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JAY-Z shot 2pac! (Welcome to the Jungle played in Reverse)

I was listening to WTT and some of these tracks were straight a*s and some were okay, but when I listened to "Welcome to the Jungle", I felt my heart stop from what I heard, I know that Jay-z was hinting 2pac's death but there was something more to it, something so much more.. so I played this sh*t in reverse and heard this....

 Hulkshare.com Jay-z-We gonna k*ll dis n*gga (BIG and 2pac diss).mp3

We gonna shoot dis n*gga
We gonna shoot dis n*gga
Hi bi*ch, I'm what the odds be
Da room
for little Lesane (2pac's birth name)
Since he's sixteen ounces (A reference about 2pac, born June 16th)
They off and outs him (2Pac being k*lled)
Shut up about my age
God knows I'll never leave it
Sound off on em
Sound off on em (Point out the haters)
Head off where yall wanna
I ram and straight rip ya
Hang on and I'll gets ya (Threats)
Far in the summer (September was in 2pac died)
Car ran off but I offed him (2pac was k*lled in a car)
I gassed this guy
Poor little him
Amaru is airless (Tupac AMARU Shakur)
Cry little lesane
Ah look lesane
You're not from this era
They asked to see him
I snuff up and sent him
None shall see him
I 187 him
None shall see him
He was off da Henny (Hennessy)
Allahu Akbar (Praise God)
He with BIG's k*ller
We just lyin (OOOOHHHHH in background)
I push him off like Lil Cease's career
I seen Bigga...
...Puff boy's shot em (P.Diddy k*lled BIG)
He in the room now (Hinting Big in the hospital room)
Yall hose off him (Leave him alone and let him die)
He merely asked it (He deserved this)
Then boys went off and started shootin
I merely got little feelings off of him (Never cared about Big and took what he got from him)
Then he saw the Lion

He just sh*t now

*Jay-z's verse ends*

This motherfu*ker... image I-I think I just solved 2pac and Biggie's murder :hillwhoa:

I asked her where she wanna be when she 25...She turned around and looked at me and said "Alive..".

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