I need to put some new concert footage and stuff on there though.

Raptism.Com: So tell your fans why they should get out and pick up your new album ....

You can expect the banging beats, all that G-Funk, all the stuff youíd imagine from 95 and 96 on that album. For today 2005, it will make you feel like you back in that day.

Raptism.Com: There are a lot of remakes on the album, what made you remake those tracks from back in the day?

Because Iím the originator!! I did the Ambitionz of a Ridah, I did the Bomb a$s pu$$y. I mean if Jay Z took Me & My Girlfriend and used that and he didnít invent that song so .. you know what I mean? So it aint like a remake though, I changed the beats I just kept the titles. The beat donít sound like any the older beats except Bomb a$s pu$$y, the other are all 100% original music.


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