DeShawn Stevenson's -Abe Tattoo Explained

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DeShawn Stevenson's -Abe Tattoo Explained


Well ain't this something. Dallas Guard DeShawn Stevenson's took the time today to show off his new tats, but there was really only one that stood out. Yeah, that would be Abe Lincoln the 16th President of the United States tattooed on his neck with two 5's on each side. This is just ridiculous, I have no idea what he was thinking. I'll let his explain the tat though, that he explained to Mike Jones, no not who is Mike Jones?.

MJ: So I know about the rest, but what's the story to the ink on your throat?

D-Steve: Oh, yeah, it's Abraham Lincoln.

MJ: Yeah, but what's it's meaning?

D-Steve: For slavery, ya know? Did away with it.

MJ: And how about the 5's on each side? Because of the five-dollar bill?

D-Steve: Naw, I had to put the 5's on each side because nobody could recognize Abe. They kept asking me who it was?

MJ: In real life? It looks just like him.

D-Steve: Yeah, I don't get it either, man. They keep saying, 'Who is that?' So I put the 5's on each side, so now they know who it is.
Well that make's sense! (No it really doesn't)

 DaleWillet.com: DeShawn Stevenson's Abe Tattoo


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