Lil Kim Goes In On Drake "He's Weak,Throws Diddy & Birdman Under The Bus"

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Lil Kim Goes In On Drake "He's Weak,Throws Diddy & Birdman Under The Bus"


Add Birdman, Drake and Diddy to Lil Kim's growing list of targets as she puts in work on Nicki Minaj.

The Queen Bee linked up with Ryan Cameron of Atlanta radio station V-103 and addressed all drama.

During the interview Kim clarified why she is beefing with Nicki and why Baby and Puffy are also in the line of fire.

RC: What was the straw that broke the camel's back? When was it you decided I've got to do something about this whole thing?

Kim: It was when she did an interview with [Hot 97's] Angie Martinez and the Roman's Revenge record definitely. It was time to cut all the buffoonery.

RC: You came out with the Black Friday [mixtape] 113,000 on Paypal. We called Paypal, people were saying it couldn't be done, but they said you can only do 1 particular transaction for $10,000, but you can have as many other transactions as you want. They were trying to dispute whether or not you even sold that many.

Kim: The haters are always gonna be there. I mean come on haters get on your job, we need you. It's a blessing and I just thank God that I have some amazing fans. They're the ones that's keeping me pushing.

RC: What would you say to fans that feel like you didn't need to stoop to that level and make a diss record?

Kim: Here's the deal - I have fans all over the world. Sometimes you gotta give the fans what they want. It may be a handful of people that feel this way or that way, but this is hip hop and thisis what it is. Plus this is how I really felt. If this wasn't how I really felt I don't think I'd be doing myself any justice,

RC: Did you ever pick up the phone and try to reach out to her people before you made these records?

Kim: Nah it was too far gone at that point. When something like this happens you don't go around trying to figure out what happened, you gotta handle your business 1st, that's just me. Baby tried to reach out a 100 times, Puffy tried to reach out. But I feel like both of them were a big major part of the problem so there was really nothing to talk about.

RC: Did you feel like it was disrespectful for Puffy to even get in on that given yall's history?

Kim: I feel it was very disrespectful because me knowing Puffy, being with Puffy for so long. I remember plent of times when I might have said something that might have been offensive about somebody. If this was back in the day Puffy would not let any of those records go out. As a matter of fact he would tell me, "no, no ,no you gotta change that", especially if it was somebody he had a relationship with, or he was getting money with, he wouldn't let that ride like that.

That's why it bothered me. He's sitting there saying "Oh she's mad because I'm working with another female." I mean, come on, how preposterous is that? How many females has he worked with that I was cool with or didn't have a problem with. It didn't make any sense to me.

RC: So after the Angie Martinez interview and Roman's Revenge recors there was no talking after that?

Kim: Right and for those that don't know, Because a lot of people look at the situation like "kim what is the problem, what happened?" Well here's the situation, here's how it all got started. I used to be really good friends with Slim [Birdman's brother] from Cash Money. Me and Slim were actually somewhat partners. At one point he put me in the studio, I was gonna do some type of partnership with him. Cause I always looked at Cash Money like they was one of the few that got the game. When I say got the game, I mean knew how to sell records. Me and Slim because friends for 4 years, we used to record out in Miami and he was going to help me get to the next level in my career.

Baby sent this song to me called "Grinding making money" and I loved it. I sent it back to em and I already had a feeling they were gonna wanna put homegirl [Nicki] on the record I kind of felt like me being over there is what they kid of accepted me so easily. I kind of felt like they wanted some type of help with homegirl and I didn't mind that because I felt like I already seen the direction they were going with her. So I said maybe if I come over there she'll stop throwing these shots that she be throwing. Because before i came over there I already seen the shots she used to be throwing on the low. But I didn't really pay that no attention because I feel like a lot of girls are misguided when they come in the industry. They always feel like whoever is on top, that's who I gotta go after.and that is not the way to do it. Coming in the game, do you.

They put the song out and I got a better response and I never heard back from them. They swagger jacked me for her.

Listen to the rest of the interview as Kim breaks down the back office politics that led to the drama. What her future holds and what it's like being her own boss.

And find out why she labels Drake as a "weak pink person."

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