Supremacy MMA full roster and fighting styles released

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Supremacy MMA full roster and f!ghting styles released

You may not be familiar with any of the f!ghters in Supremacy MMA. It certainly has fewer stars than UFC Undisputed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about these guys.

Supremacy MMA’s tagline reads “every f!ghter has a story”. The developer Kung Fu Factory shows this by having a story mode that actually explores the histories and personalities of the f!ghters, and looks to find out why they f!ght. Respect is also shown to their f!ghting styles.

No two f!ghters f!ght the same way, and every f!ghter has their own reasons for f!ghting. These are the stars of Supremacy MMA…

Game name (real name) – style

Dante Algearey (Jason Yorrick) – Kickboxing
Dante Algearey, real name Jason Yorrick, is a strong and tough kickboxer, equally adept at crushing opponents with his feet and hands. Quick and powerful, Algearey is a good option for anyone who wants to attack from a standing position.

Jack Saxon (Brent Cooper) – MMA
Brent Cooper, or Jack Saxon as he’s called in the game, is a good all-rounder, who is as deadly on the ground as he is on his feet. In an interview with f!, executive producer Daryl Pitts explained Cooper’s story. Saxon begins “his journey in prison, so you’ll work your way through a series of f!ghts, find a mentor and a contact in the outside world once you get released and be given a shot at making a name for yourself.”

Malaipet Sitarvut (Malaipet Sitarvut) – Muay Thai
We’ve spent a good amount of time with Malaipet. He’s great on his feet, where he can land powerful strikes, but we struggled whenever we were brought down. His story is one of the more fascinating ones in the game. He came over from Thailand to f!ght in America; he always won but he never had any money. It turned out his money went elsewhere. His touching story is told in his native language.

Ilya Klimenko (Nikolai Ruabtsev) – Wrestling
Ilya is a tough wrestler who will beat you into submission with his devastating throws, clinches and takedowns. Klimenko’s story is narrated to us in Russian.

Tomo Hayabusa (Fernando Chien) – Judo
Chien may not be the biggest f!ghter, but he can bring down the biggest f!ghters with his Judo moves. We spent a good amount of time with Chien and found his counter-attacking style hugely satisfying and effective. His story is narrated to us in Japanese.

Yuki Hashimoto (Steve Kim) – Karate
Kim is another talented counter-attacking Japanese f!ghter. It’s best to keep Kim on his feet so you can take advantage of his precision punching and kicking technique.

Demian Reis (Giva Santana) – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
We haven’t controlled Demian Reis, but he did give Malaipet (controlled by us) several beatings. His Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style proved hugely effective once he got Malaipet down to the ground, leaving him as helpless as an upside down tortoise. Reis narrative is told in Portuguese.

St. John Ackland (Devon Schwan) – Submission Wrestling
St. John Ackland is a big guy with a lot of power, but what separates him from other f!ghters is his ability to make anyone tap-out in agony. Supremacy MMA is a brutal sport, and this guy typifies it — we broke several f!ghters’ bones using Ackland in our session.

Michele Guitierrez (Michele Gutierrez) – Kickboxing
Guitierrez is one of Supremacy MMA’s female stars. She has impressive striking ability, due to her height which gives her impressive reach. Female f!ghters are featuring in an MMA game for the first time with Supremacy MMA. Check out our interview with Guitierrez and Herrig, in which they speak of their pride at representing female f!ghters everywhere. You can also follow her on Twitter: @mgutierrezlv

Felice Herrig (Felice Herrig) – Muay Thai
Herrig is another female f!ghter, flying the flag for female f!ghters everywhere. Like Malaipet, Herrig is a Muay Thai f!ghter. She’s excellent with her fists, feet, knees and elbows. As she told PS3 Attitude, “don’t hit me once or I’ll hit you ten times.” Be warned. Herrig is also on Twitter: @feliceherrig

Jerome Le Banner (Jerome Le Banner) – Kickboxing
Another kickboxing master, Jerone Le Banner is known for his aggression and the power of his punches. Make no mistake; you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of the Frenchman’s knockout blows.

Jens Pulver (Jens Pulver) – Boxing
Jens has incredible upper body strength and he uses it to land bone-crushing punches. Jens rose to fame by becoming the first UFC lightweight champion, but we know some lesser known facts about him, such as: he’s a big Call of Duty and World of Warcraft fan, as Supremacy MMA creative director Ricci Rukavina revealed to us. Jens also had a huge hand to play in the development of this game.

Pre-order DLC: Shane del Rosario (Shane del Rosario) – MMA
Shane del Rosario is a Californian MMA f!ghter, known for his powerful kicks. Pre-order Supremacy MMA from Gamestop or GAME to get access to Rosario’s devastating kicks. See him in action in the trailer above.

Pre-order DLC: Bao Quach (Bao Quach) – Muay Thai
Bao Quach is another pre-order f!ghter, this time for those who pre-order Supremacy MMA from The Vietnamese-American f!ghter has fought the Bellator, Affliction, EliteXC, Strikeforce, World Extreme Cagef!ghting, King of the Cage, ICON Sport and Shooto promotions. See him in action in the trailer above.

Unlockable: Pierre Matiss (Joe Schilling) – Savate
Matiss is one of the unlockable f!ghters in the game. He is a master of the French f!ghting style, Savate, which mixes boxing moves with technical kicking. When f!ghting Matiss, you’ll want to get close to him but getting there isn’t easy.

Unlockable: Mariano Mendosa (Mariano Mendosa) – Boxing
Last but not least, we have the boxer Mariono Mendosa. Mendosa is the other unlockable character in Supremacy MMA. Boxing is his specialty, so expect him to be able to land knockout blows.

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