Az Speaks On Why He doesnt Work With Nas

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I doubt Kanye hittin kim right
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Meek hurt Drake more than I thought..
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Image(s) inside Her freckles are very disgusting , are you still smashing tho?
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Video inside Young Thug Warns Rappers Who Calling Him Gay! He responds

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 11-14-2010, 04:27 PM         #41
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lol bx is full of morons
 8 years ago '04        #42
youngmic 420 heat pts420
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 iPod160 said:
Gtfoh AZ is broke and hatin on his manz. LMAO
bx has accountants
 8 years ago '08        #43
The N 539 heat pts539
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I guess ya don't remember AZ's joint

"WE CAN'T WIN", give it a listen and peep knowledge

[video - click to view]

 11-14-2010, 05:20 PM         #44
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TS wanted that hot topic so bad with that bulls**t title

lame n*gga.
 8 years ago '07        #45
N.O.4Life 50 heat pts50
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 nkflier54 said:
The Raekwon the chef album, "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" (1995)

At the back of the album where all the tracks are listed and numbered there is a picture of Raekwon, he is making a salute that means three sixes (666).
If you put your left index finger and your left thumb together as a circle and stick up your other three fingers and view it straight forward you should see three sixes.

"Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" has 18 tracks (6+6+6 = 18). The total CD time is 73:35 (7+3+3+5 = 18). The ba***** on this CD has many sixes consecutively (one after another).

Song number 12 (6+6) is called "Verbal Intercourse", Nas is on this song. The first two letters are V and I. In Roman numerals VI means 6. 12+VI = 18 (6+6+6).

Nas' first album is called "Illmatic". One song on there goes "Whose world is this? It's mine it's it's mine." - This is currently Satan's world. On this album Nas said "I Love comitting sins and my friends sell crack." Also "About Gods I don't believe in none of that sh*t your facts are backwards ..."

In 1996 Nas came with his second album called "It Was Written". The two main songs were "Nas Is Coming" and "If I Ruled The World (imagine that)". The antichrist is the man that will rule the whole world some time soon. Nas Is Coming is like how Christians would say that Jesus Is Coming, there were many shots at Tupac on that song but subliminally, if you knew then you knew but if not it's just another song. The album was called It Was Written. I wonder what he means?

On "Nas Is Coming" Nas said "A provocative plan could bring an eye to my hand as the pyramids will stand on the top of the sand." He was referring to the back of the one dollar bill where there is a pyramid and the eye of Lucifer. The symbols are freemasonic. Novous Ordos Seclorum = New Order of the world. Annuit Cleptus = our enterprise is crowned with success. It is called the Great Seal, the majority of Americans do now know what it means though. (asleep)

In 1999 Nas came with his third album entitled, " I am ...". Jesus Christ told the Jews in his day that before Abraham was, I am. (John 8:57). To say "I am ..." is to say that you are God, JEHOVAH says "I am that I am."

In 1999 Nas came with his fourth album called "Nastradamus". Now he's calling himself a prophet. His song "New World" is an advertisement of The New World Order that is being set up at present. The chorus goes "Welcome to the New World new beginning, a new way to play, a new way of living, cash is the past, a new way of spending, a new Life for man children and women." The "Nastradamus" song's video shows Nas dancing inside the Sun (the eternal fire).

Nas has "GOD's son" tattooed on his belly. On Nas' first appearance on a track "Live at the BBQ" Nas said "When I was twelve I went to Hell for snuffin' Jesus". There is even a picture of Nas as a child holding a statue of Jesus in a headlock.

I think that Nas thought that Tupac was Jesus Christ, why? Because he waited 3 years after Tupac's death before he released his last two albums. It Is written in the book of Daniel (9:26) that after the 62 weeks that the Messiah will be cut off and from then commences the last seven weeks (years). In the middle of the Seven is when the antichrist will begin his reign. When I talk about the seven year tribulation I speak of the first half being war and the second half being the Satanic church's ruling. Nas' song "New World" starts off with a "Happy New Year" countdown, meaning, he thought that he would begin his reign at the start of the 2000 new year. (my personal thoughts). - Tupac died September 13th 1996, 42 months later was March 2000.

On "Verbal Intercourse" Nas said "When I'm deceased by then the beast will rise like yeast to conquer peace leaving savages to roam on the streets." On this song he was called "Nas Escobar". Nas recently had plans to release an EP called "death Of Escobar" which shows that the time of his death and what he thinks will happen is closeby.

The song "Hate Me Now" uses a sample from the same music in the film called "The Omen", which was all about the birth of the antichrist. In the video to the song Nas goes up on the cross (like Jesus).

The true calendar is the Ethiopian calendar, by it we are currently in 1994. Nas' year of birth (our 1973) is 1966 by the Ethiopian calendar.

On "One Mic" Nas speaks about drinking blood, he says: Only if he had one god to teach him to do things His son did (Christ) " ... pure, like a cup of virgin blood, mixed with 151, one sip will make a n*gga flip ..." - A Beast is a vampire, they get power from blood from their various witchcraft rituals.

The "S" in Nas' logo is a snake (a cobra/ serpent), NaS.

Nas' name adds up to 666 as it says in the Bible, let him that has understanding calculate the number of the beast ... it is 666.

In Revelations 13: 18 It says: Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

Nas' name adds up to it. Here's how you calculate....

A=6 I=54 Q=102 Y=150
B=12 J=60 R=108 Z=156
C=18 K=66 S=114
D=24 L=72 T=120
E=30 M=78 U=126
F=36 N=84 V=132
G=42 O=90 W=138
H=48 P=96 X= 144

It's the six times table (surprise surprise) up to 26 since there are 26 letters in the alphabet.
Using this system you will see that

N+E+W+Y+O+R+K = 666 [ Babylon, the Empire's State (Babylon's premier site) ]
C+O+M+P+U+T+E+R = 666 [ The Internet/ Matrix: The Future Internet/computer games ]
S+U+N+M+O+O+N = 666 [ Sun Myung Moon - a man claiming to be a replacement for Jesus Christ, but is no-one.] - see The Leading Religion Site on the Net
S+A+N+T+A+C+L+A+U+S = 666 [So-called 'Father Christmas']

N+A+S+I+R = 366
B+I+N = 150
O+L+U = 288
D+A+R+A = 144
J+O+N+E+S = 378

[Nas' full name]

O+L+U+J+O+N+E+S = 288 + 378 = 666

So there you have it. Check out anything I've said and then you'll be on the same page as me. I noticed a lot of things bit by bit before it finally hit me. Nas is not hiding who he is, he's just not saying who he is directly. There's too much here for me to call this a coincidence, and that's why I take it all very very seriously, as you should.

Nas is Satan's begotten son, "Damien". Satan counterfeits just about everything that JEHOVAH does, Satan does it in order to deceive the world. Satan's plan is to deceive people of other races especially, black people will see Nas coming other peoples may not.
Hahahahahahahaha...U get props jus for taking the time out 2 type or copy and paste this bulls**t...Lol.Oh yea.......DID NOT READ.
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