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 6 years ago '10        #81
kennboy1 29 heat pts29
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 HUDA2daF said:
Even back then ppl saw thru pack's act..

 A-L-P said:

No dap to Michael Jordan for saying that just b/c he's won 3 in a row,
he's better than Magic. Listen, if you end up wearing six Championship
rings, then we'll talk...but I'm calling it...Chicago has won it's last
Championship. Expect the Knicks or the Suns to whomp 'em next year...

 DB30 said:

I wonder if 15 years down the road people are gonna be bumping our posts about Based God and Wiz Khalifa...

This thread is so interesting, or should I say - PHAT!
 6 years ago '10        #82
knowlege bass 
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nice....wow...Alt.rap brings back memories, using newsgroup readers in s**t that was in Outlook....used to read and post up in that all the time....props on the thread.
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Sept 7, 1998

With the release of the "Dead presidents" Jay Z. had a new career start
and everybody back then would call it a comeback of a veteran and all
that. Yesterday checking one of my Yo! tapes (#13, 1993) a crew called
Original Flavor hit the streets with some track "Can I get open". At
the beginning the members names are introduced (One of them was Chubby
Chub, the DJ) and to my surprise right before the last verse also Jay Z
is written and the namely performs the last rhymes. So 1993 is not too
early for a so called "veteran".
My question: Did Jay Z start his career with Original Flavor or is
there yet another history?

Peace, Alex


His career started prior to working with Original flavor. In 1990,
Jay-Z and The Jaz released a cut called "The Originators."
Shortly thereafter, he collaborated with Original Flavor on "Can I Get
Open" and started looking for a label. He subsequently hooked-up
with Damon Dash and formed Roc-A-Fella Records.



Let's go a little earlier.

But first... yes, Jay-Z was definitely in the video for "Can I Get Open".

Most people first heard of Jay-Z when he was with The Jaz back in 1989.
He did a funny track called "Hawaiian Sophie" (EMI V-56126), and there
was definitely a video. The song seemed kinda Fresh Prince-ish, but it
was one of the few times any MC had paid tribute to Hawaiian culture.
Jay-Z was in the track, and in the video there's one scene where a
Hawaiian is cooking Kalua Pig. The camera pans up and the guy motions to
the pig with his hand, kinda asking Jay-Z "you want some?" Jay-Z takes a
look, and moves his hands to say "uh-uh".

Jay-Z is on the back of the cover of the 12" ,with a big black and red
striped sweatshirt, a big a.ss dukey rope chain with a big a.ss cobra at
the end.

Not sure if Jay-Z (credited as "Jay-Zee") had anything else before
"Hawaiian Sophie", but that's the first track I remembered him in.

-John Book

October 15, 1997

When I heard Jay-Z make his comeback with "In My Lifetime" & "Dead
Presidents", I was amped. I thought that both of those tracks were tight.
But then I heard "Ain't No N*gga" with Foxxy and I lost all interest.
Maybe that's unfair, but that song just turned me off.

Then one day, my cat played the CD while we were playing Sega.
And he knocked me out of my seat. It's been said here a few times and
it's true. Jay-Z is one of the most underrated MCs out there. Yeah, he's
a Big Willie MC, but he does it with a certain believability and
personality that makes me think that he's talking about something rather
than copying someone else's image.

I don't know if Jay-Z is on a level with Chuck or Rakim...that's
stretching it. But he's easily the best & brightest of the Big Willie
generation after BIG's death.

I would recommend getting this one, or at least putting it on your
priority list. And you can't listen to it with an attitude of "Oh, listen
to how many times he talks about money, clothes, cars and women." You
have to listen to how he relates certain elements of life with the Big
Willie stuff. Plus, he's got a strong delivery. Good clear enunciation.


*** MARBLES ***

October 16, 1997

Thank you marbles. my sentiments exactly. Jay-z may choose poor topics to rhyme
about but he is the only mc out there that makes them sound real, interesting
and even a little original. He's got flows like no other mc's out right now
(except the one's biting him) and his lyrics are a lot deeper then many would
like to admit. sure, he does some cameos on wack a.ss songs. sure, he has some
pretty R&B sounding s**t on his album. the bottom line is that he's nice.

by the way, did any one think that that song he did on his album where he's
rapping back and forth with some kid about getting down with him (sorry,
forgot the name) sounded like a gay love song? by gay,I mean completly
just wondering...
later tony

October 16, 1997

This is from an anti-Big Willieist. Jay-Z isn't your ordinary Big
Willie. Boi has some lyrical ckill, mos definitely. I was hesitant to
get his lp until I'd heard more tracks off it. He comes correct with
damn near everything. Yeah, he talks about having money "potna, I'm
spending $$ from 88", and all that but it's not like he continuosly brags
about it... more like he saying this is what I did to get over and now
I'm tryin' to do this rap thing. Along with Roc-a-Fella Records. If you
think you can pay attentions imply to lyrical skill and not his Big
Willieism... or Big Williamism as he would say, than definitely get it.

"da One & Only"
Steve S. Jackson
(Instrumentalist, Lyricist, Philosopher, Poet)

"The people you step on today are the folk you fall on tomrrow."

sjack...@nimbus.temple.edu***|***sjack...@vm.templ e.edu

Official I-Phunk Homepage:

Smoove Entertainment Services: Hip-Hop Management and Artist Development

October 16, 1997

here's the question..who's better..jay-z or nas now that Biggie is no
longer the "King of New York."

october 17, 1997

no doubt jay z's the new king. nas is fake now. he's thinks he's
columbian or italian, whatever. jay z keeps it real. and he gives more
knowledge to n*ggas on the streets than nas does.

On 30 Oct 1997, CHICHI1142 wrote:

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Nov 1, 1997

Jay Z, n*gga please
that boys got no style or nuttin
i admit i dont really care for half of tha east coast rappers
but outta tha ones i do like (Mobb Deep, Lil Cease, Mase, Wu, and some more)
Jay Z sure as f**k aint one of em
"f**k Em All That Dont Understand
My Plot To Get Richer,
Much More Than 6 Figures,
A Mutha f**kin Made n*gga"

1 Luv To My n*gga Pac
Rest In Peace Boy


Stay "Bout It, Bout It"

July 16, 1996

who has the best lyrics and beats....NAS or JZ??!?!

Rza a.k.a. Tim Renaud


nasty nas of course. but jay-z is still phat.

--the genesis--

Jun 13, 1996

Remember when Illmatic was coming out and The Source did the article
on him being the second coming? Serch said that they went through
65 or 70 beats to get 10 tracks..I wonder what s**t Nas was smoking
while he was listening to the beats for It Was Written? Who are these
chumps hes workin with now? The TrackMasters? Dre?(he diserves props for
going on his own though) Those other kids?..What else did NAS say? "Every-
body could make a rhyme about bein an ill n*gga with a ill rugged beat"
Isnt that what hes doin now? One Exeption those beats arent really
rugged their candy, they're on some candy rain s**t, some hey lover s**t,
man. Tipster said "Nas aint got no gimmick to his style" what has changed
him? god, money couldnt of turned him into this cream fiend..could it?
I saw somewhere that Xtra P said he did some work with Nas but he said
the label might not put them on the lp" (?) could the label keep Large
Pro. off and those no name kids on?
I wonder what he thinks about this, and what Serch thinks? didnt
he put him on? and the Chubbster? what does he have to say? did
Illmatic go gold? I guess I'm wishing on a star, but damn..



