2pac and Prodigy (Mobb Deep) in the same photo!

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 10-09-2010, 06:27 PM         #41
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 Richie Aprile said:

>>>>>>>> any diss Pac ever made about them..

"Yeah likewise, Im tired of rap guys whose f**gots
pure shuteye, and swole up your whole outside
I baptize, n*ggas get wet, put up your backside
your claptized and set straight, put on your head straight
watch out for,
these upstate cats be leary of you
yeddy n*ggas wit gats plus the walls on they backs
Rikers Island flashback of the house you got scuffed it in
you would think you gettin your head shot was enough but then
Now you wanna go at my team,
you must of been drunk when you wrote that s**t
too bad you had to did it to your own self
my rebellion, I retaliate, I had the whole New York state
aimin at your face
at the gate, bottom line of top soon as you came through
shots blew, don't even know the half of my crew
I got a hundred strong arm n*ggas ready to rock the s**t
clocks tick, your days are numbered in low digits
you look suspicious, suspect n*ggas is b**ches
get chppoed up, Grade A meat, somethin delicious
and laced back up, 2 G's, one for stitches
then reconstruct your face and learn how to speak again
my Mobb's like a bunch of wild Puerto Ricans
wit bangers the size of African spears
it's warfare in the arena, you turn arenas into house of horrors
its terrodome, when you see my click you need to run behind s**t
you gotta gat you betta find it
and use that s**t think fast and get reminded
of robberies in Manhattan you knew what happened
60 g's and one for gun clappin
Who Shot Ya? You'd probably scream louder than an opera
New York gotcha, now you wanna use my mob as a crutch
what makes you think you cant get bucked again
Once again.."

P shredded that n*gga.. and Mobb Deep continued to have success after the beef, while Pac was k!lled...

Prodigy won.
that's a terrible diss seeing how you posted the lyrics why don't you actually read them
 6 years ago '04        #42
T_Buck 9 heat pts
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 QBKinG said:
"One of them n*ggas got sickle-cell, he barely breathing. He don't even want to see me. He would have a f**kin' seizure. They both weigh like 100 pounds..." 2Pac
Who's dead?
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