West Sleeping with LeBron's Mom - Reason for Breakdown?

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Props Slaps
 6 years ago '04        #261
all3rd 675 heat pts675
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Old Calvin Murphy on the drive telling the peeps its true and he has lots of league people he knows.

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Calvin Murphy Fires Up The Delonte Got With LeBron's Mom Rumors Again

Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy appeared on ESPN Radio in Houston today and as all basketball conversations must do, the topic turned to the rumors about Delonte West's dalliance with LeBron James' mom. Murphy's response: "It ain't no rumor."

Murphy—who is not exactly the classiest individual to ever wear an NBA uniform—didn't just say he thinks it could have possibly, maybe happened. He says the story is "absolutely true," that everyone knew about it, and he has "legit" sources who can prove it. Oh, and there's also more than one dude involved. Unbelievable.

Since Murphy had already gone all-in, he also threw out new rumors about LeBron "taking time off" and had some rather heated opinions about who deserves more blame in this situation. (Calvin is also a fan of the word "homeslice.") One way or another, someone is definitely getting blackballed by the NBA, because true or not, the powers that be can't be happy about this.

By the way, when Calvin Murphy is distressed by your behavior ... then you really messed up somewhere.

You can listen to the whole interview from ESPN 97.5's "The Drive with Carl Dukes, Dave Tepper and Julie Takahashi" by clicking here .
 6 years ago '07        #262
MiseryCityTexas 15 heat pts15
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lmao @ calvin murphy. what the f**k do he know? obviously more than me apparantly. i bet calvin murphy smashed lebron's mom too. thats prolly why he saying it aint a rumor. at least he made sure to f**k an older b**ch this time.

edit: this n*gga calvin also said a couple other n*ggas ran a train on lebron's mom too!!!!!!!

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