Good post...who'd think we'd see the day when Nas would have to have
his card pulled?

Word up... But Illmatic did NOT go gold. For all it's critical
acclaim, he didn't move that many units which explains his new
incarnation as Nas Escobar.

I dunno...here's a hip hop trivia questions: what artists have had
killer first albums, flat second albums, then came back strong on the third?

The only artists that come close to me would be people like LL and KRS
who had times in the middle of their career where sh*t went a bit flat
but they came back, at least once, with a strong effort.



Yeah, "if I ruled the world" is really on some bs, but i heard this track
called "Solemn murder" which brings back the NAS from 93-94. Check for it
on the album (July 2nd?)

July 12, 1996

bobc...@ix.netcom.com writes:
> I here all these mixed feelings about Nas' album, and I think everyone
> overlooked the fact that Dr. Dre produced "Nas Is Coming", and it's
> pretty damn tight!! I'm surprised, finally, I can respect Dr. Dre again
> (I started to hate him after I heard Snoop's wack-ass album, and I
> haven't liked him ever since, until now)
> What do y'all think??

really? i thought "nas is coming" was garbage way before i
realized it was produced by dr dre. i mean really, is he
really on his own d!ck that much? i have no problems with dr
dre, but only when he puts out quality s**t, not that garbage
on nas's album. i have so much mixed feelings about his
album. at one end you have some truly butter material, and on
the end you have some songs that had no business being on any
album yet alone nas's. "black girl lost" was the most misplacd
song on the whole album. the intro has absolutely nothing to
do with the song. not only that but the beat is absolutely
wrong for his message. that beat was a "the show is over, i
see you, let's go back to the hotel and f**k" type sound. the
worst part was that he had jojo singing the chorus. i mean
'cmon, he couldn't spare a few extra dollars and got k-ci?
both songs just didn't have to be there. i like the beats to
the two havoc productions but they sound just like the "realize and
recognize" (rmx) beat. the only songs that i got into hard
were the songs produced by trakmasters. all in all, his album
is good but it's definetly no five mics (four at most). album
number two is no where near as good as number one, but who can
really expect nas to make two classic albums back to back.

make no mistake, i still pump it.

bklyn representin' with the ill nana (kidding)

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In article <Pine.SUN.3.93.961028232146.18094C-100000@discover>,
s003...@discover.wright.edu says...

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>On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, El Surround wrote:

>> Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 23:06:21 -0700
>> From: El Surround <ms...@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il>
>> Newsgroups: rec.music.hip-hop, alt.rap
>> Subject: Big L = Mac Mall

>> Is it just me or these 2 rappers have the same flowe, same voices, same
>> topics and everything?
>> Peace

>Never heard of Big L...Mac Mall is tight as hell though. One of my top 5
>up and comin' artists.

> Li'l Magic>

Big L is outta the Lord Finnese, Showbiz, AG, Fat Joe crew. Can't remember
the name of the album he had, but I know it has some dope songs on it.


 6 years ago '07        #85
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July 5, 1999

Papoose is on this list lol

What up yo,

Inviting you to check us out:

Here is the play list for Subway Hip Hop Volume 25. Here is a promise...there
are joints on here that you have NEVER heard before, but you WILL be feelin'.
The s**t is hot. And thats on the real. True Underground.

Intro - f**k All You b**ch a.ss n*gga's
Afu-Ra - Big Acts, Little Acts
Large Professor & Neek The Exotic - Rhyme Mania 99
Saukrates - Money or Love
Severe & O.C. - If Looks Could k!ll
Rasco - Sophisticated Mic Pro's
PaPoose - Alphabetical Slaughter
Mr. Shane - I'm the s**t
Defari - Cooking up your Brain
Rascalz - C-4
Encore & Evidence - Filthy
 6 years ago '07        #86
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Feb 6, 1995

this s**t is by far the phattest I ever heard Biggie.. the
track is tentatively called
"Who shotcha?" .....

peep some of da lyrics:

" .. who shotcha, separate the weak from the obsu / lete hard
to creep..
them brooklyn streets .. it's on n*gga.. f**k all that
hollaring peace...
I can hear sweat tricklin' down ya cheek, ya heart beats
sound like sasqwatch feet
thunderous shakin' urban concrete.."

of course when you hear Biggie's off beat - on beat flow and
the essence of the background beats... It just hits you like a
f**kin' bolt of lightning!!! Biggie got it goin' on with
this one...

PLEASE tell me someone other than me has heard, DeePhunk...
have you heard it yet?

Salaam to all the Gods and the Earths on Long Island...
Represent and pay the goddamn rent!

March 23, 1996

What makes you think Biggie Smalls a.k.a. Notorouis B.I.G. and Faith
Evens would stay together? On 92.3 The Beat (KKBT) I heard on a
undergroud show about 4 months ago their marriage was over. I think all
of us expected this to happen, and from other sources I heard they were
breaking up.

In article <315E68BA.4...@sccsmtp1.capital.ge.com>, Tim Williams <twill...@sccsmtp1.capital.ge.com> writes:

> If you put their lips together you could
> make a another person.

What the f**k does this have to do with hip-hop?!! Absolutely NOTHING!! So
stop posting this unnecessary bulls**t!!
No Peace

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DM (sna...@mail.chtree.com) wrote:

: What's up with Biggie & Faith? Was that
: video "GET MONEY" a dis towards her?
: Somebody email me because I'm dying to
: know!

First, they are married, and second, the video was about her and she
should get money. That's my idea of it!

Sep 6, 1994

********Attention all Notorious Big aka/ Biggy Smalls Fans ***************

Notorious Big will be at Upstairs Records Inc on WED Spetember 14 12PM-2PM!!
He will be signing his new LP! Any customer who purchases his new LP
will Receive a free autograph!! Don't miss out!!

Who: Notorious Big aka Biggy Smalls
Where: Upstairs Records Inc
2968 Avenue X
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(1 Block off Nostrand Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)
Phone: 718-332-3322
E:Mail: charles.s...@factory.com
When: Wendsday Sept 14 12:00 - 2:00
Price: $8.99 Cass / $13.98 CD / $9.99 LP

For additional Info & directions E:Mail me at : charles.s...@facotry.com

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Nov 18, 1997

it is said in the new source magazine that he used to hang out with a lot
of people including stephon marbury, and big l. mase was a very well known
basket ball player in high school, so that always gets you attention from a
lot of popular people. i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't make plans to
be on that demo. and yes, his name was mase murder.


Tony1er <tony...@aol.com> wrote in article
<19971117193701.OAA08...@ladder02.news.aol.com>. ..

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>"murder mase"
>was he really murder mase?

Well I heard Puff refer to him as murder Mase on a mix tape but I dont know
aobut that Big L s**t.


never heard it tony, but someone told me the same thing. They told me that
mase murder was originally supposed to be on 8 is enough.

