Jan 14 - 50 Cent's Massacre Continues: Jadakiss Targeted In XXL

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Jan 14 - 50 Cent's Massacre Continues: Jadakiss Targeted In XXL

The first part of 50 Cent's hyped "massacre" is starting to take shape.

On his new mixtape, G-Unit Radio Part 10: 2050 (Before the Massacre), he takes aim again at murder Inc. with a record called "I'm a Animal." There's also the murder Inc. with a record called "I'm a Animal." There's also the still-unreleased "Piggy Bank,"which disses Ja Rule, Nas, Kelis, Jadakiss and Fat Joe (see "Mixtape Monday: 50's Got Game Again; Cassidy Hustles With Jay-Z"). Now, in the next issue of XXL, 50 gives his enemies a serious tongue-lashing. He appears on the cover dressed in a suit and holding a crossbow. In the pages, he spits fire.

"I'm responding to the actions of others," 50 is quoted as saying about the anger he's unleashing on wax. "I'm not actually starting it. When they are in their articles, they say 'F--- 50' off the record. But they won't say it to my face. And the difference between them and me is I don't have a problem saying f--- them in front of them."

During the interview, Jadakiss catches the brunt of 50's verbal barbs. 50 brushes off the D-Block captain as no competition for him.

"When you can't break a million records, and you call yourself going platinum ... I know your numbers is 800 [thousand] and change, and you can't get over that hump?" 50 says. "And you haven't put out a record with your voice on the chorus? He's a great rapper, but he's not a great songwriter. I got artists under me that are better than him."

In the mother or all ironies, one rapper 50 says he wouldn't mind having in the G-Unit fold is arch nemesis Ja Rule.

"I might sign Ja Rule when he's done at murder Inc.," 50 tells the magazine. "After I destroy him, I'll rebuild him. Because he never was strong enough to individually go against me. He needs the support of everyone else to try to attempt that. And they should have been smart enough to tell him not to directly go against me."

And if you're wondering if 50 has any qualms about beefing because of his mentor Eminem's beef-squashing stance in "Like Toy Soldiers" ("Eminem Hangs Up Beef, Refuses To Be A Pawn"), the Queens native doesn't let on that he's second guessing himself.

"I don't think Em is realistic," 50 tells the magazine. "On certain levels, he's being logical. Anybody, like I said, would want to avoid those type of situations. Em's seeing if it's possible to not have these issues. Why? Because he makes hit records."

A few weeks ago, 50 had a couple of other interview outbursts. Then, it was on New York radio station Hot 97, where he said he felt Fat Joe had been subliminally dissing him for quite some time now and that he felt since Joe and Jadakiss appeared on the song "New York" with Ja Rule, they were co-signing what he perceived as disses toward him on that record.

On Wednesday after "TRL," Ja smirked at 50's actions.

"He's a clown," Ja said in the green room. "He's a baby. Grow up, baby! What, this n---a think the world revolves around him? Let's be serious. He's digging himself a grave."

50's St. Valentine's Day Massacre is due March 8. The March issue of XXL with 50 on the cover comes out the first week of February.

— Shaheem Reid


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