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Charles hamilton Talks about Dying,having cancer ,aids and more! Please lets save Charles!


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Affectz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x24
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@ 02:22 PM 11-02-2010 Charles hamilton Talks about Dying,having cancer ,aids and more! Please lets save Charles!



OD late,and...

It's about time to get ready for 20Hami11.

Gathering my projects now. Concepts, delivery, voice, everything is getting aligned. Question of the night: Will I make it to 23?

I have every reason to believe I won't. Em wants me dead, I more than likely died in "Paranormal Activity 2", and my Chaids test came back positive (meaning I'm ill, but terminal). Oh yeah, and Cancer. So... looks crazy for me... and all I can do right now is laugh my a$s off. Like this... lmblueao.

I sure do miss Tajh. Tajh was funny. So was Cori. Precious for onlookers. And........ oh Matthew Anderson... smh. Everything is getting so bizarre now. Huh. And to think, I thought I was Where The Wild Things Are when I was sleep as a young'n.

So, I found out I DO have to s**t. Which is why "The Binge 3: Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape" is not my last mixtape. Because I actually enjoy taking sh1ts. They clean out your system of yucky stuff. And... I eat pork and pumpum... pumpum doesn't leave yucky residue in your tummy, but pork and random paying n1ggas do. So.......... back to being nervous about sleeping unless it's on public transportation... I (lol) sh1t you not.

Where am I? Not to be fretted like violins. (whoa I just wrote a bar). Where am I going? Robert Jacket flow... wherever the wind takes me.

My favorite beat EVER is "In Case I End Up Alone". And I mean EVER. I liked the original flip "Heatmakerz" did back in the day for Santana, but f*ck outta here. Not only is my version better, I said some s**t on there (the song).

Yes. I have been drinking a lot lately. A f*ckin lot. I get all Otis Redding when I'm drunk and start singing my heart out. I think I should sing more... using my real voice.

Chest pains yo. Major chest pain.


"Make a wish baby, and love will make it come true. Make a list baby, of the things I'll do for you..."

Well, I wish Marshall and Porter would get along... less vein, I wish to see Songha. Maybe before my birthday. Yo God. Can I see Songha, at least before I die? In fact, can I see ALL my children? Cole was ...kinda cold to me when he saw me last (Summerjam; Corpy as my witness)... maybe it was jitters, or maybe I'm not his father. Either way, I love his music, as I love Chris, Allyse, Melvin, Hiem, Songha, and the rest of NFH.

And we ALL kick a$s with music, yo.

I made a family of Hedgehogs... well, it takes two to tango, but I was tangled and mangled by some .....anal anger displayers. So f*ck child support and visitation.

Unless you're Kanye West.

Which is probably the g@yest thing I have ever said. Ever.

Am I trippin because I'm pregnant again? I mean damn. My whorish tendencies is gonna get me an STD out here. (looks at Texas-state sized wart on my left thigh) too late.

Whether I'm burning or not doesn't matter, because I'm not f**kin you b**ches at all. Simone and I (Porter) been together for years, so she's as barbecued as me, should I find out I'm cookin'. But Marshall (Simone) probably doesn't wanna hear her gyno tell her some other sh1t like asparagus growing in her walls.

Definitely the most OD blog entry of the year.


I'm eating Wendy's. Which makes me sound horribly ped0philic. Blame it on Myongii as I say.

Did I wish to die at age 23? Well, to die now is a high honor according to Roman mythology. So don't miss me... I got enough music out there for y'all to remember me like I'm next door. So turn it up, loud it out, and throw it around. Which was supposed to be an ill way of saying I'm only dead if you want me to be.

F*ck I need a back massage.

Why do I censor myself on my blog? There are people who can read my mature subject matter who are under the age of... aight, no age requirements, but still. It's cool to clean up one's language knowingly and willingly. I say this as "The Hardest Mixtape EVER... Muthaf**kas" is my most profane (and profound) work to date.

"...just let me state for the record..."

Melvin, I have to read your blog more often. And I'm high, so your blog will probably f*ck my head up OD right about now. Very brilliant kid, right there. Well, he's my son.

Ayo. I have yet to play "Go Hard Remix" in my headphones. Anyone notice yet?

Yo. I might be a new kinda smacked right now. lol like......... check my old blog entries. I rarely talk about how smugastiphied I am. Lately, I sincerely don't give a f**k. Without knowing how much time is left on the clock for me, and with lights always getting dimmer around me, I gotta OD.

Congrats to Jamarris and Te'vonn on like their 7th year anniversary. I'll leave you alone now. Probably for good. Besides, moving on is always better when it's announced on a blog. And athletes get the pretty girls all the time anyway.

Show is probably the most honest artist I've met in a long time. I probably owe him an apology too, for "hanging him out to dry". He'd probably say the same thing. Love you Tails.

Dig this. Kat Stacks sent her chariot to get me earlier tonight, and I walked away. She's definitely gonna hand my a$s to me on a George Massa platter. AND I was cheating on her on Earth? Wrapsickles.

Is it statistics for a negro/nefro/n1gga/****** to die at 23? Or did Jordan and LeBron bet on an expiration date for me? Coin toss.

-Charles Hamilton, "Barbara Walters"

Thank you for peeing on me in Hell, all. Like, seriously. The bigger metal dagger thingy in the middle of the dancefloor? Y'all n1ggas taste like Pineapple Soda, I swear. No back rub in the world can make this muscle pain I have go away.

No tears right now either. I just wanna see Songha face to face. I've served my purpose, so it's time to let StarChasers send me off for to the "big she in the sky..."

as if tomorrow is the particular "one day" when it will "be she and I".

lol yo I'm f**kin ill yo... lol "Choices" is ret@rded. And I don't wanna listen to it, ever. Found out Thelonious is gone. Probably the saddest news I've gotten ever. He was such a lovely son. Never caused problems. A soldier indeed. Love my lil boy.

Well, it's dead a$s getting darker out here. Well, in here (referring to eyes). Might be time to take a nap.

(grabs Jackie Blue, apple juice and a stolen back pack from school, and walks to the 1 train; if you pass me, cool)

I love everyone. f**k everyone. StarChasers Eternal.

And my legacy is f**kin ridiculous.


~~Charles Hamilton~~


Source:↪ Sonic Eversolve (Charles Hamilton)


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