Also, mase and big l are still boys. Mase rolls wit NFL and BBO all the time.
Big l and mase did a song together called "uptown connection" wit 'gruff.
DEFINITELY HOT s**t. If you look at Puffy and mases thank you's from their
albums, you'll see that they both "big up" big l. In one of Big L's
freestyles recorded recently, he gives props to mase murder.
I'm glad to see that some people recognize big l. After Biggie, hes been
my favorite rapper. It makes me feel good to see that people recognize his
skills. peace


it was mase murder.... not murder mase.....
 6 years ago '07        #88
KeithHernandez 7 heat pts
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 nkflier54 said:
n*ggas in 96 ain't even kno Big L
Where dam f**gots at now that was talmbout "Big L was hot and had a hood classic back in the day"
Revisionist history by these dudes since the internet made the world smaller. I was raised in Spanish Harlem and had friends whose older brothers knew Big L and bumped his music. When I moved to Brooklyn, I tried to put people on, but they didn't know what was up until he died. But early 95, Big L was considered more of Lord Finesse's tagalong than the godlike status he hit in death.
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This someone making a thread about Jay-z's subliminals way back in Dec 5, 2000

The Eminem-Everlast nonsense is certainly entertaining, but is it really
a good Hip-Hop battle? Are these MC's spitting clever lyrics at each
other? Hell no. "You're a f**got." "I f**ked your wife." "I wish
you died." That's some real juvenile s**t peoples.

I've always favored the more subtle dis, the one where you gotta break
it down a lil' something. You can keep the anger, but at least make
it clever. And if you've noticed, Jay-Z's been dropping a few of these
gems lately. Hova drops the dope punchlines to make it clear who he's
calling out.

Example 1) quick breakdown: Prodigy called Jay-z soft in a Source
interview, and we all know Nas has had his issues with Hova. So Jay-Z
responded on a Craig G mixtape.

(over the "Keep it Thoro" beat)
N*ggas take Hove for toilet
now my blood boil, s**t, listen up...
why are all of you people ridin my nuts? uh
seems the more i try to chill the more people act up
well let me get to the point of this rap s**t for yall.
i ball. bite? nah. f!ght? nah. shoot? yes. boot..
to ya chest push you under rocks on your roof to rest
it's god hova, you god's son. the god's soldier
so you had your respect, 'til Jay came snappin'
seems you wanna act like Jay followed you with his rapping
cmon, you was doing good being you man! what happened
why'd you adapt? why your gold chains turn platinum?
keep up the yappin' mannnnnnn y'all funny to me
and like i said before, you cant show money to me
you owe me for every word on your last lp
and the one before that, mail me 200 Gs.. A.S.A.P.,
and by the way what's with this A.S.S. P.? (whats up with this a.ss P)
listen close, i don't know you, i dont know think you know me
i'll get your 6 blocks shot off the the strength of me
n*gga i drip infamy, you could never swim with me
Jay-Z muthaf**k you rather swim in pee
then to tryta get stupid, i'll leave your scent putrid
catch me at the club, Hove is not illusive
he will have you screamin over the beat like on the Clue s**ts, dunn
i'm ruthless whenever lips is rushin' s**t
see.. that's when clips might have to bust your s**t
i gives a f**k where you rep. i came in the game
humble to stack chips and to build my name
paid respect to y'all but from where y'all came
to throw dirt on Hove, sit down write the aim
lesson 2.. lil' man, cmon.. back to you
its R-O-C, power moves, c'mon f**k your weak team
who's glock'll wake your block up out the street dreams?
who's the one in the optics wit' mamis steadily watching while your fans
complainin' sayin you no longer makin hot s**t
get that state of mind right, concentrate on your lyrics
and not the gossip, i'd hate to have to lift your spirits.

Example 2) Jay-Z and Damon Dash are working on a film about Harlem
hustling legends Rich Porter and Alpo. Apparently Meeno from Harlem
World ("I'm That n*gga") caught feelings and said that Jay-Z was
overstepping his borough bounds. Or something to that effect. Jay-Z
responded on "My Mind Right" remix.

I got the fifth n*ggas, you have to pick n*ggas off of the ground
when I pick n*ggas off with the pound,
go get your click n*gga, this n*gga is running with clowns,
I'm a rich n*gga I get you clipped at cost right now,
n*ggas forget n*ggas as soon as you coffin off in the ground,
family man, look at your kids - orphans now,
I used to just smack rappers I'm extorting them now,
taking all that supporting them now,
damn you a b**ch,
n*gga you sick, fronting like your tougher than what you are,
till the gun is coming through the driver side of you car, (hello)
Using my name in vain like I won't damage the boy,
think n*ggas was shooting your fat a.ss out of cannons before, (i'm that
n*ggas is pompous
first they was evil kanieval jumpers,
then they turning over Rovers like they want it hova,
It ain't about Rich and 'Po n*gga
its about rich and po'
Understand I'm here to get this dough,
It ain't about brooklyn or harlem, no more than it's about fame or
It's about me being on blocks you bought from, (reppin')
Me setting myself apart from rappers who use other rappers' names
so other motherf**kers could watch them,
It's as simple as this
y'all n*ggas get off my d!ck,
I'll let you eat after I get off my bricks,
The world most dangerous click - R.O.C.
mind right b**ch!"

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Before you buy.
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Aug 23, 2000 this is about Stillmatic

I read that Nas is doin an album called Stillmatic.

Is that still possible?

Will DJ premier be the main man?

Will he forget about mr. escobar and his prada s**t?


I heard the album will be practically all Premo!!

"WillyStubz" <willyst...@aol.com> wrote in message


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>> I read that Nas is doin an album called Stillmatic.

>> Is that still possible?
>I heard the album will be practically all Premo!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa......hold up! An all-Primo album? With the intent, according
to the album title, of returning to the Illmatic days? Where is this coming
from? And would Primo make a difference anymore?


"I'm always telling these many pals of mine
The most that you can spend on any child is time"--Chali Tuna

BUGGZY650 <buggzy...@cs.com> wrote:
> >I heard the album will be practically all Premo!!
> And would Primo make a difference anymore?

I'd prefer an all-Large Professor album. I think Nas came off even
better off of LPs tracks, as nice as Primo and Pete Rock's
contributions were. It would be a good reason for the Large Professor
to produce a complete album again (for only the third time), and maybe
give Nas some of that nasty Nas fire again. It's nice to imagine, but
to be realistic, I give Nas a 10% chance of ever regaining anything
near his "Illmatic" glory, and that's being generous.

"Stillmatic" is a weak title, it sounds too stationary to me, like
"still" as in "not moving," not "st" + "illmatic." If that makes any
sense at all. At this point he needs to not only return to a full
album of well-crafted lyrics, but also one that progresses from what he
did on Illmatic, not just repeat it.

still mike c.

>>I heard the album will be practically all Premo!!

First off...where did you hear this?

>Whoa, whoa, whoa......hold up! An all-Primo album? With the intent, according
>to the album title, of returning to the Illmatic days? Where is this coming
>from? And would Primo make a difference anymore?

I've been waiting for a full length non Gangstarr Primo produced album
forawhile now. I think the last was "Wrath of the Math", but I seriously doubt
Nas will come out with a fully Primo produced album....it's just not possible.
Cause Nas where he's at right now needs 1 token commercial bouncy track, 1
token R&B track, 1 token "west coast" track, and with the current musical
climate add a token down south as well as rock/rap song to the mix.

