Jan 19 - Remy Martin Discusses With Flex How Gloria Velez is a Facial Queen of Rap

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Jan 19 - Remy Martin Discusses With Flex How Gloria Velez is the Facial Queen of Rap

Remy Martin appeared on the Funk Master Flex Show on Hot 97 FM in New York. During Flex's Real Talk Segment, Remy Martin discussed her recent altercation with Gloria Velez. Remy said that there was no f*ght because after she was hit by the video model, the only thing that was left of the video model was her blonde hair on the floor. Gloria was quickly removed from the club. Remy dispelled any rumors that Gloria had snatched her TS (Terror Squad) chain. She said that the chain broke in the skirmish and she had replaced it and bought two new chains. During the interview, Remy Martin refused to mention Gloria by name and called her "Gib Face". Flex asked what is a Gib Face and she replied that it was when a woman gets white stuff on the grill of her face. Remy then proceeded to call Gloria another name, "Mayonaise Face." Remy said that it was no secret in the rap industry that "Mayonaise Face" had trains ran on her and that she was known for letting people bust on her face. Finally, Remy stated that Gloria was not a rap artist and Velez would no longer be apart of the murder Mamis, a coalition of women in the music entertainment business that includes Deejay Lazy K, Rapper Shawnna, and LaLa of MTV. On a side note, Remy also addressed rumors about her being romantically linked with the rapper Game. Remy told Flex that she is not romantically involved with the Game and there was no basis to the rumor since she had only met the Game in passing at a club in New York.

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