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Jan 25 - Jay-Z owns his masters now... speaks on beef w/ Mase

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Jan 25 - Jay-Z owns his masters now... speaks on beef w/ Mase

ay-Z Gets Ownership Of His Masters, Speaks on Mase Beef Jay-Z Gets Ownership Of His Masters, Speaks on Mase Beef

Jay-Z confirmed that as part of the deal to become President of Def Jam Records he obtained complete ownership of his masters.

On a recent radio interview with DJ Funk Master Flex Jay-Z confirmed that ownership of masters played a major part in his decision to take the job even more so than the salary. On his reasoning behind taking the President seat at Def Jam, Jay-Z stated:

"Thats like a change in your lifestyle to be inside a structure, thats my first job... I said at the end of the day my things was, you know, if you plan to be successful and make alot of money, the difference and im just saying a number, the difference between 80 million and 100 million is not a difference in your life, it's not gonna change your life either way, so I just had to say at the end of the day if I had a kid, or even if I dont have a kid and my nephews, I could say here heres your uncles, or your pops whole career, and thats the thing that threw it over for me."

Jay-Z On Beef With Mase

During the interview with Funk Master Flex Jay-Z admits that he got at Mase on his "Volume 2 Hard Knock Life Album" where he says:

"Check your own videos, you'll always be number two, n1ggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records, but I'm platinum a million times n1gga, check the credits, S. Carter, ghost writer, and for the right price
I can even make YO' sh*t tighter..."

Jay-Z said that verse was in response to Mase's prior shots at him in the 112 track "Love Me" where Mase said:

"All we hear is platinum that, Platinum this, Platinum whips, Nobody got no platinum hits, Cats know with me platinum always wrap my wrist,
I come to the awards, Quadruple platinum chicks..."

Jay-Z said that Mase went at him "hard" right there because at the time he had only a gold album and Mase just went Triple or quadruple platinum so it hit home. On the beef with Mase, Jay-Z said that he has no problems with Mase and that mase appeared on his Jay-Z and friends tour.

The 'Fade to Black' DVD will hit stores in February 2005 featuring 4 new Jay-Z songs.


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