So he'll pretty much never again make a fully dope hiphop album ever in his
life. Maybe Primo will produce 5 or 6 songs a la MOP or Afu Ra.....but not a
whole album(even though with his stature and lebel he could afford it)
 6 years ago '07        #91
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This is from May 25, 1998. The thread is titled The Decline of Mase and Camron

mase used to be a very good mc. he was in a group with cam'rom(previously
killer cam) bloodshed, and some others called C.O.C. they were very good. they
were down with big l. cam had incredible lyrics and mase actually made sense it
hurts my feelings litsening to them now being that i know how hot they used to


Bret Hart
"The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be!"

>mase used to be a very good mc. he was in a group with cam'rom(previously
>killer cam) bloodshed, and some others called C.O.C. they were very good.
>were down with big l. cam had incredible lyrics and mase actually made sense
> hurts my feelings litsening to them now being that i know how hot they used

Did Children of the Corn actually drop product? I was under the impression
that they were mixtape famous (a la the Last Emperor).

What kind of stuff did they rhyme about back in the day?

Just wonderin...



"If you John Blaze, then I'm James Flames"
-Mad Skillz

my Gang Starr site:


>Did Children of the Corn actually drop product? I was under the impression
>that they were mixtape famous (a la the Last Emperor).

no, i dont think they actually dropped anything as in making an entire album
but they had enough songs done that they probably could have made one, or at
least an ep.

>What kind of stuff did they rhyme about back in the day?

well cam mostly talked about boning and k!lling, but it was creative. and mase
made a hilarious rhyme about hie ex and their break up; really good stuff not
like his present-do mase got the ladies? yeah yeah.


Bret Hart
"The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be!"

"I dont try to be different I am, so inevitably my style will survive when your
now turns to then"--- El Pro-f**king-ducto, The Indelible One

In article <1998052501094700.VAA20...@ladder01.news.aol.com >,
schmoov...@aol.com (SCHMOOVE34) wrote:

> mase used to be a very good mc. he was in a group with cam'rom(previously
> k!ller cam) bloodshed, and some others called C.O.C. they were very good. they
> were down with big l. cam had incredible lyrics and mase actually made sense it
> hurts my feelings litsening to them now being that i know how hot they used to
> be.
> I am not really a Mase fan but, I think Cam'ron is dope. Every song I heard from him so far have been ill like Horse & Carraige, 357, Pull It and that N.B.C joint with Noreaga and Charli Baltimore. I am actually looking forward to his album.


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this one is about Mase

Mase sold over 250,000 records last week. Who?, What?, How? Does
Puffy really have a Midas touch like that? Where he can take bulls**t and
add his bulls**t then serve it up to Mtv and the s**t ends up #1 and
double patinum. What does this n*gga have, that Gangstarr, The Roots,
Common, and every other real hip hop artist doesn't? E-mail me?


dont know about the lp but the single is crap. Mack 10 uses that same
sample for "englewood swangin" on his new disc. I like that a lot
better. Hes also a far better rapper. Mase's mumbling makes him sound
like he has a speech disorder and/or a mental disability.

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On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, yusef jones wrote:
> Mase sold over 250,000 records last week. Who?, What?, How? Does
> Puffy really have a Midas touch like that? Where he can take bulls**t and
> add his bulls**t then serve it up to Mtv and the s**t ends up #1 and
> double patinum. What does this n*gga have, that Gangstarr, The Roots,
> Common, and every other real hip hop artist doesn't? E-mail me?



Wanna know-how?

If you know how to suck Puffy's HIV-Blood-Stained-Lil-Kim-
Infected-Dirty-d!ck, then you will be able to copy other people's
talented and successful music, then use them to show yourself off.

People only listen to those kinds of dirty s**t, just because
you ain't s**t, you old dirty punk a.ss motherf**ker.

Why do you even give a s**t about advertising them f**king
Bad-Boy's album, motherf**ker.

You are one of them, ain't ya.

Punk a.ss motherf**ker.

Make my Biggy and Tupac live again, or I will shove the shovel
up in your dirty a.ss.

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yusef jones wrote in message ...
> Mase sold over 250,000 records last week. Who?, What?, How? Does
>Puffy really have a Midas touch like that? Where he can take bulls**t and
>add his bulls**t then serve it up to Mtv and the s**t ends up #1 and
>double patinum. What does this n*gga have, that Gangstarr, The Roots,
>Common, and every other real hip hop artist doesn't? E-mail me?


Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7BIT

Ok, Before yall start trying 2 clown on me, i ain't "acting" bad online
i just tell it like it is!! And mase's album is strangely
enough.....tight!! I don't care for bad boy records, sure puffy couldn't
flow if he had a facet on his head!! Hate 2 say t mases album sold cause
he is the ONLY artist from bad boy who has talent, songs like 24 hours 2
live will get ya a.ss hype!! But dats my feelings!

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yusef jones (yjo...@wam.umd.edu) wrote:

: Mase sold over 250,000 records last week. Who?, What?, How? Does
: Puffy really have a Midas touch like that? Where he can take bulls**t and
: add his bulls**t then serve it up to Mtv and the s**t ends up #1 and
: double patinum. What does this n*gga have, that Gangstarr, The Roots,
: Common, and every other real hip hop artist doesn't? E-mail me?

'90% of this s**t is your BUSINESS... 10% of this s**t is your TALENT!!'
-Mystikal on #2 of Master P's

Mase sold over 250,000 records last week the same exact way Master P
sold over 1 million records in four weeks... COMMERCIAL APPEAL due to
GOOD BUSINESS SENSE (Puffy's business sense, of course)...


Puffy is a biter and has no talent, he just rips off dope tracks
from dusties and eighties songs. And why does everyone think he can dance.
If he wasn't on a video, his silly, goofy-lookin a.ss would be kicked inm
the jaw. His sidekick Mase needs to be sprayed with some cuz he is

Busto the Prophet

Ya'll ready for the RAPTURE?


This is a rumor from 1998 about Mase leaving Badboy

EUR (Electronic Urban Report) reported on this, saying that MAse has left Bad
>Boy to sign to So-So Def, over money disputes with Puffy. Now, I know for a
>fact that Mase's label will be "distributed" by So-So Def, including his new
>group Harlemworld. That was reported on MTV News, which is usu. accurate (hell,
>always accurate as far as I know...they fact check well).

>Hmmm. Comments?

When Funkmaster Flex says " HOT TO death." he sounds like an idiot.




Use address above, but remove SPAM to reply. Thanks. :)
"You know you are a serious statistician if you keep the letter 'e' copied to your clipboard, because just incase you hit paste by mistake, you'll still have a f!ghting chance."

>I have n't heard that but I'll most definitely keep my ears open. If Mase
>leaves I don't think Bad Boy could come out strong in the 2000. So Puff
>better give up that money.

Are you kiddng?? Theres a dope MC on every corner. 99% of this game is all
marketing. Puff can make a star out of anyone he wants. All he has to do is
throw out the bait, and all those mindless fish out there will bite.

