Koolo AKA @Not_Afraid2Leak Responds To Aftermath's Slim Da Mombsta's Death Threats For Detox Leaks

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Koolo AKA @Not_Afraid2Leak Responds To Aftermath's Slim Da Mombsta's death Threats For Detox Leaks


Who ever the f**k leaking these records... IM WILLING TO DO LIFE BEHIND MY KIDS FUTURE... So if I find out... I WILL MAKE ATTEMPTS ON YA a*s

 Twitter / anthony johnson: Who ever the f**k leaking ...

@Not_Afraid2Leak we should talk....

 Twitter / anthony johnson: @Not_Afraid2Leak we should ...

@GhostsWeb man I will k*ll him in front of the police station.... Life in prison= life WITHOUT detox dropping....


@Slimthemobster who in the name of holy f**k are you ? ...f**kin nobodies these days...hush monkey

 Twitter / LoveTheWayIShare?: @slimthemobster you wanna ...

@slimthemobster you wanna k*ll me monkey ? ..what you take me for?..a nobody darkie like you ?..your ruining detox f**got..lmao @ ur lyrics

 Twitter / LoveTheWayIShare?: @slimthemobster and nobody ...

@slimthemobster and why the f**k ur name slim da mobster ? what are you 6 yrs old ?..dre must be embarrassed as f**k when he introduce you

 Twitter / LoveTheWayIShare?: @slimthemobster and why th ...

@slimthemobster i wanted to leak ur music.i s**t you not i could not find ONE connect that knows you..i never heard so many "who" in one day

 Twitter / LoveTheWayIShare?: @slimthemobster i wanted t ...

@Slimthemobster by?...by?..BY????...no wonder detox is s**t...this f**got is writing it...f**k dre and f**k you too f*g

@Slimthemobster locked in a room with me ?..you didnt say no homo...are you a f**kin f**got ?...you and dre have butt s*x ?!!?

 http://twitter.com/Not_Af .. 91366807409909

as a result of this back & forth Koolo says he'll release another leak from Detox titled "Mr. Prescription" soon...image


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