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ok now...jay z def. beat nas now lol "is that yo bi#ch">>>"takeover"

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 01-31-2005, 09:17 PM         #1
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@ 09:17 PM 01-31-2005 ok now...jay z def. beat nas now lol "is that yo bi#ch">>>"takeover"

how did we know not "is that yo bi#ch" was towards nas LOL
he fu#kin killed him on this sh1t lol

Uh, yo don't get mad at me
I don't love 'em I fu#k 'em
I don't chase 'em I duck 'em
I replace 'em with another one
You had to see she keep calling me BIG
And my name is Jay-Z
She be all on my d1ck
Gradually I'm taking over your bi#ch
Coming over your sh1t
Got my feet up on you sofa, man
I mean a hostess for my open hand
You coming home to beer shifts and there be soda cans
I got your bi#ch in my Rover man
I never kiss her, I never hold her hand
In fact I diss her I'm a bolder man
I'mma pimp her, it's over man
It's over man, it's over man

Yo, yo.. why you home alone, why she out with me?
Room 112, hotel balcony
How she say Jay you can call the house for me?
There's no respect at all
You betta check her dawg
She keep beggin' me to hit it raw
So she can have my kids and say it was yours
How foul is she? And you wifed her
sh1t, I put the rubber on tighter
Sent her home, when she entered home
You hugged her up
What the fu#k is up?
She got you whipped, got your kids
Got your home, but that's not your bi#ch
You share that girl, don't let 'em hear daddy hurl
It'll make 'em sick that his favorite chick
Ain't saving it, unfaithful bi#ch

Cool out homie
You betta keep her away from my balling clique
Keep her out of nightclubs all in the mix
From hanging out with chicks who be swallowing d1cks
From catz who order Cris play the floor with the Knicks
It can only lead to something unfortunate
Hot boy like Jigga man scorch your bi#ch
Play the floor dot Jigga man go first
Then we all rock till we all hot
You know the boy from the Roc got them wh0res on lock
Got the bi#ches in the smash
Making yours drive fast
Do we get more cash than the average n1gga?
All dem h0es like damn I gotta have this n1gga
Cause I'mma hot black, how in the hell can you stop that
You can fu#k mine
How the hell can you knock that?
I'm just playing the cards choosenly
Jigga man who ya supposed to be?


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