"I got rhymes to make your whole head swell up.
Here's and Ice-pack, Homeboy, Shut the hell up"--Erick Sermon

"From Brentwood to San Quentin, I'ma keep rhymin, and still
representin"--Parrish Smith

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They sound like a premature BX.
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Now here are the Illuminati post from the 90's. Nothing has changed at all

sep 5, 1996

The s**t that bugs the hell out of me is that, muthaf**kers don't know
what the hell they're talking about when a.ssociating Illuminati with
Masons, especially BLACK Masons!. I myself am a Mason, and proud of
it, however when people start making references to Illuminati, New
World Order, etc., this s**t ticks me the f**k off. My organization
spens more time, money, and effort, in giving to charities and other
sources, be it individuals or groups that truly need it. We are in the
then business of making good men better, in the eyes of God, Allah,
Buddah... or whatever you choose to call your diety. In particualr my
lodge recently donated a large sum of money to an inner city record
producer who is in the business of producing POSTIVE rap artist on the
Chicagoland area. So the next time you wan't to speak about a given
subject that depict certain groups or individuals in a negative light,
check your motherf**kin facts first. s**t, speaking on what you don't
know makes you as bad as a stupid f**ker who classify's hip-hop or rap
in a negative way. If you're real to hip hop then you know that over
half of the s**t that is said about it is 100% lie. So let's be fair,
step outside your shoes and instead of judging others in the way that
you don't wan't to be judged, take the time to learn the truth before
opening your mouth.

Peace Out........................

MoneyB, 96


Yeah, whatever. Don't you pledge allegiance to the Masons above
anything else, including God and Country?



ANother falsehood, no we do not pledge allegiance to Masons above God, Country, nor our jobs or family.
Anymore questions?


First off, keep ypur patronizing comments about "ilumminating" to yourself. You continue to want to a.ssociate
that of which you have no clue of. Secondly I can't say what reference AZ or NAS was making. My comment was
regarding the earlier post in reference specifically talking about Masons. What I know to be the truth from
my personal encounters and what you choose to believe to be the truth from hearsay is each of our personal
choices. The facts are this: For too long we has a people have let hearsay Bulls**t seperate us as a people.
To have a different belief from another brother, regarding anything is fine. However to critize a person or
organization without knowing 1 damn fact about it is truly ignorant. I don't pretend to know more than the
next man becasue of the fact that I'm a Mason. Instead I try to give and learn to and from everyone that has
something POSITIVE to give. So if you feel that my facts are warped, try presenting some facts that I might
not be aware of. Hopefully one of us can come out of the situation teaching the other one something new.

Money B 96!

Dec 15, 1996


Does anyone know about Illuminati or even care. Peep this site
and see what is up. . Also if anyone can explain what
is up let me know.

June 21, 1999

Now with the new millenium around the corner every one is talking about
this illuminati ish. does any one actually now what this is and if so are
you against it?? I hear some artist try to talk about the stuff but
soundslike it's just a trend now. you guys know that this is real right.
If any one know more about this topic get at me

Mark Lanham wrote:

> Now with the new millenium around the corner every one is talking about
> this illuminati ish. does any one actually now what this is and if so are
> you against it?? I hear some artist try to talk about the stuff but
> soundslike it's just a trend now. you guys know that this is real right.
> If any one know more about this topic get at me

There is so much information out there about this ish, you are going to
have to ask specific questions. Im sure I could answer some, or point
you into the right direction.

In article <01bebc31$bcecaf80$9b002499@default>,
"Mark Lanham" <EMERAL...@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> Now with the new millenium around the corner every one is talking about
> this illuminati ish.

Which one???... The Rosnayan(sp?)Illuminati?...,Weiskaupt's
Illuminati?...,or the so-called "present-day" one???...

Each one of them is different.

does any one actually now what this is and if so are

> you against it?? I hear some artist try to talk about the stuff but
> sounds like it's just a trend now.

True... But a lot of them cats don't even know what the hell they're
talking about...

you guys know that this is real right.

> If any one know more about this topic get at me

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May 9, 1997

On Sat, 03 May 1997 09:26:21 -0400, Orange Roughy

<oran...@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

>I've a theory-- jazz is a dying art form. I live in Detroit, and within
>the last few months they k!lled the big jazz station in town in favor of
>Hip Hop. There is one "new" station for jazz, but its that elevator
>music stuff like Kenny G that's been going around for years.

>I believe that the business moves portend the future-- that Jazz doesn't
>have enough energy to sustain itself in our go-go, hip hop world.

>I don't think people want to just sit around and nod their heads any

Illuminati k!lled jazz
It will k!ll Hip-Hip as well soon enough.
The process of Kenny-G-ism is much the same as the commercialization
that is occurring right now in Hip-Hop.
Illuminati will suck the life and spirituality out of a given art,
infiltrate it, then sell it back to us.


March 25, 1997


\|/ **GANG TRUCE**
AKIEM ALLAH --*)7-- ***E/W TRUCE**

Jan 26, 1999

> So yes, let's have more science being dropped. But kids would
> benefit more from hearing a few facts and drawing conclusions on their
> own. This may be the serious downside of all the illuminati bulls**t -
> those artists may believe they're dropping facts, when all they're doing
> is perpetuating urban myths and getting their fans hooked on conspiracy
> theory, which has to be the intellectual plague of the late 20th century,
> making for bad literature and film as well as bad hip-hop...

I agree that the illuminati stuff is gettin' out of hand... but I don't agree
that it makes bad film. I liked the X-Files movie and I even like that one
with Charlie Sheen. Plus we have the X-Files TV show as well. I haven't
read any of its literature, but I'll take your word that it's bad.

Or folx can listen to "Droppin' Science" on
on Monday nights from 10-mid (PST) to
hear some serious science get dropped.

One Luv,

The UltraJam Show SRTV Tuesdays 11pm-midnight (Channel 18/Triton Cable)
Droppin' Science KSDT
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 Smooth Brother said:
How are you finding threads from 1993 & 1995??? The oldest threads I could find were from 1996.
when you put in what your searching for just click on the upper right hand corner where it says search by year. i jus found out that these threads go all the way back to 1991 lol.
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March 11, 1996

Hey all,

I just wanted to drop a note to everyone on USENET about my Tupac Shakur
Homepage. Most people already seem to know of it. It's a complete homepage
dedicated to this great black man. The site includeds lyrics, interviews, pixs,
sounds, news, and more. I just added a news mailing list, so everyone who wants
the current and factual information on Tupac can add their names to it.

The URL is:

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed, Tupac himself has seen the site
and is very pleased with it (yes, I have verified this for sure).

Peace and one luv,

Christopher L. Hoe
Creator and Maintainer of THE Tupac Amaru Shakur Homepage

Jan 1996

Hey all,

I am reposting my address since all y'all college students are back and
surfing tha net all over. I have made MANY updates to this page in tha last few
months. BUT, now with All Eyes on Me comming out I will keep info as updated as
possible. ALSO, I will be possibly getting a promo copy a week before release
(see homepage on release date and all), so I can let everyone else on tha net
see tha album cover (digitized) and digitize some sound samples for people to
listen to and download before tha album is even out! I do wish to say right
now, that I havn't read tha VIBE article yet, but from what I hear I agree 100%
with a previous post that says Tupac has the tools of a leader, but yet he is
just playin tha 'gangsta lean' role again and again, even after all that with
jail and all. I view Tupac as a man with GREAT potential, but as of now is
lacking in his usage of it. I have been womdering if he ever did go into that
deal he was gonna make with Mike tyson to start a inner city childrens fund.
I hope so, if not, he needs to take a trip back to his roots.

