Mar 8 - Dad: I'll kill my son's murderer if he's released

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Mar 8 - Dad: I'll k*ll my son's murderer if he's released



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The father of a five-year-old boy slain in 1975 has vowed to murder the man who did it
"as aggressively and painfully as he k*lled my son" if he is released from prison early.

John Foreman told WPRO-AM radio that he blamed himself for accepting a plea deal that
saw Michael Woodmansee convicted of the second-degree murder of his son Jason in
South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Woodmansee was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 1982, but the plea bargain deal allowed him to be released early for good behavior. This could happen as soon as August, the Providence Journal reported.

In the interview, Foreman claimed a journal kept by Woodmansee, which has not been released by police, details how the k*ller had eaten the young boy's flesh.

"I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to k*ll this man," Foreman added.

"I cannot think, I cannot sleep. All I think about is trying to find a way to get this man to
kill him," he told WPRO-AM.

Foreman said he wanted to k*ll Woodmansee "as aggressively and painfully as he k*lled my

He said he remembered only one detail contained in the journal, that Woodmansee
"ate the flesh of my son."

In the interview, Foreman said his decision to accept a plea deal had been "spineless."

"I've got myself to blame for that ... allowing him to be released early to become a predator
to someone else. I'm to blame for all that and I'll make that right," he said.

Foreman said his son was a "well-behaved boy, very smart, very intelligent for his age."

He added that he had been full of "hopes and dreams" for his son. "I know he was going to
be somebody. I had real hopes for this young boy," Foreman said.

Amy Kempe, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, said in a statement Monday that he was concerned and outraged about Woodmansee's scheduled release, The
Associated Press reported.

Kempe said Kilmartin had asked Rhode Island's Department of Corrections to look into ways to keep Woodmansee in prison.

Kempe added that the attorney general's office would work with the Department of
Corrections to examine the legal options.

Patricia Coyne-Fague, chief legal counsel for the Department of Corrections, said that the only way an inmate could lose his entitlement to early release for good behavior was if he did
something wrong.

Coyne-Fague said the early release was based on a law first introduced in 1872. It was last
changed significantly in 1960.

The Father

The murderer

 Dad: I'll k*ll my son's murderer if he's released - U.S. news - Crime & courts - msnbc.com

How is this guy still breathing? I would expect one of those prisoners to have turned him into a mesh t-shirt by now.


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