May 17 - Teacher arrested after she 'had $ex with FIVE students during an orgy in her home'

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May 17 - Teacher arrested after she 'had $ex with FIVE students during an orgy in her home'

Teacher arrested after she 'had s*x with FIVE students during an orgy in her home'
By Paul Thompson

Last updated at 4:41 PM on 17th May 2011

A teacher has been jailed after being accused of having s*x with five of her teenage students during an orgy at her home
Brittni Colleps, a married mother of three, invited the boys to her Texas home for the s*x romp and the encounter was filmed on their cell phones.
The 27-year-old's husband was away overseas duty serving with the US military.

Colleps, an English teacher and girl's basketball coach, faces up to ten years in jail after being charged with five felony counts of inappropriate relationships between a student and a teacher.

Although all five of the teens involved with Colleps were 18 years of age or older, Texas law prohibits s*x between a teacher and a student, regardless of the student’s age.

According to a police arrest warrant affidavit, the investigation into Colleps began after a 19-year-old student told investigators about his s*xual relationship with his English teacher.
The student told police the relationship began with s*xually explicit text messages and photos that they sent to each other for about a week in late April.

Later that month the student drove to Colleps home in Arlington, Texas where they had s*x.
He later received a text message from the teacher saying they 'had fun' and an invite back to the house.

When police analyzed the teen's phone they found video footage of him and Colleps having s*x. They also found s*xually explicit photos and text messages the pair had sent each other.

Police later interviewed a second student who said he was present when the s*x romp took place.

School officials learned about the teacher's alleged relationships and put her on leave with pay.

Schools Superintendent Gary Dugger posted a letter on the school’s website saying that the district was cooperating with investigators.
'As the alleged acts occurred off campus, once Kennedale ISD personnel were put on notice, immediate action was taken,' the letters says.
Colleps is being held in the Arlington jail on $125,000 bail after turning herself into police on Monday.

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 Teacher arrested after she 'had s*x with FIVE students during an orgy in her home' | Mail Online


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