Christopher L. Hoe
my page's URL:
from there you can jump to my Pac page....enjoy all


Jan 17, 1996

he's a criminal waana be

In article <4d7dse$...@msunews.cl.msu.edu>, leek...@mulder.msu.edu (Kyu H

Lee) wrote:
> Say it ain't so Tupac, say it ain't so. When Tupac did his exclusive
> with Vibe a couple of months back, (The if I don't live, let this be the
> last interview I give) I had sense that Tupac was actually sincere in his
> realization that the gangsta rap act was being taken too seriously and that
> he was begining to see the responsiblity of his words and actions. Boy
> did he pull fast one on me. In this month's Vibe Tupac is back to his
> gansta-lean routine, from fueling the east/west coast thing, to calling
> out Biggie as a Tupac wannabe (in style) and dropping innuendo about
> him and Faith. What happened? Was it Suge Knight influence or the
> months that he spent in jail or what? I've seen artists in the past

flip/flop in their stlye and I suppose their mentality in the game, but

> flip/flop just has me wondering why? I thought Tupac had the tools to
> becoming a leader, but it looks like he's back on his thug life tip. Sigh.
> As for death Row, or more importantly Suge Knight, all I can say is
> this man is scary. Maybe C.Deloris Tucker should have attacked the
> influence mafia movies have on the youth's needs for power and respect, cause
> Suge is definitely a product of that.

> Kyu


Jason Hirschhorn
CH / BMG CD Club Server

Feb 6, 1996

Hey all,

Yup, I have THE 2Pac page for everyone out there who has mad respect for
tha man. I (and others who have e-mailed their help in) have created a page
full of lyrics, transciptions, ,news, sound, and pictures. It's Netscape
friendly and I get lots of mail from many fans telling me it's Phat. Check it
out and let me know what you think.


__________________________________________________ _________________________*_____

May 31st, when comes it hurts
I think of tha dead and it makes me curse
When they don't include 100 million of us black folks
that died in tha bottom of boats
I can carry on about tha k!ll'en from dusk till dawn
and war ain't tha reason they're gone

"Hitler Day"----Chuck D (Public Enemy

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More on tupac and some first hand accounts (1996)

Young people led the way in this year's 1996 Soul Train
Music Awards -- but the biggest news of the night happened out in
the parking lot. Apparently Tupac Shakur exchanged obscenities
with his rival Notorious B.I.G. According to reports, guards from
the Nation of Islam broke it up, just before a f!ght broke out.
There were false reports that Shakur, who blames B.I.G. for
setting him up to get shoot in New York, pulled a gun. Also adding
to the tension are the persistent rumors, despite Faith Evans'
(currently the estranged Mrs. B.I.G.) denials, that she and Shakur
are carrying on.
(Although Faith and B.I.G performed together, the couple
have not reunited, even though Faith is said to be pregnant with
B.I.G.'s twins. B.I.G. came to the awards with his new girlfriend.)
An angry Don Cornelius told the Hollywood press he wondered
why Shakur could go to the Grammy's and behave, but couldn't at
Soul Train. Cornelius said it was "cultural" and a form of self-hatred.
After the parking lot incident, Shakur left, without getting his
award for "Best Rap Album." RadioScope's Music Man and "Black
Radio Exclusive" magazine columnist Steve Ivory says there's plenty
of blame to go around, but at the root of this is the East Coast - West
Coast rap rivalry.
"It may not be the key artist themselves, but members of their
camp(s) perpetuate this thing. When they are among their camps they
perpetuate this ridiculous rivalry. People have been hurt. People have
been k!lled. It doesn't look like it's going to get any better," Ivory

Michelle, Auburn, AL:
I think that the Soul Train awards was the bomb this year.
I was so shocked that Mary J. got an award. She was so happy.
I was happy for her too b'cause at the Grammy's I think she got
kinda PO. And TLC I was glad that they got three they deserve it.
Notorious B.I.G, that mug look like he was tow down. I was like
look at Biggie Smalls all high.. But Soul Train had it goin' on
this year. I was shocked that 2 Pac got one. I kinda figured he
was not gonna be there but hey, he got one. But that's my time,
Peace, love and SOUL."

March 1996

Maybe I should not have said _Mr_.

My brother and his wife had a security company in the LA area. One of
their jobs was am after concert party at Glam Slam (Prince's club) for
Salt-N-Pepa. My brother's company's job was to check the guests in and
to seach them. One of the guest that my sister-in-law frisked was no
other than TuPac Shakur. She did the basic pat down search. When she
was finsihed, he turned to her and said, "I bet you enjoyed that, didn't
you?". She did not say a word. Then he left.
What he did was RUDE and uncalled for! Tupac is two faced. He sends the
wrong messages to his fans. One minute, he's say "Ladies keep your head
up", the next minute, he's being charged with r*pe.
I do not mean to sound like I'm putting him down, but he needs to get his
act together. If you enjoy listening to his music, that's cool, but
remember, you should emulate what he does.



I have this question (BTW thanx for raising this issue):

Has Snoop sold out? For him to Sell Out he has to be invested in sumpn. He
has never said anything about having love for the Black Community. He has
always represented LBC and Dogg Pound and death Row. These are the very
same reasons that I do not support him/buy his products or promote him. He
hasn't given us Black folks anything to grow on, so...

As for Tupac. He has sold out. In more ways than this (lates f**ked up
move is having all those white women around him in that video with
Jodeci). He carries the name Tupac Amaru Shakur. The first two names were
given to him by his mother in respect to the Indian revolutionary Tupac
Amaru. Shakur is his "family name". He has let down a.ssatta Shakur, Mtula
Shakur and all of the Black Panther Party (especially the NY 21) by not
representing the Shakur tribe in a consistently revolutionary manner.



may 96

Did anyone listen to Tupac's interview on Hot97 yesterday? What did he say?
Ant scandulous s**t?

Feb 16, 1996

SR wrote:

> Tupac's album went double platinum yesterday!
> He has set a record for the most records sold in one day.

> Hey now!

> f**k with that!

Yo Is that for real,

Where did you hear that from? Somewhere on the 'Net?

I didn't know that his double album was out yet.

What's the album title called??

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rod binfet (binfe...@caa.mrs.umn.edu) wrote:

: In article <3mkhtn$...@kaleka.seanet.com>, umo <umo> wrote:

: > I dont know who shot Tupac but whoever shot him probably did him a favor.
: > At the speed he was going it was only a matter of time before he ended up
: > dead or in jail for a very long time. The sad thing about Tupac is that
: > his talent and the money gave him the opportunity to see life in a way
: > that 99% of us never will. Tupac fronted as if he was some poor oppressed
: > ****** being victimized by the system. The reality is that Tupac enjoyed
wrong word???

: > a standard of living very few people of any race could even hope to
: > experience. If Tupac wanted to see the meaning of true Black oppression
: > he should have gottten on a plane and landed in Uganda, Somalia, Benin or
: > just about any nation in Africa. African Americans in America have had to
: > overcome a lot and there is a lot further to go. But the next time Tupac
: > feels like pissing and moaning about the society he lives in, he should
: > talk to somebody like Don'ONLY IN AMERICA' King.

: All I gotta say is that Tupac is a true n*gga. There should be more n*ggas like
: him!

What makes TwoPack a true n*gga??? A true busta.. a shame to his father
who was a black panther...

--Life isn't like a friggin box of chocolates you retard!
you know what's inside... it says it on the package!
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January 1996

For everybody out there keeping track of the Tupac/Notorious B.I.G
situation, check this out!

Mergela Records Reveals New Year's Rap Resolution Featuring Tupac Shakur
And Notorious B.I.G.

