Lindsay Lohan Formally Charged With Felony Grand Theft Of Necklace

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Lindsay Lohan Formally Charged With Felony Grand Theft Of Necklace


Lindsay Lohan was charged Wednesday with felony grand theft in a Los Angeles, Calif. court.

She allegedly stole a necklace, worth $2,500, from a Venice, Calif. store.

Lohan will be arraigned at 1:30 PM PT, at which time she will have her mug shot taken and have the opportunity to post bail.

Prosecutors are asking that bail be set at $20,000.

Lohan will be accompanied by her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley.

Holley has denied the necklace was stolen.

Police began investigating Lohan after a store in Venice reported a necklace missing on Jan. 22.

Lohan was photographed wearing the necklace in question. Her a*sistant returned it after the investigation had begun.

The L.A. County District Attorney believes Lohan is a seasoned fashion thief, a primary reason why she's being prosecuted for felony grand theft.

Sources connected to the case told TMZ that in deciding whether to prosecute, the D.A.'s office considered three incidents where Lohan allegedly pilfered expensive items:

-- She was suspected of taking a $400,000 necklace in 2009 from an Elle Magazine photo shoot.

-- She was accused of stealing a $12,000 mink coat in 2008 from a NYC nightclub.

-- She was accused of taking a $35,000 Rolex from a "friend" in 2010.

Lohan was not prosecuted or convicted in the three cases, but sources say prosecutors not only heavily considered the prior incidents in making their decision, they will ask the judge to admit the three incidents into evidence to show "prior bad acts" if the case goes to trial.

TMZ sources say there are two other factors that weighed heavily in the decision to prosecute:

-- Lohan has had repeated run-ins with the law, including two DUIs.

-- She repeatedly thumbed her nose at the legal system by failing to perform her probation requirements, blowing off court appearances (remember that trip to Cannes?) and acting disrespectfully before the judge (the whole fingernail thing).

As TMZ reported, the D.A. has a surveillance video which shows Lohan walking out of a Venice, CA jewelry store with the $2,500 necklace in question.

The necklace is partially hidden by other trinkets around Lohan's neck.

 Lindsay Lohan Charged With Felony Grand Theft of Necklace - FoxNews.com


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