Ready to Die vs Me Against the World

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Ready to Die vs Me Against the World
Ready to Die 36 39.13%
Me Against the World 56 60.87%
Voters: 92.   (BX member poll)

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Ready to Die vs Me Against the World: Which one u like more?

I've always felt that Me Against the World (released 1995) was Pacs best album and Ready to Die (released 1994)was Biggies best album. These albums showcased them at their peak imo. What album do ya'll like more? Vote for the one u like more...post something aswell...

Highlights below...

Ready to Die

Me Against the World

I love both these albums. Biggie's Ready to Die is filled with rich storytelling from "Gimme the Loot" to "Warning" to "Suicidal Thoughts" and it's one of the most consistant theme albums ever. But at the end, I gotta ride with Pac's Me Against the World. That album is rap-poetry at it's best. "So many Tears", "Lord Knows", "f**k the World", "It ain't easy", "Outlaw" and "death Around the Corner" are timeless. Pac's emotions are felt from the first song to the last. He gives it to you rather sad or mad. This is Pac doing what he does best...pouring it out...and he delivers on every track with heartfelt consistancy.

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