"Our intent is to promote "Runnin" as a building block to help mediate the
bitter rivalry which has historically divided East and West coast rappers
along creative, commercial, and political lines. 1996 is all about unity
and progress."

-John Atterberry & Jimmy Thomas

Los Angeles - John Atterbberry and Jimmy Thomas, co-CEO's of newly formed
Mergela Records and Executive Producers of hip-hop's celebratory Million
Man March LP, "One Million Strong - the album," are poised to release
"Runnin,'" a single included on the compilation that features a one of a
kind collaboration between Oakland's Tupac Shakur and Brooklyn's Notorious
B.I.G. Produced by Easy Mo Bee, "Runnin'" showcases two rappers from two
of hip-hop's most commercially successful and well respected geographic
regions, regions whose respective claims to coastal superiority have
increasingly polarized the hip-hop community on multiple levels (i.e. East
Coast vs. West Coast.).

Fueled by The March's plea for unity, "Runnin'" will not be released as a
commercial single. Instead, "Runnin'" will be distributed to urban and
rap radio as well as other key people throughout the music industry who
Mergela Records feels can help directly affect an ideological change
within the hip-hop community. "It's not about money ," says Atterberry,
"it's about dispelling false images while simultaneously cultivating a
path for positive change. Our people fought for years to end segregation,
yet certain individuals strive to perpetuate it in our music. It's time
we kick that mentality to the curb."<p>

Demonstrative of what results when such prolific artists and producers
join forces and collaborate, "Runnin'" is Mergela's second progressive
step towards creating a more unified hip hop nation. "We hope artists
will use "Runnin'" as a model for future creative experimentation," says
Thomas. "We need more East and West coast rappers rockin' the mic
together. That's what the people want!"

For more information contact: Sean Jordan (213) 653-3877


If this is true....I'd be really surprised...Tupac damn near called out
the entire Bad Boy staff for him getting shot last year in NY. Now,
I'm all for peace, but how you gonna make peace with someone who you
say, in print, tried to have you k!lled? Then again, people are saying
EPMD are getting back together and supposedly one member was damn close
to gatting the other...

 6 years ago '07        #100
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Here is something that this guy posted from 95 where big was ratting rappers.

We all spend alot of time rating rappers on this newsgroup so when I
read this I thought it might be of intrest. It is a rate the rappers
session Biggie had while in Toronto. People would call out rappers names
and he would say what he thought of them. The magazine I got this from is
a free magazine called "Peace". They say it's on tape so it's word for
word Biggie:
REDMAN - The new Redman!!?? Seven I can't dis him because I know he got
skills. He get busy on the lyrics but I can't feel his new s**t, his new
cosmic crazy s**t. I'm used to the clean cut blowout fly n*gga. When I met
the n*gga he was a fly n*gga, you know what I'm sayin', now he on some
different s**t. I don't really like when a rapper come out and they blow
up the way they are and they come out again on some changed up s**t. To
me, That's like getting some good coke from poppy and then getting some
money and then like 'f**k that! I'm getting some more 45ths, some brown
s**t and then bag that up. I get more money.' Why would you change your plan?
That's what he did to me.

E-40 - No rating! Zero! I don't f**k with duke at all. At all.

TOO $HORT - Ten. That's my dog right there. I love that n*gga. That's
my man. The calibre of s**t he got. c*cktailes s**t, I ain't got to see
that s**t yet. I know that s**t it hot! I was with him in Atlanta and we
were just kickin' it and s**t. That's my dog. I love that man.

Spice 1 - Zero. I don't like that guy at all.

Craig Mack - I don't realy like him too much either, dog. I can't give
him zero though 'cause he got some hot s**t but like five...four, since he
on some different s**t, some s**t I can't relate to. I'm from the hood, he
from the suburbs so it's completly different s**t. I don't really like the
music too much. I like the beats but that (scats) it's not rhymes for me.
it's just some pretty kid s**t.

Eiht - I like Eiht's s**t. I give Eiht an eight. He got some hard
s**t, some real s**t.

DJ Quick - I like the s**t on the soundtrack. That s**t is hot. I give
him a seven...six.

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Snoopy??? I like Snoop. I give him like an eight. I
like his s**t.

He sits and reflects on what we have asked and offers, "I'm into fly
pimp, straight flat s**t. I don't like no n*gga that I have to decipher
but some n*gga that I don decipher I give a ten..Nas, I give Jeru a ten, I
give ummmmmm"
(someone shouts out KRS-One)

KRS-One - KRS-One?? Naahhh...I don't like KRS no more 'cause he just
think he's too dope. He let his ego take over his s**t and that's what
brings him down. When he was like that (shouts "Blow it to yourself"),
when he was like that, then he was a ten but now, 'I am Hip Hop'!!! Eat a
d!ck n*gga. Eat a muthaphukkin' d!ck!

Guru - Premier??? Umm...who else I give a ten to? I like Keith.
Keith's s**t is hot.

Outkast - I like them too...six...seven.

Big Mike - Six...seven.

Scareface - Seven...eight. He got some hard s**t. Face got some hard s**t.

R.A. The rugged one - The white boy??!! The one I did the jam with??
That's who you talkin' about? Two...might be a three. I did the song, they
paid me alot of money, that's why I did it. The beat was knockin'.

Dr. Dre & Ed Lover - Those are my boys. I just like them n*gga, know
what I'm sayin'. You don't rate them n*ggas. I just like them n*ggas. They
just friends.

Cypress Hill - I used to like them. The first s**t, that first "How
can I k!ll a man" joint, I was liking that but that new age smoke out
s**t...f**k it!

New Kingdom - who? Never heard of them.

Da Brat - I like Da Brat. I like her s**t. I give her a nice six. She
ain't the dopest female MC but I like her single. I like how she comin'

The topic of female MC's arrives and Biggie speaks. "The dopest female
MC that has a record deal that's out right now is Rage, but my MC that's
coming out, Little Kim, is the dopest female MC that's coming out ever.
Ever. She gets busy like a n*gga that's why I like her style. Hard s**t!
She speaks on suckin' n*ggas...,shooting n*ggas, real s**t that real
b**ches do that they're just scared to talk about, just like how I came
out, on some real s**t."

Naughty by Nature - I like all of 'em. I got a relationship with
Treach. I got a relationship with Vinnie and I got a relationship with K,
but you know what I'm sayin', the music itself seems like they just wanna
make that one hit. Once they got that one hit everything else don't count.
That's why I can't dig that. I want a n*gga that's gonna be like, 'Yo, I
heard an album that's like nine joints I like.' I don't wanna hear I like
three, I like maybe the single, the remix. I don't want no album like that.

Coolio - I like that new joint, "Mama I'm in love with a gangster".
Ilike that joint. I just like them hard n*ggas, them n*ggas that just love
to be leveled out.
G. Smith # From alligator belts to patty melts
Tha Doggfather # I be that smoothest n*gga.....
ck...@freenet.carleton.ca # -Benz or Beamer, Big Boi (Outkast)
Global Clothing Co. #

Ice Cube - The old one or the new one? Kickiyaya???? It's not the

same s**t. It's like n*ggas is changing too much for me and I can't keep
the love. I respect the n*gga because I know back in the day he used to do
his thing so I can't dis him but the new s**t right now is...

