Jan 30 - Jerusalem UFO Vid is a HOAX

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Jan 30 - Jerusalem UFO Vid is a HOAX



Everyone should know that objects further away from the camera move more slowly than objects closer to the camera. That is called PARALLAX.

 Parallax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

However, in this video, the city lights move faster than the man, wall, and tree which is closer to the camera. That is impossible. Also, the city lights move independently from the camera movement, that is not possible either. The city lights should be locked to the camera movement, and the man, wall, and tree should only be moving.

Hold your hand steady in front of your computer screen, close one eye, and move your head around... you will see the computer screen appears stationary while your hand moves around. That is how the city lights should move.

This video shows signs of being a composite.

 Compositing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Either a type of "green screen" or a "mask" was used to insert the city lights of Jerusalem into the scene. The man, the wall, and the tree were filmed first. Whoever made this video cut out the area around the man, above the wall, and next to the tree, and then inserted the city lights behind it.

You can get a good view of the "mask" or area that was cut out when you see the fake flash of light. When they created the fake light flash, they only increased the contrast of the city lights but not the rest of the scene (except for the edges of the man which is caused by blending the mask). You can see a good image here:

 ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting...

Also, light should not have reached the back right side of the man's jacket, that is impossible if the light is coming from the front. Also, if you look close at the image above you will see a dark shadow line along the right edge of the jacket too, that is impossible if the jacket is illuminated as well.

The lights are fake... there is no point source. It's just a magical increase in brightness on top of the scene.

The video of the UFO is CGI, and is a HOAX.


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