Max B - Vigilante Season (2011)

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Max B - Vigilante Season (2011)


1. Model Of Entropy
2. Tattoos On Her a*s
3. Money Make Me Feel Better
4. Where Do I Go (BBQ Music)
5. White Lines (ft. Al Pac)
6. Blowin' My High
7. Live Comfortable
8. You Wont Go Far (ft. Al Pac)
9. Fukk You
10. pr0no Muzik
11. Baby I Need More
12. Green Gain
13. Lord Tryna Tell you Something
14. I Need Money
15. South Wave
16. Boss Don Season

 http://www.amalgamdigital .. s/details/1356

Was member of Jim Jones' Byrd Gang crew, rapper Max B (aka Max Biggaveli) came up through guest appearances on Diplomats recordings along with Jones solo albums. Claiming to be the Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, and Jay-Z all wrapped into one, Max B kicked off 2006 by appearing on Cam'ron's Jay-Z diss track "You Got It." On September 29th of that year his career suffered a major setback when he was charged with felony murder after being connected to a botched robbery in Fort Lee, NJ. Max B claimed he was innocent, made his two-million-dollars bail, and then returned to recording with the Rise of the Silver Surfer mixtape, which appeared in late 2007.

Rapper Max B has been behind bars since 2009 and is set to be there for at least 75 years. This has not stopped him from releasing his debut album, “Vigalante Season”. Max B is carrying out his sentence after being found guilty of nine murder conspiracy charges, stemming from a botched robbery in 2006. The album will be released under the record label Amalgam Digital, to which he signed a 3 album deal with in 2008 a year before he was incarcerated.

The Wave Is Finally Here

After you here Vigilante Season You Will be Joining The Wavement

 http://slumz.boxden.com/f .. owwww-1141610/

If You Want To listen To The Album 1st Go Here It's on Next Youtube Page

 YouTube - Anyextee's Channel

 http://itunes.apple.com/u .. on/id427663413

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