The topic of quitting before game gets up on you is put on the table.

"I quit before it get on me like that dog!! I know my n*ggas keep it real.
My n*ggas be like, 'Big, you are slipping. That s**t right there ain't no
Ready to Die type s**t'. I take my n*ggas word. If s**t ain't right, it
ain't right. I ain't putting it out. I quit before a n*gga say Big was
wack. f**k that!! I produce, get a label, do something. f**k that!

Tupac - Pac get busy. people can't take nothing from him. On the
lyrics he get busy, staight up. That n*gga got some hard s**t dog for
real, and it's like the sad thing about it. When he started working on his
new album he's got now, Out on Bail (retitled and released as Me Against
the World) he had so many raw east coast producers and s**t. The s**t was
sounding real tight 'cause everbody always says Pac had lyrics but his
beats was wack. H was up in New York when he was working on Above the Rim
s**t and he was working on his album at the same time. I put him on to Mo
Bee. I put him on to L.G. He has Action, Special Ed's DJ, he had some hard
s**t. (He) went back to the west and just started getting back into that
other s**t.

Dr. Dre - Beats? Incredible!

The topic of producers arrives and names are fired out for Biggie to rate.

"Who do I think every beat they make is just ridiculous??!!...

Ant Banks - I like Banks. I like that whole s**t though. Ant Banks
s**t, the whole Dangerous Crew s**t."

Who is a ten producer?

"Ain't nobody perfect dog. Everybody got their little faults and s**t
but the only one I seen that's been hitting hard with their s**t is
Premier. Every joint that he be putting out right now is just ridiculous,
from Jeru's s**t, to the new group he got, the Group Home s**t, to the
s**t he did with me. The s**t is hard yo! The beats is crazy."

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Nothing! I love his coats. I would love to be in the
game like how that n*gga get in the game. I wanna be just as large as
those fools but get busy, cut the bulls**t. n*gga saying...I got millions
but God damn that n*gga get on the mic it's just something terrible dog. I
just want to get busy on the mic more than anything. The little b**ch game
the n*ggas play with the girls, man! A n*gga just throw some b**ches in
they s**t and they just in there, like from the "Tootsie Roll" s**t to the
"Whoot! There it is s**t!"s**t. It's the same s**t. You get trapped up
with these hoes. That s**t ain't got nothing to do with Hip Hop. Nothing!

The topic of wack lyrics arises and Biggie states:

"I don't wanna be a n*gga paying so much attention to the f**king
networking and all that other s**t and I'm not payin' no attention to
these ryhmes. That's what made me get to where I'm at so I gotta make sure
the lyrics is hard.

K-Dee - "The Greatest MC In The World"?? I like that track. n*gga
don't really be saying nothing to me, you know, like lyrically he don't be
saying anything to me. What made it so bad is when they come out with some
s**t that's like half-ass and you wonder like, 'I wonder how the video
will be.' And then they got a video with this n*gga spinin' this bottle
and I'm like OK, what's gonna happen when the bottle stops and the bottle
is spinnin for like three f**kin minutes and then it stops and everybody
laughs like ha, and he spins it again!!! Who directed this? Cube, it had
to be. It's just that funny style s**t that I can't f**k with. I like flat
on the table s**t, like my s**t. They try to stick me for my s**t I shoot 'em.
Period. There's really no more to it. There's no helicopter scenes with me
talkin to somebody like, 'Well, how's the record doing?'There's no s**t on
there that you could be like why is that in there? That's how I like the
s**t, just regular s**t.

Easy-E - (before his untimely death)- I like Easy E. Easy E is a real
ill n*gga. He's sharp as a tack ontop but rymin' even he knows. He took a
group from the hood and just put them on and two million. Bing! He know
how to do that s**t. Same thing with Luke and all the rest of them n*ggas.
Man, I just think they take another turn. I can let you hear some Easy E
s**t on some old NWA s**t and n*ggas would think Easy was nice, you know
what I'm sayin', so he know.

MC Breed - He ain't come out with nothing too wrong for me. I gotta
hear some s**t. I know once when I was in L.A. I saw Breed at Fattburger
and that n*gga just took me into a room and just got me smoked out. He had
me listening to some ill beats and s**t that he work on production too and
I didn't know that. That's a plus for MC's. If you can make your own beats
you got props because producing is better than being an artist.

Warren G - That's my man. n*gga came to Brooklyn, he came to check me.
He just came to the hood and s**t, pulled up in a little Crysler, jumped
out and Warren G was on the ave. drinking Crazyhorse and s**t, you know
what I'm sayin''cause I ain't gonna lie, I ain't going to his hood
straight up!

Wu-Tang Clan/Method Man - Wu-Tang is hot! I like their s**t. I love
that s**t. I like their s**t because they have a real I don't give a f**k
attitude. 'We in this game to blow the f**k up! We don't give a f**k what
happens. All of us is gonna do our thing and we just gonna do it.' And
they just did it. You can hear punches, you hear so much s**t in that
album you know damn these guys is not giving a f**k. At the beginning of
C.R.E.A.M., when that s**t start!!Voila! Oh my God, this is some rushed
s**t but I dig it.

Chandler Lauzon # "I'm sure that you are soon to see reality,
Prop Daddy # my secret technique, because I always speak
ao...@freenet.carleton.ca # with mentality..."
clau...@chat.carleton.ca # - "Ain't No Half Steppin'", BDK

Biggie Rates the Rappers continued (from Toronto publication "Peace!"):

The Roots - The Roots album. The Roots album is hot! On the strength they
rock the whole album for a whole hour. I was definitely in disbelief. I
like the single, I really did but other people were like "Single was hot
but I wasn't paying attention to the album at all."

Bonus questions

Did you dis the Roots on the remix of "Flava in Your Ear"?

I stepped to them about that. They heard about it but they knew I said The
Gooch (character on TV series Different Strokes) so that's all they cared
about. As long as they knew I wasn't trying to dis them. It's over.

Are you really the crew who will take it to that other level if someone
steps to you?

For real, for real! We be banging, we be banging! We're definitely the
crew that just go out of the world. We take it to the extra extra limit. I
mean that s**t from the bottom of my f**kin' heart. Cold blow your head
off! f**k the rap. f**k Puff, f**k Arista, Clive, BMG! I don't give a
f**k. It's over! Anything happen to me it's over! They just throw the
whole s**t in the toilet. I don't give a f**k, we banging now! Everything
is switched over for real man. A n*gga ain't gonna dis me. n*gga's is not
dissing me, man!!

-- Well, that's it folks...some rather interesting viewpoints...I was a
little shocked to hear that Biggie isn't quick to give big big respect to
the likes of KRS-One, Redman and label mate Craig Mack. And how MUCH
respect he gives to the West Coast, was a lil' shocking too. But my
roomate (and co-author ;> ) agree that this might be due to some
immaturity on Biggie's part as well as some definite basking in his 15
minutes of fame. ANyway, hope you were as amused as we were...apologies
for the fact that it's in 3 parts, written from 2 accounts...

Finally, the magazine in question has a web site (which I have yet to
peep, but anyway...). Try them at .


Chandler Lauzon # "I'm sure that you are soon to see reality,
Prop Daddy # my secret technique, because I always speak
ao...@freenet.carleton.ca # with mentality..."
clau...@chat.carleton.ca # - "Ain't No Half Steppin'", BDK

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