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First Eminem - Recovery Review!?

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 14 years ago '09        #1
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First Eminem - Recovery Review!?

I've been listening to the recovery album for a couple days now. (You can believe me or not, i have it...i dont think it's leaked on here yet)

***Sorry...i just got threatened by some who said i could get in trouble...sorry, just wait a week, someone else will leak...i have the International version anyway.

There are a couple shockers on the album...If you dont want me to spoil it...stop reading now!!!

Here are my reviews by track, this is rated out of 5 stars:

1. “Cold Wind Blows”

**** Dark yet hard song...beat is hot, good bass. Sounds like a slowed down "Wide Awake crossed over with The Way I Am. Intro track.

2. “Talkin’ 2 Myself” feat. Kobe

** Whack beat, i like the lyrics, hes talking bout he relys on himself because he doesnt trust anyone around him or some s**t, Havent listen to the full track.

3. “On Fire”

**** Pretty hot track, beat is pretty hard!! Chorus could be a little better, thats why a rated a 4.

4. “Won’t Back Down” feat. Pink

*** Everyones heard this one...its ok...not really feelin the beat. Pink sucks.

5. “W.T.P.”

***** I dont know who produced this track but beat does hard! Didnt expect this kinda beat from an Em track.

6. “Going Through Changes”

*** This song is ehh...sound like not afraid yet hes talking about how hes grown up over the years and explains how hes changed his style and matured over the years. Basically explaining himself.

7. “Not Afraid”

*** Everyones heard this one..its ok.

8. “Seduction”

**** Not a s3x track like you would think with the title. Hes talking about how its tempting to relapse but he has got to get a handle on his issues.

9. “No Love” feat. Lil Wayne

** f**kin whack track, after Forever and Drop the world, i expected more. Wayne is rapping bulls**t like he always does and f**ks up the track. Beat is decent.

10. “Space Bound”

* Another f**kin whack track....beat is a little weird...i thought he quit the accents but he still uses them here but not on the whole song.

11. “Cinderella Man”

*** Ok track. Touches a little bit on where he disappeared to the last 4 years and really thought about retiring, lyrics are deep.

12. “25 to Life”

**** Metaphorical track...talking about he feels like hes trapped in this life of a celebrity. Cant go anywhere and how his family is dealing with the same.

13. “So Bad”

** Whack beat, chourus sucks...didnt even bother to listen to the whole song.

14. “Almost Famous”

**** Dope Beat. Goes back to where he was underground and was happier rapping on the underground and being respected in battles...i think he uses a couple old freestyles in here.

15. “Love the Way You Lie” feat. Rihanna

** Didnt listen to the whole track, Rihanna sounds whack on her verse/chorus....filler track i guess.

16. “You’re Never Over”

*** Beat is decent...Basically talking the same s**t he did on Cinderella man...just extended track.

***Bonus track***

17. "My Friend Till The End" (Hidden Track)

***** Deep a$s track!!!!!! Beat sounds kinda like some Hans Zimmer s**t!!!

As you expected he raps about how he and proof met and what they've been through and how he felt when he died, he also talks about someone named Ronald and how he was the father he felt he never had and helped him with money with he needed and he'll take care of his family for life. Track as nothing short of AMAZING. Had to listen 4 times at first. Edit**He also says how no song he could ever make can explain the pain he feels when he lost Proof (f**kin deep)

*** Overall i thought he was a little repetitive with the lyrical content on this album. Nice to see different types of beats from a diverse group of producers.

I dont know whether this or Relapse was better, but this is OK to me cuz its some new s**t at least. At least theres a lot less of the accent although he still uses it a little and theres less
annoying tracks.

SOURCE : ↪ http://www.realraptalk.co .. eview-1423392/


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